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Harry swam out from the darkness, his beautiful face hard and cold with malice. He was late, it was way past dusk. He just wasn't in the mood to tell you the truth. He wasn't his nicest at the moment, he was so filled up with anger he struggled to compose himself. He didn't want to stand them up as if they were nothing, because honestly they meant more to him then they'll ever know. He liked his new friends at lot. They even stayed because they were sure he would show up. They didn't see him yet, so he waited to be noticed.

Jacob sniffed the air and grimaced. He smelt it, it was hurt, sadness, and most of all animosity. That's when he noticed Harry idling in silence, his chin set straight. "Harry, are you okay," Jake asked even before giving him a proper greeting.

Edward didn't miss the twitch of Harry's hands. Something was bothering him and he wanted to know what is was. He could sense Harry was anxious, nervous, but why. "Yeah Harry what's wrong," Edward asked, standing side by side with Jacob. "You can tell us."

"I'm fine, " Harry snapped, instantly regretting it after Jacob flinched rather violently. He gritted his teeth, with frustration. "No, Jake I'm sorry, it's just that I don't wanna worry you guys with my problems. "

They wouldn't tell him, no matter how much he threatened, no matter how much he yelled and no matter how much he screamed they held their ground. They really didn't want him to know where the ring was, because loosing him was that important to them.

He left, and he hasn't been back since last night. He aimlessly started to search the rubble of his city for anything worth keeping to waste time. He started to bury bodies, kissing the foreheads of each male or female who gave the sacrifice. He didn't bother himself with getting worked up at the people who betrayed him anymore. He knew he was going to find that ring sooner or later whether they told him or not. Burying the bodies of his people and burning the opposing ones calmed his anger a bit. But now he was here... their loving sentiment wasn't helping.

Harry sighed and ran a hand through his hair, face completely distraught. "Come out into the water with me. You guys can swim right," he asked looking at the two. "I'll tell if you come in."

Jacob didn't need to be asked twice. He threw his white t-shirt to the sand after pulling over his head, faster than you could say buttercup. The next thing to come off was his shorts, he hooked his thumbs in the waistband and was about to pull them down but Edward so kindly interrupted.

"Are you sure about this Harry?" Edward inquired, looking slightly uncomfortable. If Jacob was becoming naked he sure as hell didn't want to be around.

"Oh come on Cullen, don't be such a noob," Jake teased, stepping out of his shorts. Edward scrunched up his nose, at the barely clothed wolf with disgust.

'I'm not getting naked , but you can leave if you want to. Its not like I want you here anyway.'

"Edward come on, please just come in." Harry asserted. "I know I'm asking for much but please, for me."

Edward relentlessly started to unbutton his shirt and step out of his jeans. Jacob was already making his way towards the merman by the time he was done.

The water was cold but that didn't bother Jacob, what bothered him was that it was deep and dark. His instincts were telling him to do the doggy paddle, but he wasn't a fucking dog. He didn't notice how far Harry was until his feet were no longer brushing against rocks. But he forgot about all that once he came face to face with him, moonlight streaming on them creating an eerie glow.

'So freaking beautiful.'

Harry smiled, his pearly white gleaming. His hair looked more curly than yesterday; tonight there were silky raven volumptuous curls spawled evenly around his head, a gold crown adorning. The emeralds in the crown were glowing, adding to his beauty, and Jacob couldn't help but utter a wow in awe.

He was gawking at him like he was a piece of meat, and Harry just grinned at him adding a little wink. Jake thanked the heavens that it was dark because, the blush that over took his face with lethal, spreading down his chest and reddening his ears.

Edward was still on the shore, but in two seconds he wasn't. He was aside Jacob, his bronze hair glittering in the moonlight as well.

"The reason why I was so upset, it's because my people were keeping information from me." Harry started, calmly. "Information that held the way I could get my legs back."

"So you are not a natural born merman?" Edward asked and Harry shook his head. He wasn't going to tell them everything. He was just going to tell them the party's that mattered.

"I wasn't always like this." He gestured to himself dismissively. "I was fourteen when it happened, I kept hearing this voice in my head telling me to come to the lake-because back then I lived near a lake." Harry half lied. "I jumped in the lake and never came out. I left my god father, my friends and my whole life. Athena told me there was no way I could ever get my legs back."

"Wait what about your parents?" Jacob interrupted sadly. "Didn't you have to leave them?"

"Unfortunately they left me first. They were murdered when I was one." Harry told them easily. He'd gotten so use to tell people his parents were dead, plus at Hogworts people weren't exactly discreet about it. They'd say your parents are dead to him all the time.

