Sorry for the delay everyone, it's been a busy few weeks :). For the person who asked the ages of the characters in this fic, Finn is 18 and Rachel is 23.

Rachel glanced at the clock on the wall as Finn's piercing gaze tore a hole right through her body. Only four minutes had passed. There were 41 left to stand there shaking in front of a room full of oblivious students as the tall quarterback undressed her with his eyes.

As she continued delivering her introduction on America's youth during the Great Depression, Rachel's wavering voice echoed in her ears as she looked anywhere but at her tall, handsome lover stretched out in the fourth row. She couldn't feel anything except his eyes on her, stalking her like a predator as she paced in front of her desk. As she mumbled through examples of letters young people wrote during the Depression, all she could picture in her mind was herself bounding over to Finn, knocking his desk to its side and climbing him like a tree.

Rachel Barbra Berry, you are officially certifiable. You have an official certificate in Lunacy. Congratulations. You passed.

She cleared her throat and tried to focus, feeling Finn's knowing smirk as she took a few steps backward and leaned against the safety of her desk.

The desk that Finn Hudson bent you over and pounded you against just a few days ago, Rachel? That desk?

She jerked back away and felt her eyes dart over to Finn's broad shape like they were moving without her consent. He was resting back in his seat and looking back at her, the trace of a smile on his face mirroring the warmth in his eyes. For a moment that neither of them could intercept, something electric passed between them. Rachel felt her whole body turn hot.

"I will b-be setting you all a solo writing exercise this morning," she squeaked at the orchestra of bored faces, snapping herself back into focus as she moved back to her desk. "I, uh…" She began shuffling through her papers. "I have some, uh… some worksheets I'd like you to complete on this topic."

Rachel usually made her lessons a little more participatory, but after what had happened in her lounge room last night, she'd woken up deciding it was safest to avoid any sort of interaction with Finn for at least one day, even in class. As she distributed the worksheets to the students in the front row to pass backwards, she attempted a quick mental count of how many lessons with Finn Hudson she had left for the year, and whether it would be possible to set writing exercises for all of them.

Teacher of the Year, Rachel Berry. That shiny statue has your name on it.

Rachel avoided the danger of Finn's eyes as she sat down at her desk, keeping her head down as she began marking papers from a previous class.

Do not look at him, Rachel. Just get this over with.

"Ms. Berry?" Rachel could almost smell the pheromones wafting off the husky tone as her head lifted up into Finn's sight.

She swallowed tightly. "Yes, Finn?"

"Can I borrow your ruler, please?"

Rachel wasn't sure how long her heart stopped and whether it could register her on the clinically dead list. She spotted Noah Puckerman throwing Finn a funny look from the next seat.

"Finn?" Rachel replied faintly as her heart kicked up its pace. He kept his face impassive as he tapped his fingers on his desk, but Rachel had come to know Finn's expressions well enough over the past few days to recognize the cheekiness in his eyes.

"I said can I borrow your ruler, Ms. Berry?"

Rachel glanced at the other students who were either working away or whispering to each other, not one showing the slightest bit of interest in Finn's request. Even Puck had gone back to whispering something to Quinn, his body turned into hers.

"What do you need a ruler for?" Rachel asked, hearing frustration in her tone.

"I've, uh, got a lot of ideas about the topic," Finn answered, his edible face making Rachel's stomach flip. "And I'm… I'm gonna run out of room on the page, so I need to draw some lines on the back." His mouth curled into a half-smile as he turned his sheet over. "I write crooked."

Well good morning, sex-crazed ghost. How lovely of you to join us.

Rachel pursed her lips together, before she reached into her drawer and pulled out her plastic ruler. She stood up and took a deep breath as she walked over to Finn, feeling Quinn Fabray's olive green irises burrowing into the side of her cheek as she handed the ruler to him. His long fingers brushed hers as he accepted it, a current of electricity shooting up her arm as their eyes met.

Rachel suddenly spun around and rushed back to her desk as the hairs on the back of her neck stood up. She tried to ignore the sounds of students whispering to each other about their lives as she returned to marking her papers. A few merciful minutes of silence passed, before...


Rachel's head flicked up at the cracking sound that was all too familiar. Her mouth fell open a little as she spotted Finn smacking the ruler repeatedly against his hand, as if he was deep in thought. She gulped as his eyes moved to meet hers, something deep and primal crossing the air between them as he brought the ruler down on his hand again. Something wet seeped into Rachel's panties at the sound, which was ripe with intention.

