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Harry could hear Athena's horrified screams as he plummeted to his probable death. The wind whipped past his face and body as he fell in a free fall. He didn't like that fact the Hermes was cackling and laughing like this some theme park rollercoaster. "Harry close your eyes!" Hermes yelled and the wind muffled sound somehow reached his ears.

"Are you mad?" Harry yelled back, truly this man was bonkers. Would closing his eyes make his death come quicker? He noticed the temperature of the water was dropping rapidly as he sunk lower into this endless abyss.

"Possibly!" Hermes lets his body twirl and twist like a rag doll as if this was entertaining and Athena's facial expression could only be described in word which was terror. "Just trust me on this one!"

"Trust you!" Harry repeated in muted outrage, "I wouldn't be falling to my death if it wasn't for -." There's a sudden intense pressure on his skull stopping Harry short.

His vision swims for a brief and agonizing moment. He closes his eyes in an attempt to blink the unsteady motions away but he cannot open them again.

He drifts.

'He's waking up.'

'Shush up. Everyone be quiet.'

'Give him some room.'

Harry let out a pain filled groan and there's a trillion gasps that fill his ears. Fingers brush his face softly and the touch is unusually hot. He couldn't help but let out a mewl discomfort. "Don't touch him you idiot!"

"But he just looks so pretty."

"Get a hold of yourself, Tony." Said a woman that sounded a lot like Professor Sprout, she seemingly just arriving to the scene sounding a little out of breath.

"I've gotten a hold of myself! Thank you very much. Miss I only come out my house when there's some action." Troy snarled in rebuttal. "So sorry if stroking his face is so wrong, while you guys breathe on him."

"You little-!"

"Brat? Is that what you were going to say? Because if you were shut up!"

In the mist of it all Harry cracked open an eye. The first thing his blurry state of vision registers is people. And a lot of them. Directly above him stood a broad shouldered man with red hair and slightly chubby cheeks, slanted eyes and square jaw. There across from the man was an elderly woman, with deep wrinkles and a round face.

"You should show me some respect!"

"I don't respect three eyed goats!"

"Hello?" Harry rasped out.

The woman jumped and the man smiled halting his insults. "Oh hello to you my darling." The one called Troy purred, caressing his face sweetly. "You had quite a fall there."

"Our king!" The citizens around him screamed in rejoice. A few surge forward touch him but Troy down right growled and bared his teeth like some wild animal.

"Get back you savages!" He screamed, using his arms to shield Harry's face from harm. "I'm only allowed to touch him."

Harry weakly pushed Troy's arms away to get a good look at the people surrounding him.

He sees bright eyes, fair skin and beautiful faces. Hermes was right. They were nothing like the Pacific people at all. Harry sits up ignoring the plea for him to lay still. "Hello to you all."

"We love you, King Apollo."

"We're so glad you finally came to us!"

"I have heard that he has awoken." A powerful voice bellows. The citizens quickly started to part, making way for this person who was only getting closer. And when Harry sees him, he feels like he's lost all authority. Like right here, he isn't the one in charge.

He was tall. He was broad. He was gorgeous. Eyes a light grey and hair a fiery mane of shoulder length locks. Lips red and thin and cheeks high. He was holding a trident even larger than his own and his crown had more jewels. His had more of everything and quite frankly it looked way better.

"Hello." Harry greeted and this god awarded him with a smile that rose the sun.

"Hello little one." He greeted with as much grace as someone with his power should have.

He swam closer, towering over him. "Are you well enough to swim?" He didn't wait long enough for an answer. "Get up and come with me, we have things to discuss."

Harry hastily followed his orders, swinging his tail over the side of the slab he was laying on. He grabbed his arm and Troy didn't have a fit and Harry didn't question it. He allowed him to drag him out from wherever they were.

"I imagined you taller." The Adonis mused, looking down at him with a smile. "But you are a tiny one, aren't you?"

"Indeed, your highness." Harry said cheekily and the god was already smiling harder. Harry result felt so tiny swimming next to him. He was so tall and poised it made him jealous.

