[Location: Home World]

Reitsurugi Kisuke, 24, is an ordinary human just like anyone else.

However, Kisuke just had this hunch that something will change his life, at a point not far from now.

He peers into the glass with his left eye, wiping the glass clean with the cloth all this while pondering it to himself.


Kisuke's colleague came shouting as he rushed into the pantry.

"Kisuke, we have to pace up! Food & beverage orders are piling up from the passengers on the plane. Geez, life as an air steward ain't easy for us huh", Kisuke's colleague, Souma Morishita lamented.

"Well, we can't help it, that's all part of the job isn't it?", Kisuke dried his wet hands with a cloth. Hurriedly, he pushed the tray full of passenger's drink and food and went into the passenger cabin.

Right now the plane is en route back to Japan after a pull-over at Singapore from Brazil, the plane cruised stably in the air, as the plane gradually entered a heavy raincloud area.

The captain of the plane began to look keenly into the front as multitude of clouds that obscured his sight passed through his view.

"Notify the entire crew and passengers that we might face flight course difficulty", the captain instructed his assistant partner.

"Why, captain? What did you see?", the assistant curiously inquired.

"Look, that descending streak of light above the cloud at our 2'o clock direction", the assistant-captain squinted his miniscule eye into the direction to see what was ahead, only to catch sight of the streaking light that the captain was referring to.

"Captain! The plane would collide with the meteor at its current course, we must shift course immediately!"

All the while the assistant-captain attempted to pin down his anxiety, as the captain acknowledges his suggestion.

*In-Flight Announcement System: "Attention! We are currently undergoing a re-course; As such we might face heavy turbulence and a delay in ETA of destination. We hereby sincerely requests for your understanding and cooperation, thank you."*

"Aww shucks! Longer flight time, over-time work for us, I don't think I like this…", Souma whined in disappointment.

"Well Souma-", looking down at him with a gentle smile on the face.

"-these are all parts and parcels of work isn't it? It's not the first time that we have encountered such situations."

Going through what he has said to Souma, Kisuke noticed something amiss.

"Souma, talking about first time, don't you think it's weird that we are experiencing flight emergencies for the first time on a course from Singapore to Japan? As far as this flight course is concerned, the plane haven't encountered any major difficulties during our three years of service."

Souma mirrored Kisuke's thought and commended him, "You sure have a keen observation. Let us hope nothing bad is going to happen. Sighs, my eyelids has been twitching oddly today."

Meanwhile on the captain's side, the captain swerved the plane for a semi-nosedive upon an extensive observation at the streaking light's descending speed.

"That should do, based on current course; we should have avoided a collision with the unknown object."

However not known to the captain and his crew, the streaking light began to radiate a glow that rose gradually in intensity, igniting and irregularly increasing its velocity.

The falling light closed-in ground zero on the plane as it collided into the starboard wing of the plane.

It brushed pass and dived down with no signs of decrease in its velocity.

*In-Flight Announcement System: "Emergency! I repeat, Emergency! We are currently hovering solely on the port-side wing. We will commence a round-turn emergency glide for an emergency landing on the southern-most area of South Korea*

Not long after there were passengers on board who had begun to grow restlessly and panicked.

One of them could be heard shouting,

"HEY! GET THE CAPTAIN HERE; how the hell in the world does he flies his bloody plane, for pete's sake".

Kisuke, Souma, and a couple of co-working air-stewardess looked at each other in silence, as they turned to peer helplessly across the passenger's cabin that is brewing with a stiff atmosphere of uneasiness and tension.

Slowly and safely, the plane managed to land on southern-most border of South Korea, where it seemed to be a rustic rural area enveloped with a cluster of forests, and within the forests a thick smoke could be seen rising.

The captain knew that it was very likely the landing location of the streak of light that had brushed against the plane in a collision; he called for Kisuke and Souma.

