Warning: this story contains extreme wankiness, so please do not read it if that is likely to offend you in any way. I also want to be clear that I do NOT condone teacher-student sexual relations, and that this fic is based purely on a Finn-Rachel AU fantasy. If this were real life, this sort of thing would probably gross me out and make me want to sue someone. :)

"So at the conclusion of the Prohibition era, the Eighteenth Amendment of the –"

Rachel Berry let out a sudden but dainty screech as she tripped forward on a stump of knotted carpet that stuck up from the floor, mentally berating herself for always needing to pace up and down the room as she talked. She felt a sharp twinge in her lower back and reached around to grab the area as she stayed hunched forward.

"Are you okay, Ms. Berry?" Tina's soft voice prompted Rachel to lift up her head in the direction of the sound, which originated from the front row of tables. But instead of meeting Tina's concerned face, Rachel's eyes fell straight into the sight line of the boy sitting directly behind Tina, three rows back.

It was Finn Hudson. The super tall, super popular, super disinterested in American history, and super handsome Finn Hudson, who was staring right at her. Again. But this time his piercing gaze wasn't burning right through her eyes it had a habit of doing; this time he was looking at something lower. Rachel glanced downwards and looked right into the hollow space between the curves of her two breasts that were clearly exposed through the top of her gaping shirt. She let out a small shriek again and quickly stood up, the abrupt movement causing her glasses to tilt on her face.

"Ms. Berry?" Tina repeated, a little louder this time. A small chorus of chuckles played through the room.

"I'm fine, thank you, Tina," Rachel replied as she smoothed out the bottom of her shirt. She looked back at Finn who was now staring directly at her eyes, the faintest trace of a smirk eclipsing his face. She swallowed hard and held his gaze in challenge for him to look away first and to wipe that smug look off his face, but his eyes refused to move. After several seconds of Rachel's brown pupils glaring back at Finn's sparkling amber irises, he gave her a small wink.

Oh my lord.

"Ding ding ding."

At the sudden sound of the school bell, the room instantly erupted into a volcano of students rising out of their seats and banging books together as they began chattering.

"Excuse me boys and girls, I have not dismissed you!" Rachel cried out, her shrill voice silencing most of the noise. Some of the students turned and looked at her with a bored sneer.

She cleared her throat. "Class dismissed," she squeaked. "No homework this week." A small cheer was heard as bodies resumed swarming out the door. Rachel looked through the fray back at Finn, who was lazily leaning down to pick his bag up off the floor. He rose out of his seat, all long legs and broad shoulders as he threw it over his red Letterman jacket. Rachel pushed her glasses higher up her nose and watched him as the head blonde Cheerio made her way over to him and stood up on her toes to whisper something into his ear. Rachel stifled an unwanted feeling of being strangely irritated by that as he leaned his ear down a little to hear what she was saying as his eyes moved back to Rachel's. She quickly looked away, but then back again, and he was still staring right at her as Quinn continued whispering to him. He opened his mouth into a smile as he flashed his dimples at Rachel.

Okay, absolutely not. He simply cannot be allowed to get away with this. I should petition to have those dimples banned from school grounds.

"Finn Hudson!" Rachel heard herself call out, her own boldness frightening even herself.

Quinn snapped her head around and glared at Rachel as he looked back at her, his eyebrows raised.

"Come here, please," Rachel said firmly as he frowned a little in surprise before giving Quinn a small squeeze of her arm as she reached up and kissed his cheek before swanning out the door. Rachel felt her stomach flip like pancakes as Finn strolled over to her, stopping a few feet away as he looked down at her, his towering presence making her throat dry up.

"Uh, yeah? he asked, his voice rich and husky. Rachel couldn't work out if he was putting some innuendo into his simple question or not.

He's a student, Rachel. Don't be such a child.

She swallowed tightly and brushed her bangs out of her eyes, wondering why she found herself suddenly wishing she'd worn something other than a tweed skirt that day.

"Finn, I request that you stay back after school today."

He frowned. "What?"

"I'm giving you detention. For thirty minutes after school today." She had no freaking idea what she was saying.

"What the hell? I'll miss practice!" Finn whined.

"You can practice another time."

"But what did I do?" he asked, confused lines finding his brow.

Rachel collected her confidence in the face of the one student who seemed to effortlessly suck it up like a vacuum cleaner. "You know what you did, Finn. You have been doing it every lesson since the year began. And quite frankly, it's extremely inappropriate and I'm tired of it."

