Kamen Rider Descend

Episode 0

The Dreams that has transgressed

[Location: Unknown]

Where am i? What am i doing in this place? I could not recall any memories of what i am going through right now... The cold-looking stairway, the looming ceiling, that panting sound of my voice, then there's that mechanical-bat fluttering alongside the thud of my footsteps.

Time after time i would try to reach out for my voice to speak consciously, however nothing seems to budge no matter how hard i tried, as if i am just a spectator in the dream of someone else, probably because every words i heard from 'myself', every movements i made felt like it came from me but not from my consciousness that is peering into the vision of a dream...

"Kivat, how far are we from the top?", my voice sounded dreadfully anxious.

The fluttering bat struggled to hover as long as he could in his effort to keep up with my quick pace, "By the Kivat Family's extra-sensory capabilities as the 13th descendant, I dare say we are reaching the top, Reitsurugi-dono. I am beginning to detect a strong aura emanating from above us!"

(A lady's singing could be heard faintly above, her voice... Such heart-rending sorrow that sends a chill down my soul, it felt so familiar yet i could not come up with any words to describe this unshakable feeling within me)

At the end of the stairway, me and the bat, which name seemed to be known as 'Kivat-bat the 13th', arrived at a hall. It has a large, circular interior shrouded in a dark blue tone of cobalt, where a steep flight of stairs accompanied by a symmetrical row of torch seeped into our sight from the darkness.

"Up there!", Kivat exclaimed.

The singing of the hymn gradually grew louder with each approaching step, "This is definitely Inori's song! We have got to hurry before Yulia takes complete control of her!"

I hurriedly made a dash towards the staircase with no signs of slowing down, despite the sound of my gasp for air growing more rapid by every stride and minute, "Inori, hang in there. I am coming for you!"

Out of a sudden, a loud, ear-piercing ringing could be heard across the hall. Enduring the sibilance from the high-pitched alarm, I stopped to observe my surroundings to see what was behind such commotion.

In a wave motion, glowing eyes surfaced from the walls of unseen darkness around us.

"Reitsurugi-dono, look out!", Kivat swerved his tiny body to the left as the hostile enemy mach forth in an attempt to impale the tiny critter.

I took out a belt buckle that was in Deep Black color adorned by the metallic silver outlining it, what that caught my attention the most was however the array of 'icons' engraved on each button that joined to form two rings of circular radius on it, which surrounds a core of crimson red .

"If its another fight that you're looking for, then i shall give it to you!"

Slapping the buckler to my hips, out from the buckler itself extends the belt that hugged around me.

A foreign sense of guilt overcame me while i stood firmly before the hostilities that now spawned in tens and possibly a hundred.

"Too many lives has ended in vain before my own eyes while i could only watch on, helplessly powerless; yet even right now despite my failures, Ouma Seiji and the remaining Riders from every other world chose to keep their faith in me; risking their lives holding off the Proxy Hives of never-ending enemies at the Citadel just to get me here. With so many things that was taken away from me, i can no longer afford to lose here. Inori, even if it takes my life to save you and the worlds from destruction, i shall put it on the stakes right until the end!"

I tapped the emblem on the bracelet worn on my right arm. The obsidian-colored emblem began to glow.

*Kamen Rider Ascend's System: Ascending Initialize! *


A shrouding darkness enveloped me, before i could realize what was happening, i found myself in something that somewhat seemed like an dark helm and armor.

Streamlined gold and silver trimmings laced from the tip to toe of the armor. The bug eye looking crimson-visor helm had a golden-edged fang shaped like a lightning on the visor from the front to the back.

On the 4'o clock and 8'o clock position of my belt, were 2 horizontally positioned card deck of dull-grey color, holstered sturdily to it, but they appeared to be empty at the moment.

"Tsuguru, the Ascendriver's remaining power I have is what that was left of you. Just see to it- that i am going to make every ounce of them count!"

With great agility i dodged aside when a silver-hopper swung down his lance from the above, My left hand reached for the radius on the buckler.

In a timely manner, Kivat made his suggestion while he avoided the rampaging assaults of the unknown enemies, "Reitsurugi-dono, how about using White Wizard and Ryuga's power to wipe out the horde with a giant Dragblacker?"

"Good idea there.", I pressed the two button on the radius and the emblem on my bracelet began to glow afterwards.

*Kamen Rider Ascend's System Announcement: RYUGA, (White) WIZARD.*

Another silver-winged cretin hurled a few shimmering blast spheres down. I ran towards it, avoiding the explosion and charging towards him at the same time, i gave the bracelet emblem a tap, causing it to light up in a pulsating glow of luminous red.