Finn Hudson, there will be hell to pay.

"Finn, please stop that noise," Rachel ordered as a couple of students looked over at him, including Puck and Quinn. She looked back down at her work, her throat drying up.

Heaven help us all and the souls of the Great Depression. How much longer?

Several minutes later that felt more like seventeen hours, Finn's voice melted Rachel's ears again like ice cream.

"Ms. Berry?"

She looked back up at him, her stomach clenching.

"Yes, Finn?"

"Can I go to the bathroom?"

Breathing a small sigh of relief at his innocuous request, Rachel nodded. His threw her a heart-melting smile before standing up and heading for the door, his dimples making her heart skip a beat.

Rachel wanted to jump for joy at the few unexpected minutes in which she could relax, before she felt her phone on her desk vibrate on its silent setting. She reached for it and read the message.

this is my number btw, I never gave it to u. Finn.

Butterflies whirled through Rachel's stomach at breakneck speed. She'd foolishly scribbled her number below her address on the piece of paper she'd given him yesterday. She stared at the screen for a few moments, every cell of maturity in her body screaming at her not to reply as she fought a childish urge to smile. She pulled her phone close to her chest as she typed her response, her fingers moving faster than her sense to stop them.

Are you texting me from the bathroom, Finn? I'm not sure we have reached that stage yet. Please come back to class.

She tried not to smile as she saved his number in her phone under a pseudonym. She refused to think about the irritating fact that they were now leaving a trail of evidence. His reply came fast.

lol no. I'm at my locker. I just didn't want anyone to see me texting u. I'll come back in a min. Talk to me first? :):)

Rachel tried to stop the corners of her cheeks from rising. Even when saying the most meaningless things, Finn Hudson made her smile like a schoolgirl and there wasn't a damn thing she could do about it. She typed her reply.

What do you want me to say?

She felt her heart rate double as she read his answer.

have u thought about what I said last night?

Rachel's throat tightened up.

"And if there's anything that I can teach you here, it's how to pull that fucking carrot out of that hot ass of yours, and give this thing a chance."

She had thought about it. Far too much. And no matter which way her brain approached it, it always spat back the same depressing answer. She typed her reply, checking that none of the students were showing any interest in what she was doing.

We can talk later, Finn. You need to come back to class.

Rachel thought that would end the conversation, but her phone buzzed again. She couldn't deny the excitement it aroused in her.

I'm walking back now. ok we can talk later. When?

Another private meeting with Finn Hudson. The thought made Rachel tremble with fear and flush with desire at the same time. She thought about her options.

After school would be best. How about 4pm in my classroom? We can say I am tutoring you again.

She tried to ignore the sick feeling the lie inspired as she waited for his reply.

I have practice after school today.. u made me miss last week remember? ;)

Rachel felt something inside in her belly twist. It's not easy to forget your first ride aboard Finn Hudson. Her phone buzzed again before she could reply.

what about tonight at ur place? I can grab dinner after practice and come bout 7?

Rachel wiped her brow. Finn Hudson in her house again. She wasn't sure if she could handle it. But it was a chance to see him. She needed to see him.

That would be fine, Finn.

The messages sped up as Rachel kept one eye on her students. She noticed Quinn glance over at the door a couple of times, but she didn't look once at Rachel suspiciously.

why r u always so formal? Is that a teacher thing? ok 7.

I am not formal; this is how I speak. p.s. "are" is spelled A-R-E and "you" is spelled Y-O-U.


Come back to class, Finn; you have been gone far too long.

come out and meet me? I miss you.

Rachel's butterflies dipped and dived.

Finn, please come back to class. I will not be replying to any more of your messages.

She put her phone down on her desk and waited for the inevitable buzz.

ok I'm coming in, just wanted to say one more thing- sorry about last night.

Sorry? For what?

I think I left you.. unsatisfied.

Rachel felt her mouth fall open a little as she typed quickly.

Finn, I am not talking about this over text message exchange.

I'm nearly there. I'll come in if you answer me one question.

Finn, this isn't a game. This is a school day, and you are obligated to attend my class and complete your work. Ask me tonight.

I need to know now.

What is it?

did you come after I left last night?

Rachel crossed her legs together as if by instinct.

You cannot be serious, Finn. I am not answering that question.

you were pretty turned on if I recall.. I'm sorry I left you like that. You mean you didn't make yourself come? that makes me feel worse.