Finn's eyebrows rose so high they almost hit his hairline. "Huh?"

Rachel glanced behind's Finn shoulder to register that the room was now empty. She felt the back of her neck turn hot.

"Finn, don't make me spell it out for you." She felt her mouth dry up. "Looking at teachers the way you do, is… well it's simply unacceptable and it won't be tolerated in my class."

Finn's face stayed twisted with confusion. The door suddenly swung open and a small group of kids barreled through it, making both Rachel and Finn jump with their loud laughter. They headed to the back of the room and dropped themselves into a few scattered seats, clearly waiting for the next class.

Finn turned back to Rachel. His eyes fell down to her chest for just a moment and hung there for a long second, before looking back up at her shocked face.

"Four o'clock this afternoon, Finn," Rachel ordered loudly, her voice hard. "I will see you here or I will phone your parents."

And before she could feel what it was like for him to have his eyes on her body one moment longer, she picked up her handbag, pushed her glasses up her nose and rushed out the door.

Rachel glanced at her watch. 3:56pm. She took a deep breath and stared at herself in the restroom mirror as she ran her hands under the faucet.

Just give him the essay to write. Then supervise him writing it and drive home. You need to feed your cats and do your calisthenics. Tonight The Bachelor is also going to give out four roses instead of three.

She took a deep breath as she wiped her hands with a paper towel and pushed herself through the door.

I am in charge. I received outstanding scores at teacher's college. I am Rachel Barbra Berry. I am magnificent. I do not let little boys push me around.

Rachel silently admitted to herself that Finn Hudson really wasn't all that little as she collected her books under her arm and pushed the door open to her teacher's room.

She had expected him to be late, but he was already there. Finn was sitting in the second row, leaning back in his seat with his long legs outstretched as he thumbed through his phone.

As soon as Rachel entered he dropped his phone and sat up a little.

"Hey Ms. Berry," he said, his husky tone melting Rachel's ears again.

Stop, Rachel. He's the high school student. Not you.

"Hello, Finn," she answered, hearing the tightness in her voice as she turned her back to him to place her books on her table. She felt the hairs on the back of her neck standing on end as she felt the unmistakable feeling of his eyes on her. She could feel how closely the thick tweed of her skirt clung to the curvy globes of her behind and her stomach dropped. She quickly turned around and saw his eyes flick up from where they'd been to meet hers. She could see him swallow hard, noticing the soft pinkness of his bare neck under his white t-shirt that offset his thick, dark hair.

This boy is going to break so many hearts one day. In fact, he likely already has. Maybe that Quinn girl's.

"What do you want me to do?" Finn's question broke Rachel's thought. She looked back at him. "Do I just sit here, or…" he continued awkwardly. He had that look on his face when he was going totally blank in class and didn't know the answer to a question. Which was, admittedly, often.

"You will write an essay," Rachel replied firmly. "Of no less than 500 words."

Finn grimaced a little. "Oh man," he said as he reached for his bag to grab his pen.

"The topic will be why your behavior toward me in this class is disrespectful to women."

"What?" Finn was just looking back at her blankly.

Rachel exhaled loudly. "Don't play the fool, Finn. You know very well."

Finn leaned back in his seat and brushed the end of his pen over his lips. "Seriously, I don't."

"Finn –"

" – I don't! How am I meant to write an essay when I don't even get the topic?"

Rachel huffed as she walked forward and stood in front of his desk. She felt the room turn warmer as she licked her lips in preparation to speak. Finn's eyes dropped to her mouth. "Looking at me inappropriately," Rachel replied, her voice shaking just a little. "Staring at me with a provocative expression." Finn released a small, nervous laugh. Rachel frowned. "Winking at me," she finished, her face and voice firm.

Finn opened his mouth to speak, but she cut back in first. "These are inappropriate and disrespectful actions, Finn. You will write an essay that explains why that is."

She turned to walk back toward her desk.

"Yeah well maybe inappropriate, I guess, but not really disrespectful," Finn mumbled under his breath.

Rachel spun around. "Excuse me?"

Finn eyeballed at her. "Well it might be kinda creepy to stare at a teacher's breasts, but when the teacher's hot, it's not really disrespectful… It's like… I dunno, a compliment."

Rachel felt her mouth fall open. "Did you just say something about my breasts?"

Finn's eyebrows rose. "Isn't that what we're talking about?" He asked, looking down at her chest.

"This is what I'm talking about!" Rachel exclaimed as she pointed at him and practically leaped back toward him. "This… this… ogling that you're doing. It has to stop, Finn." She leaned over the desk and glared at him.

