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Athena was a spitting image of her father: they were practically identical, yet his features were more sharper, more aged and set and his blue eyes looked as if they personally seen the gates of hell. Harry tilted his head as this man knowledged him, drawing his lips over his teeth in a sneer.

But then he started to laugh.

It was low, a deep rumble in the chest. Hearty, forming from deep inside the stomach, anything but genuine. Sinful. "Harry Potter the heir, the king of the Ocean. To see you is an honor sir." He recited offering a dark smile, practically spitting that last word as if it was poison. He looked at Athena and his features shifted into something deadly but he quickly averted his eyes, breathing through his nose roughly as if he was calming himself.

He stuck one of his hands through one of the lines of the cell. "Hermes Aberne, pleased to meet you." When Harry made no move to shake it he recoiled with fraudulent hurt. "Well by gods," he huffed. "I completely get why you don't want to shake my hand. It's understandable."

"You know why I'm here as well?" Harry questioned, tilting his head with a menacing glared that even had Athena shaken. "Because if so let's get this over with." But Hermes just laughed another sinful laugh, clutching his stomach and throwing his head back in playful mockery.

"It was only a matter of time. But I thought they would've told you already." Hermes cackled shrugging his shoulders. "You've come for answers and I'm ready to speak the truth and nothing but the truth." He drawled, eyes flickering to Athena. 'I'm nothing like my spawn. Oh no sir, I don't lie.'

Athena stiffened and Harry tighted his grip around his trident carefully. What was she still hiding? The ring of course but what else? Harry wanted to ring her bloody neck, crack open her skull and savage the information himself.

"Did you even wonder why we look like you?" Hermes started and this really drew in Harry's attention. "You, meaning beautiful? While the others look so scary? Our top half actually looks like a human, while theirs looks so fishy and frightful."

Harry didn't answer.

"Well have you ever noticed how it's only Athena and I in the whole Pacific ocean? That's not peculiar at all." Hermes snapped sarcastically. "But anyways," he continued. "Tell me Harry, you've scoped out the Atlantic ocean a few times before, no?"

"Of course. Cold waters, coral reeks and deadly sea animals; but since the war it's been barren besides this place." Harry told him in an icy voice. "Why do you ask?" He inquired raising an eyebrow.

"Atlantis, that's why." Hermes exclaimed, smashing his face against the stark white poles eagerly. "The lost city."

"That's a myth." Harry defended harshly. "Athena told m-," he couldn't even finish that sentence. He wanted to scream at the bloody sky. Each secret and lie was weaved together like a perfect puzzle. One piece unlocked yet another slather of this never ending mystery.

"Yeah it's real and I've been there."

"Okay. Atlantis is real. You went there. What the fuck does this have to do with anything?" Harry challenged hotly, growing more and more impatient.

"Someone's an eager beaver." Hermes teased, waggling his finger in disapproving manner. "I went there and guess what I saw. I saw everyone looking normal, like actually people from the waist line above." He paused dramatically. "They didn't look like the fishy merpeople in the Pacific. It was mesmerizing."

"I originally came there for my wife. She was dying and Atlantis was my only hope in finding the medication she needed." He continued frantically and Harry recalled Athena telling him her mother died. Thank God that wasn't all a lie. "Thus I accidentally met something aka this eight-legged bitch named Ursula." Hermes shook his head with a sour look on his face as if he was ashamed. "She was gifted with sorcery, illusions, spells, and with those gifts she flooded blasted lies into my head."

"She said she'd heal my wife, she said my life would be paved in the right path, she said I'd live the life I always wanted if I signed a contract. A magical contract, ha as if that didn't already scream a red flag," he muttered in an emotionless voice. "But hidden in the god damn fine print, it was stated that two people close to my heart would have to die."

"Who ever reads the fine print!" Hermes proclaimed, tugging at his hair violently. "I signed the damn contract and the next thing I know is that my wife is dead and so is my best friend, Theodore." He gestured to his body wildy. "Me and Athena ended up looking beautiful but that didn't matter to me once I found out what I've lost."

