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Chapter 5

Bella's POV

I watched through mia figlia's mind as she, Alice, Rosalie, and Esme ran into the throne room. I choked on dry tears as I spotted the rest of my family. Then after Sofia told her father that I was alive, she grabbed his hand and I felt him enter my mind. I gasped as I felt his sweet intoxicating scent enter through the bond.

Hello, mia amore! I cried through the bond.

I fell to my knees as I heard him gasp. I felt Andrew and Elizabeth run up to me as I fell.

"Isabella!" they cried.

I connected my mind with theirs so that they could know what was going on. Then I watched as Alice touched Aro's hand and the vision she saw entered my mind. I watched as I saw myself, Elizabeth, and Jasper teleport into the throne room.

Wait, why is Jasper with me?

"Brother, is it true?! Do you see her bonds?" I heard mia amore ask our brother Marcus. I saw as he stood.

"Yes, brother, they suddenly appeared when the women ran in. She is truly alive!" Marcus cried out as he and Caius ran up to my Aro.

Aro turned to nostra figlia.

"Tell your mother to come home!" he cried.

"Wait; tell her to find Jasper first!" Alice cried.

"Yes, and that, too," he replied.

Sofia then closed her eyes.

What happened with Jasper, mia figlia?

Madre, he disappeared two years ago while searching for the Romanians. Grandpa Carlisle, Uncle Emmett, and Uncle Jasper were together in a search party, but they decided to split up so they could search faster. And when it was time for them to meet up and return to the castle, he never came back. Alice couldn't see him anymore, and Uncle Marcus couldn't see his bonds anymore. We believe that the Romanians kidnapped him. Can you search for him and then come home, please mamma?! I miss you! She cried.

Okay, one second darling, stay connected with me.

Okay, mamma.

"Elizabeth, do you know if there is a prisoner here named Jasper Cullen?" I asked her as she helped me up off the floor.

"The only prisoner I knew of was you," she answered.

"Lady Elizabeth, Lady Isabella, there is another prisoner that Stefan brought in two years ago. I don't know his name, but he had strange golden eyes instead of red," a guard said as he stepped forward and bowed.

"What is your name?" I asked.

"Jonathan, your majesty," he replied as he bowed again.

"Thank you, Jonathan. Can you please take us to him?"

"Yes, your majesty. Follow me."

He stood up straight and ran off towards the dungeons. Elizabeth, Andrew, and I ran after him. Finally we reached the dungeons. I walked behind him as he walked towards one of the prison cell.

"Here he is your majesties," he replied as he bowed and moved to stand behind us.

I looked into the dark cell and spotted a figure crumpled in ball in the middle of the cell floor. I then spotted his dirty blonde hair. I looked over to Elizabeth and Andrew.

This is him. Andrew, can you please go get him some fresh clothes and get a bath ready for him. And can you gather up about ten deer and place them in the arena so that he can feed.


He drinks animal blood. He is not a human drinker like we are. Also, if you already didn't know, he is my brother so please gather the best deer you can find.

Yes, Lady Isabella.

Andrew ran off. I turned back to Jonathan and held out my hand. Jonathan understood and placed a key into my outstretched hand. I walked over to the cell and unlocked it. I opened it and walked over his figure on the floor. I bent down and wrapped my arms around him. He looked up startled, and as he saw me, his eyes filled with tears that would never fall.

"They finally killed me. I'm so sorry, Alice, I wasn't able to come back to you, my love!" he exclaimed as he threw his arms around me and started to dry sob. "Is this what it is like to be dead, Bella?"

"Jasper, you are not dead, and neither am I," I whispered as tried soothing him with his own power.

"What do you mean? You were killed by the Romanians. Aro saw your ashes!" He exclaimed as he pulled away and starred into my eyes.

I starred right back into his now black, hungry eyes.

"Vladimir's wife had the power to block every one of my powers so we were unless against the Romanians so I had to do something to save my family so I offered myself as a slave. They accepted my offer and left without harming anyone of my family. They killed one of their prisoners and I made it look like it was me. Finally, now, Vladimir's wife, Elizabeth, realized Vladimir's real opinion of her and dropped her shield and we both killed Vladimir and Stefan. Come, brother, we have a bath waiting for you and some deer for you to feed. I think we should hurry because Alice and Aro really want to see us," I explained.

The moment I said "Alice," he stood up and wrapped his arms around me more tightly.

"I'm so glad that you are still alive, sis. Now did I hear something about deer? I haven't feed since before Stefan captured me.

"Follow me, brother," I said as I started to run towards the arena.

When we got there, I saw Andrew placing the last deer into the arena. The moment Jasper spotted the deer, he jumped down into the arena and attacked the deer. Not even three minutes later, he finished the tenth deer. As he dropped the carcass, he looked up at me with his newly golden eyes and smiled. I smiled back.

"Jasper, hurry and go take a bath, we don't want to keep our mates waiting any longer. Andrew, take him to where you have made a bath for him," I said.

Andrew and Jasper ran off. I turned to Elizabeth.

"Elizabeth, I just remembered something you said while we killed Stefan. Is it true that you had to leave your children when he turned you?"

That's so sad! I heard mia figlia say in my mind.