"Where are you taking me?" Harry couldn't help but ask. In fact he couldn't think of a better question. Out of all the questions he could have asked, that's the one on chose.

"To your castle." The beautiful man replied simply and Harry's brain short circuited for a moment. To his castle? He had a castle? Of his own?

"My castle? I have a," There's a burst of light that hits his face as he emerges from the location he's be held. But when the light fades the sight nearly brings him to tears.

Tears of joy that is.

There were so many people. So many places. The beauty was truly remarkable he felt tears well up in his eyes.

But then the castle stood in the back of the land looking glorious.

It was an imposing sight, tall and grand, overlooking the city. There was an at least eighty story stone structure bounded on all corners by minaretted columns reaching towards the sky.

"That's all mine?" Harry wondered in awe. A natural garden adorned the front lawn. The flowers were a mixture of colorful water flowers and lilies.

"It's ours." The Adonis clarified. "But the city is yours."

"And who exactly are you?"

"Allow me to introduce myself properly your highness. I'm Ares. "He placed the back of his left hand on his back and his right hand on his stomach, to bow respectful. "You're rightful second in command."

You learn something new every day...

"Well come on then. Are you waiting for the grass to grow?" Ares took his hand and proceeded to drag him through the busy city. Harry could have sworn he'd heard that line before. "You've got things to see. People to talk too. A grave site to finally visit."

A grave site to visit indeed.


Edward knew that smell. That pungent stench of wet dog. He knew Jacob was out there. He knew Bella would ask questions that he really didn't want to answer to. Edward turned to Bella slightly, glancing at her before looking out the window. Even if he didn't have a super sense of smell Jacob would have been hard to miss, towering over the students.

He hopped out of the car, Bella following closely.

Jacob's face hardened when he saw Bella hovering behind him. "We need to talk." Jacob sneered, approaching them menacingly. "Now."

"Jake what are you doing here? What's going on, Edward?" Bella asked reaching up placing her hand on the crook of his elbow, which was quickly shaken off. She went seemingly unaffected by the action and continued. "What's going on?"

"Nothing Bella," he answered absently, darting his eyes over to her before narrowing them on Jacob. He stepped a few inches closer, voice dropping dangerously low. "Do we really have to do this now," the bronze haired male hissed out. "Did it ever occur to you that this is not the time or place?"

Jacob snorted. "What's wrong with now?"

Edward looked around pointedly, his eyes resting on the crowds of students who were drinking in Jacob's rugged appearance. A few people were hesitating on the sidewalk, their eyes bright with interest. Edward didn't want to be the highlight of their miserable mornings.

'This is about Harry.' Jacob thought directly, crossing his arms over his broad chest.

"I know and that's all the reason to take this somewhere else," Edward insisted, glancing down at Bella for a half a second, worry filling his eyes.

"Come take a ride with me." Jacob offered, tossing a finger behind him towards his glossy black bike. 'It'll be fun.'

Edward bristled, eyeing the bike like it was making him uncomfortable without actually getting on it. "You want me to get on that." He paused to look at Jacob incredulously. "With you?"

"Yup," Jacob answered popping the 'p', half a smirk on his lips. 'Unless you want to discuss this here, in front of her and everyone else.'

Jacob's smirk morphed into a full blown bitter grin. 'Plus we should spend time together. Get closer. Share Secrets. I mean we are pinning after the same person.'

"Let's take my car." This was a polite and nearly impossible gesture. He wasn't too thrilled about being in the same car with Jacob, let alone on the same bike.

'I'm not leaving my bike here. You can take your car and I can take my bike."

"Fine." Edward groaned, he really couldn't afford casualties with Bella.

The problems of a liar.

It was Jacob's turn to look at Edward in shock. "Really?" 'That was easier than I thought.'

Edward gritted his teeth. "Yeah, just give me a second." With that Jacob practically skipped away with a grin so big it looked a tad bit hysterical. The students near his bike backed away as mounted it.

