Queen Sophie Ann POV

The queen was busy feasting on her favorite human, Hadley's inner thigh when she heard someone behind her. "Is this a bad time?" she heard Bill Compton say. She released her human and looked at him. "Wanna join me?" she asked stroking Hadley's thigh. She cleaned up and ordered Hadley to get out.

"I need your help, I need to know how to kill a maenad" Bill said. "A maenad? In Bon Temps? That's random" Sophie Ann said. "Yes, she seems to have caused some type of mass hypnosis. The whole towns devolved to a primitive state in a matter of days" Bill said. "Oh my, she's an old one. Orgies? Sacrifice? Cannibalism?" she said. "Yes. We suspect" Bill said. "Oh, fun" she said opening a magazine. "How do I kill it?" he asked. "You can't but enough talk about maenads. Tell me about Sookie" she said.

"Her cousin came to live with her. I believe Bella is even more powerful than Sookie. She has this light that comes out of her hands when she is in danger" Bill said. "Then it's true" she said amazed. "What is?" Bill asked. "Nothing. Tell me more of this cousin" she said. "Bella is a waitress like Sookie. She can't be glamoured and her mind is silent to Sookie" he told his queen.

"What else?" she asked her subject. "Well, she is quite beautiful and very smart. She is very remarkable" Bill told her handing a file of information on Bella. "I must have her" Sophie Ann said looking at the picture of Bella. "She is bonded to Eric Northman" Bill said. She got off the couch and threw it across the room.

"Then you must lure her from him. Find some way to give her your blood. Seduce her. Do whatever it takes. She is more important than Sookie now" Sophie Ann screamed before she dismissed Bill.

She couldn't believe Eric Northman got to the fairy before she could; she was not going down without a fight. She had been so excited when Hadley told her of her telepathic cousin but the telepathy was not what she wanted her for; she wanted to walk in the sunlight. Hadley's blood was delicious but it was obvious the fairy trait was not dominate in her pet.

She was almost positive about her cousin though mind reading was not a fairy trait. The light Compton described was from fairies. Sophie Ann looked at the file. It stated a lot about her, considering the telepath told Bill basically everything. Stupid girl.

The file said that Bella had been involved with a cold one. She was shocked. The only one she had met was more vicious and animal like than she could ever be. How did she end up bonded to Northman? Did he know what she was? Was that why he was drawn to her? Or was it simply the girl's beauty? She was quite remarkable, almost as beautiful as a vampire.

The next night Sophie Ann was playing Yahtzee just after Bill left and Eric Northman entered. "Play, Viking" she said. Eric sighed but sat next to her and rolled. "Did you know there is a maenad in Renard Parish?" she asked. "Yes, it is the reason I came to see you" Eric said.

"I wouldn't get involved if I were you. Stick to what you are good at. I gave William Compton some hand-me-down folklore. Who knows if it is gospel or gorilla shit? You know I think he is monogamous with his human" Sophie Ann said. "He is in love with her, yes" Eric said. "He is?" Hadley said.

Sophie Ann shot her a look and she looked down. "Well, of course he would be with her. You probably are too" she said. "I do not love humans" Eric said. "That's not what I hear, I hear you have a human of your own. Compton's human's cousin" she said. "She is my bonded" Eric said.

"Vampires falling in love with humans, ridiculous" Sophie Ann said. "How does Bill Compton know that I am having you sell vampire blood?" she asked. "Your majesty, I'm sorry. I do not know" he said. "That is bad" she said. Eric leaned in. "He does not know that you are supplying it" he said.

She dropped fang and had him on the ground. "He better not. I'm holding you responsible" she said before kissing him. "You may be the oldest, strongest vampire in my queendom but if I wanted, I could own your fangs as earrings. Understand?" she said. "I will take care of Bill Compton. Personally" he said. She got off of him and they went back to their game.

Later Eric turned to his queen. "I need to go your majesty" he said. "No" she said like a petulant child. "My bonded is in trouble" he said. "You will be here for the evening. You may leave tomorrow night" she said. "My bonded needs me your majesty" he insisted. "That is too bad, you will remain here until I dismiss you" she said.

Eric grabbed his phone out of his pocket and read a text quickly before putting it back in his pocket. "Was that her?" Sophie Ann asked. "No. It was my childe" he said. "Yes, Pamela. It has been a while since I have had the pleasure of her company" she said. Eric looked mad but Sophie Ann only smiled. "Let's continue the game" she ordered.

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