Title: You Make Me Smile

Summary: All Kurt wanted was to get some coffee, preferably without thinking about his (ex?)boyfriend. As it turns out he's going to get a lot more than expected.

Warnings: I wouldn't call it bashing, but canon events are used, casting Blaine in an unfavorable light. Also, this chapter is completely tame, but there are plans for future smut.

Spoilers: Definite spoilers for The Break Up. Also for Dance With Somebody, other than that nothing blatant that I can think of.

Disclaimer: Not mine, things would be so different it's pretty ridiculous.

A/N: Sooo, this is my first Glee fic, ever. Also the first thing I've written period in over a year. So If it's complete and utter crap, I'm just gonna go ahead and blame it on me being realllly rusty. Also the first time I've actually posted something, though I've been reading fanfiction for yearrrssssssss.

Originally planned for this to be a oneshot, it has now become a multi-chapter… thing. Not sure how long yet, but definitely more than the one and then two chapters I had planned.

This is a Kurtbastian fic, and Sebastian could be considered OOC possibly? But considering the last we saw of him on the show he was meant to be turning over a new leaf I just went with it.

Also, this is unbetaed, any mistakes are my own, and considering it's 10:30 in the morning and I haven't slept… just, yeah.

Long A/N is long. That is all.

Coffee. Kurt Hummel needed coffee, desperately. Preferably from an actual café, and not made by the cheap coffee pot at the loft, or the god awful sludge that seemed to be the only thing anyone could make at Voguedotcom.

The problem was that he hadn't stepped foot inside a single coffee shop in two weeks, or to be more accurate, two weeks, five days, four hours and about 35 minutes. Not that he was counting or anything. He hadn't even realized he was doing it at first, he just told himself he had clearly been in too much of a hurry to stop for coffee, or anything else for that matter. Not to mention the ridiculous amount of money he spent on his caffeine addiction, cutting back was definitely a good thing. He had mostly just lucked out at work, managing to not be around when someone was looking for an intern to send on a coffee run. Which was a miracle in itself, Kurt wasn't really used to being lucky.

It had taken him a week to admit to himself that his avoidance had more to do with his break up with Blaine than anything else.

Or, non-break up, fight, confession, whatever it was. After all, you had to actually talk to someone to break up with them, right? And he still hadn't spoken to his boyfriend, ex-boyfriend? Despite the flowers, notes begging for forgiveness, texts and voicemails that had all begun to slow from an outpour to an inconsistent trickle and ending completely five days ago with a single text.

I love you so much; please call me when you're ready to talk. I know we can work this out. I'm sorry.

He hadn't spoken to Blaine because he wasn't sure if he could forgive the other boy and he wasn't completely ready to think about what that would mean. Throughout his constantly shifting emotions, ranging from anger, betrayal, heartbreak and confusion, not to mention time spent imagining and re-imagining conversations with Blaine, he had yet to be able to feel anything resembling forgiveness.

But Blaine was not his immediate problem, right now he needed a non-fat mocha, and he needed it now. His immediate problem was that he was letting the memories of his (ex?)boyfriend keep him from walking into a damn Starbucks that they had never even been to together. He'd been standing in front of said Starbucks, just staring blankly at the door for about five minutes now, certainly long enough for him to look like a complete moron, or crazy.

"Pull yourself together Kurt, open the stupid door, walk in and get your coffee and then leave." He groaned at the realization that he was talking to himself, if he hadn't looked crazy before he certainly did now.

The irritation with himself served a purpose at least, he finally managed to take the six steps between him and the door and actually walk in. He paused for only a few seconds in the entryway to shove all ridiculously overdramatic thoughts of Blaine and the crazy link in his own head between the boy and coffee and all coffee related things to the back of his mind.

With a deep breath he propelled himself forward to smile at the overly cheerful barista, "Grande non-fat mocha."

He hoped he didn't flinch noticeably when another barista sat a cup down at the other end of the counter with a call of "grande drip."

"Freaking seriously?" He muttered to himself, the universe obviously hated him.