"Kisuke, Souma, I need you to head down and investigate the source of the heavy smoke before investigation and rescue parties could arrive. I have many reasons to believe that it was responsible for colliding into the plane back then."

Souma is quick to retort, "But Captain, we were only-".

However Kisuke who was even quicker, grappled Souma by his neck from behind and dragged him along while replying to Captain, "Rest assured that we will see to it that it shall be done. Let's move along, Souma"

"But Captain, we were merely air stewards…", Souma finished his sentence weakly, facially expressing his void of enthusiasm and covered his head with both hands.

With barely any resource the plane could offer in such situations, Kisuke and Souma geared up lightly for what that is needed as they set out across the forest towards the source of the thick piling smoke.

Kisuke and Souma slowly but steadily moved up the slopes, trekking across a sea of trees, where they soon reached the site of the piling smoke.

"Look, Kisuke! There's somebody over there!", Souma exclaimed, pointing towards it.

He could see it faintly; a figure in black cloak was staggering feebly towards their direction away from the source of the piling smoke.

Kisuke's voice grew with concern at the sight of the entity from afar, "We have got to help, Souma!"

Kisuke and Souma hurried towards the figure in black cloak.

"Help...Please...", the figure in black cloak was weak that it was clearly about to collapse.

Kisuke dashed towards it and caught the collapsing figure in his arms.

He looked into the person in the black cloak and asked out of concern, "You... are you alright?"

Then out of a sudden, the figure shimmered in a golden luminous glow.

Not subsisting, the glow remained soft but brilliant.

Kisuke turned his head away out of his reflex and shuts his eye from the piercing brilliant of the glow, before he could react next moment a jolt of shock ran through his mind.

He couldn't comprehend why, but it was as if he was forced to recall bits and pieces of memories of a person who was of utmost importance to him - Renee, who had initially rejected Kisuke's courtship for another guy.

However it did not work out for Renee as the guy turned out to be a love swindler, Having realized she had missed out on Kisuke's virtues, Renee pleaded with him to get together.

Yet kisuke appeared cold-hearted and unfeeling towards renee's plead, even though his feelings for renee has never once subside, he thought he would always have the time to eventually express how he really felt towards her.

Unfortunately, time was not meant to be, not long after, renee was caught in the major flood disaster and died, leaving kisuke's untold confessions to sink endlessly at the bottom of his heart.

Kisuke opened his eyes slowly, lest the luminosity glares his eye again, only to see what he couldn't believe, as the shimmering began to fade off, the figure in the black cloak revealed to be none other than Renee.

Kisuke was almost loss for words, "Renee!?"

The girl in black cloak called out faintly to Kisuke, "Help me please..."

Pausing to catch her frail breath, she continued, "I don't want to be taken back to the dark and cold lab anymore…"

The girl in the black cloak handed a satchel into Kisuke's left hand as she finally rested in Kisuke's arms, trying hard to maintain her consciousness.

Kisuke questioned himself in his mind, "Renee, just what has she gone through, and why did she ask for help…?"

You There!

Kisuke turned his head to look, as a couple of guy in a smart-white uniform strolled towards him.

He questioned them, while trying his best not to sound rude at the same time, "My apologies, but who are you guys?"

"Foundation-X or rather, Proxy-Riders.", replied one of the men in white uniform, who seemed to be more well-built and robust of the two.

"Aniki-", the leaner-build of the two commented, "It's futile to tell the dead people so much, let's just dispose them off and take Solu Mark-III back, shall we?"

"Now here, you're quick to talk!"

The two men in white uniform held in their right hand what that seems to be buckler in monochrome color.

They slapped the buckler to the center of their hips as the buckler projected an enveloping belt that hugged snugly around the hips of the two men.


The two men exclaimed while they pushed the center gray core button of the buckler, ejecting the part that covered the gray core from left and right.

Next, a greyish aura enveloped them in entirety, and transformed them into ProxyPunch Hopper and Proxy Kick Hopper, which bears a total resemblance to the original Punch Hopper and Kick Hopper, except that it was in monochrome color.