"Will you please tell me what's going on," Bella pleaded, throwing her hands up in frustration. She just witnessed a whole two minutes of an intense eye conversion and one sided speaking, he knew she'd be even more interested in whatever the hell was going on. "Edward!"

"Just go to English and I'll tell you then." Edward lied, not feeling a lick of guilt. He thought she wouldn't accept this but she did. "Just let me finish talking with Jacob."

"Alright I'll see in there then." Bella muttered, before joining Mike and Tyler on the sidewalk. Edward didn't miss the pout she had and the disappointment in her eyes.

When they exited, Edward made his way over to his car, ignoring the watchful eyes and scrutiny.

"Stop smiling like that." Edward scolded knowing Jacob would hear it. He climbed into his car as Jacob revved his bike to life. 'Lying to your girlfriend is never good, dude.'

"Just drive Jacob, everyone is staring at you now." Edward sneered from inside his car, foot on the gas and hand on the clutch. "I'll follow you."

"That's fine with me." Jacob drove off and the tires squealed obnoxiously. When they hit the highway Jacob just had to think;

'How's it going back there?'

"Fantastic." Edward mumbled, spitting every bit of sarcasm he had into that one word. He didn't need to read Jacob's mind to know where they were going.

It was only twenty-five minutes to La Push, and the boundary line was coming up very soon. Edward knew that he being over the treaty line was okay ever since the Harry ordeal.

Jacob barreled down the wet highway ahead of him, his speed pushing eighty miles per hour. They were both coming to a stop when the waves of the ocean were seen and the multi colored pebbles of the first beach reflected the clouds.

When the bike came to a full stop, Edward jumped out of his car and humanly slammed the door shut. He stuck his hands in his pockets and turned to look out into the ocean before settling his eyes on Jacob. "You wanted to talk. So talk."

Jacob cut right to the chase. "You need to tell Bella about Harry."


"Because this is bullshit." Jacob spat. "This shit isn't fair! I don't want Bella! You can fucking have her!"

"It's not that simple." Edward shook his head. He didn't have the right words to explain this. He really wished he could formulate them correctly. "I just don't-,"

"Then fuck. Explain it to me." Jacob leant up against his bike and stared at him hard. "Why are you always trying to take the one I like? Huh? Is this some kind of sick game to you?"

This was far from any game.

"Ever since Harry came into the picture. I've been noticing Bella's flaws. She being more annoying. More irritating. It's like I'm tolerating her instead of loving her." Edward turned to glare out towards the sea. "I know it's all fucked up. I know you had her when I left and I know it seems like I take everything you love away from you but I like Harry and there is nothing you can do or I can do that can change that."

"This will never work." Jacob muttered, closing his eyes briefly as if to keep his composure. "Two people can't love the same person."

"This is different."

"How?" Jacob shouted, his anger increasing by the second. "Please tell me how this is different. It sure as hell wasn't working out with me, you and Bella. So how the hell would it work for me, you and Harry?"

"Walk with me." Edward sighed. "Let's take a walk."

"I don't wanna walk anywhere with you." Jacob snarled and Edward thought that was rich. Absolutely rich coming from him.

"You just made me drive from Forks to La Push." Edward gave him a very bored look. "I mean come on now, we're practically besties."

'You fucking wish.' Jacob hesitantly began walking next to Edward, keeping a few feet of distance. He glared at him for a few seconds. "So how is it different?"

It took Edward a moment to answer, by the time he did, they had already walked about a mile down the shore.

"Bella, only cares about becoming a vampire. That's why she with me. Yeah there's love weaved into it but if I were human she'd probably be with you." Edward admitted bluntly and Jacob's face transformed into a cold, hard and bitter mask. "She fascinated with my kind. That's why if you asked her to pick and choose between the both of us. It'll always be me."

"Harry is different." Edward said, lightly kicking a piece of driftwood. It flew over the sand and then plopped in the ocean.

"I mean, how will you know Harry won't just chose you . . .?"