Harry stared at the man in front of him in disbelief. Was he suppose to believe that? A magical contract killed his great grandfather? The king of the sea. Really? Did this man take him as a fool just like everyone else? He didn't even know his hands were shaking. They were moving so aggressively like the rest of his body. He didn't hear the animalistic growls that began to boil deep within his chest. "Don't lie to me!" Harry bellowed swimming so close to bars, the water surrounding them felt hot. "I've had enough lies!"

Hermes' face consorted into anger. "You think I'd lie now? When I'm locked up in this place?" He sucked in a breath and slowly sighed, hanging his head down. "Harry. I never wanted the throne. I never wanted anything really. I just wanted my wife better."

"Tell him! Tell him how it happened that night Athena!" Hermes, shouted eyes blazing. "Tell Harry how Theo choked on his own blood. Tell him how I held Theo, screaming until he died in my arms! You were there. I watched my best friend die and you told everyone I killed him!" Hermes tugged at his hair, hard enough to rip some gold locks out. "You put me in here you bastard child."

Everything went silent. Not another word was spoken. Harry looked at Athena with such digust, he was surprised that he didn't vomit on her. The wave of nausea that hit him was way too intense. He felt so sick, so cold, so fed up. She started to cry, to weep with guilt because she knew. "Harry I'm so sorry. I'm so so sorry."

"You're apologizing to me?" Harry asked, his voice much haughtier than before. He was so
confused, so angry; he didn't understand. He had this feeling set over him, as feeling of calm. "You should be apologizing to your father. Not to me. Everything you speak to me I'll know is a lie."

"Hermes," Harry addressed urgently. "I have a strange feeling that I need to go to Atlantis." Harry began to feel weak, like all his power and energy was being drained from him every second that ticked by. Though, time had felt like it stopped. "If I go there what will I find."

"King Theodore's body."

Harry's world finally came crashing down.

When Jacob was forcefully woken up from his slumber he's dreaded to find out that he'd only gotten a full two hours of precious sleep. Saturday patrols could suck his tan middle sized huevos. Honestly, Sam really needed to cool his jets. He was a growing teenage boy and according to the television growing boys needed sleep, but it was kind of his own fault in why he got only a few hours of sleep. It was totally worth it though. Hugging Harry. Being close to Harry. Just Harry in general was amazing. So if getting no sleep was the price he had to pay then he'd be a daily paying costumer.

Jake lazily hunched his body up into a sitting postion to peek out of his window. He tiredly squinted to adjust to the sun. He didn't like what he saw. He rolled his eyes and collapsed back down. "Go away," he muttered knowing the other wolf that was currently on the other side of the clearing could hear it.

He knows that the little comment that he's just made isn't gonna change anything. He knows he still has to get up and out of his bed to prance around the woods. He's got no choice. Alphas orders.

After deciding staring at the ceiling is no fun Jake sat up and swung his legs over his tiny twin bed and stood up, arms reaching over his head in a much needed stretch. Upon hearing his bones pop and click he padded into the hallway and over to the bathroom to rid his eyes of crust and mouth of rank morning breath.

When he heard Embry's impatient human howl. He quickly tugged on a pair of cutoffs that smelt somewhat clean and hopped out of his window: the perks of living in a one story house. He slowly jogged over and halfway down the field Embry flailed his arms.

"Can you hurry it up?" Embry demanded hastily. "I'm missing Maury for this." He muttered. "It's the episode where Tynisha finds out whether Rayshawn is the father of her child."

"Oh my gosh. Poor Tynisha." Jacob broke out into a fit of fake sobs. "Oh no," he whimpered. Jake wiped away some non existent tears from his eyes and jutted out his bottom lip comically. "Oh boo hoo, bitch. You're missing a show."

Jake's face broke out into a grin.

"Fuck you," Embry spat, though there was no fire behind the words. He was use to this kind of banter between him and Jake. It was inappropriate and some times uncalled for according to Sam, but it was fun. "Let's just get it done."