He swallowed heavily and looked up at her. "Well no offence, Ms. Berry, but when you lean over like that it doesn't really help the situation."

Her mouth fell open as she gasped. "And what does that mean?"

Finn held her gaze. "It means that if you wave those around in my face and shit, you can't expect me not to look. I'm a guy. You're hot. It's basic math… Or maybe not math. But it's something."

Rachel slammed her hand down onto the desk, making him jerk back. "Enough! I'm going to have to call Principal Figgins." She rose back up to walk away, wondering if her boss had left yet for the day.

Finn crossed his arms over his chest. "What, you can't handle your problem students on your own? You have to run to Figgins?"

Rachel felt her mouth fall open as she spun around, completely dumfounded.

He's right, Rachel. You have no control over these kids. You need to take charge. You are magnificent.

Rachel stood there and exhaled with frustration, before she suddenly barged her tiny body over to the door and locked it. She peered out of the small window inside the door and made sure no one was loitering in the hallway, before pulling across the curtain.

She glanced back at Finn who was just staring back at her with surprise. She walked back over to him and grabbed one of the student chairs and pulled it up in front of his table, sitting on it and crossing her legs. She pushed her glasses up her nose as he looked back at her.

"Alright, Finn," she said sternly. "Clearly I'm not getting through to you. And quite frankly, at this point I fear an essay may be futile."

Finn just frowned at her the way he did when he didn't quite understand a point she made in class.

"Futile, Finn. F-U-T-I-L-E. It means a waste of time."

Finn just pursed his lips and nodded a little to show he understood.

"So what do you want me to do then? He asked, clearly confused.

Rachel took a deep breath, feeling her heart starting to race. "I'm going to teach you a lesson."

Oh my lord, Rachel, what are you doing?

But she just couldn't stop. Finn pulled one of his arms back to lean on it. "Lesson? Like a history lesson?"

"No, Finn. Like a lesson in how it feels to be treated disrespectfully. Maybe you'll learn a thing or two."

"For a change," she wanted to add, but she stopped herself just in time. It wasn't his fault he wasn't a natural ace at history.

Finn just frowned at her. "Uh, okay."

Rachel leaned back in her seat, looking at him up and down. He really was quite ridiculously good looking. It was unnerving.

"Move your chair over," she requested. "Away from the table."

Rachel, are you high?

Finn frowned and laughed a little with surprise.

"Do it, Finn," she commanded.

Finn stood up and held the back of his chair against his butt as he moved a foot away from the table and sat back down, his entire body now in full view of Rachel as he rested back into the chair. Rachel swallowed hard as she looked at him – his curly hair messy, his letterman jacket hugging his thick arms, his thighs bursting through his snug jeans. He looked far too old and hot to be a student.

He stared back at her and started stumbling. "Uh, I don't think I get –"

" – Separate your legs more," Rachel cut in her, voice deadpan.


"I said, open your legs wider," Rachel requested firmly, hearing the slight shakiness in her voice.

Finn looked down at his lap as his mouth fell open, before he shifted his legs a little wider. Rachel's eyes fell to the thick mound nestled right between his jeans, noticing for the first time how large the bulge was. Her stomach squeezed tightly.

Oh my.

She looked back up at Finn who was just staring at her, his mouth dropped open in shock.

"You see, Finn?" Rachel asked, her voice tight. "Do you understand how it feels?"

Finn's mouth stayed open as he looked back down at the space between his legs before looking back up at his teacher.

"Ms. Berry, I… I –"

"Do you? Do you see how it feels for somebody to stare at you… in that way?"

Rachel's eyes fell back to the bulge, which she swore looked just the tiniest bit larger now. She had no idea why she was acting so maniacal, yet she felt like she couldn't stop, much less tear her eyes away.

Finn shifted in his seat, exhaling heavily. "Am I dead?" he asked faintly.

"No, Finn, you're not dead."

"Okay then… am I in the fucking twilight zone?"

"Do not swear, Finn."

"Well it's kinda hard not to when you keep staring at my junk."

"Is that what you call it?" Rachel asked as she looked back into his amber eyes. "Your junk?"

His eyes are really quite beautiful.

Finn just blew through his lips as he looked around the room. "Holy fuck, my hot history teacher fucking wants me."

Rachel frowned as she stood up and glared down at him. "Excuse me, Finn. Point number one: I expressly requested that you do not swear, and point number two: I do not "want" you. I was simply showing you how it feels to be looked at in such a discourteous way."

