Author: Azazel Lockhart

Rated: R

Warning: Sex, violence, threesomes and language; sex in general

Pairings: Harry/Edward/Jake

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Hogwarts, The Black Lake

Four years ago

'Come to the lake Harry'

It was calm and unmoving, just black but yet so interesting. Harry was at the edge of the pier. His feet dangled off the side, not daring to touch. He bent forward slightly on the edge of the water to peer into its depths. He saw nothing just blackness. As he remained still, layers of water somehow became clear, the moon-light hit the first layer, causing weeds and small fish to come into view. Harry sighed as he remember why he was there. A woman's voice in his head told him to come to the lake tonight. At first he was scared and thought he'd gone mad. The voice was soft and velvety like milk chocolate, and it freaked him out. It started to interfere with his life, well the time he had to figure out what the second task was. The voice appeared right after he was done with the first task. At first he thought it was the egg that was speaking to him. He told Ron and the ginger knocked him over the head. Tonight he just finally gave in. He could understand the egg just fine but he didn't understand what it meant. Harry wondered why everyone scrambled to cover their ears as he opened the egg in the common room. The words sounded crystal clear to him, like music to his ears.

Harry looked up into the night sky and it was beautiful, myriad stars dotted the inky canopy. A full moon hovered in the twilight firmament, bestowing a glimmering of light upon the lake. It was a cool, windy night; the swaying of trees and rustling of leaves could be heard but not seen, as the encompassing darkness had blotted out all but the faintest light.

'Come in the lake'

He shook his head viciously and bit his lip compensating, did he really want to risk that? He couldn't really swim that good plus the water was probably freezing. He dipped his toes in and then sprang away in shock. That water was beyond freezing it was bone chilling.

'Harry come in or you'll never know'

Harry became confused. What exactly would he be finding out. His mind was playing dirty tricks on him. No way he was going to risk his life swimming in dangerous water. Nope no way in Hell.

'You'll never find out'

Fuck this, Harry stood up and stripped off his clothes leaving only his underwear. His arms instantly wrapped around himself, he counted to 3 in his head, took a deep breath and plunged into the icy depths.

Like tiny daggers the water stabbed his body. He screamed in pain and bubbles flew from his mouth. He could see nothing but darkness, but somehow he still wanted to swim deeper into the abyss. His arms and legs had a mind of its own. He swam deeper and deeper, feeling weeds brush his skin. He felt fish flicker past him, the silence chilled him even more. All of a sudden his lungs started to burn, he needed air. He needed it survive, it was vital and he hasn't taken a breath of it since he entered these waters. He guessed he was too far deep to reach the surface in time. Goddamnit where was his wand. Shit it was up on the pier, who would forget their wand in a crazy situation like this? Harry started to panic, he started swimming and kicking up like a mad man. He wasn't gonna die like this, oh no sir.


Harry kicked faster than before. What the hell did she mean by 'breathe', was she crazy?Harry muscles were slowly seizing but he kept fighting. He was getting dizzy his head was spinning, water was flooding into his mouth as well.

'Harry breathe, you'll be ok. Trust me'

Praying to god he wouldn't die he took a deep breath of water. The gulp of icy lake water felt like the breath of life. His head had stopped spinning; he took another great gulp of water and felt it pass smoothly through his lungs sending oxygen back to his brain. "Bloody hell!"He said in amazement."I'm not dead, how is this possible?"

He was breathing water, and it felt good, as in he should have done this since birth. His eyes weren't irritated anymore, he didn't need to blink as much, in fact his eyes were clearer in a way. He could see, the lake wasn't black at all. It was just dark and leafy. Thick forests of black and green sea-weed littered the floor. Mostly silver and black fish swam around quickly and flat, ragged stones sat unmoving.

'Follow the song Harry'

'Come seek us where our voices sound,
We cannot sing above the ground,
And while you're searching ponder this;

The water didn't feel icy anymore either , it felt pleasantly cool and very light. He dove down, swimming through the opaque water. He swam more towards what seemed to be the middle and stopped, resting on a carved rock.

'We've taken what you'll sorely miss,
An hour-long you'll have to look,
And to recover what we took,
But past an hour, the prospect's black,
Too late it's gone, it won't come back.'

Harry started to see some sort of clearing so he swam up to it. He saw faces, some sort of people.

There were merpeople formally known as mermaids. But these creatures were nothing like the muggle legends. They had grayish skin and long, wild, dark green hair. Their eyes were yellow, and their teeth were broken. They wore thick ropes of pebbles around their necks. They had powerful silver fish tails and were clutching spears in their hands. That was the clue for the second task! There were mermaids in the lake! Well isn't that spectacular!

Harry fearfully swam out so they could see him. Surprising him to the fullest they all bowed respectfully. "Hale King Apollo." They chanted, holding their chest's and spears up high.

Harry looked taken back. Why were they honoring him? His name was Harry and not Apollo. He was no king, that he knew of for sure. He was really confused, first breathing underwater now this. What was next?