"Oh, I'm sorry."

Harry shrugged and continued, trying to dismiss this information. "Well anyway I've been missing for 4 years thinking I had no other option than to stay under water and rule my city."

Edward decided that was enough to feed his curiosity. He started to push that topic away for now and started to think more about how close his body was to Harry's and how good it felt to know that. It was way better than being close to Bella's, and now that he thought about it Harry smelt amazing. Like vanilla beans but with like a hint of mint, it was intoxicating but he didn't have the urge for Harry's blood, he wanted his body... considering he was in touching distance, he fought his emotions. He was ready to mount Harry; lust was just flowing from his body. Harry was talking but Edward just couldn't draw himself out to listen.

'I can't handle this.'

Jacob was watching Harry's lips move in a uncomprehending manner. He was just watching those full red lips move hypnoticly, and when Harry darted out a pink tongue to wet the appendages he almost fainted. He quickly looked up at the sky, his eyes almost falling out of their sockets. Was that light already? Holy Moly it was late, just because he was a wolf didn't mean he didn't have rules. He still had a curfew since he was only 16. Plus he still had school, he had to go even though he didn't want to.

"Harry I have to go, if I don't my dad will freak." Jacob said meekly, as if he was saying something wrong.

Harry pouted. "Oh really okay, well I'll see you tomorrow right?"

"Of course!" Jake replied a little too happily. The wolf grimaced at how creepy he sounded but relaxed when he heard Harry laugh.

"Great!" Harry said brightly. "Is Edward coming ooff-!" Harry was almost crushed when he felt two huge caramel arms wrap around his waist, smothering him in a warmth that his body started to react to.

This was warmth he hasn't felt in a while, if felt good, he felt safe...

Harry felt the corner if his lips twitch up into a smile as he wrapped his strong pale arms around Jacob's neck melting into the embrace. It was his turn to blush when Jacob pulled away. Now it was just awkwardness...

Jacob waved goodbye before swimming back to the shore. Harry watched him gather his clothes and take off into the woods, with a backwards glance.

"Well I guess I'll just see you ah-!" Harry was knocked back a few inches as a cold, hard marble body rushed into his. The cold was peaceful and relaxing, he felt safe in his arms as well. He automatically retaliated the hug with equal force, and blushed as Edward dug his face into his neck inhaling his scent.

"Tomorrow," Edward finished with a unashamed smile. He pulled away with a cheeky grin, his finger tips brushing the tender flesh around Harry's naval. He mirrored Jacob's movements and gathered his clothes before taking off into the woods.

Harry touched his choker which shone with something he never felt before. He didn't feel himself smiling like an idiot as he dove down into the dark depths of the sea.


He wasn't going to go home. No. He wanted them to feel guilty. For them to worry about his well-being. It served them right.

He was going to visit Theodore's grave. A place he never got to truly see. He's heard about it but he never laid eyes on it himself. He never had the time and no one really mentioned it. It all seemed so sacred, therefore Harry never thought to disturb. No one ever did.

But at this moment in time. Harry needed guidance.

The burial location was nothing like he imagined. Instead of a golden tombstone and ruby encrusted walking path. There was picture. A gold framed picture, seated on top of some sea grass.

The man in the picture was broad shouldered and buff. Muscle lacking in no area what so ever. He had slanted amber eyes with a straight nose and long curly black locks that cascaded down his pale back and chest. The trident was in his hand shining bright as he smiled softly, his full red lips pulled back slightly showing only hints of white teeth. His tail was a shimmering scarlet with black undertoned scales.

'Rest in Peace. King Theodore Achilles Potter.' Was engraved on the frame of the photo in elegant script. 'A life taken too soon.'

Harry gently took the picture into his free hand. "Tell me what to do." He whispered helplessly.

"Please, I'm just so fucking lost." He clasped his hand over the frame harder, white-knuckle tight. "Everyone keeps lying and I'm losing it."

"When he was taken from us it was tragic day." A small voice said behind him. He turned around to see a little girl. She was holding a hand full of water lilies so he guessed she was here to pay her respects, ever so kindly. "Well that's what my mom always says."

"I surely hope a bad guy doesn't kill you next," She says next in a sing-song voice, while swimming to his side. She let the lilies fall to the ground sweetly. "I like you King Apollo."

Wait what?

"What do mean 'a bad guy'," Harry asked hoarsely. "Didn't he die of old age?" He tried to keep his voice leveled as he waited for the answer.