"Well come on then!" Jacob said, skipping in front of his friend before sprinting into the evergreen woods. "Run Run Run as fast as you can." Jake sang, high and off key purposely. "You can't catch me bitch, I'm the gingerbread man."

"Oh Lord, here we go again." Embry crowed in reference to his singing. He ran after him. "Once you get started you're never gonna stop."

Jacob however, just halted his current actions and gave Embry an appalled look. "You love my singing." He pointed an accusing finger. "Don't act like you don't."

Embry gave him a look and rested his head in his hands. "Here we go."

"My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!" (1) Jacob screamed so loud it sent birds scattering. He paused to wiggle his hips. "And they're like it's better than yours." He strutted down the lush green path, singing joyously. "Damn right it's better than yours."

Jacob stopped abruptly, hands on his hips looking like a fool. He wasn't singing this alone. "Come man you know the words. This is our song. Sing it."

Embry crossed his arms over his chest in defiance. "No, I refuse."

"It's one line. Just say it."


"Please?" Jake begged, eyes getting way bigger than Embry thought possible.

"I can teach you but I'll have to charge." Embry caved in, breaking out into a little dance gyrating his hips and twirling twice for go measure.

So much for their song. They heard that song only once when some diner was promoting a heart attack milkshake on tv. They were thirteen and the little bit of the song that they got to hear stuck in their heads like glue. So they bullshitted through the other half of the chorus with high hums and flapping limbs. "Dude, I need to teach you how to dance man." Jacob snickered, giving Embry a loud snort. "You look like a demented penguin."

The pair then both bursted into laughter, clutching their sides and doubling over in fits that left them with no oxygen. "You haven't been this lively since... like ever dude." Embry sputtered, hands resting on his knees.

Jake was never the same since he lost his mom. There was always a void between him and the world. It wasn't as deep and dark but he still seemed distance, but then Bella Swan came along and Jake definitely went into a darker place. Her constant rejection after his endless devotion made him into a bitter teenager. He never really laughed. Sure a chuckle, but never a full blown laugh. Yeah he smiled but Embry saw right through it.

To hear him laugh a real laugh sounded so amazing. 'The void was getting smaller.'

Embry grinned. "You're actually happy." He stood up straight trying to contain a few giggles that were trying to escape. "Harry got something to do with it?" He prodded, wagging his eyebrows with a coy smirk.

Jake shrugged, shoulders still shaking, lips stretching into a smile. "I guess." He whispered sheepishly, pulling a hand back to rub his neck. "I really like him, like really really like him Em. He makes me feel happy."

"I'm sure he really likes you too Jake." Embry placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder. "But how about we get this patrol done, yeah? Afterwards you can tell me how awesome he is."

Jacob didn't comment. He didn't question. He just simply smiled.


"Where did you go? I'm starting to see less of you everyday."

Not this again. Edward didn't have time for this. It wasn't even noon yet. He just wanted to tell her to fuck off, but he couldn't because that would be rude. She was now becoming a problem. He desperately needed Jasper. His brother would be sending him calm waves that would help ease his nerves- or climbing head ache. Was if even possible for vampires to get headaches. Eh, fuck if he knows. From his years as a human he knew what one was like and this definitely was the feeling.

"Bella." He started exasperatedly. "I told you I was home." Edward placed his hands on his temples and rubbled. "I'm allowed to stay home, am I not?"

Does he feel bad about lying? Nope. Should he tell her about Harry? Nope. Now was definitely not the moment. But then again when would there ever be?

"But you're always with me." She said sadly, voice going up several nauseating octaves. "You should have called to let me know you weren't coming."

"Fine. I'm so terribly sorry that I didn't call." Edward said dramatically. "I'm so so sorry. I'm asking for you forgiveness." He told her, voice thick with sarcasm. "Please forgive me."

Bella narrowed her eyes in confusion. "Are you bring sarcastic?"