Merpeople were emerging on all sides now, watching him eagerly. He looked to his left and saw one swimming towards him. She did not look like everyone else. She was stunningly beautiful. She had long flowing blonde hair which was embedded with a tiara made of rubies and topazes. Her chest was bare and full as her lips were pink and full. Her tail was a light bright blue, her smile was bigger then her face. The choker around her neck was glowing very brightly as if the light was her emotions. Her eyes were a deep-sea blue, the kind that could probably see into your soul.

She stopped in front of him and Harry's voice just seemed to cut off. She spoke. "Cousin, it is so good to meet you." Her voice was the same from in his head, soft and velvety like milk chocolate. Whoa-whoa-whoa cousin?

He was starstruck but his mind still exploded. "You were in my head! How am I your cousin? How am I even living right now and who are you?" There was so many questions flooding his brain he had to get them out.

She smiled even bigger. "All your questions will be answered but for now follow me."

She zipped away and Harry followed. She was incredibly fast with her tail she was swimming with such ease it made Harry jealous, he tried to keep up with his two legs. He had to push hard. She stopped and Harry came up next to her after a few seconds passed. His jaw dropped at the sight. A whole crowd of merpeople was floating in front of houses that lined what looked like a mer-version of a village square. They chanted the same tune, some even clapping.

The girl turned to Harry. "I'm Athena, Harry I brought you here to show you that these are your people. She gestured to the crowd. "You are one of us, you always have been. I'm sorry I didn't call you sooner, you were too young but now you are of age."

"What are you talking about, How are we related? I'm nothing like you, I mean just look at me! What do you mean by I am of age?"

"Our King died of old age two years ago, but you were too young to rule." Before Harry could say anything Athena stroked his cheek and kissed his forehead gently. She pulled away and heat spreaded through out his body. After that he felt weird and then he felt numb. He really didn't FEEL any different. He looked at her. "What just happened?"

She waved a hand in front of him and a mirror appeared. "You are now in your true form."

He stared back at himself, though the face in the mirror was more stunning and prettier than anyone he ever seen, framed in a halo of long thick silky black hair that bore no resemblance to his close short hair. The crown was golden and embedded with large emeralds, it sat perfectly in the middle of his head. His eyes were an electrifying green. So clear he no longer needed his glasses. His lips were red and full. His chest was more muscular, the choker around his neck was made out of emeralds which were glowing. He'd gained several pounds of muscle on his arms, and on his stomach creating abs.

However, when he discovered the real change his world began to spin. Down his hips his scales began, small blue and green iridescent plates that reflected the simmering light of the lake. His legs were merged into one single body at his knees, and continued well beyond where his feet should have been. At the tapered end, two fins flared out, horizontal like a dolphin. He was a freaking merman, he couldn't believe it.

"Oh Merlin." He squeaked rather girlishly.

That couldn't be him. This was some monstrous nightmare, and if he concentrated hard enough he could break it. Yet the only thing concentration brought was a headache. The creäture in the mirror looked vaguely like him, it couldn't be him. He was a human, all this was impossible.

Athena smiled brightly. "Apollo you are a merman."

Harry wanted to cry. "But how is this possible for me? My mother is Lily Evans and my father is James Potter they are both human. How am I related to you? Why is this happening to me?"

"Your great-great great-grandfather was merman. We are not really cousins I just called you that because we both look beautiful. We are not related in any way. Sadly when I was seven my father was killed by a great white shark when he was out in the Atlantic. My mother died shortly after my birth because she couldn't handle it. I'm sixteen now and feel like the weight of the ocean is crashing down on me."

"Oh I'm so sorry to hear that, but if my great-great-great-grandfather was a merman that meant his son should have been one not me."

Athena shook her head. "Amazingly it skipped generations. Your great-great-great-grandfather was the greatest ruler of the merpeople. He created peace with everyone and everything, but when he died the peace started to slowly dissolve. I have been the leader of our people since then and everything has gone crazy, you were next to take the throne when he died but two years ago you were only 12 and that was too young so I was forced to take it. But now that you are here you can take your rightful place as King."

Harry looked around at all the merpeople. All this information was nerve-racking. He wasn't fit for a King. Everyone started chanting again. A merman with a long green bread and a choker of shark fangs swam up to him holding a golden trident that matched his crown. He bowed and held it out to him. "Welcome home King Apollo, welcome home."

Harry looked at Athena, she gave him a reassuring nod and he took the trident. With his touch it beamed bright lighting up the black lake. It felt good in his hand, the people cheered and he held it up high. "Why are they calling me Apollo when my name is Harry?"

"Now that you are a merman you can play and sing the most heavenly music above and below water, you have healing powers, you could manipulate the sun and moon. You could control the waves of the sea and your beauty is breath-taking. Just like the muggle Greek God Apollo."

"Um well that's just wow, how do you know I can do all that?"

Athena scoffed. "Apollo you inherited the mermaid gene from King Theodore, of course you can do all those things. You could even speak above water, that is the one gift everyone wishes to have."