The little girl had sunk down to take a seat by his tail, her huge yellow eyes peering up at him. "Who told you that?" She proclaimed in childish outrage. "He didn't die of old age. He was murdered."

"Wait. Who told you that... I thought..." He didn't seem to have the words to express his confusion.

"The whole kingdom knew that he was killed." She informed him, innocently. "Athena told us never to speak of it. Didn't you know?"

"Athena." He whispered grimly to himself. Her Again. More lies that clouded his mind. More betrayal from the people he thought cared for him. He clenched his hand tightly around his trident

"No." Harry replied stiffly. His heart was beating fast, skipping beats and so close to flat lining. He was shaking, and trying to breathe. "No not at all."

"Hey are you okay Apollo?" She asked staring up at him in wonder. "You look angry."

Harry didn't reply, and the jut of his strong jaw was a good indication of how tightly he was clenching his teeth. He set the picture back down and held out his hand. "I'm heading back, you want to come?"

She politely turned his offer down. "No thanks. I'll stay here a little bit longer."

Harry slowly swam away from her, and when she was just in the distance behind him he took off. He was going home with a renewed purpose. Anger was fuelling him like gas to a car. Murdered!? They had lied again. This was probably all to keep him from the ring. Unbelievable.

He stormed in through his front doors, seeing red. His eyes sought out his blonde headed second in command furiously. When he didn't see her he froze, his choker blinking rapidly. "Where is Athena?" He bit out as calmly as he could, looking into his people's frightened eyes.

"Upstairs Apollo," A person replied and Harry charged up the stairs, bursting through his bedroom doors.

There she was. Watching. She was scared. She should be.

Harry ran his tongue over his teeth and sucking in his cheeks. "What really happened to my great grandfather?"

"What are you talking about? He died of old age." Athena mumbled meekly. Yet another lie. Little did she know the truth was already spoken to him.

Harry was seething. Shaking with the anger and he charged at her. Throwing his trident at her neck. She ducked but it caught her hair, nailing it onto the wall behind her.

He approached her with a cold smile. "Now Athena. If you weren't so useful to me I'd kill you." He purred brushing her quivering lips with his own. "Now tell me what happened before someone gets hurt."

"He was murdered." She confessed, tears already falling from her eyes. "My father killed him."

Harry stopped breathing. Wait. What? Harry felt nauseous, the bile rising in the back of his throat. He felt so sick. Just how deep were these lies? For years ago she had told him her father was killed by a great white shark when she was seven. Why were they doing this? Why was everyone betraying him? Hurting him?

Harry swallowed the vomit threatening to come out. He still wasn't breathing. He swam a few steps back from Athena, the feeling of wanting to choke her rising instead.

"I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry Apollo." Athena wailed. She could feel her skin ripping from her scalp as she tried to struggle against the trident's grip. It hurt but she know Harry didn't care. This was her fault.

He felt so humiliated right now, and to think he called these people his family. There were more lies. He could feel it. This probably wasn't the worst to come. He couldn't look at her, his head hurt.

"The throne is only offered if given up or if the King is killed." Athena coughed out. She squirmed, as her misty blood started to surround her head. "Apollo please." She begged pathetically. "Let me down."

Harry didn't even peek in her direction. He just placed a hand on his chin. "So he killed him for no reason at all?" Harry pondered challengingly, his voice deadly calm. "That doesn't make the slightest bit of sense."

"My father hated him for no reason at all yet they were the best of friends." She wheezed, and Harry could tell she was crying hard. "Harry he envied him, because he-"

"Oh my god, Apollo what are you doing?" Breathed a disbelieving voice from the doorway, Harry quickly casted his bright emeralds to just the man he wanted to see. Bork.

Harry tossed him a twisted smile. "Bork how wonderful. So nice of you to join." he acknowledged, happily. "Please come in. Take a seat. The party has just started." Harry cackled, presenting the room politely.

Bork reluctantly entered the room, giving Harry a hesitant look of fear. He swam and took a seat by Athena's struggling form. "Apollo stop this madness. Get her down from there. Can't you see that she's hurt?"

"Can't you see that I just don't care?" Harry replied smartly. "Now Athena, your father envied King Theodore because...?"

"Because he stopped aging at the age of 18." Bork finished carefully. "So did you Apollo."

He can't age. He stop at eighteen!? Which meant he couldn't die unless someone killed him! What the fuck?! He was going to find this out when?! When the people around him started to die off peacefully?! The calm and collected expression disappeared from Harry's face and was replaced with something murderous. Bork shuddered from the severity of it. "When were you going to tell me this?"