"Yeah, you did," Finn quipped as he looked up at her, his eyes blazing into hers even though the discourteous word had confused him for a second. "And it feels fucking good to be honest," he continued boldly.

Rachel's eyes fell down to his… his junk again. It was most certainly growing inside his jeans and as much as that should have made her run from the room, it was having the opposite effect.

I just can't deal with this. Stay in control, Rachel.

"Finn!" she shouted as she stepped toward him. "I told you not to swear!"

"Or what?" he challenged, looking up at her. "You'll swear some to me, to show me how it feels?"

She stepped in closer so she was right up against him, her knees brushing against his.

"If that's what it fucking takes, I'll goddamn fucking swear at you, you piece of… piece of…"

"Shit," Finn finished. And before Rachel knew what she was doing she was reaching out and smacking him lightly across the face.

Finn's mouth dropped open as he reached up to grab his cheek. Rachel clasped her own as a gesture of empathy.

"Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry," she said as she reached out instinctively to hold his face in her hand. Time slowed as she stood there with her tiny hand held against his large cheek for a moment, before Finn reached up to touch her hand just as she quickly removed it.

"You need to stop this," Rachel said under her breath as she stepped back, her body shaking.

"You stop," Finn replied, his voice just as wavering. "Unless you want to slap me again. That was actually kind of hot."

Rachel's mouth fell open before she suddenly leapt back and hurried to her desk drawer, opening the top one as she hunted through it for something.

Finn just sat back in his seat, feeling pressure escalating inside his jeans as he stared at her round ass through that fucking thick skirt. He wanted to pull it off. He wanted to see her ass. His dick grew larger again.

Rachel turned around and faced him, holding a clear plastic ruler.

Finn frowned, which quickly morphed to a smirk. "You're gonna spank me?"

Rachel huffed audibly as she walked back to him. "Don't be ridiculous. I'm going to punish you for your bad behavior, Finn. Because, clearly, nothing else has seemed to work, so I may as well try it the old fashioned way."

Finn's eyebrows lifted as Rachel stood back in font of him, pushing her glasses up her nose.

"You might wanna get some smaller glasses," Finn said as he looked up at her.

"You might "wanna" be quiet, Finn. Hold out your hands."

Finn just sized her up for a moment before he held out both his hands.

"Turn them over," Rachel ordered.

Finn turned his hands over so his palms were facing upwards.

His hands really are very large.

Rachel took a deep breath, making a mental note to make an appointment to see a psychiatrist before she lifted the ruler into the air and smacked it down onto his hands.

"Fuck!" Finn cried out as he pulled his hands back.

"I'm not finished," Rachel said firmly, her command causing Finn to hold his hands out again. Even though he looked like it had genuinely hurt, she couldn't help but notice that something in his eyes was becoming excited.

Clearly possessed by some porn-star demon she'd caught driving to work that morning, Rachel found herself hitching her skirt up slightly with her free hand as she moved forward to sit on Finn, straddling him with both her legs. She could feel her heart racing and hear his moving at the same speed.

What in Benjamin Franklin's name are you doing, woman?

"Rachel…" Finn breathed as he looked back at her, his mouth falling open as his brow furrowed a little.

"It's Ms. Berry," she replied, her voice hoarse as she felt his hardness pushing into her inner thigh. The probing feeling made the space between her legs throb. "Now hold out your hand," she continued as she held up her ruler in the air.

Because she was sitting so close to him, both their bodies starting to sweat at the proximity, Finn held a single hand out to the side of his body. Rachel lifted up the ruler and slammed it back down, repeating the action several times, but this time Finn didn't cry out or move his hand away. This time his brow clenched and he released several hard breaths, which quickly turned to soft moans as he met every swipe with a subtle thrust of his hips.

Oh Finn…

Rachel could feel gushes of wetness collecting inside her panties as she felt his steely thickness pushing himself into her skin. She dropped her ruler onto the floor and felt herself beginning to pant as she shifted her body slightly so his hardness was pressed right against the outside of her center, their clothing the only barrier between them.

"Fuck… Rach… Ms… Ms. Berry," Finn mumbled as he grabbed the sides of her hips with his hands and began bucking himself against her, his cock so tight against his jeans that it was screaming to be let out so he could just rip her underwear apart with his fingers and slide himself into her.

Rachel tried to stay in control but she felt her head falling back as she grinded her hips down onto his erection, her hands falling down to grip his tightly.