"Ka… Kamen riders?!", souma panicked out and ran behind kisuke.

"Kamen Riders?", kisuke, who seems clueless about what Souma is saying, enquired.

"Goodness! Don't you have a childhood? They were usually Japanese television series-based Super heroes who fights villains and defend peace, though there were also nefarious ones, such as the ones before us"

The two proxy riders approachef Kisuke and others in an arrogant, paced stride.

Souma, and kisuke who was holding Renee in his arms, retreated step by step in respond.

Facing such a tense situation, complex and mixed thoughts surfaced in kisuke's mind.

"What should we do, do we stand a chance if we run? What if everyone at the plane wreck were implicated?"

"Kisuke... The satchel, Descendriver, transform with it.", Renee braced her consciousness with all her strength in her attempt to call out to Kisuke.

"Descendriver?", Kisuke opened up the string-tightened satchel and found a device that was partially identical to the bucklers which the two men in white uniform transformed with.

However this buckler had two circular radials instead.

With the larger, golden-colored radial at the outer layer of the circumference bearing ten buttons that depicts different emblems of the first 10 Heisei-Riders (from Kuuga to Decade).

And another 4 buttons on the smaller silver-colored radial at the inner-layer of the circumference (from Double/W to Wizard)

Within the two circular radials beholds a core which ejects the radials into half, left and right of the center when pushed, to reveal a slot where it seemed that a card could either eject or be inserted into it.

"Take care of renee.". Kisuke entrusted Renee into Souma's arms.

He stood up and slapped the Descend Driver to the center of his hips.

The Descend Driver ejected a belt that hugged Kisuke's waist snugly.

Proxy-Hoppers saw what Kisuke is doing and found his actions somewhat familiar.

Henshin? Bakana!

The Proxy Hoppers could hardly believe what they were seeing…

Kisuke tapped the driver core for the first time, starting up the Descendriver which cause the driver core to split into half and generated a scan of light across the card slot that lies beneath the driver core.

Upon scanning through the card slot with the bar of light, the Descendriver's system sounded out.

*Kamen Rider Descend's Rider System: Double Rider Command! *

A card that was completely shrouded in white light ejected out of the card slot.


Shouting out prior to transform, Kisuke inserted the card of light back into the card slot.

Finally the driver core closed up and bathed Kisuke in absolute luminance of northern lights.

Magnificent wings spread wide open from Kisuke's back, transforming him into Kamen Rider Descend.

Silvery armor-suit, with a crimson red core in the shape of wings that spreads wide apart on the center of the chestplate, on the back of the rider suit, two wing-like part

Before the wings withdrew along with the transformation phase, it swung the Proxy Hoppers aside, knocking them into a tree as they rolled from the impact.

Bracing themselves up from the impact, both of them couldn't believe what that was happening to them up til this point in time.

The Kicker of the two rebuked,

"But, it's impossible! There shouldn't be any true existence of riders in this world! Curse it!"

Kisuke clenched his left fist as he stepped forward for the very first fight in his life as a rider,

"I shall decimate you who threatens and stands before me-"

He stretched out his left hand out and continued,

"-to protect the ones around me!"

Warming up to the stiff atmosphere of battle, he quotes his signature line for a debut,

From this moment on, your unsightly defeat has already been decided!

"Don't get so cocky just because you have transformed, YOU BRAT!",

Proxy Punch Hopper cursed at him as he charged at Descend, throwing his fist.

Kisuke lowered himself down slightly and fended off the left jab with his right hand, as he returned a punch with his left fist.

Landing the punch at the hopper, the force send him stumbling back.

Trying to gain advantage of his opponent's blind spot in the nick of the moment, the Kick Hopper followed up with a kick thrust from behind.

Descend managed to turn around and caught hold of his assailant's 'Left Kick Thrust' with his both arms.