As soon as his drink order was called he was snatching it up, prepared to get the hell out of the shop, hopefully before he could manage to drive himself completely insane. His haste to get out of the store, combined with tunnel vision zoned in on the door meant that he didn't hear it at first.

"Gay face! It is you! I thought so, but there are so many fashion minded women in New York I thought you might actually be a woman."

Kurt froze momentarily before turning very slowly, convinced that when he managed to make the full turn the condescending comment would have just been a figment of his imagination, brought on by the fairly ridiculous amount of stress he had managed to give himself in his quest for coffee.

Instead, he came face to face with Sebastian Smythe.

What had he been thinking about the universe earlier? Something about an all-encompassing hatred of one Kurt Elizabeth Hummel? Yes, that sounded about right.

"What the hell are you doing here?"

Sebastian brought a hand up to his heart, somehow managing to arrange his features into both an amused smirk and mock hurt. "Aw, c'mon Hummel, aren't you happy to see me? I know I probably shouldn't have opened with the gay face thing or the clothes, considering the truce and everything. But really, sarcasm just seems to be my default setting around you, I think we both know you secretly like it though."

Kurt stared at him in what he was sure was a completely unattractive manner, but it was hard to care when he was so angry. "The truce? The truce? Are- are you serious? What are you even doing in New York? You got what you wanted all along! I would assume you were here to rub it in my face, but despite your stalkerish tendencies at the Lima Bean I can't imagine you could possibly know I would be here."

"Got what I wanted?" Sebastian had lost the smirk and now just looked surprisingly confused, "What the hell are youtalking about? I go to school here, little place called NYU, maybe you've heard of it? And there were only so many places to get a good cup of coffee in Ohio, the Lima Bean happened to be the only one less than an hour away, I'm not a stalker."

He'd finished the sentence with his lips turning down into something dangerously resembling a pout. Even in his (now admittedly wavering) anger, Kurt couldn't help but think that it would not be fair at all for someone that unfairly good looking to start pouting at him.

"NYU? I thought you were a junior…" he just sort of let his thought fizzle out as he spoke, his own confusion growing. "So you've been in New York since when?"

The other boy definitely looked confused at this point, and perhaps a little exasperated, "A week after graduation, there was no way I was staying in Ohio any longer than necessary. Are you planning to explain your little outburst at any point, Princess?"

A week after graduation, Kurt frowned, "You haven't been back to visit at all?"

Sebastian's eyebrow shot up, and he looked at Kurt expectantly for a moment before answering with an irritated huff, "Seriously? No I haven't been back, if my parents want to see me they come here and I have absolutely no other reason what-so-ever to go back for a visit."

Kurt opened and closed his mouth a few times, his anger, well his anger at the boy in front of him anyway, wiped out completely. Blaine had been telling the truth about not cheating with Sebastian then. He didn't even consider the idea that Sebastian could be lying, he didn't think a realm of possibility existed where the jerk (reformed jerk or not) could keep from bragging about sleeping with Blaine. The idea wasn't as pleasant as he might have thought. He had been absolutely sure Sebastian was the only person that Blaine would cheat on him with. The tall, sarcastic, asshole was gorgeous after all (uncanny resemblance to admittedly cute rodents notwithstanding) and whether he would ever admit it or not, Blaine had been fascinated by Sebastian when they first met, and Kurt had known that. On some deep, dark level that he refused to acknowledge, he even understood it. But knowing that it hadn't been Sebastian, it really had just been some guy, some random guy that wasn't Kurt, somehow that was even worse.

Sebastian was looking at him with something close to concern now. "Okay, seriously Kurt, are you alright?"

He wasn't sure if it was the shock of hearing his actual name come from the other boy or the fact that he just desperately wanted to talk to someone that wasn't living in a fantasy world where it was already decided that eventually Kurt would, not might, but would forgive Blaine for his indiscretions and they would sing and dance their way off into a rainbow colored sunset. Either way, he had absolutely no control over what came out of his mouth next.

"Blaine cheated on me."

Sebastian blinked at him, mouth opening, presumably to respond, but Kurt kept going before he could, still completely lacking his usual steel reinforced filter.

"I thought it was with you, but obviously that assumption was wrong, which means that he just slept with some random guy. I honestly don't know why that's so much worse to me, but it is."

