Kamen Rider Descend

Prologue / Episode 1

A Fateful Embarkation

[Location: Foundation X's Utopia Institute]

In the core of Foundation X's stronghold, where SOLU research was vigorously conducted, Foundation X's team of scientists slogged their guts out day and night to create the next generation of the SOLU life form.

The scientists had not known just how long have time passed. But now they do, and time was like a standstill to them, when one of them keenly fixed their sight on one of the large, bio-filled pods upon typing in and executing the final codes of sequence for completion.

"Chief! The final adjustments of Solu Mark-III have been finally completed!"

The Chief Researcher walked over to peer at the research console, cross-checking for any errors that might have been overlooked, "That will do. We shall commence the cross-scan with Solu-Mark II, to ensure that the Mark-III is imbued with emotion capabilities and a complete humane intellect"

"Roger!", one of the scientist attempts to walk towards the Solu command console.

Without any prior warning, suddenly the entire lab shut into a complete darkness, followed by the wailing of the emergency siren before the entire lab swirled with the siren's crimson light.

*Unknown Rider's System: (Gatack Augment) : CLOCK UP!*

"Uwarrgh!" one of the scientists cried in a flash of pain when the silent fast silhouette slashed through his abdominals.

"Intruder Alert! Shut down the Solu Systems. Now!" the Chief Researcher shouted in command.

However the unknown intruder's blinding speed zoomed past another couple of scientist who fell to the floor in split bodies, it was clearly beyond anyone's reflex to do anything, knowing that the unknown hostile has not a single intention of slowing down.

*Unknown Rider's System: (Gatack Augment) : Rider Cutting!*

The hostile shadow closed up on his terrified prey for the kill, the Chief Researcher caught his only glance of the figure behind the blinding darkness.

"You..! It cannot be..!", he exclaimed before the unknown rider cuts his body into half.

Standing in midst of the pool of corpses of the Foundation X's research scientists, the Rider calmly approached the Solu command console.

*BEEP! Psssttt….*

The bio-pod that contained Solu Mark-III discharged all the gaseous substances, and liquids flowed out through the micro aqueduct.

A frail figure from within the pod collapsed from the absence of the liquid submersion.

The rider walked up to the drenched figure, extending his right hand and the gesture to help her up.

"Who…Who are you?", the feeble girl asked in a weak and faint tone.

"My identity is of no concern. Here-", he pulled her up and turned to look at wall.

The rider hit a hidden switch on the wall, causing one of the floor tiles to elevates and slid aside. A cavity right beside the switch on the wall, revealed a black cloak along with a satchel that seemed to contain something: A buckler with sporting a silver outlining, white encasement and a beautiful core of aquamarine, then there was also a bracelet with golden trimmings surrounding a core where a translucent blue card slot was lodged on it. Lastly there was a pile of pocket-sized tiny tomes that were covered in brown-leather skin sleeved in a locket from the side that bore an emblem which varied from one another.

"I have been waiting for you to awake all these while...", the rider donned on the black cloak for her.

"Safeguard the buckler, the bracelet and everything in this satchel. Then travel to the next world to find the Affinity."

In the Rider's hand holds a tome that was similar to the ones given to Solu Mark-III shimmers in a white blinding light, "You will find the Affinity over there, which he will travel across every Rider World with you, where you shall seek the answer to your existence…"

He flipped open the lock the pocket-sized tome to reveal a book of blank pages, lifting it up high as he raised his arms vertical straight.

The tome began to levitate on its own, where immense light poured out from the open, blank page of the tome, enveloping Solu Mark-III and the mysterious man.

"Go forth, and seek what you would ask for", he gave her a gentle, final tug.

The girl nodded her head before she turned away, strolling towards another end of the light tunnel, fading away before the armored assailant's sight.

[Location: Airline JL227 ]

"Kisuke, time's up! Its MY nap time now, buddy!", a familiar voice nudged me awake from my deep slumber.