"Yes, they were only 15. We loved each other very much. We lived in the forest outside of our village. I was walking home one day from the market when Stefan attacked me. I begged him to spare my life. I cried to him that I had two children and their father was dead and that I was all that they had left. He said that he didn't care. Then that was when he bit me. Two days later, I woke up and my throat was hurting. I was in a room. It was actually the room you are staying in. I looked around and saw Vladimir and Stefan standing by the door. I jumped up and tried to escape, but I couldn't. Stefan said that if I ever tried to leave, he would find my children and bring them here and torture and kill them right in front of me. So I never left. I then fell in love with Vladimir and I thought he loved me too, but he didn't. He married me for sex. I am just thankful that I finally saw past my love and saw the truth. I am so sorry it took so long," she said as she started to dry sob.

I wrapped my arms around her.

"I have already forgiven you. You don't have to apologize anymore," I said as I pulled back and kissed her forehead.

"Thank you," she replied as she pulled away from me.

"What were your children's names?" I asked.

"Their names were Alec and Jane. They were twins."

I heard mia figlia gasp.

Mia amore Alec? My sister Jane?

I gasped.

"What's wrong?" Elizabeth asked me when she heard me gasp.

"Oh, nothing. I was wondering if you would like to come with me and Jasper to Voltera."

"Sure, I would love to."

I heard footsteps approaching. I turned to see Jasper and Andrew walking towards us.

"Are you ready to go?" I asked Jasper.

"Yes," he replied.

"Elizabeth is going with us."

"Oh, so this is Elizabeth?"

"Yes, it is."

"Nice to meet you, ma'am," he replied with his southern accent as he shook her hand.

"You too, Jasper," she replied. Then she turned to Andrew. "Andrew, can you please watch over the palace while I am away?"

"Yes, your majesty," he replied as he bowed.

Tell your father that I found Jasper and that we are coming home.

Yes, mamma. I love you. I will see you soon.

"Good-bye, Andrew."

"Good-bye, Lady Isabella."

I grabbed Jasper's and Elizabeth's hands and imagined the throne room where my family was waiting. I then teleported. As we landed in the throne room, I heard everyone gasp. I looked right at mia amore's back. I watched as he slowly turned around and starred into my eyes. I smiled. Suddenly I heard two very high pitched squeals as I let go of Jasper's and Elizabeth's hands. I looked over in time to see Alice run into Jasper's arms and Sofia ran to me. I met her half way and wrapped my arms around her tightly.

We both started to dry sob. Then she pulled away and smiled up at me.

"Mamma, you don't know how long I have wanted to hug you again! I missed you so much! Please don't ever leave me again!" She cried as she pressed her face into my chest and continued to dry sob.

"Oh, mia figlia, I have missed you too! And I promise I will never leave you again!" I whispered.

My voice seemed to break some kind of invisible barrier as suddenly my entire guard, the entire Cullens, and two brothers ran up and enveloped us in a gigantic group hug.

I laughed as they hugged me. Then I heard mia amore.

"M-mia Isabella?"

I turned towards his voice as everyone moved away from me. I looked into his eyes as mine filled with tears. I ran into his waiting arms.

"Aro!" I cried as I buried my face in his robe.

"Isabella!" He cried as he tightly wrapped his arms around me. I pulled away and starred into his ruby red eyes.

"I've missed you so much, mia amore!"

"I've missed you too, mia amore!" he replied as he grabbed my chin and pulled me into a kiss.

As his lips touched mine, my whole body exploded with emotions. I melted into his arms as our lips shaped each other. I pulled away and laid my head on his chest. Then I felt two arms surround both of us. I looked up and saw mia figlia. I wrapped my right arm around her as I had my left around her father. Then I turned to Elizabeth. I pulled away from my family and walked towards her and linked my arm with hers. I then walked to the front of the throne room.

"I would like to introduce to you the new Romanian Queen, and the woman that brought me back home to you all: Elizabeth."

As I finished my speech, I heard two similar gasps. Nobody else seemed to hear them. I turned to see Alec and Jane starring up at their long lost mother. I saw Jane about to run up to her.

Not yet, Jane. I said in both of their minds.

They looked over to me and nodded.

I turned back to Elizabeth.

"Elizabeth, I think there are some people that you would like to meet," I stated to her.

"Who?" she asked, confused.

"Alec, Jane, I think it's time for you to be reunited with your mother," I said as a very distraught Jane and Alec ran forward and crushed their mother in a gigantic hug.

Elizabeth gasped as she saw the two teens she had thought she would never see again. (AN: Alec and Jane were turned by Aro when they were 18.)

"Alec, Jane?! Is it really you?!" She cried as she wrapped her arms tightly around them.

"Yes, mamma!" they cried simultaneously.

Elizabeth turned to me with a huge smile and tears in her eyes.

"That's why you gasped when I told you the names of my children," she stated.

"Yes, it was. Your children are very important people in my guard. And your son is my daughter's mate," I replied.

"Thank you, Isabella!" she cried as she pulled away from her children and ran and hugged me.

"You're welcome, Elizabeth," I replied as I hugged her back.

Then she returned to her children and I returned to mia figlia and mia amore.

Before I could get to them, a certain red head jumped into my arms.

"Bella, I am so sorry for the way I treated you while you were human! You saw something inside of me when no one else did. Thank you so much, sister!" Victoria cried as she sobbed into my chest.

"I have already forgiven you, even before I saved you from the Romanians. I love you, sister."

"I love you, too, sister," she replied as she pulled away.

I walked around her to mia amore and mia figlia. Aro wrapped his arms around me and Sofia, and turned towards the audience.

"Today started out in sadness because we were here to continue to mourn for the loss of our Queen, but the day ends in joy for our Queen returns. Today we will celebrate her return!" he announced.

Suddenly the room was enveloped in cheers.

"I love you, mia Isabella," Aro whispered as he turned towards me and kissed me. "And I won't allow you to ever be taken from me again."

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