"Now do you… do you f-feel what it's like?" she asked as she continued dry humping him through their clothes, Finn's face pained with arousal. "What it's l-like to be looked at as n-nothing more th-than a… a… uhhh…."

" – than someone you want to fuck?" Finn finished breathlessly as he leaned forward and pressed his mouth against Rachel's neck, his hot breath causing her to moan as he slid his tongue up and down her neck with wet swirls and slides.

"Oh god Finn…" Rachel breathed as she tilted her head to the side to give him more room, feeling her glasses fall off her face and hit the floor. "You are in so… so much t-trouble…."

"Why?" Finn asked huskily as he continued licking the sides of her neck. "Because I want to fuck my teacher more than I've ever wanted to fuck anyone?" He slid his mouth up closer to hers and began devouring the side of her face with his tongue before Rachel turned her face to meet his. Their mouths collected so ferociously the chair slid and rocked below them, causing banging sounds on the hard ground as Finn grabbed her tiny face with both his hands and pulled her mouth into his. Their tongues ate each other's up in a wet and ferocious kiss as they both moaned and lapped at each other for minutes on end. Rachel lifted her hips higher into the air and slammed them back onto Finn's rigid erection, smacking their bodies together as she licked and kissed his mouth like her life depended on it. Finn moaned hard and reached his hand around to grab her ass, but just as his hand arrived there, Rachel reached back and pulled it off.

"No," she said sternly as she suddenly pulled her face back and lifted her body off his so she was standing up again. She looked down at Finn's shocked face, his dark eyes fully dilated, his hair even messier, his lips swollen and red. "You need to be punished, Finn," Rachel said through a breathy voice as she reached back and pulled her loosened ponytail free. "You have put me in a very tough situation, throwing yourself at me like this." She looked down at his thick erection clearly visible through his jeans, the sight making her mouth water. Finn was breathing heavily and clearly wanting to speak, but she kept cutting in. "And your punishment is that you don't get to touch me unless I say so."

Finn just blew through his lips as he sat there and looked up at her, his face completely consumed by her. "Okay…" he mumbled as he looked up at Rachel's hair swimming around her shoulders, completely lost as to what to do about the burning steel pole inside his pants.

"Take your jacket off," Rachel ordered as she stood there, crossing her arms over her chest.

Finn exhaled heavily as he gladly pulled his letterman jacket off and threw it over his bag, realizing how hot it had suddenly become in this room. He looked back at Rachel, whose eyes were now locked to his muscular arms that poked through his white t-shirt.

Oh my, his arms…

"Take your t-shirt off," Rachel said softly but firmly as she ran her fingers through her hair.

Finn raised his eyebrows.

"Do it, Finn," Rachel ordered. "Or I will make you write that essay. And we'll stop all this nonsense right now."

Finn just swallowed hard as he quickly pulled his white t-shirt over his head in one swift movement, feeling cool air find his chest as he tossed it over his jacket.

Oh please, someone help me.

Rachel just stared down at his gorgeous chest – not sickeningly muscular, just perfectly smooth and slightly sculpted with very little hair. Every inch of his skin looked delicious, the sight making something inside her heart squeeze. She swallowed tightly and fought the urge to just bend down and run her tongue all over his chest, planting soft kisses there. Sweet kisses.

Oh my god, NO Rachel. Don't even go there.

"Take your shoes and socks off," she requested as she continued to stand there, her chest breathing heavily.

Finn reached down and fingered the laces on his shoes, which he pulled off with ease and tossed aside, along with his socks. At that moment he wanted to fist bump himself for wearing brand new socks this morning. He looked up at her, his eyes fighting at what to look at: her dark hair that was falling free in thick waves, her perfect breasts that curled through her shirt like mouthwatering fruit, or her rich brown eyes that were alive with something deep. He felt like he couldn't breathe. And he chose her eyes. He just couldn't stop looking at her eyes.

"Take your jeans off," Rachel ordered under her breath, the request causing Finn's erection to press tightly against the fabric as if it was agreeing with the request.

He could hear how heavy his breath was as he stood up and undid the buckle of his belt before pulling open the button of his jeans. The sound of his zipper being pulled down choked the room before he tugged his jeans down his body, his erection springing forward through the thin fabric of his boxers as he pulled them down past his feet and stepped out of them.

He heard Rachel gasp as she looked down at the thick hardness that stood forward from his boxers, cloaked only with a thin fabric that was pooling with his wetness. The sight of her staring at him, her full lips parted, her eyes hooded with desire – desire for him - suddenly gave Finn a bizarre urge to pull her into his arms and just hold her close. What the fuck? He thought.