Rachel refused to respond, but for some reason she couldn't take her eyes off her phone. After a less than a minute, it buzzed again.

Is it ok if I make you come tonight?

Rachel felt the space between her legs beginning to ache. She forced herself to ignore the text, her breath staggering a little. He messaged her again.

I'm not coming in until you answer me. You better hurry or the class will wonder where I am and who's texting you.

Rachel heard herself release a tiny but audible huff as she punched in her response.

No, I did not make myself come after you left, Finn. And yes, you may attempt to resolve that issue tonight, if you wish.

She winced at the next buzz.

Thank you. can't wait.. I'm already getting hard.

Rachel pulled her jacket off, suddenly feeling like the room was heating up. She typed her message quickly, before he could send another one.

Finn, if I don't see you inside this room within the next 60 seconds, I will not let you make me come tonight. Or any other night. p.s. I trust you will delete these messages as soon as class is over.

Ten seconds later the door swung open, Finn's body moving through it. Rachel's lips parted a little as her eyes instantly fell down to the thickening shape in his jeans that only she would recognize. It took everything in her power to look away.

Rachel opened her door to a Finn Hudson that smelled of soap as his eyes locked to hers, his cheeks flushing pink.

Rachel felt herself gasp softly as they drunk each other in; Finn in his Letterman jacket and snug blue jeans, and Rachel in a summer dress she didn't often wear that exposed her tanned shoulders and bare thighs. As he stepped inside and dropped his bag down, Rachel's chest flooded with something that was beginning to resemble infatuation.

Dressing like a 17-year-old won't make you a 17-year-old, Rachel Berry. You have traveled far past your stop on this godforsaken train. You are heading to nowhere. You are on a runaway train.

Rachel went to speak, but before she could say anything she felt the softness of his mouth on hers as he grabbed her and pulled her body up into his. She whimpered and felt her knees giving way as his tongue pushed past her lips, the warm sweetness reminding her of the heavenly dessert that was Finn Hudson. He moaned softly and kept his mouth locked to hers as he grabbed her waist and spun them both around, pushing her back against the door as he slid his tongue against hers with wet, needy swirls.

Oh my. Take me, runaway train. Wrong way on a one-way track. Never going back. Toot toot.

Rachel whimpered and offered no resistance as she reached up and grabbed Finn's hair, her gentle tugs eliciting soft moans from him as their mouths moved together with charged, lustful movements. Finn groaned as he pressed his hips against her body, imprisoning her against the door with his growing erection. He grunted as he kept kissing her mouth hungrily, their impoverished tongues eating everything in sight as he pushed his cock into her body as she slid her stomach up and down it. When she bit his bottom lip he took her hands and lifted them up over her head, pressing them into the door as he feasted on her mouth a little longer, leaving it wet and swollen. When he finally pulled away they were both panting heavily, their faces twisted with arousal as the air between them burned.

"Can I… can I g-get you anything?" Rachel gasped as she looked into Finn's eyes, which were dark and dilated. She went to move forward, but he pushed her back into the door so hard it almost hurt.

"Stay there," he ordered, his voice breathless but firm.

Rachel frowned back at him. "Excuse me, Finn, but I do believe we are in my –"

Before she could finish Finn planted his mouth back on hers to silence her, coaxing her tongue out with his and sucking on it. She didn't know if she'd ever felt anything so erotic as him wrapping his lips around the soft muscle, sliding up and down it a few times as she moaned and succumbed to him.

"We're not in class. Drop the bossy act," Finn whispered as he reached down and brushed his hand along Rachel's bare shoulder, his fingertips dipping under the strap. His eyes dropped down to her décolletage as he slid his hand across it, the largeness of his palm catching the top swells of her breasts, which made Rachel tremble. Finn's face was totally consumed by the sight of so much of Rachel's skin as he slowly pulled the strap down, leaving her breasts covered by the dress.

"You're not wearing a bra," Finn muttered as his eyes fell down to the two prominent nubs that were pushing through the cotton of her dress, begging to be seen; to be touched; to be tasted. Rachel tried to speak but she couldn't breathe as he gently tugged down the other strap of her dress, both her shoulders now exposed. She could feel Finn's breath on her skin as he gently pulled down the top of her dress, peeling it over her round breasts, which popped out in his face, her brown nipples puckering further under his gaze.