"Blaine. As in the Blaine that refused to sleep with me for like nine months, no matter how hard I tried, Blaine Anderson, cheated on you?"

Kurt started laughing, he couldn't help it, the obvious surprise and offense that had been so clear in Sebastian's reaction to the news was just too much. He brought a hand up to cover his mouth as he laughed hard enough to bring tears to his eyes.

Sebastian, still looking quite offended, and yet again a little concerned for Kurt's well-being, took hold of the smaller boy's arm and led him over to an empty table. "People are staring Hummel, try to calm your hysterics."

An indelicate snort escaped Kurt before he could help it, resulting in a few more uncontrollable giggles. "S-sorry, I'm sorry, I just, this whole thing is so ridiculous."

"Agreed. Was the guy even hot? Because seriously, if he turned me down all that time and then went at it with some fugly random, I will be furious."

Kurt rolled his eyes and finally took a sip of his mocha while he tried not to slip into another uncontainable fit of laughter, "I wouldn't know, I thought it was you remember?"

Sebastian eyed him a bit warily, "Right, and why is that exactly? I hadn't even seen either of you since Regionals last year. The little Hobbit didn't say it was me did he? Because actually being involved is one thing, but I don't appreciate getting all the blame and none of the rewards."

"Nice, very nice Meerkat," Kurt's face scrunched up in obvious distaste, but Sebastian merely smirked at him. "But no, he actually said it wasn't you when I asked, but I suppose in my head you were the only possibility, I mean, who else could it be? As I said though, I was obviously wrong."

Sebastian leaned back in his seat, long arms coming to cross over his chest, eyeing Kurt with something unreadable in his expression. "Well, who would have thought it, you and Wonderboy broken up? To be honest I always kind of thought the two of you were the illusive real deal."

"We're not broken up," Kurt muttered, wavering slightly when both of Sebastian's eyebrows shot up in surprise.

"I haven't spoken to him to break up with him. But then, I guess… Is a break up implied when you don't speak to the other person for almost three weeks after they confess to infidelity?"

It was Sebastian's turn to laugh, "I wouldn't exactly consider myself a relationship expert, Hummel, that's not really something I have too much experience with. Sex on the other hand is a completely different story."

He continued to watch Kurt, that same unreadable, something, in his eyes, "So you haven't broken up with him, even though he cheated. Gotta say I'm a little surprised, you don't seem like the type to put up with a guy stepping out on you. Didn't think lying down and taking it would be an option for you either, even from Blaine. Are you going to break up with him, or are you just letting him suffer before you take him back?"

Kurt could actually feel himself flinch at the part about just taking it, "Yes, well like you said Craigslist, you wouldn't know anything about relationships would you? Seeing as yours only last 20 minutes in the backrooms of sleazy clubs and probably involve the exchanging of venereal diseases."

He stood, picking up his coffee and intending to leave as quickly as possible, but Sebastian was in his path before he could even take a step. "Hold up Casper the Fashionable Ghost, I didn't actually mean to upset you, I was just surprised by the entire situation. Sit down."

Currently very blue eyes stared stubbornly past Sebastian's shoulder towards the door and he made to step aside so that he could walk past the former Warbler, only to have his movement halted by a hand on his arm.

"Let me go Smythe, I have better things to do than sit here and listen to you tell me how pathetic I am."

The grip on his bicep tightened momentarily, not anywhere near enough to hurt, but enough to make its presence known and compel Kurt to actually look at Sebastian. As soon as he realized he had Kurt's attention he started talking again.

"I really am sorry; I genuinely didn't mean to upset you. Please sit down Kurt."

Kurt didn't even care that he was gaping like an idiot, Sebastian Smythe had just apologized to him for the second time in their history, said please, and that was twice in one meeting that he'd used Kurt's name. That infuriatingly unreadable, thing, in those green eyes was now accompanied by something that was terrifyingly close to desperation.

Wordlessly, Kurt set his cup back down on the table and slipped his arm out of Sebastian's grasp. He took his seat and made a show of crossing his legs, and then his arms over his chest, leveling a cool stare at the still standing boy. When he spoke, his words had a touch of warmth to them that betrayed the look and unfriendly posture.

