"Are you psychotic?" Ron Weasley screeched so loudly that the entire great hall- including the professors- turned to look at the Gryffindor table.

Harry groaned and quickly shoved a forkful of mashed potatoes into his mouth.

As he swallowed, Hermione sighed gustily. "For gods sake, Ron, calm down." She hissed.

Harry blushed when he saw that everyone was still staring at him. He made a vague waving motion with his hand, and all the others looked away. all but one black haired man. The Potions professor was still studying the group.

"He's got to take extra lessons, or else he's going to fail." She informed them. "Besides, I don't think Snape's all that bad." Hermione trailed off with a strange expression.

Harry shook his head and sighed. "He seemed okay when we got arrested last night with Sirius and Remus." He said.

Ron and Hermione froze with bites halfway to their mouths. Their shocked expressions instantly reminded him that they were not supposed to know.

With a groan, he covered his face with his hands, as Hermione's face grew steadily redder. Ron looked strangely passive- almost catatonic.

"You *are* crazy!" She yelled, jumping from her seat across the table from him. Her fingers curled on the table edge as if she were restraining herself from launching over the counter.

Harry jumped out of his own seat and took a few steps away from her. Everyone's eyes were on them again. "Do you know what could have happened? Do you know? I've read about that kind of-"

Harry, who had been growing more mortified by the second, stared at the livid girl.

"-Arrested! Really, Harry, what's wrong with you? You might as well have declared your love for. for. DRACO MALFOY!"

A tittering broke out among the houses, and Snape raised an eyebrow. "Hermione.?"

"By Merlin, you got arrested with your own GODFATHER, a WEREWOLF, and your BLOODY POTIONS PROFESSOR? You might as well have decided who was going to be who's BITCH!" She screamed the last sentence.

There was a shocked silence, as Harry's face grew steadily redder. Hermione noticed this, and her eyes grew wide. "Oh. My. God."

She seemed to be unreachable in her rage so he did what he aught have done.

He threw cold water in her face and ran for it.

What just happened?" Professor McGonagall asked, throwing a sidelong glance at Professor Dumbledore.

He shook his head and looked pointedly at Severus, whose cheeks were tinged with pink. "Something about the three of them deciding who got to be who's bitch. I think that Draco is involved somehow. Didn't Hermione say something about Harry being in love with him? I personally understand nothing about that."

"Harry and Draco?" Minerva asked slyly, withholding giggles.

"What?" Severus' head shot up in surprise. "Draco and-?" He pushed away from the table and stood, looking around coolly, searching for the blonde Slytherin.

"I'll kill the little bastard for having anything to do with my Har-" Severus abruptly stopped, noticing the strange looks his colleagues were giving him. He sat down quickly and downed his entire goblet of pumpkin juice in one gulp, trying to pretend as if nothing unusual had happened.

"Getting possessive, aren't we, Severus?" Albus asked, eyes crinkling at the edges. Minerva and the surrounding teachers burst into laughter. (Including Remus, who immediately resolved not to tell his mate about this) Minerva snorted into her pudding.

"Shut up." Severus growled before standing and stomping away in anger.

Back at the Gryffindor table, Hermione was still angry and Ron was still dazed.