"Tears?", I wiped off the stretch of teardrops on my face.

I seemed to have experience a long dream, it was fuzzy but i could still somehow remember some of it - A flying, mechanical bat, me turning into some kind of armored superhero, riding on dragons...

Heck, those dreams isn't what one would normally associate with a mundane person like me, i must have been too fatigued from the long hours of flight lately.

My name is Reitsurugi Kisuke, 25 this year, all my life has been pretty much dull and normal, striving for a stable income, then probably get a plain lady to spend the rest of my life with.

In short, there was nothing much that you would find me special, except for my incredibly scrawny physique of a 51kg weight.

However, I just can't shake off this hunch that my life is going to take a change of drastic turn, at a point not far from now.

I gave my groggy eyes a thorough rub, before getting myself down the double-decker bed.

"Kisuke! All the best to us huh? Ol' Captain says the flight itself is probably going to get a delay.", he commented.

This guy is my closest friend at work, Morishita Souma, don't let his goody-two-shoe fool you for a second, what belied his slightly unkempt look that the company couldn't remind him any more enough, was an extremely meticulous heart.

It was his big, caring heart that has won the friendship of such an closed-in person like me and his rice bowl.

"Kisuke, hurry up and come out! Food & beverage orders are piling up from the passengers on the plane!", an impatient voice hurtled in from the outside.

Souma climbed up the bed and an expression of simple bliss written all over his face, "My lovely bed! So long, Rei-san!".

"Well, we can't help it, that's all part of the job isn't it?", i reached out to the little desk on the side and pressed down the bottle to squeeze a couple squirt of hand-sanitizer. Rubbing them into my hands before i hurried out into the passenger cabin to help my fellow crew.

Right now the plane is en route back to Japan after a pull-over at Singapore from Brazil, the plane cruised stably in the air as it gradually entered a heavy raincloud area.

The Captain of the plane scrutinized his vision keenly into the front, when the multitudes of cloud that obscured his sight began to dissipate.

"Notify the entire crew and passengers that we might face flight course difficulty" the Captain instructed his Assistant Captain.

"Why, Captain? What did you see?" the Assistant curiously enquired.

"Look, that descending streak of light above the cloud at our 2'o clock direction"

The assistant-captain squinted his minuscule eye into the direction to see what was ahead, only to catch sight of the streaking light that the captain was referring to.

"Captain! The plane would collide with the meteor at its current course, we must shift course immediately!" all the while the assistant-captain attempted to pin down his anxiety, the Captain acknowledged his suggestion.

*In-Flight Announcement System: "Attention! We are currently undergoing a re-course; As such we might face heavy turbulence and a delay in ETA of destination. We hereby sincerely requests for your understanding and cooperation, thank you."*

"Aww shucks! Longer flight time, over-time work for us, I don't think I like this…" I could hear one of the crew member whispered to himself in disappointment.

I strolled up to him and gave him a pat on his back, "Well, that's all parts and parcels of work isn't it? Cheer up!"

Noticing something amiss, i bared my uncertainties on what twas puzzling me, "Come to talk about it, don't you think it's weird that we are experiencing flight emergencies for the first time on a course from Singapore to Japan? As far as this flight course is concerned, we haven't being encountering anything during our recent years of service."

"You sure have a keen observation. Let us hope nothing bad is going to happen. Sighs, my eyelids has been twitching oddly today."

Meanwhile on the Captain's side, the captain swerved the plane for a semi-nosedive upon an extensive observation at the streaking light's descending speed.

"That should do, based on current course; we should have avoided a collision with the unknown object."

However not known to the Captain and his crew, the streaking light began to radiate a glow that has rose gradually in intensity, igniting at an irregular momentum which has seemed to increased its velocity.

The falling light closed-in ground zero on the plane and collided into the starboard wing of the plane; brushing pass and diving down with no signs of decrease in its velocity.