Finn moaned softly as he reached out and circled a nipple lightly with his fingertip, before suddenly dropping to his knees and pulling a breast into the mouth that just wouldn't wait. Rachel cried out softly and fell back against the door, unable to support herself as he swirled the tight little bud around his mouth like candy, sucking and licking it as she released soft whimpers. She blew through her lips as she gazed down at Finn's gorgeous mouth latched around her nipples, swapping between them as his hand cupped her swollen breasts in his hands and squeezed them. "You taste so good, Rachel," He whispered as he sucked and licked at her, pressing her two breasts together so he could wrap his mouth around both her nipples at once.

Oh my goodness… Finn…

Rachel felt faint as he suddenly pulled back, hooking his fingers into her dress that was still bunched around her waist and tugging it down to her ankles. She stepped out of it and her shoes at the same time as Finn's eyes locked to the covered little mound looking back at him. His mouth fell open at the sight of the lacy blue panties that were dark with wetness at their center.

"Rachel, look at you," Finn breathed as his mouth watered, the way he was looking at her making her wet patch spread. His fingertips brushed against the outside of the fabric, circling the spot of moisture and letting some of it seep onto his fingers. Rachel whimpered softly and stepped her legs open a little wider in invitation for more. "You like that?" Finn whispered huskily as he increased his pressure slightly, caressing the lacy fabric with two fingertips as he slid them up and down her center, feeling the skin underneath parting slightly under his touch.

"Yes..." Rachel breathed hotly.

Finn used the heel of his hand to circle her clit through the lace, his breath becoming more ragged as he pressed harder. Rachel felt a new gush of wetness arrive between her legs as he suddenly slipped his fingers into the sides of her panties and pulled them down. His hooded eyes ate up the sight of her pink, swollen center, his hands smacking her thighs lightly in request for her to part her legs further. She complied without hesitation, thick arousal showering down on them both as he looked at her hungrily. Finn rested his hands against her inner thighs and used his fingertips to gently pull apart her glistening pinkness. The sight was so inviting it took all the strength he had not to dive in face-first. "I want to taste you so bad, Rachel," he breathed as he slid his fingertips up and down the slick surface, stopping at he top to slowly circle her swollen clit.

Rachel leaned her head back against the door and closed her eyes as Finn worked his talented fingers on her; rubbing, circling and stroking as she moaned. Never in her life had a man had this kind of physical effect on her. She could feel him breathing heavily as he used his other hand to reach around and cup her ass, swapping from cheek to cheek and squeezing them as he continued pleasuring her clit. His lips parted as he watched her writhing at his touch, his fingers coated in her need for him.

"Why didn't you make yourself come after I left yesterday?" he asked softly as he moved his hand further down and sunk a single finger deep inside her.

"Uhhh," Rachel cried out as Finn plunged his finger all the way in to his knuckle, his eyes so hot with arousal they were practically blurring.

"Why?" he asked persistently as he began sliding his finger in and out of Rachel's tight, wet warmth, her wetness audible.

"B-because I… I don't know why," She mumbled, Finn sensing her sudden shyness.

He added a second finger and buried them both inside her, twisting them around as he pulled out and pushed in.

"Uhh, Finn..." Rachel exclaimed, her throat thick as he began fucking her deeply with his fingers, his pupils dilating at the sight.

"Tell me, Rachel," he ordered, the depth of each slide in and out making her moan harder.

"My v-vibrator," she admitted, her hair matting against her cheeks. "The batteries have r-run out. So I… I couldn't."

Finn paused his movements as he looked up at her, his mouth falling open a little. Rachel opened her eyes and glanced down at him, seeing the eighteen-year-old that was gazing up at her with surprise. A sexy-as-all-fuck eighteen-year-old, but an eighteen-year-old.

Oh Rachel, look at you. You are a train wreck. Your train is no longer running away. It has derailed. You are a train derailment.

"You own a vibrator?" Finn asked, his brows rising with interest.

"Yes, Finn," Rachel answered with a blush.

"Shame it's not working," He mumbled as he returned to the task of sliding his fingers in and out of her. "I'd like to see you fuck your hot little body with it." Rachel cried out as he brought his other hand back around and brushed his fingers softly against her clit, circling it as he continued his deep penetration with his other hand. The combined friction caused Rachel's breathing to quickly escalate as she began crying out louder.

"Come for me, baby," Finn urged. A red flag suddenly appeared inside Rachel's mind again at the term of endearment, but as he repeated his movements, it quickly collapsed and was replaced with something warm and tender. "Come for me, my baby," he breathed softly as his eyes looked into Rachel's, the deep need in his face toppling her over into an abyss of pleasure. She shook and pulsated as a euphoric feeling washed her from head to toe, her eyes holding onto Finn's the whole time.