"I'm willing to allow you a few more minutes of my time, are you planning to sit back down, or are you going to stand there staring at me like a moron, Chipmunk?"

Sebastian actually smiled, honest to God smiled, at him, no smirk in sight.

Kurt was positive it was something off about the sip of coffee he'd just taken that caused the random sensation of butterflies fluttering around his stomach. Because it was most definitely not the criminal chipmunk's smile doing strange things to him, Blaine or no Blaine.

"Your generosity astounds me Princess. Thank you ever so much for your time!" Sebastian gave a mocking bow as he returned to his seat.

Kurt hid his smile behind his cup; he could actually bring himself to admit that this was mildly enjoyable, the snarky comments and mild sarcasm, now lacking all the bite and intent to hurt they'd held a year ago.

"Well, Sebastian," the name felt strange on his tongue in such a neutral context, but he supposed if the other boy could manage first name basis, then so could he. "You wanted me to stay, and I'm here, are you just going to sit there and stare at me, or are you going to talk at some point."

He was smirking again, Not that he's unattractive when he smirks, but now that I've seen him smile, it seems to pale in comparison. Kurt viciously squashed down the traitorous little sliver of a thought, appalled by the obviously disturbed voice in his head. Clearly he was being impacted by this whole confusing (non)breakup business more than he thought, and it wasn't surprising that the sudden presence of a mildly attractive, gay, male, whether it was Sebastian Smythe or not, would affect him. After all it had been over a month since he had actually been with Blaine, and Sebastian kept looking at him with that weird emotion in his eyes that Kurt still couldn't identify.

Sebastian's lips tilted up into an almost smile, "If I ask you more about Blaine will you flip out and try to leave again?"

Kurt frowned and thoughtfully traced a finger down the side of his coffee cup. "It depends on what you plan on asking I suppose."

"I'm mostly just curious about why you haven't tossed him to the curb I suppose." Sebastian answered with a shrug, his eyes following Kurt's fingers on the cup. "I meant what I said earlier, just not in the context you took it in; I don't see you as someone who would just take that kind of crap. Partially because you fought me so hard when I was going after Blaine last year, no matter how much of a dick I was."

Not knowing how to answer immediately, Kurt took another sip of his drink, stalling for time. He simply stared out the window out onto the busy street for a moment, surprised when Sebastian didn't push for an answer, simply allowing the delay.

"I was going to," he finally started, once again kind of glad he had someone to talk to about it, even if it was someone completely unexpected.

Sebastian was looking at him, confused again, so he quickly began to elaborate, "Break up with him; I was going to break up with him. We'd been planning for him to come see me in two weeks when he cheated. He couldn't even keep it in his damn pants for two weeks and then he blamed me."

"Wait, what?" Sebastian still looked confused, but Kurt was shocked to find that he actually looked a little angry as well. "He blamed you for his cheating? And you still didn't break up with him?"

Kurt laughed, though the sound was hollow and completely lacking any form of humor, "He told me that he needed me but that I wasn't there, and that he was lonely."

He paused again, each time he talked about it he found himself a little less sad and lot angrier. At the time he'd just been heartbroken and even felt a little guilty, knowing that he had been incredibly busy since he moved to New York, and he it was true that he hadn't been able to give Blaine as much attention, but dammit that did not make cheating an acceptable pastime, now he felt something akin to disbelief at the situation.

"He left the next morning before we had a chance to talk, and I had every intention of just calling him up to end it. But it seemed like every time I talked to someone about it, they started implying that I shouldn't do anything rash. I shouldn't be throwing a two year relationship away just like that, considering I would obviously forgive him eventually and wouldn't it be best if when, when not if, I took him back and forgave him, that I hadn't done anything I would regret. Like it was inevitable, like no matter what he does, I have to forgive him for it and just let things slide."

Sebastian was staring at him now, looking like he was going to say something, but Kurt was on a roll, finally able to say all the things he'd wanted to say to Rachel and all the other old glee friends he'd talked to since the incident.