*Kamen Rider Ascend's System: Synchronize!*

Two large-sized projection of White Wizard and Ryuga's emblem spew forth from the two deck case. The emblems were now engraved on the exterior of the case and switched to vertical position with an impactful recoil accompanied by a solid, mechanical 'click' sound.

My both hands flicked the card decks to a diagonal position, before sliding the lid down to take a card each from both decks. Zeroing in on the gigantic mass of opposition, I took a deep breathe, slid back the lid and promptly pushed the card deck back to its upright position.

Probably aware of my intention, the airborne attacks grew with an increasing intensity. I briefly scanned one of the cards by waving it against the core of the buckler.

*Kamen Rider Ascend's System: (Ryuga Augment) Fi-Fi-Final Vent!*

A gigantic black dragon descended to surround me. Before the enemies could move an inch further, i leaped high up and the dark dragon coiled down around me in a powerful momentum.

Before my kick could nearly reached the opponent army, i scanned the remaining card that i had took out from the deck earlier.

*Kamen Rider Ascend's System: (White Wizard Augment) Gi-Gi-Giant! Understand? *

Ahead the path of my kick's projectile, a magic circle appeared. The black dragon's thunderous roar grew all the more intimidating when my foot and the dragon; everything that went through the circle became humongous.

In possession of such towering size and strength, the jet-black dragon; one which was super-sized by magic at that, the massively-destructive kick and the ferocious sweep of the dragon instantly decimated the quantitatively-imposing horde of the silver, armored insect-looking foes.

Landing with a graceful thud, I took another cautious look to make sure that there were no remaining threats.

My hands reached for the belt, seemingly attempting to dispel the armor. However i was interrupted by a gunshot that has deliberately failed to hit me.

"Kisuke, stay away from here and give it up already. Everything that is happening to every Rider World has been pre-ordained by the will of Bhunivelze his highness.", from the direction of the assault, a man dressed in Grayish garment robe, shrouded in a coal-black shawl appeared out of nowhere from the darkness.

"Leave here and prepare to embrace the new, singular world. You should do wise not to make your final moments a suffering anymore."

"Yuichiro-no... Sakuraba, your dreamscape of lunacy matters not. Back off... This is my final warning", I called forth and drew out the Drag Saber using its card from the Ryuga Deck.

"Can you truly triumph over fate? Kisuke?", "Tsuguru, my 'old friend', who has pulverized the 'Descending Light' that you have formerly wielded as your own, once brandished that very same strength against the sacred might of Lord Bhunivelze. Yet he too has perished."

The robed man drew out his own buckler, i could see that it was obviously different in its appearance from mine, the design was mainly comprised of a hand-shaped slate in jet-black color.

*Kamen Rider Magus's System: Driver On! PLEASE! *

"Perhaps it is futile to talk sense into you. While the existing worlds withers away... Let sheer strength convey the words on our behalf for the one last time, shall we?"

*Kamen Rider Magus's System: Shabadoobi Touch Henshin, Shabadoobi Touch Henshin*

Monotonously, the man before me put on a ring adorned with an Obsidian Crystal and chanted, "Henshin..."

*Kamen Rider Magus's System: Abyss, Dragon! Please! () En, En, En! En! En!*

A strong surge of darkness gushed out from the magic circle around him and a dragon emerged from it.

The dragon that stood before me looked entirely different from the one that i had summoned moments ago; unlike the complete pitch-black, it sports a silvery undercoat for its wing and had a significantly proportioned body. Come to think of it, this seems like a comparison on the appearance of an oriental dragon against the western fairy-tale styled design.

"What do you say to a duel of dragons?", he rode onto the back of the dragon. The dragon flapped its wings and let out a shrieking cry.

"I have no time for you, step down now, Sakuraba!", i summoned the black dragon which was seemingly known as 'Dragblacker' according to the inscription on its card.

Dragblacker soared down as i jumped onto it, the battle-cry of the black dragons filled the spacious hall with an earth-rending reverberation.

I took to the highwind on the dark serpent's back, while my foe pursued right behind.

With a wide-gaping mouth, the gigantic nemesis propelled a dense barrage of energy spheres at me.

We tried to dodge by tunneling up and down around the pillars while retaliating with a similar attack.

However, the speed and its homing prowess of the relentless assault proved too formidable. The Dragblacker sustained grave injuries from the blows, spiraling down towards the ground in its weakened state.