"I know he won't." Edward reassured. Something in him knew Harry wouldn't just drop one of them like a sack of flour. Harry cared about them equally. No battle of love was necessary. "Harry is no Bella. He probably isn't confused and probably knows what he wants. Hopefully, and if that's both of us. It can be both of us."

"Okay," Jacob challenged acidly. "Wouldn't that be weird? You hate me. I hate you. How can three people be in a romantic relationship?"

"First off, I don't hate you. I never did. I guess you and I, we're are just misunderstood." Edward squared off holding up a pale and slender finger only for another to follow up. "Secondly, you don't hate me. If you did you would have never let me get so close to you." Another finger when up. "Thirdly it's only weird if you want it to be. We'll have learn to do more than tolerate each other."

Jacob went a little pale. "You mean form a more than friendly relationship?"


Jacob's world spun for a bit and his sight tilted. "I need to sit down." He plopped his butt right down in the sand below him, burying his head in his hands. "Dude. How are you so calm about this? Do you even like me like that? Can you even like me like that?"

Edward sat down beside him. "I can learn."

"Dude. Does that mean we have kiss at some point?" A shudder went down his spine. "I'm not ready for that." 'I don't know whether to be disgusted or relieved?'

Edward chuckled and the sound lifted the heavy air. "Well not right now of course. How about we start off with hanging out more?"

Jacob face puckered. "Like going on dates?"

"If you want to get technical, yes."

"Oh my fuck." Jacob groaned. "This is a huge step to take. This is a lot to take in."

"I know. But we will and can start out as friends. Oh and you're going to have to get use to my touch."

Jacob looked absolutely mortified.

"All in time." Edward hummed sounding like a wise old man. For a moment he actually sounded his age.

Jacob still looked mortified.

"You're still gonna have to tell Bella. You're already a liar, you don't want to be a cheater too."

Edward pinched the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes. "I'll tell her when the time is right."

"When will the time ever be right?" Jacob questioned and Edward noticed the words hit deep. Deeper than they were supposed to.

Edward sighed and watched as the grey waves rolled onto the shore, "I've asked myself that question and I have yet to get an answer."

"You don't tell her soon, I'll tell her. Keep in mind that I've got nothing to lose."


Ares was very demanding. Shake this person's hand, and then hug that person. But Harry guessed it was all because he was new to the scenery. This was years of backed up information and so called loyal citizens he was soaking in, but excuse him if he claimed to be getting a little overwhelmed.

Him and Ares swapped crowns and switched tridents. Both now with their rightful owners. His crown never felt so heavy and his trident never burned brighter. Things felt right despite the circumstances he's been through to get here.

He was feeling very kingly.

He had almost forgot that he fell in with two other people, who are in fact nowhere to be seen. It's felt like hours since he's seen them and that probably is the case.

"Ares, where are Hermes and Athena?"

"Who?" Ares replied with blatant confusion.

"The two blondes I fell in with." Harry said and that seemed to clear everything right up.

"When you arrived they were awake and I sent them to the dining hall. They've been stuffing their faces with the finest food the sea has to offer, for the past three hours." Ares gave a wicked white grin. "I didn't think they'd be on your mind."

"Well, I was just wondering what they were up to. What's really on my mind is Theodore."

"Oh, I almost forgot." Ares exclaimed, rushing over to grab is hand. "Let's go see him."

Did Harry mention Ares was energetic?

Harry knew if he didn't have Ares to guide him he'd get lost. There were so many floors and so many doors that led to even more doors. It was highly confusing. He may be a king but he wasn't skilled enough to memorize the rooms of the castle in a couple of hours.

Hogwarts was proof of that. He'd been there for four years and never discovered all its secrets. He doubted that anyone could.

"Come on Harry!" Ares zoomed down a couple of staircases and Harry followed, a little upset when they didn't start to move.

Three spiral staircases and eight doors later they stopped at yet another door. But this one was different.