"T-take your shorts off," Rachel whispered, her throat thick as Finn looked down at her, his arms wanting to reach out to her so badly they burned impressions into the sides of his body.

Deciding that they were far beyond the point of being shy, Finn took a deep breath and smoothly pulled his boxers off his body, his dick – that he knew from years in the locker room was an impressive length – bursting forward to freedom. It wanted her so badly it was leaking from the top.

"Oh Finn," Rachel breathed as she looked down at him for a long moment before looking back up at his face, their eyes meeting in a moment of stunning electricity. "You're beautiful," she said softly as her eyes drunk in every square inch of his body. Finn's mouth just fell open in surprise at the sentiment.

I'm going to get fired. I'm going to get so fired. I know I won't go to jail because he's eighteen, but still… I'm going to lose my license and somehow… right now, I'm not even sure if it's not going to be worth it.

Rachel felt her heart race as Finn stepped closer into her body, his eyes never leaving hers as he reached for her face. It took all the power she had to take a step back.

Keep your distance, Rachel. Emotional distance.

"Sit down," she ordered, hearing the stern voice returning that wasn't quite hers.

She could swear she saw Finn's face fall for just a moment before he stepped back and sat down in his seat, his whole body almost shaking.

She stepped forward and positioned her body between his legs as he looked up at her.

Slowly, realizing that this was truly the moment of no return but being unable to back down, Rachel reached for his thick length and wrapped her hand around it. A soft, simultaneous moan escaped both their lips as she tightened her grip for a moment and just held her hand still, before she started slowly sliding it up and down. Finn's excitement bled right into her hand and coated him with a slickness that made her movement smooth and easy as she began pumping him up and down, her tiny fist clenched tightly.

"Uhhh… Ms. Berry…" Finn groaned as he shifted his hips forward in his seat and pushed them up in acceptance of every pump, every squeeze she made.

"Shhh," she replied sternly as she tightened her grip on him, which made his brow furrow even harder. "Be quiet or you'll get whipped with my ruler again."

Finn just raised his eyebrows with interest as Rachel continued sliding her hand up and down him, her lips pursing together with equal parts lust and concentration as she watched her hand tightening around his thick, heavy cock. When his moans eventually turned to deeper grunts and he literally started fucking himself into her hand, Rachel quickly pulled her hand away, careful to not make him come. He was a high school boy, after all.

He just sat there and looked up at her with such need, his hands twitching at his sides as his eyes searched her entire body, it almost made Rachel cave in and let him touch her. She could see how much he wanted to.

You can't, Rachel. Because you know if you let those beautiful hands on you, you might decide you want them on your body again, and that would just be very bad. This is a one-time thing. It is most definitely a one-time thing. Stay in control.

Rachel took a step back to give them both a second to breathe as Finn's cock twitched under her gaze. It was so hard it looked brutally thick and stretched. She didn't think she'd ever be able to get the image out of her mind. She'd never wanted something so much.

And before Rachel could stop herself she found herself dropping to her needs in a certain kind of worship, and she folded her knees under her body as she pulled him into her mouth.

"Holy fuck," Finn breathed huskily as he clasped the sides of her face with his hands. His breathing quickly became thick and ragged as Rachel savored the sweet taste of him, closing her lips around his perfect length and sucking in hard. She wondered if he'd had this done to him before, and the thought made her feel suddenly sick with something that resembled jealousy, so she quickly dismissed it. Instead, she focused on the enjoyment of licking him from top to bottom, swirling her tongue around him as she sucked at the soft tip. She knew she should command him to remove his hands from her hair, but she just didn't want to as she felt his fingers gently stroking her scalp and hair as he moaned. The feeling of his hands caressing her hair made her only want to give more of herself to him, and she sucked him harder and deeper, almost choking on him as she devoured every inch she could get. Finn tightened his grip on her hair as he cried out, eventually breathing her name softly over and over - her first name - and this time Rachel didn't stop him as she continued sucking, wanting so badly to go all the way and finish him off. She needed to taste all of him.

But it was when he gently slid his hand down to her face as her lips stayed closed around him, affectionately brushing his thumb over her cheek, that Rachel snapped her head back and let him slide out of her mouth. She wiped her lips a little with the back of her hand as she stood up in front of him, looking down at his flushed, panting body.

She tightened her legs together to try to try and curb the burning ache that was drenching her panties right through to her pantyhose, but it just didn't help. She needed him more than she'd ever needed anyone, and a deep desire to let him fill her aching, empty space had clouded her judgment beyond all reason.

