Bella's POV

I remember back to the day I came to save Edward. As Jane opened those giant ancient doors, my chocolate brown eyes met Aro's and I instantly felt the mating pull Edward used to talk about. Edward saw in Marcus's mind the bonds forming between Aro and me, and tried to attack him, but was instantly stopped by Jane's power. As Felix and Demetri tore Edward apart, I stood there just starring into the ruby red eyes of the man who is now my mate. Alice was spared that day because I begged them not to kill her and let her go home. Alice promised me she would still love me no matter what I chose, knowing I was going to chose Aro.

I became a Queen that day, and I also became a vampire, with every power imaginable. I loved Aro then, and I still love Aro now. But our happiness soon came to an end. I was with the Volturi for 50,000 years, but then the Romanians attacked again. I knew that if we fought that we would lose. So as the guards were getting ready for battle, I snuck over to the Romanians hiding spot and offered myself as a slave in exchange for the Volturi to be spared. Stefan and Vladimir agreed and they left; with me in unbreakable chains made out of vampiric ash. That was the last time I saw my family; that I saw my brothers; and that I saw my love and our daughter we had with the exception of one of my powers. That was over two decades ago. And they believe me to be dead. Stefan ordered me to cut every bond I had from everyone and everything. No one would be able to sense me; see me in visions…it will be as if I am no longer in this world.