Edward couldn't hide his irritation now. He slapped his palm to his forehead and dragged it down his face. "Bella," he began slowly. But they way she was looking at him with such eagerness, he just couldn't go on.


"I'm home!" A loud cheery voice announced and Edward nearly jumped up and praised the lord. Nearly, because he freaking loved his sister and her perfect timing. Bless her non beating heart.

The skinny and bubbly girl bounced into the living room where they were sitting, arms lined with bags. "I bare gifts." She set them down beaming. "There was a sale and I just had to get new clothes for Bella."

"Mind if I steal her away." Alice asked, eyes gleaming.

"Alice." Bella groaned. "This isn't a good-"

"Steal?" Edward interrupted. Kidnap? Oh God yes. "Sure take her." He mumbled holding his hands up and shifting away from her with hast.

"Thanks!" Alice squealed, rocking on her heels. She grabbed Bella's hand to tug her off the couch. She nudged her towards the stair case. "Go, I'll be there in a second."

Bella muttered something about being a dress up doll before obediently trudging up the stairs and into Alice and Jasper's room.

When there was a faint click of a door being closed Alice broke her happy facade. She blinked and looked at Edward for a long moment, her expression unreadable, her thoughts freakishly silent. "I may not be able to read thoughts but I sure as hell know what you're thinking."

Edward raised an eyebrow getting a little worried. "What?"

She took a deep unnecessary breath to level herself. "Bella isn't your number one priority anymore is she? Jaz was right. You're pretty obvious." Alice looked at him with not anger but with disappointment. "If you want to keep this a secret from her it's not going to be a smooth sailing. She loves you. Leaving again would break her."


"You're probably wondering how I found and got into Atlantis." Hermes paused voice boastful. "It's not as lost as you think." He passed a hand through his hair frantically and clicked his teeth. "The people of Atlantis never needed to leave because they had everything. So the outsiders not only had to locate the damn place they had to have the key to the golden gates."

"Unbelievable I know right." Hermes yelled. "Only the king can control the key to open the gates." He smiled knowingly, tapping his fingers against his chin. "So therefore Theodore opened the gates for me."

"Where is this so called key now?" Harry pondered openly, silently hoping Hermes knew the answer. The older merman just grinned, white teeth baring for all to see. It was slightly creepy, like the grin wasn't meant for his face at all.

"It's in your hand kid."

Harry rose an eyebrow and looked down to his trident clad grip. The trident was the god damn key to Atlantis. What a coincidence.

Harry smiled bitterly and glanced shrewdly at Hermes to contemplated upon something. "Surely I can't find this place on my own," he said, "Do you think you can escort me yourself?" he asked neutrally, though his eyes complimented his icy tone. Cold emerald eyes met shocked blue, and Harry heard Athena suck in a surprised breath.

Hermes could not help but snort at the idea of leaving. "Me leave here," he threw his head back in a distasteful laugh. "Oh please, I'm not getting out anytime soon. I'm a crazy murderer remember?"

"So you don't want to get out?" Harry asked, his voice yet again neutral.

"Of course I want to leave," Hermes answered quickly. "It'd be nice to see the reefs again," he idly added, looking plainly at his fingernails. "But hey I'm nuts."

"Athena go to the main floor and tell them I wants cell 439 open. Tell them that's an order if they try to refuse." Harry commanded dryly and at first she didn't move. But he didn't scream at her instead he got her under a smoldering stare that eventually got her moving.

Hermes giggled, rubbing his hands together like a mischievous child. "This is going to be fun."

Harry couldn't help but agree.


"I spy something blue." Hermes said as he trailed in the front of the trio. Harry could swear he was like a child, always moving, always talking, always yelling. It was infuriating but somehow unnerving.

Harry shrugged and his lips pulled into a tired frown. "The ocean."

Hermes had been saying 'I spy something blue' since the beginning of this game and the answer was always the ocean. They couldn't really go by anything else.

"Yes," Hermes turned around briefly to applaud him. "You're fantastic at this game."

Harry awarded him with a smile. "Well I do try."