"Rachel," he said softly as he looked up at her.

" – Do not call me that," she ordered harshly as she looked down at him, her lips swollen and used from so much deep sucking.

Finn looked a little taken aback. "Sorry," he mumbled as he looked up at her, his face a little alarmed.

Fuck, if he's not being sexy he's being adorable. I can't win with this person.

Rachel didn't know what time it was, how securely her door was locked, whether anyone had walked past them, or if they'd been heard. All she knew was that there was only one thing left to do to get Finn Hudson out of her system for good, and as wrong as it was, she just couldn't stop herself from doing it. It was pointless to even try.

"Stay here," she commanded as she turned and walked back to her desk, feeling his eyes on her the entire time. As she unzipped her handbag and fumbled for a condom in her purse, she wondered if someone had spiked her coffee with crack.

What the hell are you doing, Rachel?

With her back to Finn, Rachel subtly checked the condom's use-by date to make sure if hadn't gone off, since it had been so long since she'd slipped it in her purse just in case she ended up in this situation one day.

And holy hell, she had got into a situation with a student of all things. Rachel made a mental note to book in for some shock therapy after class.

Relieved that the condom was still unexpired, she closed her hand around it and walked back to Finn who was sitting there running his fingers through his messy hair.

She didn't say a word but just held his gaze as she reached out and took his length in her hand again, feeling him shudder as she put the foil packet up to her teeth and tore it open. His eyes widened as he watched her pull out the condom and roll it down over his cock.

"You're gonna let me fuck you?" he whispered with disbelief, almost giving his head a little shake as he winced with pleasure at Rachel's hand pumping him up and down again.

"No," Rachel replied as she reached under her skirt and pulled her pantyhose and panties off in one movement, pulling them smoothly down her legs and stepping out of them as she kicked off her heels. Finn's mouth dropped open as she stepped over him and straddled her body back over his strong legs, her tweed skirt falling over her thighs and protecting her nakedness from his view. "I'm going to fuck you, Finn," she said as she eyeballed him, her soaking folds brushing against his cock. "I'm going to fuck you hard to teach you a lesson for staring at me. For wanting me." She lifted her hips up in the air, finding his tip with her soft skin as she positioned herself above him, causing him to moan softly as she circled her body over his. He moved to hold her waist with his hands, but she batted them both away. "I'm going to fuck you for desiring me, Finn," she continued, her eyes as dark as his. "And the punishment is that you're not going to see me… or touch me. You're only going to feel me fucking you. And you're going to know that this is a one-time thing. And you're never going to see the real me or touch me. Ever."

Finn's mouth dropped open as his brow creased, but before he could acknowledge the unexpected twinge of hurt that her words caused, he cried out as he felt the softest, wettest, tightest girl he'd ever felt clench around him from all sides and sink down on top of him. He instinctively went to reach for Rachel again, but she smacked his hand harder this time, and he gripped the sides of his chair instead as Rachel lifted her slick, slippery body all the way up his length and dropped herself down again, burying him so deep inside her their pelvises were pushing hard against each other's. They both moaned hard, their faces twisting as Rachel dug her hands into the sides of Finn's hips and started riding him harder and faster, her little body bouncing on top of his. She was so wet it made audible sounds as she smacked her soaked little body down onto his, wanting so badly to let some air into her overheated chest and thighs through her shirt and skirt, but refusing to break her rule. Before long Finn was leaning forward and grunting hard, using the only useful movement he was allowed by thrusting his hips forward to meet hers, their bodies smacking hard together again and again and again.

"Kiss me," he breathed as he brought his face close to Rachel's chest, wanting so badly to just rip right through her shirt with his teeth and attack her nipples with his tongue, but knowing the answer would be no. Rachel just stared back at him, her eyes half-closed with arousal as she continued fucking his thick shaft, taking it all the way inside her and squeezing herself tightly around it. "You've kissed me already," Finn begged, his amber eyes burning into hers before dropping down to her lips. "Kiss me."