But the sudden impact managed to push Descend sliding back…

Proxy Punch Hopper saw that his foe was temporarily immobile from holding his partner's left foot during that split instance.

He took the critical opportunity and went up on Kisuke from behind him.

Descend turned his head behind to see the puncher who launched a couple of quick jabs.

Shoving Kick Hopper's foot aside, he matched the attacks from the silvery, grasshopper-like warrior blow for blow until he finally overpowered his false rider adversary.

Picking his pace up, Kisuke ducked under an attack from the Punch Hopper and closed in from under and-


-landed a devastating left hook to the side of his enemy's head.

The puncher of proxy duo railed back from the blow, as the other swoops in with a flying kick in an attempt to finally put an end to his enemy's edge over his partner.

Standing up from the hind assault, Kisuke stared keenly at the two Proxy Hoppers who have recovered their stance in readiness to receive the next move.

Momentarily loss and helpless at the handicapped battle, a thought struck Kisuke while he continued to observe the Proxy Hoppers keenly, thinking of his next move.

The emblems on the radials, there must be something to it!

Peering down to look at the radial, Kisuke scanned his sight through the various emblems.

"Let's start with these ones then.", Descend push the buttons of Kuuga & Hibiki's emblem and tapped the driver core to initiate the form ride.

*Kamen Rider Descend's Rider System: Double Form Ride – KUUGA, HIBIKI! *

An impulse of jolt dashed through Descend's entire body, he could feel the power of Kuuga and Hibiki pouring out into his spiritual instincts, becoming one with the combined powers of Kamen Rider Kuuga and Hibiki.

It was as if the empowered battle instinct has taught him the ways to maneuver the riders' power, Kisuke felt something powerful that has arose in him – one that he has never experienced before.

Concentrating his mind, he pictured the presence of Kuuga's power as the driver core which has sensed it, lighting it up in a pulsating light.

Noticing the change in the driver core, he tapped the driver core once again.

The core of the buckler shortly discharged the Dragon Rod.

Descend wielded and brandished the Dragon Rod while he en garde towards the Proxy Hoppers.

He thrusted the Dragon Rod towards the gap between Proxy Punch Hopper and Proxy Kick Hopper, who has attempted to throw their punch and kick simultaneously in retaliation.

Kisuke exploited the sweet spot of the space between the two Proxy Hoppers, and swept the Dragon Rod with a power-packed 280-degrees spin-around, striking Proxy Kick Hopper and Proxy Punch Hopper to fell to different directions, thus distancing the two Proxy Hoppers apart.

The false Punch Hopper finally grew impatient of the extensive face-off with his persistent prey,

"Tsskkk! This fight is getting nowhere; I will put an end to you with this!", having said, the phoney rider tapped the central core of his buckler.

Rider Jump!

He leaped into mid-air as he zooms in on Descend downwards with his fist.

Rider Punch!

Kisuke readied his Dragon Rod in stance to respond to Proxy Punch Rider's finisher.

Splash Dragon!

The heroic rider gathered his energy and thrusted the Dragon Rod upwards, colliding the thrust head-on with Proxy Punch Hopper's Rider Punch.


The collision sent the Punch Rider off, flying with a blast from the rod finisher.

Descend tapped into Hibiki's rider instinct, granting him the ability to split his Dragon Rod into half to transit the divided Dragon Rods into Hibiki's weapon: Ongekiko – Kaentsuzumi!

Wields Hibiki's fiery battle drums each in his hand, Kisuke strided towards the injured Punch Hopper with an agile pace.

The injured rider tried to throw his punch towards Descend in a desperate attempt to defend himself.

However Kisuke rained a flurry of pure, resonating drumbeats on his stomach, sending him to stagger once again in pain.

At this point of time, the False Punch Hopper had grew so wounded that he was literally delirious and losing his senses.

The Kick Hopper yet again jumps and swings down his kick to assault his victorious foe from behind.