Finn smiled up at her as he continued stroking her trembling skin. For a split second she caught their image as if she was a spectator watching from the other side of the room, and something inside her quickly snapped as she moved to step away from the door. Finn reached out his hand and physically stopped her.

"Where are you going?" he asked.

"I'm going to get dressed, and then I'm going into my kitchen, Finn," Rachel answered as she stared him down, trying not to let his beautiful face unhinge her. "I would like to pour you a soda."

Finn raised his eyebrows as he held her in place. "But I don't want a soda. Although thanks."

Rachel went to move again, but Finn only tightened his grip, his eyes narrowing. "I just said I don't need a soda, so where are you going now, Speedy?"

Rachel donned her most stern teacher's expression that she sometimes wore in class. "I am going into my house, Finn. You are most welcome to join me."

"Do you want me to get the ruler out?" he replied, his face serious.

Rachel's eyebrows shot up. "Pardon me?"

Something smug crossed his eyes. "You never asked for it back."

Rachel exhaled heavily as she tried to move, his grip preventing it. "Give me the ruler, Finn."

He frowned. "No way."

"Finn, this isn't a game. That is my ruler you stole from my classroom, and I demand you return it."

"Oh you demand, huh? You're pretty demandy today." Finn leaned across to reach for his bag, Rachel taking the chance to finally step free from the door. She gasped when Finn grabbed her wrist so fast it made her jump.

"I said stay there," he commanded. He walked her back to her place at the door and pushed her against it. He pointed his finger at her. "Don't move, Ms. Berry, or that hot ass of yours is gonna pay the price." Rachel's mouth dropped open as Finn moved back to his bag and unzipped it. As she stood there like a prisoner, she couldn't help but gape at his muscular body and perfect profile as he pulled her ruler out of it.

So how is Finn Hudson's visit going this time, Rachel? Tea and cookies after this?

Finn bent the ruler back and forth a little, testing its strength, before he moved back over to her. She trembled with trepidation as he suddenly bent down and placed a surprising and soft kiss on her lips. It shocked Rachel how quickly and completely her body responded as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into her, hearing him sigh softly. When she eventually broke the kiss, Rachel opened her eyes and looked into Finn's, both of them finding it hard to look away.

"Well, what are you planning to do with me?" Rachel suddenly challenged, trying to rid the air of the invasive, dangerous intimacy that was brewing.

Finn's eyes narrowed as he stepped in so close to her she could feel his erection against her skin; the sensation leaving her breathless as he rocked his body against hers. "I'm going to fuck you, Ms Berry," he whispered, his voice thick as he teased her with his body.

Instead of playing along and protesting, Rachel found herself reaching down and fumbling with Finn's jeans, his eyes dilating as she undid the button and pulled the zipper down. She slid her hand inside the soft fabric of his boxers, finding his hot thickness and moaning as she claimed it with her hand and pulled it out. Finn cried out softly, pressing his hands against the door on either side of her as she brushed her thumb over his soft tip, collecting the excitement that was leaking from it and using it to coat her hand. Rachel's stomach clenched with desire as she closed her hand tightly around him, sliding up and down the rocklike shaft.

"You always make me so hard," Finn breathed as he reached down and slid his tongue along Rachel's neck, making her whimper as he began attacking her skin with his strong, swirling tongue. She continued stroking him as he moved his hand behind her back and gently slid the edge of the ruler up and down the crack of her ass, using it to pull her body tightly against his so her legs were clenched around his thigh, her hand still gripping him.

"I need to fuck you now," Finn suddenly breathed as he bucked his body against hers. Rachel just moaned in response as she pressed her naked center against his thigh, making his jeans glisten with her wetness as she slid up her body and down it.

"Fuck, where's your bedroom?" Finn breathed huskily as he pulled his face back from her neck.

Rachel's eyes flashed open at the sudden mental image that appeared in her mind. Finn Hudson wrapped up in her pink frilly sheets. Finn Hudson in her bed. Kissing her; cuddling her; making love to her.

"What about the… the sofa," she replied, which made Finn quickly pull back.

"What?" he asked.

Rachel swallowed tightly. "I just think… the sofa might be… as comfortable," she continued, as she lifted her face up to kiss him. She felt his tongue moving softly against hers, losing herself in the taste, before a sudden burning sensation cracked through her body as he brought the ruler down hard on her ass.