And Rachel just couldn't stop herself from pulling his soft mouth up to hers with her hands and attacking it with hot, wet licks. She found his tongue and sucked on it, his moan in response causing her to find his hair with her fingers and fist it. They began kissing like wild, hungry animals as Rachel continued to smack their bodies together, Finn tongue-fucking her in time with every deep thrust she made, sinking him further and further into her. The feeling was overwhelmingly powerful as the heat between them intensified, their hard, deep fucks causing the chair to nearly tip over and break under them as it slammed into the floor. As they grunted and moaned together, Rachel's hair wild and messy; Finn kept trying to reach for her hand, her hair, her face, her breast, her ass, to lift up her skirt, but with every try he was shot down by a merciless Rachel who kept fucking him harder and deeper. Finn felt himself wanting to literally explode with every movement, but he just didn't want to let go before seeing more of her first. He was totally consumed by her, and the thought of it all being over before he could know more of her was just too much to bear.

"Please…" he begged, his breath ragged as Rachel moaned and writhed on top of him, scratching at his back with her fingernails. "Let me touch you."

"No," Rachel breathed as she licked and lapped at his face, taking his mouth back with hers as she slammed their hips together, so close to the edge she felt like she was already dangling off.

"Please, baby," Finn pressed. "Stand up and turn over. Bend over in front of me… let me see you clench around me as I fuck you. I can feel how wet you are… let me see it… let me see you," Finn breathed as he ravaged her mouth with his, his breath hot against her tongue.

"I'm not your baby," Rachel replied harshly as she bit at his tongue to shut him up, trying to suppress the deep urge she had to just follow his instructions and turn over so he could have control and pound her from behind. The thought of it quickly became so desirable that she suppressed it by picking up speed even more, throwing her head back as she began calling his name out repeatedly. Rachel knew the sight of her fucking Finn's cock so hard it was nearly black and blue as she cried his name would send him over the edge, and within minutes he was grunting hard and erupting hard into the condom. Watching Finn's brow crease as he gripped the chair so hard it could snap as he emptied himself inside her made Rachel finally find her own release, and she felt herself shuddering and tensing around him as she rode out the most intense orgasm of her life.

For a few moments she just dropped her body into his chest and lay there panting, feeling his arms staying rigid on either side of his body as he breathed in her hair. They just stayed there together, breathing heavily, and for a moment it scared Rachel how oddly at peace she felt. The feeling frightened her, and as she felt Finn's broad arms eventually disobey her rules and fold around her back, she allowed him to squeeze her for one, single, long moment. The feeling was incredible, and instead of the sick, paranoid, regretfulness she was expecting, Rachel felt a feeling of deep calm wash through his embrace.

Oh no.

Rachel quickly whipped her body back from Finn's and stood up off his body, her skirt falling down over her thighs again. "Detention is over," she just said flatly as Finn's face rose in both shock and amusement. But any humor in his face quickly dissipated as Rachel refuse to smile back, instead picking up her pantyhose and panties off the floor as she quickly made her way back to her desk.

"So that's it?" she heard Finn call out behind her, which was the moment the shame struck. Deep, dark, painful shame. It sprayed her body like bullets as she moved behind her desk to shyly pull her underwear back on without him seeing.

"Get dressed," she just answered, hearing how cold she sounded as she refused to look at him. She felt her fingers shaking as she slowly rolled on her pantyhose, hearing nothing but silence from Finn, and then a sudden loud exhale before the sound of clothes being quickly thrown on and a condom being pulled off.

She felt her entire body tighten to the point of almost freezing solid as she heard Finn walking up towards her desk, still unable to look at him.

Rachel. What in William Shakespeare's name have you done.

"Rachel," she heard Finn say softly, his voice husky and shaky.

She took a deep breath and looked back at him. She knew instantly that that was a bad idea as she came face to face with a beautiful man, back in his t-shirt and jeans, jacket slung over his shoulder as he looked at her, his amber eyes wide and vulnerable. He looked so different to her now. Unbelievably different. The sight of him somehow made her heart hurt.

Rachel swallowed tightly. "I said… don't call me that," she replied through gritted teeth, wanting so badly to say something different. "I said detention is over," she continued, her voice hard as she kept her face impassive. "You can go now, Finn."

Finn just stood there and pursed his lips together for a moment, something pained crossing his face that made Rachel flood with guilt before he nodded back at her and turned to unlock and walk out the door, closing it behind him.

Oh my god! How did a simple smut fic turn into this? LOL. I have no idea, I just write and things go one way or the other. Sorry I didn't let too much happen between them either, I guess I was writing it to leave things open for a possible second chapter, and I wanted to "save some of the relationship" in case that happened (in the words of Cory Monteith.) So not saying I'll write any more; just wanted to leave things open. Plus, I wanted to finish this fic tonight as I don't have time to write this weekend and I needed to not have it go on too long! It was all a bit rushed. Thanks for reading and please review! xoxo