"Did you know that I met another gay guy last year?" He didn't actually pause to let Sebastian answer. "Chandler, he was the third out guy our age I'd ever met, we met when I was looking for sheet music for a glee assignment, and Blaine had refused to accompany me. He was a nice guy, a little out there and amusingly flirty. It was all a bit of a novelty for me, I can completely own up to that, I've never had a guy interested in me that I didn't have to chase, even Blaine, especially, Blaine. We exchanged numbers and he started texting me atrocious pick-up lines, and considering all the time Blaine had spent texting you, I honestly never thought there was anything wrong with it. At least that's what I was always told when I complained about Blaine texting you."

He paused to take a breath, meeting Sebastian's eyes to find that the other boy was watching him, seemingly fascinated, "Go on."

Kurt floundered for a moment, usually this was where people started telling him how perfect Blaine was and that yes actually, Kurt, you kind of were in the wrong there.

"W-well, Blaine and I were at my house one night, and I left the room for a little while and when I came back he'd been going through my text messages. And, seriously, they were all completely ridiculous, things like, 'Are you an astronaut? Because your smile is out of this world' and I think there was something about Cleopatra and having a great asp."

Sebastian snorted into his coffee but gestured for Kurt to continue. "He insisted it was cheating, and when I brought up him doing the same thing with you, he insisted the entire exchange between the two of you was 'family friendly' though I've never been able to figure out how he considered Chandler's texts to be anything else."

It only took a glance at Sebastian's half amused and half offended face to know that whatever had been in his texts to Blaine, they hadn't had a PG rating.

"The next day he sang It's Not Right But It's Okay to me in front of the entire glee club after proclaiming that it was for anyone who had been cheated on. Of course that club was full of some of the worst gossip mongers in the history of high school, so I pretty much never heard the end of it after that. In response I sang I Have Nothing, which landed us in the guidance counselor's office where he eventually confessed that he'd been ignoring me so that he could practice for when I wouldn't be around when I came to New York."

"I'd ask if you were serious, but you so obviously are that I can't even doubt you," Sebastian muttered. He ran a hand through his hair, frowning down at his coffee, seemingly trying to think of something to say. "I don't get it though, I mean, just because your clearly demented friends live in an apparent fantasy world where the Hobbit is perfect and everything is rainbows and roses, if it's not what you want then why didn't you break up with him anyway?"

Kurt couldn't help but be amused, "You know, you seemed to think the Hobbit was pretty perfect yourself last year."

"No, I thought he was hot and I wanted to fuck him, I never thought he was perfect, and since we're being honest, my whole going after Blaine thing actually didn't stay about Blaine for very long."

Blinking at him, Kurt was a little proud of himself for not blushing when the word fuck came out of Sebastian's mouth, sounding undeniably dirty. Then the rest of the sentence caught up with him. "What do you mean? It wasn't about Blaine for very long?"

Sebastian was studying him now, like he was looking for something before he answered the question. Kurt just lifted a single brow, giving him a mild 'bitch please' face, which seemed to be good enough for Sebastian.

"I wanted Blaine at first, I mean, the bashful school boy thing was pretty sexy, but then I met you and getting you all riled up was even more fun than trying to get in Blaine's pants. Not to mention I'm fairly good at reading people and it didn't take very long to realize that the school boy act wasn't an act, and I really don't do cutesy vanilla stuff which in my experience is what guys like Blaine are into."

"So, you kept going after Blaine solely because you liked pissing me off? So," he paused, so far their conversation had been surprisingly light, considering the subject matter, he wasn't sure if it would stay that way after his next question. "What about the slushie? I mean, you were aiming it at me and…"

He drifted off, leaving the question open ended and watching Sebastian carefully.

"I never wanted to actually hurt anyone with that stupid slushie; I wanted to screw up your clothes, and that's exactly what would have happened if Blaine's short ass hadn't jumped in front of you."

Kurt was a little surprised when his immediate response to hearing this was to laugh, and not the borderline hysterical or the humorless laughter from earlier, but genuine laughter.

"You aren't allowed to start freaking out on me again, Kurt," Sebastian deadpanned.