*In-Flight Announcement System: "Emergency! I repeat, Emergency! We are currently hovering solely on the port-side wing. We will commence a round-turn emergency glide for an emergency landing on the southern-most area of South Korea*

We immediately go through the standard ops procedure of instructing onboard passengers to stand-by the safety jacket in case of a possible subsequent collision.

Not long after there were passengers on board who had begun to grow restlessly and panicked.

One of them could be heard shouting: "HEY! GET THE CAPTAIN HERE; how the hell in the world does he flies his bloody plane, for pete's sake"

All the passengers clutched on to their safetly belt tightly and looked at each other, filling the passenger's cabin with a stiff atmosphere of uneasiness and tension.

Slowly and safely, the plane managed to land on southern-most border of South Korea, where it seemed to be a rustic rural area enveloped with a cluster of forests, and within the forests a thick smoke can be seen rising. The Crew Captain knowing that it was very likely the landing location of the streak of light that had brushed against the plane in a collision; he called for the flight crew.

"Kisuke, Souma, I need you to head down and investigate the source of the heavy smoke before investigation and rescue parties could arrive. I have many reasons to believe that it was responsible for colliding into the plane back then.", before he could went on, he realized it took him this long to notice something.

"Wait a minute, where is Souma?", he inquired.

"F-f-fire!",a man went bolting out of the broken intersection of the plane, flinging a pillow in his hands trying to resist the cough-inducing smokes.

"MORISHITA SOUMA! What on earth are you doing?", the Crew Captain flared up at his unsightly plight.

"Umm, its just that, i have only realized the plane crashed when i woke up minutes ago.", he awkwardly replied.

I tried to lighten up the atmosphere with a hearty laughter, "Haha, staying asleep even when the plane comes crashing into ground, that does sounds like the Morishita Souma that i have known."

With barely any resource the plane could offer in such situations, Me and Souma geared up lightly for what that is needed, a small camcorder and a multi-purpose S.O.G knife that would prove useful for forest terrains, they set out across the forest towards the source of the thick piling smoke.

Slowly but steadily, we took our careful step up the slopes, trekking across a sea of trees and soon reached the site where the smoke piles.

"Look, Kisuke! There's somebody over there!" Souma exclaimed, pointing towards it.

I could see it faintly; a figure in black cloak was staggering feebly towards the direction away from the source of the piling smoke.

"We have got to help, Souma.", We picked our my paces towards the figure in black cloak.

"Help...Please..." the figure in black cloak staggers so weakly that it was clearly about to collapse.

The person collapsed when i hurried up to catch her in my arms

"You... It's impossible, I-Inori!?", I could barely believe who i just saw... It was the girl whom i saw in my dreams, and yes i said dreams, i have never met her in reality before.

But why? Your body, this temperature, everything seems so familiar to me, just who are you?

The girl in black cloak that called out to me in a faint voice, "Help..." she paused to catch her frail breath, "I don't want to be taken back to the dark and cold lab anymore…"

The girl in the black cloak handed a satchel into my hands before she lied down in my arms, trying hard to maintain her consciousness.

"Just what had she gone through, and why did she ask for help…?" these questions kept running through my mind.

"You There!" a mysterious voice rang towards me.

I turned to look, catching glance of a couple of guy in a smart-white uniform strolls towards me.

"Who are you guys?", I questioned them skeptically.

"Foundation-X or rather, Proxy-Riders." Replied one of the men in white uniform, who seems to be more well-built and robust of the two.

"Aniki *the leaner-build of the addresses another* , it's futile to tell a dead people so much, let's just dispose them off and take Solu Mark-III back, shall we?"

"Humph, you're quick to talk!"

The two men in white uniform holds in their right hand what that seems to be buckler in monochrome color, they slap the buckler to the center of their waist, as the buckler projected an enveloping belt that hugged around the hips of the two men.

"HENSHIN!" the two men exclaimed and pushed the center gray core button of the buckler, ejecting the part that covered the gray core from left and right.