It was large and splintered, but somehow so delicate. And it looked as if many years of wear had taken their toll on its once fragile frame. The engraved features still stood out everywhere. Harry could practically feel the energy buzzing behind it.

Harry's anticipation sunk in. This was it wasn't it? He wasn't gonna be disappointed. No sir he was not.

Ares pushed on the door and it creaked opened gently. Harry cautiously poked him head inside and froze.

There he was.

Theodore was laying on his back, on a carved chuck of thick polish porcelain. Face calm and features so relaxed. There was a glass dome around his area, which kept him confined and most likely preserved. He looked so peaceful, like he was having a very good dream and Harry swore his lips were turned up into a small smile. "He looks as if he slumbers."

"I like to believe that he does."

"I wish I could have met him." Harry sighed and Ares came and stood beside him to wrap an arm around his shoulders. Harry still couldn't get over the fact that Ares had to bend to do that simple action. "He would've been so proud of you."

He was seriously doubting that Ares was his second in command rather than the other way around. "In Greek mythology, what does the name of your god stand for?" Harry asked and Ares eyes started to twinkle. Weirdly.

"I'm named after the god of war. Which is crazy since I really hate violence." Ares laughed at the irony of it. "I'm not a violent person at all. But when it comes to justice and doing what's right I'm the man for the job."

"Oh and I almost forgot." Ares proclaimed holding his left arm outstretched to look at his hand. "This belongs to you." Ares slid off a simple gold ring to hand it to him. He bowed respectfully before doing so of course.

Harry took the ring and slid it on his ring finger. "Thanks." He looked at it blankly for a moment. "What does it mean?"

"Oh, that's the ring of Zenon." Ares said waving his hand dismissively. "It belonged to him but now it's yours."

"This is the ring of Zenon!"

Ares narrowed his eyes ever so slightly. "Yeah. What wrong with it?"

"Imagined it bigger, is all." This was the thing that was supposed to give him legs so he could walk on land. He imagined some pizzazz. It looked so plain and ordinary. How was this supposed to do anything?

"Yeah, everyone did. But small things can be underestimated. That's a very power thing you have there."

"How do I get it to work?"

Ares shrugged looking a little too happy for his liking. "Beats me. It only works for kings so I guess you're gonna have to figure it out."

Harry pouted and Ares awed at how cute he was being. He grabbed his cheeks lovingly. "You are so adorable. I swear it."

Harry batted his hands away and a question popped into his mind. "Hey, if I want to leave and come back will I fall back in or will there be any easier way for me to enter the city?"

Ares' voice was a bit harsher this time around. "Why would you want to leave Atlantis?"

"I've got somewhere to be at dusk."

Harry wasn't even going to mention his people back in the Pacific. He'd get to that later.

"Okay, so you know my story and now I know yours. Can we please do something else other than share life stories? My ass is getting numb and we're sitting in sand so that says something. For the past three hours we've done nothing but talk." Jacob complained and Edward tilted his head to the side to glance over at him.

"Jacob, if you want to be friends we have to tell each other the deep stuff." Edward smiled when he saw Jacob's facial expression.

"Oh no." Jacob groaned. "Like what."

"What's your favorite color?"

"Really?" Jacob scoffed. "That's the question?"

"Yeah." Edward challenged playfully. "Are you gonna answer it or not?"

Jacob's lips twitched up into a smile. It was the first he's seen directed to him that was not bitter, nor sly. It was regular and it was nice he had to admit. "No, I'm gonna make you guess. Don't go peeking in my mind. That's cheating."

Jacob reminded him of a child, one who would be devastated if Edward would actually cheat. Edward held out his pinky finger and Jacob stared at him with a curious look.

"I pinky promise I won't cheat."

"I'm too old for pinky promises, Cullen."

"I'm not and I'm one hundred and ten." Edward countered, holding his pinky higher. "Come on just do it."

Jacob wrapped his overly warm pinky in the cold one held out to him and he shook his head somewhat fondly. "You're such a noob."

It was hours until Dusk, but that didn't seem to matter and they didn't seem to care.

They waited.



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