"Reitsurugi-dono, we must quickly think of something. The odds are against us!", the panicked Kivat-bat egged on.

Free-falling when i let loose of my grip on my dragonstead, i pushed down two of the buttons on my buckler's radius and gave my bracelet a swift nick.

*Kamen Rider Ascend's System: (Black-Eyed) KUUGA, KABUKI, Synchronize!*

*Kamen Rider Ascend's System: (Kuuga Augment) Blast Pegasus! *

Riding down on the tug of gravity, I materialized a bowgun in my arms and strafed down a bombardment of arrows at the grim mage.

"Humph! A futile act!", the sinister wizard unsheathed his sword in a spinning sweep, repelling the shots away.

*Kamen Rider Ascend's System: (Ascending Arms) Ascalon to ZENMETSU!*

I morphed the bowgun into a gigantic buster sword. With a mighty landing, I made use of the collision's impact and struck down at my unprepared foe.

By fending off the arrow showers, Magus has barely time to react to my forceful raid.

*Kamen Rider Ascend's System: Ascending Maximum! St-st-st-STRIKE Down!*

The force of my mighty clash sent him off across the air like a dashing bullet, causing him to knock into a wall, driven into a cavity on it.

*Kamen Rider Ascend's System: (Kabuki Augment) Ongeki Da, Goka Kenran! *

A taiko drum took shape on the back of the Abyss Dragon when i transformed my blade into a pair of Taiko Drumsticks. The tip of my drumsticks began to incinerate with a fiery blaze and i rendition-ed a majestic rhythm on the drum. Strange enough, the creature was severely affected by it. Before i could realize what happened, i took a dive down from the dragon's saddle.

The wyvern's cry turned anguish and vanished into a huge, deafening explosion.

I moved towards my staggering foe, who has took a nasty fall from the wall's crater.

*Kamen Rider Ascend's System: Orga, (Dark) Kabuto, Synchronize!*

"Your little game is over, Sakuraba.", i summoned another set of power from my buckler, preparing to conclude this redundant battle once and for all.

*Kamen Rider Ascend's System: (Orga Augment) Exceed Charge! *

Wielding a gigantic sword lance (Orga Stlanzer) radiating in a yellow shine, i dealt out the final card.

*Kamen Rider Ascend's System: (Dark Kabuto Augment) Clock Up! *

In the blinding speed, i thrusted my Sword Lance, piercing Magus from countless directions.

*Kamen Rider Ascend's System: (Dark Kabuto Augment) Clock Over! *

Impaled by innumerable energy lances, the subdued wizard's armor form was forcibly dispelled. I regained regular speed before undoing my transformation, approaching and standing before the blood-bathed man.

In his final moments, the crushed man writhed to speak with difficulty, "*pant, pant*If only... If only the Void didn't ate into my body this much, i would have been able to play with you much longer. But i fear not! For the deed of the new world is done; the chosen maiden of Almighty Lord Bhunivelze should be reborn-ed by consuming your beloved empty vessel!"

"Hahaha! It-it is finished!", with his last words, the dubious man drew the end of his breathe.

That was when we realized, the singing of the hymn which has came from behind the door, has stopped.

"Oh no, we must hurry!", Kivat-bat's flitting wings stuttered in anxiety.

We rushed up the stairs and pushed the door open, "Inori... Please hang in there for me, i am coming for you!"

The blinding light of amethyst poured forth from within the girl. We could see it rising high above, blooming into a rain of jewelry dust.

[Meanwhile on another side...]

Ouma Seiji and the remaining Riders from every world, were fending off the endless invasion of the hostilities. In their heat of the conflict, the reach of the Amethyst light stopped everyone in their tracks.

Hidari Shotaro/Double(Joker) shielded his sight away from the coruscating light, "What is this light? Something is starting to happen!"

"There's no doubt about it.", Inui Takumi/Faiz continued to return gunfire from his Faiz Blaster.

"It's okay! We'll hold them off here! Seiji-san, you'll go ahead and find Kisuke-tachi. Tomari-san, let's provide him cover!", Kurenai Wataru/Kiva stood on the Castle Doran, which was grappling toe-to-toe with a horde of silver humanoids.

"I am trying to, but-", Tomari Shinnosuke/Drive, in his Technic Form. Racing against time, Tomari was trying to utilize the engineering prowess of his Technic form; to disable whatever that was causing these antagonizing humanoids to appear ceaselessly.