"Ouch!" Rachel shouted as she angrily pulled her body away, before Finn gently grabbed her by the waist and held her in place.

"I didn't say sofa, I said bedroom," he replied, as he smacked her other ass cheek with the ruler, the sting sharp.

"Finn!" Rachel threatened loudly, as she tried to shake herself free from his gasp. "If you think you can bully me with your –"

Her sentence was cut off by her own scream as she felt herself being swiftly lifted up and draped over Finn's huge shoulder, her naked ass poking up in the air as her glasses hit the floor.

Rachel, you may wish to consider investing in some contact lenses specifically for Finn Hudson's visits.

"Stop complaining and tell me which way it is, Demandy," Finn asked as he headed down the hallway.

"Finn, stop!" Rachel shouted into his jacket as he opened the first door he came to, which was her bathroom. He closed it again and nearly tripped over Rachel's more elusive cat, Chairman Meow. "Sorry buddy," she heard him say as the cat hissed and scuttled off. "How many creepy cats do you own?" He asked, as he opened the door to her small office. He paused to check it out for a moment before shutting the light off and closing the door. Rachel ignored his question.

"Finn Hudson, I swear on the grave of Marie Antoinette, if you do not put me down I will issue you detention every afternoon until the end of your life." Rachel nearly gasped with surprise as she felt Finn suddenly drop her body down to the floor. Her mouth dropped open as she felt him roughly grabbing her waist and pressing her body up against her hallway wall.

"Since you seem to be hiding your bedroom from me, this will have to do," he hissed. "Wrap your legs around me," he requested, as he leaned forward and took one of her breasts into his mouth.

Rachel cried out softly, wanting to kick herself for surrendering to him so immediately. She wanted to move - to take back some control - but all she could do was stand there and accept the pleasure of his tongue suckling on her nipples like lollipops. She felt him huff with frustration before he reached down and pulled her up into the air, using his hands to guide her legs around his hips as his body pressed hers against the wall.

"You don't like doing what you're told, do you?" He asked, his mouth hot against hers as he began kissing her hungrily. Rachel just moaned as she fisted his hair and lapped at his tongue, her wet center pressing into his steely erection.

Her breath stopped with anticipation as Finn pulled a foil packet out of his pocket and brought it up to his lips. He tore it open with his teeth and released one hand to roll the condom down his length as he held her against the wall with the other side of his body. Rachel fought for breath as she felt him line his tip up with her saturated opening and push in, both of them moaning as he pulled her body tightly against his to impale her fully on him.

"Uhhh," Finn cried out as sunk himself inside Rachel's snug walls as deeply as he could, before he began pulling out and sliding in, both of them moaning and grunting as his back-and-forth movements intensified.

"Fuck, I need to do this without a condom," Finn breathed into Rachel's ear as she met every thrust with a push of her hips, their bodies meeting with fast and ferocious movements that cracked through the room. She tried to ignore his comment as she clawed at his back, knowing that that sort of arrangement had 'relationship' written all over it. "I need to feel you properly," Finn continued breathlessly as he gripped Rachel's ass with both hands and pounded himself into her deepest places. "I don't want anything between us."

"Finn… you feel so good," Rachel moaned softly, trying to divert his attention from the topic as she tugged his jeans and boxers past his ass . The fabric bunched around his sturdy thighs as she began stroking and cupping his ass, wanting badly to run her tongue along it. "Uhhh, Finn… that's right… fuck me, Finn… fuck me harder," she begged as he quickened his movements, sweat dripping down the sides of his cheeks.

"I think you should give me detention every day after school," Finn whispered into Rachel's mouth as began feasting on it while he continued his relentless smacks, both their faces twisted with arousal. "I need to fuck you at least once a day or my dick will explode," he said hotly, his words making Rachel's entire body feel like it was going to rupture as she breathed in the delicious scent of his skin.

"Oh God, Finn," Rachel cried out as he held her hard against the wall and succumbed to his most primal instincts, his whole body giving itself to her as he drove them both home. Rachel continued crying out his name over and over as the intense pleasure inside her twisted into a tight coil until it eventually snapped free, her entire body shuddering as a thick warmth flooded through her. Finn's release followed close behind as they cried out together, Rachel's body still pressed against the wall as he pulsed inside her.

They rested there for a minute, before Finn gently lowered Rachel to the floor, placing a soft kiss on her lips before he pulled off the filled condom.

