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Chapter 22


I was grateful for each tiny glimpse into Edward's past I received, no matter if it was one day or one decade before I came to Robins Escape. I could not pry for information, but they could not keep secret that would affect me negatively if withheld.

So I asked questions.

"This, apparently, is the ghost mob. Everyone who is even slightly aware of life in the crime world of Estancia and the surrounding area has heard rumours about you- especially of the women that disappear or leave and return richer and never say where they were or what they did...what happened to them while they were here?"

All eyes turned to Edward as if this was a question he would best answer.

"The women...and men, were part of a highly successful program that we created." He paused, looking as though I asked him to swallow sand. "We took people who had few opportunities left, or who had their lives on track, and wanted to be a part of the program. They all had a family member or friend that had been hurt or killed by James' gang and wanted to play a role in taking him down. So, we... trained them to be able to infiltrate and escape James' empire undetected. The program has been shut down, though." He frowned slightly, giving me a contemplative stare.

I nodded, hoping I figure out the answers to the other questions I had on my own.

I knew Bella had more questions, but decided not to ask, and instead prompted us to continue. We spent the time discussing the previous operation and trying to figure out James' escape route. While observing the house's layout on our computers the whiteboard and discussing the location of the men, it was Bella that realised the only logical way he could have escaped and re-entered completely unseen was underground.

Quickly, we explained the issues with the tracking device we'd put in James' tool case. He wouldn't have expected us to touch it again, and it would have been perfect if it were not for the malfunction .As a result of this, we had no idea where he was. We each searched the internet to check for any strange criminal activity in the area around Estancia.

We were dealing with James. It was only a matter of time before he made good on his threat.

We limited ourselves to an hour and a half, and when we ran out of time, we closed up out laptops and packed everything away.

"Bella, we can meet you over here tomorrow morning to exercise."Alice smiled, "There are some clothes you can use in the bag Jazz brought."

I could see mischief written all over Alice's face. In an apologetic tone, Bella explained, "I exercise in the evenings Alice, but you can come again for breakfast tomorrow."

Rose and Emmet froze on the stairs, Jasper dropped the keys he was using to lock the door, and I couldn't help but stare at Bella. Alice's eyes widened minutely and she looked excited. I quickly composed myself; it was a coincidence. It didn't mean much.

"No problem, Bella. You can exercise today, with Edward. He exercises in the afternoons too."

They all gave me small smiles, and my eyes expressed every rebuttal I could not say.

"I'm going to take a nap... you can wake me up when you're ready t exercise..." Bella called. She tentatively walked toward her room, obviously noticing the stares and suggestive smiles the others were giving me.

An hour and a half later I had ensured that everything at CDI was running smoothly and gotten what I had to do myself done. I called Tyler instead of Eleazer because I knew it was likely that he already had been contacted by Tanya. He would call me after hours.

All of a sudden, a faint scream could be heard from Bella's room.

Gun in hand, I pushed open her door, only to find her alone on her bed.

Her hair was fanned out behind her head and tears were streaming down her face. She clutched the sheet between her fingers and I could make out a few strangled 'no' s before another painful scream.

I knew these types of nightmares.

At one point had them every night.

I knew what happened to me- the images were as fresh and raw as if newly experienced.

But what happened to her?

I crawled up the bed and pulled her into my arms, knowing, if she truly was like me, that I would not wake her. I hoped that my words would soothe her as they had before.


The door suddenly shut, and there he was.

A man stepped forward; he had been hiding behind the door all along.

A gun. He had a gun in his hands. It was clutched so tightly that his knuckles were white and his fingers were obviously straining.

The hands, which I watched intently, were trembling, and with this evidence of fear I felt secure enough to look up at his face.

Dark eyes stared into mine, they were watering, and he seemed to be fighting the tears. His fingers pulled at his long blond ponytail and smoothed his shirt.

He wasn't going to kill us.

But this new man, the one that had just come through, would. He would, as soon as he came through the door.

It was so vivid- perhaps even more than that day, the feel of the knife plunging into his skin, each bead of sweat that hit me as his body shifted. The first and last person he saw in the room was Sue. She only frowned slightly when the man hit the floor after I yanked the knife from his chest.

But still, it was the face of the blonde haired man that stood out, even in my dreams. I watched, knowing his words before he spoke, and still not understanding them any better than when I heard them first.

"You have something I want."


And no matter how much I willed him to turn back, Jake came rushing through the door.

"Bella! Oh, God... you're alive!"

A pause, and then-


A turn, and then,


And the sound of a bullet, fired from the blonde boy's gun, ricocheted in the small room.

Jacob on his knees would forever be etched into my memory. His eyes expressed his final thoughts- confusion, pain, sorrow, and acceptance. Before he fell, he gave me quick shrug; it was the one he would give when my mother left again or when we would get into trouble- as if to say 'That's just how life is.'

My mind was reeling even in the dream, from trying to cope with the horrible events.

I had to act.

I lurched forward, not thinking about his gun or his strength or my aim, but about revenge.

The man saw me coming, no matter how fast I was, but instead of killing me, he deflected my hand, but not before I made a deep slice under his eye.

He pushed me backwards into the wall, just before a few more of his friends came in and picked up Jake's body and went with it.

Sue was unconscious, I hoped. I wouldn't be able to handle it if she was dead too.

Charlie was gone. Jake was gone. Not her too. She could not be dead.

Not her too.

I could hear myself, screaming in frustration both aloud and in my mind, as if it could reverse all the death that had happened around me.