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Run and End your Daydreaming...


He was not the first person I ever went out with, but he was my first love. That's why letting go, forgetting and moving on is taking me grave efforts.

My Ritsu died young. Just when he was already starting to open up and be more honest with his feelings towards me, the hands of events took him from me in an instant.

His death was pure accident, with the details too painful for me to even think of. If I could, I would give everything just to reverse the situation or better yet, be in his place instead.

I fell into depression, alcohol and cigarette became my refuge. It was like the end of the world. Why is it that when you're trying to grasp what you really desire, life has its way of getting into your way turning everything for the worse?

Now two years after his death, I finally decided to move on. Truth be told, it hurts so much, very…very much. If I could, I would live the rest of my life in his memories, even though the time we spent together was just short. But I know if he could talk to me right now, he would scold me in that high, irritated voice while fidgeting and reddening…I still miss those reactions from him.

My love, Ritsu…I am letting go of you now. But always remember my heart is forever yours. I don't know if I could still ever fall in love again. When you died, a part of me went straight together with you in the grave. My heart will never beat again as much as it did for you.

I will stop dwelling in your memories now. I know that's what you want me to do in the first place, wherever you are. I will move on now with my strength barely holding out...do not worry about me anymore.

Ritsu…may you rest in peace…

"From whom could this be coming from?" Takano asked himself tapping his red marker on the table. The storm of a cycle just ended and everyone in the Shoujo Manga editing department was having a moment of relaxation finally.

Kisa Shouta rested his head on his now clean, sparkling table, almost to tears. "Ahh…another hell cycle done…I can finally relax…eh?" Kisa suddenly sat back on his chair staring at the fiery red rose Takano was holding.

"Takano-san…could it be that you already have someone…" Kisa stopped when Hatori threw a glare at him. "Ah…did someone give you a rose Takano-san? Valentines is still far away though…" he said scratching his head, nervous that it might make their Chief editor depressed again after the long time he spent on recovering from Onodera Ritsu's untimely death.

Takano threw the bloody rose with a black ribbon tied on it on his table and sighed. He tried to fix first some of the manuscripts he was starting to check before replying to Kisa. The Chief Editor really didn't want to be left with doing nothing.

"No…I picked it up from 'his' grave," He answered still shuffling in his drawer. Kisa thought Takano was still trying to avoid the talk about anything related to Ritsu's death but, he soon discovered he was wrong. After a couple of rustling, Takano then pulled a bunch of wilted, dried roses with black ribbons attached to it on the table.

Mino-san who just finished a phone call, Hatori who just finished scolding Yoshikawa Chiharu via cell phone and Kisa who was staring at Takano got their interests strummed by the number of dried roses on Takano's table.

Kisa stood from his seat and picked up one, inspecting it closely, tugging the ribbon then twirling the almost black rose. "Takano-san…why do you have so many of this? The black ribbon gives me the creeps!"

Hatori looked at Kisa then at the flowers too while Mino-san stood behind Kisa having his own thoughts.

Takano sighed seeing that his team was so interested to know what was with the wilted roses. "A month after Ritsu's death, I went to visit him, you know we're always busy but I try to visit his grave at least even once a month, and each time I go there, there is always a red rose with black ribbon on his tomb."

Kisa's face showed clear surprise. "Every month? Don't you have any idea who could be leaving these…" Kisa touched a fallen petal, "…these creepy roses?"

Takano creased his brows. "None. I already tried asking some of his relatives about a rose, but they don't have any idea about it," the man suddenly gave each one of the men a questioning look. "These didn't come from any one of you, correct?"

The three jerked their heads sideways in unison.

Kisa couldn't take his eyes off the roses despite him having the chills. He picked up the very recent one, which was still bloody red and frowned. "You know Takano-san, a red doesn't only symbolizes love. It also means hatred. And this ribbon…it'slike whoever is leaving these roses got a huge hatred towards Ricchan and it's as if he's saying; 'Good thing you're there already…'."

Takano gave a stern look at Kisa. "I don't think anyone would be hating Ritsu, as stupid as he was."

"Ah…HAHAHA…right…maybe it's just a prank," Kisa said backing away.

"Kisa-san, you're imagination is pretty wild today," Mino-san said going back to his seat.

"Ah-of all the days it could be raining…why today?" Takano grunted as he slowly made his way to Ritsu's grave. With his other hand holding a bouquet of Lilies, the other one gripping the umbrella, he trudged his way to the place he surprisingly felt calm. He finally had the courage to move on and continue living and visiting Ritsu's grave has become a habit that started two years ago.

It was quiet except the continues drum of the rain falling on the pavement and the tombs. With a foggy way, Takano inhaled, absorbing that at that time, it was just him in that area. No other visitors, no other people. He can have Ritsu for himself under this rain, tell him what was going on with the editing department, and how Yokozawa confessed to him that he was going out with somebody.

