The Monster In Me
Twilight/Vampire Diaries Crossover.
Authors note: Hey guys, this is my first crossover and my first vampire diaries story. It's OOC a bit & AU a tad. Also, every chapter will begin with a quote from a song that I wrote the chapter to. Also an entry from Bella's journal will be at the top of some (most?) chapters. Enjoy & follow me on Twitter fragilegravityx.

Things are not always;
Things are not always how they seem.
They don't quite turn out always how we think.
Will we be ready?
I'm dying to know what's in your head;
I'm dying to know how it got there.
I'm dying to know, trying to make sense of it all.
I'm dying to know, tell me is it my fault?
[Imogen Heap, 2-1]

I miss the way your voice would seep into my soul and spread its warmth through every bone in my body. The nights that your arms were wrapped around me so tight protecting me from all that was unknown. How your eyes would watch every expression on my face with such intensity that my soul felt as if you were reading it scar to scar. These are the moments that are hard to let go of, the ones that keep me coming back to your chaos. – Bella's Journal entry.


"I can find you in a crowded room," I can hear the smile in his voice, his arms tighten around me as we lay in my bed nothing but my sheet covering us "Just by the sound of your voice" he leans in and kisses my neck "Just by the smell of your skin. It's as if you were made for me Bella, every part of you calls to me."

I grab his hand and hold it against my chest, "Do you remember the day we met?"

He chuckled, "How could I forget? You were sent to torture me. Everything changed the moment you walked through that door and into my life."

"I remember how angry you were when you saw me," I grinned "and now here we are, in bed together on a rainy Sunday."

"You know what's crazy?" he kissed my cheek, "I imagined this, a million times over. But my imagination never came close to how perfect this really is, how perfect you really are."

I could feel myself blush, "Edward-"

"I'm serious Bella, you're perfect and you don't see yourself clearly enough to see how people react to you," he laughed "How easily you make them fall in love with you."

I snorted, poking him in his side "Be serious Edward,"

We laid silent for a few moments, his hand on my hip his thumb rubbing a circle into my skin "I don't know what my future has in store for me, and it scares me-"

"Shhh," I rolled over to face him, "Edward, if there is one thing in this world I can be sure of- it's that no matter where you end up you'll have the world at your fingertips."

He smiled, "You promise?"

"I do."

"Then, Isabella Swan; marry me, because you're my world."

[o] Five months later [o]

"I have a hard time believing that he just showed up Bella" Edward kept his eyes on my face, his hand grasping my arm "I told you it was unsafe for you to be around him. Why do you keep insisting on throwing yourself into the middle of danger?"

I tried pulling my arm away but it was fruitless "Edward, you have to believe me. Jake came by to talk to my dad and that's it."

"Then why hide it from me?"

"I wasn't hiding it!" He looked so disappointed in me, so hurt by what I had done that I couldn't catch my breath, it was as if my heart had stopped beating. I couldn't think of a way to make him understand that I was telling him the truth. That the only reason Jake came over was to talk to my father about a job at the sheriff's station.

"Please, Edward! Just listen-"

He shook his head cutting me off, his eye lids fluttered shut and I knew in that moment that when his eyes opened again I'd see everything I had worked so hard for crumble to the ground only leaving destruction in its wake.


"Hey Bells?" I stopped and looked into the living room, "Yeah dad?"

"You going to bed?" the words out of his mouth didn't match his expression "Yeah, I had a long day." He nodded his head, "Jake's starting at the station in a few wee-"

"That's good dad" I forced a smile and turned to walk away but he stopped me again, "Hey kid, He misses you."

I felt so numb to his words; to everything that they meant that I couldn't answer him back, not without him noticing how monotonous it sounded "Goodnight Dad"


The buzz of my phone vibrating on my nightstand wakes me up, my eyes still blurry with sleep as I reach for it.

I know who it is without looking at it, I know who it is before the voice speaks. I can feel who it is before I put the phone to my ear. Just as I know all of this, I know what they'll say.

"I'm sorry," his voice is barely above a whisper as I hold my breath. "I'm so sorry." I can't hear what he's saying any longer- the moonlight shining through my window dances across my pale skin grabbing my attention- But I know the script by heart I no longer have to hear the words 'I never meant to hurt you, I don't know why I did that- I was just so angry that you could have gotten hurt. I was so scared of losing you that I lost my mind. I'm sorry Bella, I love you"

The ugly color of the handprint on my pale arm screams at me, but I ignore it. It's my turn to read the lines of the script "I love you," I whisper back, "It'll be okay"


Night turns into day- wash, rinse and repeat. I can feel myself drowning but I no longer have the energy to scream for help.

I open the front door and see him standing there; my heart jumps and the butterflies that should have died long ago are back from the dead. "I've missed you love," his voice is like smooth honey.

This time it'll be okay- I tell myself as I fall into his arms. It's a lie I'll make myself believe until my dying breath. And for the first time since yesterday I can finally breathe.

"I've missed you too, Edward"

Extra A/N: I know, I know you hate me. I turned Edward into a douchenozzel, Im sorry. Really, I love Edward, I do. But go ahead and comment on how horrible I am, or how awesome. But just give this a chance, I promise not everything is what is seems *bahahahahaha*

p.s I also see Bella look more like the actress that plays Haley from one tree hill. in case you all are wondering. :)