Waving off his own laughter, Kurt shook his head, "I'm not, promise. I just couldn't help it, I mean, it's not funny that Blaine got hurt; I swear that's not why I was laughing. It's just, you wanted to hurt my clothes!"

Still fighting off a few straggling giggles; Kurt buried his face in his hands before looking back up at the boy across from him. "I guess it's not really funny at all, I just-"

He shrugged helplessly. But instead of snarking at him or laughing at Kurt's helplessness, Sebastian was smiling at him again. "Maybe you just needed to laugh?"

Kurt's breath caught a little at that stupid smile and that stupid look in Sebastian's eyes, it was maybe, possibly, becoming a little more recognizable. "Umm, yeah, I guess so. So, you had more fun trying to irritate me than trying to get in Blaine's pants? I think I might be a little weirdly flattered."

Sebastian laughed this time, a ridiculously adorable sound, and Kurt realized he'd never heard the other boy laugh before, which probably shouldn't be so surprising considering their relationship.

"You should be, if I'd thought I had a chance in hell of getting you away from Blaine after our unfortunate first meeting, I'd have gone after you."

"Oh my God, you are so full of it," Kurt managed through his laughter. "You are so not and have never been attracted to me!"

A strangely petulant expression settled across Sebastian's face, "Oh? What makes you think it's so impossible?"

"I- I," Kurt's laughter slowly faded, a touch of uncertainty slipping into it, "I have a gay face remember? And there was something about a Puerto Rican pride float and old Betty White…"

He let the words just sort of drift off as he took just how intensely Sebastian was watching him, "Uh…"

"So, I guess that means that you must really think I look like a smirky meerkat, smell like Craigslist, and have gigantic horse teeth?"

There was no fighting off the blush that immediately began creeping over his cheeks and down his neck. But that didn't keep him from attempting to play the whole thing down. He sniffed and held his head up higher. "Of course I do, you are a smirky little meerkat, you do smell like Craigslist, and you do have gigantic horse teeth."

To his surprise Sebastian just kept smiling at him, "Right, of course, my apologies. Give me your phone."

"What?" Kurt asked, bemused.

"You're phone, Princess," Sebastian rolled his eyes. "Let me see it."

Only partially suspicious and a tiny bit trusting, he pulled his smart phone out of his messenger bag and handed it over, forcing himself not to react when Sebastian's fingers brushed his own. Kurt watched curiously as the boy immediately began typing things onto the touch screen, and then as he was sliding Kurt's phone back over to him, a light chiming noise came from his own pocket.

Kurt glanced down at the still lit screen of his phone and found it open to a contact information page, the name read You Know You Think I'm A Sexy Meerkat. The blush that had slowly begun to dissipate was back immediately.

It worsened when his own phone beeped and he opened the text that Sebastian had apparently just sent him, even though he was sitting a few feet away.

Have coffee with me tomorrow? I happen to have a thing for guys with gay faces, particularly yours. ;)

Kurt blinked down at his phone, making sure he'd read it correctly. Finally he brought his gaze up to Sebastian's, convinced he would immediately see something in his face that told him the whole thing was a joke. Instead, he found the boy's green eyes focused solely on him, very serious, and that unreadable thing that wasn't so unreadable anymore.

Sebastian liked him, Sebastian "I want in your boyfriend's pants" Smythe, liked Kurt Hummel.

"Is this just about sex? Because if you're so good at reading people, then I would think you'd know by now I'm not okay with casual sex."

Sebastian laughed that dorky, adorable laugh again, sending the butterflies in Kurt's stomach into an uproar. "I did pick up on that at some point, yes."

Kurt bit at his lip, still watching Sebastian as though he was going to jump up and declare entire conversation a joke any second now. "Technically I still have a boyfriend."

"Yeah, one that you don't even want, for very good reason," Sebastian muttered, almost under his breath. "Anyway, that's why I asked you for coffee, in full daylight, with no expectations of anything else. Until the douche bag is officially your ex, then all bets are off."

"I-," he had to pause and swallow around his suddenly very dry throat, "I'm not sure when I'll be done at work tomorrow. I'm interning at Voguedotcom, the hours can be pretty crazy."