Yet with a different outcome of his hind assault this time, Descend fired up his Kaentsuzumi with massive energy, as he unleashed his attack towards Proxy Kick Hopper that is zooming in on him with his aerial kick thrust.

Kibojutsu: REKKA DAN!

Fireballs began to project from the flame-ignited tip of the Kaentsuzumi.


Fireballs blazed and sent Proxy Kick Hopper to fall down from mid-air, which after he rolled aside in pain from the scorching counter-attacks.

Kisuke turned to look at the fear-struck puncher, who has reached out his hand, expressing his fear for the unprecedented powers of Descend's formidable abilities.

"This… This isn't what we expected and asked for when we undertook the task!", the false punch hopper cringed while power charges through the Kaentsuzumi and created a flaming blade from the top.

Kibojutsu: REKKA KEN!

Raising the blade of prominence forward, Kisuke cuts through the torso of his enemy.


Proxy Punch Hopper broke down into ashes due to the direct hit of Descend's Rekkaken.

The false rider who was left behind to continue the fight, shouted out to his decimated comrade in agony as he cursed at his nemesis.


Proxy Kick Hopper tapped the central core of his buckler,

Rider Jump!

The furious kicker soared into highwind as he gravitated fiercely towards Kisuke, pummeling down with all his might and strength.

Rider Kick!

Kisuke briefly tapped the driver core upon pressing the emblems of Kamen Rider Kabuto & Faiz.

*Kamen Rider Descend's Rider System: Double Form Ride – FAIZ, KABUTO! *

*Exceed Charge*

Just when Kick Hopper's rider kick is about to reach his enemy, Kisuke slapped the switch-pads that has appeared and docked onto the strap of the Belt when he initiated the form ride of Kabuto and Faiz.

Clock Up!

Proxy Kick Hopper's expression grew terrified upon losing sight of the target right before his eyes.

He found himself thrusting down into empty space.

Before he could react further, a crimson drill impaled Kick Hopper in midair as Descend re-surfaced to kick the drill through his doomed foe in penetration.

This.. this cannot be happening!

The remained hostile finally exploded from the massive energy of the Faiz Crimson Drill.

Clock Over

Kisuke resurfaced at the other end from where his last adversary exploded, assuming a stance of half-squat.

Souma's expression remained in absolute awe and amazement in witness to his friend's impressive debut battle as Kamen Rider Descend.

Kisuke undo his transformation from Descend as he hurried towards Souma and carried Renee in his arms, "Renee, Hang in there. I will get you out of here to somewhere safe".

Afraid that his colleague has already forgotten so, Souma reminded his brave colleague, "But Kisuke, we shouldn't forget our plight as lost ones in the remote area of South Korea."

"I know, Souma. Let's get her back to where the Captain is waiting for us at the plane-wreck."

When Kisuke and Souma was about to make their exit from the site, they noticed that the base of the smoke was expanding a black hole that teared through time and dimension.

In intimidation of the sudden phenomenon, Kisuke called out-

That- that is...!

The black hole dissipated into a large dimension wall while it continued to approach Kisuke and Souma like a sweeping wave down it paths.

Engulfed by the vortex of time and space, the dimension void sent them into another world…

Author's Note: The true chapter 1 was pretty concise, where Renee (which is what we would address her throughout the First Grand-Arc), meets her companions which would accompany her for her journey - Kisuke and Souma. Kisuke's debut battle as Kamen Rider Descend.

(Which i would conveniently divulge here, that Morishita Souma is Souma Haruto's parallel existence in the world of non-rider, which the back-story that would also accounts for the reason behind his current name, Morishita Souma, would also be revealed much later in the story when Souma meets Souma in the world of Kamen Rider Wizard.)

[Fun fact about Morishita Souma: In contrary to Souma Haruto, "Anything but plain sugar!", was his catch-phrase whenever he's at a donut shop, which the shop name is "Munchy Donuts" to be exact!]