Next, a greyish aura envelops them in entirety, and transforms them into Proxy Punch Hopper and Proxy Kick Hopper, which resembles just like the original Punch Hopper and Kick Hopper, except that it was in monochrome color instead

"Ka… Kamen riders?!" Souma panicked out and ran behind me.

"Kamen Riders?", this term seems to ring a bell, but it must have only been in my dreams. I looked on clueless at what Souma is saying.

"Goodness! Don't you have a childhood? They were usually Japanese television series-based Super heroes who fights villains and defend peace, though there were also nefarious ones, such as the ones before us"

The two proxy riders came more and more closer in an arrogant, paced stride, While we attempted to retreat away, step by step.

"What should we do, do we stand a chance if we run? What if everyone at the plane wreck were implicated?" complex and mixed thoughts ran through Kisuke's mind.

"The satchel... Buckler... Descendriver.", Inori braced her consciousness in her bid to sound out to us.

"Descendriver?" Me and Souma opened up the string-tightened satchel and found something that i couldn't believe it...

"Th-this... Impossible, this buckler, it couldn't be."

What that caught my eyes was a buckler that looked eerily similar to the one that i had used in my dream, however the color scheme was obviously different- in place of golden trimming, a silver one; a white body with sparkly blue core instead of the black with red i saw in my dream.

"Could-could this be a Henshin device? Rei, hold on to the girl yeah? I am gonna turn into a hero and save the day!", Souma took the buckler and took a step to the front.

"Just look at how i do it! Rei-kun!", Souma wore his distinctively bright, happy-go-lucky smile before he flashily donned on the buckler.

*Kamen Rider Descend's System: Descending Initialize! *

"Here goes nothing~ Henshin!"

*Kamen Rider Descend's System: ERROR! USER INVALID! *

With a compelling force, the buckler repelled itself from Souma and springed into the mid-air, before falling to the ground. Fortunately, it wasn't very far from where we are, out of the two ruffians' reach.

The shorter rider of the two jeered at his plight, "Hahaha! Boy, are you idiot or something? The Descendriver was made by our leader, and in a way so that it would only react to my master and nobody else!"

"Now... Stop resisting and hand us that thing and lady over there! We could spare you even the lightest scratch on your flower-boy face if you would kindly cooperate with us!", the other one chipped in.

I thought to myself, "What would i do now? Reitsurugi? The thing is, i could have sworn that i had saw that thing and this girl in my dream, but how confident am i to say that the buckler isn't going to croak up on me just like it did on Souma? Would handing the things over to them even seem right? These people looked like the sort that they would deal in the shadiest sort of business and up to no good!"

This dilemma took me seconds to ponder to myself, however the encroaching steps of the two armored knights gravely reminded me-

-that i have not the luxury of time to think, its a Do-or-Die kind of thing, thats it!

"Take care of her.", I entrusted the lady into Souma's arms.

I made a burst of sprint towards the buckler on the floor and clutched it tightly in my right hand.

"What are you doing? Haven't we made our words across clear enough? You can go ahead and try before you enrage my big brother over here, but that thing isn't going to work for you!"

I stood up and slapped the Descendriver to the center of my hip, the enveloping of the belt struck me with an uncanny feeling of deja vu.

Having put on the bracelet on my right arm, i tapped the card holder on the bracelet down to have the pair of wings click in, lighting up after.

*Kamen Rider Descend's System: Descending Initialize! *


I tapped the core on my buckler, this feeling was exactly the same, the card deck on both rears of my hips, the mechanical click of it, of this i am beginning to become certain of it - This was identical to what i have seen in my dream.

Magnificent wings spread wide open from my back, knocking them into a tree. They recovered their stance from the impact, bracing themselves up and couldn't believe what they were seeing.

"I-Impossible! How could there be anyone else who was able to use that other than Tsuguru-Sama? Curse it!", the stocky man of the two's facial expression was completely overwhelmed.