"-but its almost futile! Every time i tried to close these gates from the humanoid, they would instantly re-open again. It was as if there was somebody behind all these; one who is amazing enough to rival my technical ability.", Shinnosuke remained determined in trying to close the warp gates off, however exhaustion over time has already begun to worn him down.

Shinnosuke's words struck Kadoya Atsuo/Mirai Decade, leading him to thought to himself, "It couldn't be, but the one that is keeping these gates wide open; Tamadate Shota, is that you?"

Kadoya Tsukasa/Decade took a card out from his Ride-Booker and made his decision, "Atsuo! Eiji! I have an idea. Me and Atsuo would both call forth our Illusions while you contain the tide for a brief while."

"Looks like this is the only choice for us huh?", Mirai-Decade clasped the Illusion card in his hand, readying himself to coordinate with Eiji and Tsukasa.

*Kamen Rider Decade & Kamen Rider Mirai-Decade's System: Attack Raido! I-I-I-Illusion! *

*Kamen Rider OOO's System: Kuwagata! Kamakiri! Batta! - Ga~ta-Gata-Gata-Kiri, Ba! Gatakiriba!*

The illusion armies of Decade and Mirai-Decade lunged themselves at the immeasurable multitudes of the humanoids, while Hino Eiji/OOO created an army of his clones to aid in suppressing the impending swarm.

Despite the painful struggle against such an amount of foes, Eiji called out to Ouma Seiji, "Seiji-san! We are going to be fine, so go ahead and hurry up to Kisuke's side. We will hold them back for you, NOW!"

Seiji turned back to take one last glance at his comrades before he darted for the Gate of Bhunivelze, "Everyone, please hold in there, Kisuke... We must believe in him right till the end!"

[Location: Unknown]

"Inori!", by the time I reached the Cloister of Rites, she was levitating in the mid-air. Upon cessation of the winds, she took a gradual landing and sleepily yawned.

"Kisuke!", her eyes shone with joy and anticipation.

She scurried herself to me at full speed, "I am so happy! You came for me!"

Hugging me tightly, she lamented in a pitiful tone, "It was terrible! There was this annoying woman who kept getting in my way!"

"But everything is alright now.", she looked up to my face in an affectionate manner, "I crushed her and took this body for my own!"

With a few gentle strokes and caress at my back, she rested her head on my chest and went on, "What was she thinking? That man-made monster."

I furiously shoved her away, "Stop!"

Her petite body flew a few steps away before she fell on her legs and looked at me with her forlorn eyes, "Kisuke..."

In an uncontrollable agitation, my voice took a harsh tone at her, "Inori's not a monster! She cried for me; smiled with me and learned many things with me on our journey... You look and sound the same, but she's not like you! She's a human!"

The girl seemed to be deeply disappointed, "You're mean, Kisuke. I loved you so much; even when my body was blown to shreds. Even then, in this world, you rejected me again, Kisuke!"

Her eyes glowed with fiery ruby. Before i could realize what was happening, my buckler began to lodge itself on my hips; she was able to control my powers from a distance.

Several swords sizzling with jolts of red lightning jetted out from nowhere, "But it is ok, Kisuke. A moment, in just a short moment, we will be together... Always."

"Reitsurugi-dono!", Kivat-bat tried to convene, but was immediately struck down by one of the sword that has penetrated his tiny little body. The lifeless bat descended in smokes and the plume smoldered from his body, there was no longer light from his prominent pair of eyes.

The bolting sword stabbed through my torso and heart from the back. I felt down on my knees in a painful agony, a pile of photos were sent flying from my possession, scattering around me...

Much as it has hurt me, nothing compared to the pain of losing you, Inori. I began to see the silhouettes of many familiar person when my visions started to fade away...

These people, i could still remember their names - Ouma Tsuguru, Kurenai Kiyoshi, Kenzaki Kureya, Terui Ryu, Hidaka Hitoshi, Shouichi Tsugami...

and our closest friend who has been through thick and thin with us, Morishita Souma-

-these are the people who has died in vain for their dreams in an ending world. I floundered on the cold concrete floor, trying to reach out my hands to one of the photo that was on the floor... In the photo, my hand held on to yours, and your back facing me while we took our stride forward to face the world; that was one of the photos that depicted our journey together...

So many worlds, so many scenery... We forged different bonds, met different people... At the end of this road, is this truly where it leads us to? I hate to admit it, but i am helpless and powerless.

The curtain on my eyes expanded in its weight and the flow of tear water overcame me, "Inori.", i uttered my last word. If i have only but one wish, i wanted to see you again.

So long, Inori, My Dearest...