"Uh, where can I dispose of this?" he asked sheepishly as he pulled up his jeans with his free hand.

Rachel blushed. "Oh, you can put that in the –"

But before she could finish, Finn was already opening the door opposite them that he thought was the bathroom he'd found earlier.

Rachel winced as he stood there and absorbed the unexpected sight of her bedroom, her table lamp illuminating a prink frilly quilt cover and matching furniture.

"You sleep in here?" He asked as he turned around to look at her with a curious eyebrow.

"Finn, this is my private –"

"Were you a Disney princess in a former life?" He cut in as he moved into the room and dropped the condom into the wastebasket beside her vanity chest.

Rachel huffed at the action and followed him inside, grabbing him by the elbow to stop him. He quickly spun around and walked her to the bed behind her until she fell onto it.

"Finn!" She exclaimed, trying to sit up, but he pushed her back down as he kicked his shoes off. Rachel elbowed herself up the bed to try and get away from him as he leaned down over her, but the smile on her face was giving her enjoyment away. Dimples dotted Finn's cheeks as he followed her up the bed until she was lying on her pillow and he was hovering over her, both hands pressed into the bed. She looked up at him.

Why so beautiful, Finn?

Their eyes held together for a long moment and something inside Rachel's chest tightened, before he suddenly reached for the drawer next to her bed and opened it.

"Finn!" Rachel protested, trying to swipe his hand away as he fossicked through her things, but he held her down with his other hand so she couldn't move.

"Where is it?" he asked.

"What?" Rachel exclaimed, already dreading what he might find. She was coming to learn that Finn Hudson was one cocky quarterback.

"The vibrator," He replied as he picked up her copy of 'If I'm So Wonderful, Why Am I Still Single?' that she'd hidden away and looked at it curiously.

Rachel wanted to fall right through her bed into the center of the earth as Finn flipped the book over and skimmed the back cover. She covered her face and braced herself for the tirade of sarcastic comments, but all she heard was him putting the book back in the drawer and closing it. He reached down and gently moved Rachel's hands away from her face, before stretching out beside her and leaning up on his elbow to look down at her.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" She asked apprehensively.

Finn reached out and took her hand in his. The gesture was affectionate, and the little squeeze he gave her confused her heart.

"Why do you have that book?" He asked softly. Rachel felt her face stain red as she looked away.

"Don't be embarrassed," He continued quickly as he reached out and gently pulled her face back to look at him. "I just mean… are you looking for a boyfriend or something? That's why you have that book?"

Rachel felt her mouth fall open a little. The immature question was so simple, yet so complicated coming from Finn. She had no idea what to say.

"Of course I would like a boyfriend," she finally answered, choosing not to elaborate. Something in his eyes turned even softer. "But that's something you can't be, Finn," she continued quickly, feeling a little embarrassed given that he hadn't exactly asked.

But something in Finn's face dropped for a moment and Rachel caught it, despite the small scoff he used to quickly cover it up. "Yeah, I know," he mumbled. "We've only known each other for like a week."

Rachel smiled a little. "Well, technically, we've known each other for a year, Finn."

He looked back at her, his eyes searching hers for something. But she couldn't quite make out what it was.

"How old are you?" He asked, his face soft but serious.

Rachel exhaled heavily as she looked down. "I'm 23, Finn."

His face lifted with something that resembled relief. "That's not so bad," he said. "You're only five years older than me."

"I'm your teacher, Finn," Rachel replied, looking back at him. Something in his face changed as her heart pushed out the words that felt like they were betraying it. "You know this can't go anywhere. No one in this town would ever accept us in that way, Finn. No one. I would also most certainly lose my job, my license, maybe face legal action, and you could be expelled."

Finn sat up a little higher. "Are you saying you don't wanna do this anymore?" he asked, his face worried.

Rachel sighed as she looked up at the ceiling. She wondered how this had even happened so fast. In just seven days this boy had got under her skin. And now she had no idea how to get him out.

Maybe a skin transplant.

"I don't know, Finn," she answered, her mind flashing with images of news stories she'd read about this sort of thing before. Certainly in her case the age difference was much smaller and the boy was technically an adult, but she still felt like she was becoming something she didn't want to be.

"I like you, Rachel," Finn said softly, his voice ripe with sincerity. She exhaled heavily and covered her eyes with her hands, wishing she could do the same with her ears. "What's suddenly wrong?" she heard him ask as he pulled her hands away from her eyes again.