I will protect the ones around me, it does not matter who are you, but i shall make you sorry for even trying to hurt her.

I quoted my pet phrase for a debut: "From this moment on, *points index finger at the Proxy Hoppers* Your unsightly defeat has already been decided!"

"Don't get so cocky just because the Descendriver has chosen you, YOU BRAT!"

Thus it entailed into what that would be my very first battle, if the ones from the dream didn't count.

I gave my body a thorough glance, something seems to be different, and i am not referring to the color of the armor. Somehow, the 'me' in my dream was definitely much more beefier, one that i would associate with a well-sculptured man of at least a 60kg pack of muscles.

The Proxy Punch Hopper charged towards me, throwing his fist.

I lowers myself down slightly and fended off Proxy Punch Hopper's left punch with my right hand, while i forcefully returned a blow with my other hand.

The punch sends Proxy Punch Hopper stumbling backwards lightly, another foe attempted to take advantage with a kick thrust from behind me.

I managed to turn around and caught hold of the Kick Thrust with my both arms, though the sudden impact managed to push me, stumbling back a little…

The fist-fighting foe from before saw that I was temporarily immobile from holding off the attack during that split instance, and went up to my back.

Turning behind to see Proxy Punch Hopper firing a couple of quick jabs, I shoved my enemy's foot aside and responded with a equally or otherwise, more furious barrage of quick-firing punches.

I matched his's jabs fist-for-fist and managed to overpowers in speed. With the last effort i picked my pace up and slammed down my left fist mightily at my opponent's head from the side.

He staggered aside in pain upon the heavy blow to his head.

Just then the Proxy Kick Hopper jumped and swung down a kick right into me from behind, sending me to fall and roll aside.

I picked myself up, staring keenly at the two Proxy Hoppers who have recovered their stance and readied themselves to receive my next move.

I thought to myself that i must think of something. My knowledge of Kamen Rider was as good as non-existent. Yet now i found myself outnumbered by my enemies, by hook or crook, i might think of something.

An idea struck me when i tried my hard to recall the way i fought in the dream, "The buttons on the radials, how could these not occur to me!"

I peered down to look at my buckler, scanning my sight through the various emblems.

If the radials were to be identical, then these ones ought to work. I push the button that supposedly bore the emblem of Kuuga & Kabuki, the exact ones that i had 'used before' and the click on my bracelet to receive the powers.

*Kamen Rider Descend's System: KUUGA, HIBIKI, Synchronize!*

W-wait, Hibiki? The name and now that i came to notice... The emblems on the Radials were also slightly different from the ones that i have came to known about.

An impulse of jolt, dashes through my entire body, i could felt the power coursing through my veins, all these somehow felt like a second nature to me.

*Kamen Rider Descend's System: (Kuuga Augment) Blast Pegasus! *

After the Bowgun materialized in my hand, I aimed towards the sky and fired an array of arrows above.

The arrows came showering down on the two Armored Hoppers, they tried to fend off the attacks but to no avail, sustaining them considerable injuries.

Proxy Punch Hopper finally grews impatient of his dreadful fight with me, "Tsskkk! This fight is getting nowhere; I will put an end to you with this!"

He tapped the central core of his buckler, "Rider Jump!"

Leaping into the mid-air, he zoomed in on me downwards with his fist,"Rider Punch!"

In the peak of panic, i subconsciously drew a card from my bracelet, the third deck, instead.

*Kamen Rider Descend's System: (Descending Arms) Descalibur to ZANTETSU! *

I brandished my longsword in stance to respond to Proxy Punch Rider's finishing strike.

*Kamen Rider Descend's System: Descending Finale! Br-br-br-BREAKTHROUGH!*

I gathered his energy and thrusts the Descalibur upwards, colliding the thrust head-on with Proxy Punch Hopper's Rider Punch.

"Uwaarghh!", though the weight of the blade caused the razor edge of my blade to miss a little, it managed to slice through my immediate foe partially and sent him flying with a blast.