He smiled, imagining the kind of face his Ritsu would make if he heard the news. And so, smiling alone, he continued walking. Making a left turn to the row of old style tombs, only a couple of minutes and he would be standing in front of Ritsu's grave.

Takano looked at his drenched shoes and at the tomb he was passing by. "Are you cold, Ritsu?" He murmured in the rain, thinking that the body of the man he loved had been reduced to ashes feeling the moisture of the air.

When he raised his head, he froze.

He saw a red flower being tossed to the grave without so much care. It was as if whoever the man was, was just tossing garbage. The rose made some turns, the black ribbon, dancing on air, and fell pathetically on the place just below Ritsu's name.

Takano's body, tensed with anger at how disrespectful and rude the person was being towards his Ritsu. He fumed in anger even more when he noticed the smile forming on the profile of the man.

Gripping the Lilies so tightly his palm turned white, Takano walked briskly towards the man standing in front of Ritsu's grave, splashing water everywhere.

"Hoi! Who the hell are you!?" Takano hissed, leaving a good distance between them.

The man didn't look at him right away. And despite the fact that it was raining, the rude guy didn't have an umbrella with him. His profile was being hidden by ebony, black hair dripping wet from the rain.

"Are you deaf or what?" Takano asked again.

The guy inserted his hands inside his leather pants and slowly turned his head to look at Takano's way.

Suddenly, the air got stuck inside Takano's throat. He lost his grip on his umbrella and Lilies. He felt he has gone crazy as he stared with wide eyes at the man's face.

"Is this hallucination? My eyes playing tricks on me? Have I gone crazy…" Takano's brain rattled.

He was staring at Onodera Ritsu's face. The face that should have been lying in the grave. The face of the man he so badly wanted to spend his life with but died in an accident. Why was that face staring back at him in those cold, ruthless eyes?

Takano dashed at the man and gripped him on both shoulders with shaking hands. If this is hallucination…I wouldn't be able to touch him.

But there he was, holding the man, feeling his warmth against the cold rain, the devilish grin still plastered on his Ritsu's face.

"Ritsu…" the man in confusion uttered in a pained voice. Whether he was crying or not, only the rain knew.

The man with Ritsu's face frowned in disgust. "Dare calling me in that name again and I'll rip your tongue out."

That familiar voice, sent shivers down his spine, his head in a bubble of questions.

Speechless, Takano stared at the emerald eyes, searching for answers, unaware that his fingers were already digging hardly on the man's flesh.

"Oww!" The guy shrieked, slapping Takano's hands away hard, Takano flinched. His Ritsu never hit him like that. He never would. "Fuck off!"

Crushed with the way his Ritsu was talking to him, Takano took a step forward, raised his hand, and slowly, delicately touched the man's cold cheeks.

The man rolled his eyes then backed off laughing. "The hell? What do you think I am? An apparition or something?"

Black leather sleeveless shirt glistened against the rain. The echo of the familiar voice filled Takano's ears. And then the man looked at the grave and spat on it. "Ritsu, is this your fucking lover?" He then nodded in understanding as if the tomb answered. He walked towards Takano and raised his head so close their faces almost touching.

"Too bad Mister…I am not your 'beloved, pure, dearest, Ritsu'…so don't go crying on me it's disgusting," he whispered on Takano's mouth.

Baffled, caught in utter confusion, Takano, for the first time in a long time, lost his control, he felt his legs would give out.

True, the man has Ritsu's face. But he wasn't Ritsu. The man had black hair, he had piercings on his left brow, he had a black rose tattoo on his left arm. But the thing that totally showed he was not Ritsu was the way how the man's eyes were. They were emerald, but they were the eyes of someone who had all the hardships in the world. Someone who had anger and hatred surrounding him.

He was not his Ritsu.

Brushing his wet bangs away from his eyes, the man sighed. "Ah—I got busted by the lover…what a drag." Then he looked at Takano straight in the eyes with a blank expression.

"Nice to meet the lover though…you haven't heard anything about me?" The guy squinted. "Oh well…they treated me anyway as if I didn't exist," he said more like to himself. Then the man bowed his head, his hand clutching his chest.


Takano felt himself jumping out of his skin at the facial expression, at the voice…at the exactness of how the imposter copied his Ritsu.

The guy laughed hard, bending, holding his stomach as he laughed his head out. "I got you there! Man, you should have seen your face!"

"Who are you?!" Takano yelled broken.

The black-haired guy smiled and pointed at himself. "Me? Nothing special," he looked at the grave. "Just the good for nothing twin brother of the skeleton there..." he snorted. "My name? Onodera Retsu."

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