Bork opened his mouth to speak but Harry cut him off. "Ah, you were never going to tell me because all you people do is lie."

"Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie. That's all you fucking do." Harry roared viciously. "Do you take me as your king or do you take me as a fool?"

They were silent.

"Answer me!"

"Our King." They squeaked. Athena's eyes were drooping and Harry could see that she was fighting to stay awake as the blood surrounding her head deepened in color.

"Athena where is your father now?"

"In the Atlantic Asylum for Rogue and Insane Merpeople." She breathed, before coughing hard. "I sent him there after he killed King Theodore and I had to take the throne."

Harry swam up to her and roughly dislodged his trident from the wall, he wasn't surprised when she screamed and fell to the floor. A few peices of hair and bloody skin were attached to the daggers. He puckled them with distaste and rolled his eyes at her helpless heap. "Oh get up. I think I'll like to take a visit to your father and you're coming with me."


"Bella called," was the first thing Edward was informed of as he entered his house. He hasn't seen her today other than school and even there he hardly talked to her. "She called 37 times Edward!" Alice exclaimed angrily. "She keeps calling, do something about it!"

"What do you expect me to do about it," was Edward's careless reply.

'Thirty Seven freaking times Edward.'

"What!" Alice yelled. "I'm sorry but isn't this the girl you said you'd fucking die for? Call her back!" Jasper came to her side to calm her down and Edward was thankful, he was getting very tired of her yelling. But she still continued but just a little quieter. "Edward she's calling my phone, please just make it stop. If you don't I'm going to die."

Edward rolled his eyes at how dramatic she was being. "Alice you're not going to die. When she calls again just tell her I'll pick her up tomorrow morning." He brushed past her to go up to his awaiting room. "Now please stop yelling."

'Don't you walk away from Edward Mason Cullen.'

Alice opened her mouth to scream some more but Jasper quickly intervened. "Darlin' it's over."

With a curt nod she fled to their shared bedroom and Jasper went up to Edward's. Jasper graciously stood in the doorway. "Why are you ignoring Bella?"

"My mind has been somewhere else." Edward somewhat grunted, busying himself with a book.

'You mean your mind had been on Apollo.' Jasper clarified knowingly in his mind. He smiled slightly when Edward stopped to look at him somewhat ashamed. "Edward I read emotions not minds. You're just obvious."


Jake was literally one hundred percent done with his house's front door. Why did it have to squeak so much! Yeah it was old but damn! He was this close from being in the clear. He didn't need this door waking up his father and foiling his plans to act like he'd gotten in the house by curfew.

When Jake finally closed the door he proceeded to tiptoe to his room in silence. But apparently his father was seated at the kitchen table, in the dark. "You're late Son."

Of course this scared the hell out of Jake who jumped about a foot in this air, letting out an un-manly squeal. Jake flicked on the light and tried to regain his man status. "Oh hey dad, um what are you doing up?"

"Well I was waiting for you. It's 6:00 am and your curfew is at 10:00." Billy told him gruffly. "Where have you been. You better not be fooling around with some girl or I swear-"

"I was with Harry and Edward, down by the beach." Jacob said quickly. "I'm sorry, I should of told you."

"Oh you were with Harry? Oh well now there isn't a need to give you the 'be home on time talk'. Just get home safely." Billy reprimanded happily, before wheeling away. "Well goodnight."

Jacob stood there a minute, confused. "What just happened?"


"Harry please slow down." Athena wheezed, one hand clutching her chest in fatigue, the other clutching her head in pain. "My wounds haven't healed yet."

"You've lied to me countless times, won't tell me where the ring is and you go against my honor." Harry told her harshly. "I do not care for your pain anymore, you pathetic ameba." He tugged at her arm. "Now let's go, move faster."

They swam and swam for what seemed like hours. Until they were met with a very large, white, and shiny building. Athena squinted up at it with fright. "Well this is it." Harry nodded stiffly and she bit her lip. "Um maybe I should wait outside."

"No, no you're coming in with me." Harry said while approaching the double doors with no fear at all. He swung one open and held it wide for her with a dark smile. "Ladies first."

She entered and Harry did right after, the echoes of crazed laughter already ringing in their ears.

So more lies? Athena is not looking so good. I'm starting to dislike her. To all who agree. Say 'I'. So tell me you liked it. This was my idea for the fifth chapter. I'm still debating on keeping the last chapter up, I probably will just so people can do a little comparison and see which one they like better. I wanna stretch this story a little more, you know? I don't want it to be rushed. So I hoped you liked this chapter. There is more to come...

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