Harry remembered he had a life above the water as well. What about Hogwarts? What about Sirius and his friends? Could he ever go back? "Could I ever go back?"

"No." She said mournfully. "Once in your true form your legs never come back. Only your great-great-great grandfather could transform his tail into legs. He did that and mated with a human therefore creating your grandfather. We could go on dry land fully, tail and all for only about two minutes each day. After that we must from the neck down under water."

Harry was furious. "So to everyone else I just disappeared off the face of the earth! Everyone will think I'm dead! What good is going on land if I have no legs! I'm stuck like this forever!"

She casted her blue eyes down. "I'm sorry but that is the truth."

He was just leaving everything behind, this was so unfair. But he had to live with it from now on. "Am I only going to rule the Lake?"

"No this is just Hogwarts, there are more merpeople all around the world. We could leave if we please and go to the Pacific ocean, that is where your great grandfather's house lies. We get to go live there."

"This a lot of responsibility." Harry said astonished. "I'm only Fourteen, I don't think I can do all this."

Athena grasped Harry's open hand and smiled hopefully. "My King you were born to rule, and remember I'll be right by your side."

Washington, La Push Beach, Current Time

Jacob sunk to his knees, praising the unbelievable sight before him, unconscious on the shore line was a creäture he had heard being described but never seen. A muscled chest barely rose and fell. It's long black hair was bloody and sprawled out on the sand. It's pale skin was full of bleeding cuts, and the choker that was around its neck was glowing dimly. There was something long and silver lodged in it's abdomen, it looked really deep and painful. A sun glimmered green-blue tail twitched as blood leaked out of deep lacerations and gashes. What could have done something like this to such a stunning and rare creäture? Jacob wondered caressing its face. He brushed its lips, which felt like silk and cream. It's ivory pale skin was so soft Jake thought it would break under the slightest touch.

He cradled the body to his own and lifted it up carefully. It let out a whimpering type sound and Jacob's mind went into panic mode. He had to get it some help and he knew if he brought it to the hospital, the rare creäture would be owned by the government.

He ran to the vampire estate as fast as he could. He could smell the heavy scent of blood getting stronger. He could feel it seeping through his shirt. He hoped he'd make it in time. If he didn't he would have to live with the heart crushing guilt, the death of a mermaid wasn't something that happened often.

Jacob watched as the submerged body floated limply. It's chest was rising and falling much higher indicating that it was breathing much deeper now. It's muscles twitched every now and then. Jake place a hand on the glass tank, taking a good look at its marvelous scaly tail. The cuts and gashes were healing at an accelerated rate it was unbelievable. A sword fish snout was pulled from its abdomen. Carlisle said it should have went right through him. When Jacob looked back up at its face, he saw electrifying green eyes staring up at him.

Harry's eyes locked with warm dark brown ones that held concern and admiration. This huge tanned person smiled down at him and Harry looked back in confusion. The man's lips were moving and suddenly another person came over. This other man had amber eyes and was really pale, paler than himself. He smiled down at him too. Harry started to look around. Where the hell was he? Was he safe? Oh god he had to get back to Athena! He had to see if she was alive, the damage done to her was just as brutal, but she didn't have healing powers. He had to go save her!

He remembered seeing Athena and himself fighting back to back using all their will power to keep the enemy's off. The other merpople charged with them and the opposing force clashed against them. There was finally a war between the merpeople and deadly animals of the sea. The fight was lethal and rough, they hardly pulled through. He hoped someone led their people to victory. Oh god where was his trident, or his crown? He needed to go! He slowly raised a hand and rested it were the man's hand was. He looked at them both with pleading eyes, he hope they got the message.

Unfortunately they didn't, Harry shook his head knowing he was going to have to speak to them in order to get them to understand. If he spoke in the water they wouldn't be able to understand him, his language underwater was mermish. He had to get the tank open. He moved both hands to the top of the tank and started pushing.

The blonde male started unlocking things and then Harry's pale fingers popped the lid off. Harry hovered upright slightly, keeping his neck and tail underwater.

Jake and Carlisle watched as the merman's head broke the surface. "Thank you for helping me, you are very kind for muggles." Jake shivered and practically melted where he stood. The voice was thickly British, it sounded so musical and sweet.

Carlisle looked intrigued and decided to ask questions. So many of them ran through his ancient mind. So he started out simple. "Do you have a name?" The merman smiled and nodded. "I go by King Apollo from my people but my human name is Harry."

So this rare and beautiful creäture was a King? Then that meant there was more of its kind, this was truly fascinating. Carlisle was just about to ask more questions until Rosalie's lovely voice rang through the house. "I smell mutt, what wolf is in here?" Carlisle just remembered that everyone was just out hunting. Too bad they came back so soon.

"Hey Carlisle I was wonder-" Edward's sentence was cut short as he walked through the medical room door and saw the most beautiful creäture he ever laid eyes on.

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