*Kamen Rider Descend's System: (Hibiki Augment) Ongeki Bo, Rekka! *

I swapped my powers and weapon to Hibiki's power, though the names were somehow different, but i could recognize the pair of Taiko Drumsticks that these thing summoned any time.

I wielded fiery battle drums each in my hand, striding towards the now-weakend foe with an agile pace.

He tried to throw his punch towards me in a desperate attempt to defend himself.

However i rained a flurry of pure, resonating drumbeats on Proxy Punch Hopper's stomach, sending him to stagger once again in pain this time, Proxy Punch Hopper grow wounded to the state of nearly delirious stationary.

Proxy Kick Hopper yet again jumps and swings down his kick to assault me from behind, however the same trick ain't gonna work twice!

I fired up my Kaentsuzumi with massive energy as i unleashed my attack towards Proxy Kick Hopper that is zooming in with his aerial kick thrust.

*Kamen Rider Descend's System: (Hibiki Augment) Rekka Dan! *

Fireballs which has punished the tenacious enemy, projected from the flame-ignited tip of my weapon.

"Urgh!", the fireball strick the airborne Proxy Kick Hopper down, rolling aside in a pain of after-burn.

I turned to look at Proxy Punch Hopper, it was then he reached out his hand, expressing his fear for the first time.

"This… This isn't what we expected and asked for when we undertook the task!"

Power charged through my fiery drumsticks once more, this time creating a flaming blade from the top.

*Kamen Rider Descend's System: (Hibiki Augment) Rekka Ken!*

With blistering speed, i plunged forth and cut through the Proxy Punch Hopper's torso.

"Gwahhhh!", the final slash caused him to break down into ashes from the direct hit of the blazing sword.

Proxy Kick Hopper shouted out to his comrade's demise in agony, cursing me in a tone most enraged, "You… UNFORGIVABLE"

He tapped the central core of his buckler, "Rider Jump!"

Leaping into highwind, his strike plummet down in a furious streak towards me with his foot,"Rider Kick!"

I briefly pressed yet another two familiar buttons on my buckler and tapped the bracelet.

*Kamen Rider Descend's System: Faiz, Kabuto, Synchronize!*

*Kamen Rider Descend's System: (Faiz Augment) Exceed Charge! *

Just as my opponent's rider kick is about to reach me, I dealt the last card to the core of my buckler and made for a jump.

*Kamen Rider Descend's System: (Kabuto Augment) Clock Up! *

Proxy Kick Hopper's expression grew terrified upon losing sight of me right before his eyes, all he could do was to see his Rider Kick thrusting down into empty space, or perhaps not.

I sent a crimson drill which impaled Proxy Kick Hopper who was still in midair. I kicked the drill through him, causing it to penetrate his body.

"Aaarghh!", my last foe let out a final cry before exploding from the massive energy of the Faiz Crimson Drill.

*Kamen Rider Descend's System: (Kabuto Augment) Clock Over! *

I resurfaced, at the other end below from where he has exploded, assuming a knee-crouch stance.

Souma's expression remained in absolute awe and amazement in witness to my fateful debut battle as Kamen Rider Descend.

Inori, who was in Souma's arms, has also remained awake early enough to see my first battle.

She smiled feebly before passing out from the fatigue of escaping from Proxy Hoppers.

I undo his transformation from Descend and hurried towards Souma. I carried Inori in his arms, "Inori, Brace up. I will get you out of here to somewhere safe"

"But Kisuke, we shouldn't forget our plight as lost ones in the remote area of South Korea.", Souma reminded me.
"I know, Souma. Let's get her back to where the Captain is waiting for us at the plane-wreck."

When we made our way back from the site, we noticed the base of the smoke has suddenly expanded a black hole that tore through time and dimension.

"Look out!", i exclaimed.

The black hole dissipated, then it turned into a large dimension wall that approaches us like a sweeping wave down it paths, before the dimension void sent us into another world…