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Rhydian Returns

Chapter 2

Territory (Rhydian's POV)

I look back and I can't help but smile, I can recall all the times I've spent with Maddy... But now I am with my family- my own family. My mum Ceri and little brother Bryn. I don't know where we are going but it's going to be far from here. Mum says that if Shannon posted those photos of us online, we'd better get going. I realise that I'm far behind them when Bryn turns round and with a cheerful voice says,

"Come on Rhydian!"

So I follow. I stop soon after- we could stay here, in the wild, I could use Eolas to see if Shannon posted those photos. So I kneel down to the ground and I look up to the sky, I try not to try and I am at one with nature. Now I can see everything, so I look to see Shannon and Tom at Maddy's. She's been crying. I knew it! Shannon did post those photos online.. Now I know I can never come back, and neither can Maddy.

I can see cardboard boxes piled behind them, I was right, Maddy is moving and I will never get to see her in person again. But then I hear her say something:

"He's gone."

She was talking about me! Her parents come back into the room.

"Dad! We can stay. I trust Tom and Shannon with our secret. They won't tell anyone! The photos won't be online either. Please can we stay?" She begs. And her parents smile and her dad nods. I shake my head, confused. Now I am just lying on the ground and I try to figure out what exactly is going on

"Rhydian! Are you coming?" Shouts Bryn. So I stand up and run towards him.

"Race ya!" I say and we run down a large hill. After we get to the bottom I ask him "Would you like to stay here, in the wild?" Mum overhears.

"We can't stay here Rhydian. It's not our territory."

If we can't stay here, that means I can't see Maddy regularly and so I make a promise and I whisper it to the sky.

"I must find a way to meet up with Maddy again." I mutter over and over again.

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