"It's not suddenly," Rachel answered as she looked at him with pain in her eyes. "It's this. This is wrong, Finn. It has been every single time we've done it. And you know it."

Finn took a few heavy breaths before he looked back at her. 'Why can't we just try?"

"Try what, Finn?" Rachel quipped with frustration. "Dating? In secret?"

"Yeah," he answered as if the idea wasn't half as ridiculous as she was making it sound.

Rachel sat up on her elbows and looked at him, wishing she wasn't so naked and vulnerable. As her eyes glanced down to her body, her legs crossing together shyly, Finn sat up and pulled his jacket off, gently draping it over her tiny form.

Oh help. He's making this so hard.

"Dating in secret... for what gain, Finn?" Rachel asked, choosing to take the high road as their eyes held together. "This is as far as it goes. Anything more is risking far too much. I told you, I would lose my job if anyone found out about us. I would probably need to change careers. And you still might change your mind about college, and this is the sort of thing that could follow you there."

"But you said you didn't want me to date Quinn," Finn cut in.

"What does that have to do with it?"

"Well it just made me feel like you want this… that you want to continue this," Finn answered, his face frustrated.

"Of course I want to continue this, Finn," Rachel answered, seeing the instant reaction her words brought to his face... the hope. "But it's not about what you or I want," she continued. "My point is that, if this isn't going anywhere anyway, and it's extremely risky for both of us, what is the point?"

The point is, Rachel, that in 23 years of living, you've only just discovered what it feels like to feel alive.

"But how do you know that?" Finn challenged as he sat up on his knees. "I won't even be at the school anymore in a few months."

Rachel laughed softly as she shook her head. "That won't solve the problem, Finn. This is not a large community. It would still be a scandal." She looked away. "Plus, you said you are going to Los Angeles."

Finn released a small huff as if she had reminded him of that fact as he ran his fingers through his hair. They both sat there blanked in a heavy silence for several minutes, before Finn turned to look at Rachel, his face confused. "What about if we… if we just say that this is just fun. Nothing more. Until I go to L.A. I won't tell anyone, you won't tell anyone, and if we're careful we won't get caught."

Rachel couldn't slow the speed at which her face dropped. "A bit of fun?" She asked. She looked up at the ceiling, trying to stifle the feeling of pain that his words had triggered in her chest.

Dammit, Rachel, why are you making this so much harder than it needs to be? Be the adult here, not the child.

"Come on," Finn whispered gently. "You know I didn't mean it quite like that," he said as he reached out to stroke Rachel's hair. "I'm just trying to come up with some options for us."

For a moment Rachel just lay there letting Finn touch her hair intimately as her heart fought hard against everything her head wanted to say. She hated her head and heart for never agreeing on anything. But, mostly, she hated her heart for wanting something so badly it just couldn't have.

You are a bad heart.

Rachel turned and looked at Finn as he moved his hand down to stroke her face, his Letterman jacket still protecting her body.

'A bit of fun in the meantime.' Would that really be so terrible, Rachel?

She stared back at his youthful face, his amber eyes, his dark tufts of curly hair, his perfect nose.

Can you continue sleeping with this man, Rachel, and not fall for him? Can you invite him into your world, your bed, your body, but not your heart?

The answer came almost immediately.

Rachel sighed heavily as she gently reached up and took Finn's hand in hers, pulling it away from her face and resting it back on his thigh. She could already feel her body beginning to droop.

"We can't do this, Finn," Rachel breathed tightly, her eyes watering as her chest burned. His mouth dropped open. "I'm truly sorry for leading you on and starting this in the first place. But this just isn't going to work." Finn stared back at her, shock clouding his features. "I do hope you won't tell anyone about what happened between us, Finn," she continued shakily as she tried to stop her tears from falling. "But if you do… I'll understand."

After a few moments of torturous silence, Finn suddenly swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood up. Rachel's chest stung as she looked up at him.

"I'll see myself out," he said, his voice tight as Rachel moved forward to follow him.

"Finn!" she said as he spun around and looked at her, holding his hand out to stop her.

"No more," he said shakily. "I'm done."

Rachel covered her face with her eyes, tears beginning to bleed through her fingers.

"Your jacket!" she quickly shouted after him as he turned to leave, the image of him standing at her door hurting her heart.

"It's yours," Finn replied, a moment of pain eclipsing his face, before he disappeared from view.

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