"Athena, you suck." Hermes declared teasingly, but his eyes defied the playfulness, letting them know there was actual spite behind those words. "You should try harder and make something of yourself rather than be a two face lying son of a bitch."

Well okay, fun was over for sure. Athena looked unaffected by the words but Harry could somehow smell her tears. She was trying to be strong but for what? She lost all her respect.

"I'm sorry." She gritted out between clenched teeth and Harry held in a snort. Really? Sorry was all she could say? That couldn't make up for everything else.

"How can you be so calm about all this Harry?" Hermes questioned rousing Harry from his inner musing. "Lies. Betrayal."

Eh same old, same old.

Harry shrugged. "I'm not choosing not to be mad." He looked at Athena and gritted his teeth. "I'm angry on the inside, but I can't bring myself to show it. Not anymore that is."

"Well I sure as hell can, with pleasure."

"I'm tired of yelling because it gets me absolutely nowhere." Harry rebutted, face sardonic. "I'm ready for the truth to be revealed."

Hermes' face contorted into something plain, lips in a straight hard line. "I wouldn't be so sure of that Mr. Potter." He shook his head. "I wouldn't be so sure." He gave Harry on final look before turning away to continue leading the quest.

The swim was now uncomfortably tense and Athena looked as if she wanted to die. Perhaps Harry could just drive his trident into her throat. But no that wasn't classy. He just focused on the open waters around him.

"How long is it gonna take until we find this place." Athena complained, grabbing her head in exhaustion. "I'm not completely healed from early." Oh yeah Harry almost forgot about that. He did try to launch his trident at her throat, to bad she had quick reflexes.

It's probably been about an hour since they left the asylum. What was she expecting? A sign? Finding Atlantis would take some work.

Harry and Hermes paid her no mind as they came to a halt. Hermes pointed to the ground. "You see those three holes? Jam the trident in there." The holes were hardly seeable, covered with wet dirt and seaweed. It didn't look promising. This didn't look like gates to him.

Harry gave him an unsure look before sinking his teeth into his bottom lip. Hermes acknowledged the hesitation and smiled reassuringly. "You got me out of that horrid place. So I owe you everything. This is no trick."

Harry flipped the trident in his hand and drove it's head into the tree identical circle shapes. He wasn't expecting the energy that surged through his fingers and into his body. The floor around them began to shake, the plates in ground shifting dangerously. "Is this suppose to happen?"

Hermes didn't have time to answer when the ground began to crack, concaving in on itself. Beams of bright golden light shot from the ground.

The energy surging in him got stronger, burning his finger tips and searing his lungs. He kept his grip firmly on the trident that glowed as bright as the beams. It burned oh how it fucking burned. "Harry let go!" He heard someone tell and he wrenched his hand away only to fall back into the cracked sea.

He was falling and they were falling in after him.


"Cullen likes him too, though."

The pair had gone back to Jacob's house when they finished the patrol. Embry wasn't kidding when he said they could talk about Harry. Jake had the perfect opportunity to pour his heart out which is what he was doing. Though he should of left out that teeny tiny bit of information.

Embry's face completely fell and went cold. "Your kidding, right?" He whispered out and Jake looked at him but then down at his hands. "That's no fucking fair. What about Bella?" Embry exclaimed in outrage. "He has no right liking him."

"It's not like I can do anything." Jake shrugged looking content. "Harry likes when both of us are around. Cullen isn't such an ass when we're with Harry."

"Wait. So you're okay with it?"

"I'm accepting it. There's a difference."

"Bullshit." Embry got up to get a drink. "He left leaving Bella who clung to you, then she left to save his suicidal ass. Came back with her who chose him over you which caused you heart break." He cracked open a coke. "He's forever an asshole and now that you've found someone a lot better he thinks he can just walk on in."

"Unless Harry tells him to get lost I can't say anything."

"But you can say something to Bella."


(1) Milkshake; by Kelis. I love the song. When I came over to America I had an opened mind about new music. I listened to anything and I stumbled over this song and thought it was hilarious.

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