"That's fine, you can just text me when you're done, I'm done with classes by four tomorrow. There's a place about a block over that has better coffee and really good sandwiches, I'll text you the address later."

His eyes never left Kurt's, that half smile still playing over his lips, "Speaking of school, I actually only stopped here to get my fix before I went home to study, I have a stupid amount of homework that needs to be done."

Kurt nodded, looking down at his watch and realizing how long they'd been sitting there, "Oh! Right, I should probably be getting home as well, I'm surprised Rachel hasn't been texting me non-stop. She must have had something going on after her classes today."

"You live with Berry now?"

Kurt nodded, looking up from the preemptive text he was composing to the girl in question, wanting to let her know he would be late before she could get home and start blowing up his phone like the crazy person she is. "Mmhm, she started out in the dorms at NYADA, but then when I moved here we found a place in Bushwick."

"You'll have to tell me more about that tomorrow."

They had made their way to the door by that point, Kurt giving Sebastian another 'bitch please' look when he opened the door for him, but for the sake of how nice things had been going, didn't say anything.

"It's a ridiculous story, believe me."

"It involves you, of course it is." Sebastian smirked at him, though the words held more, fondness, than anything else.

Kurt looked the other boy up and down, taking in the dark button up and nicely fitted jeans and no hideous pop collared polo in sight. "You look good."

He froze, wondering what the hell was wrong with him and hoping that perhaps he hadn't actually said it out loud. The grin that immediately overtook Sebastian's default smirk seemed to say otherwise.

"Oh? You think so?"

Kurt groaned, "Oh shut up, you big-headed jerk, all I meant was that this is the first time I've seen you in something besides the Dalton uniform or a disgusting striped polo with a hideously popped collar. You don't look bad like this. Nothing more."

"Riiight, I totally believe you, we've already established that you think I'm a sexy meerkat."

"I hate you!"

Sebastian's grin got even cockier, if that was possible, "No you don't."

Kurt glared, though the expression was admittedly weak, and gestured to his right. "Well, I go this way."

Sebastian sighed, and Kurt was almost certain the other boy didn't want to leave. He groaned internally, this would be so much easier to figure out if it wasn't Sebastian.

"And I go that way," Sebastian pointed to the left.

"Right," Kurt nodded, feeling inexplicably nervous all of a sudden, which was of course, absolutely ridiculous. "So, I'll text you tomorrow then, when I have an idea of what time I'll be getting off work."

He got a nod in response, another contemplative look appearing on Sebastian's face as he observed Kurt. It was quickly replaced by another smile when Kurt lifted a brow at him in question. "Right, see you tomorrow then."

Kurt gave him a pathetically lame wave and then immediately turned on his heel, beginning to walk away.

"Kurt! Wait a sec!"

He turned back around, finding Sebastian much closer than he'd expected, "Um, something wro-"

There was a hand at the small of his back, tugging him forward so that he had to bring his hands up to rest against Sebastian's chest to keep himself from tripping over his own feet. Before he could actually comprehend what was happening there was a pair of soft lips on his, not trying for anything more, just a gentle, unexpectedly chaste press of a mouth against his own. Kurt's eyelids fluttered shut and the hand still at the small of his back flexed, giving him the sensation of being grounded. He relaxed into the gentle touch, and Sebastian pulled back, so that their lips were barely touching.

"Just thought I'd give you a little incentive to hurry along with the official break up, I really, really want to ask you to dinner, as in a real date, dinner."

Kurt let his eyes flutter back open as Sebastian pulled away after placing one more kiss against the corner of his mouth.

"Yeah, um, g-good incentive," the words came out in a breathless rush, breaking slightly when Sebastian's eyes seemed to darken and he smiled again.

"Goodbye, Kurt."

Yet again, Kurt was standing in front of Starbucks, probably looking like an idiot, this time though, it was completely worth it as it meant being able to watch Sebastian Smythe walk away.

"Oh my God! This is insane." And he was talking to himself again. Wonderful.

Later that night he was going through his night time moisturizing routine when his phone chimed with an incoming text and he nearly leapt across the room to get to it.

From: You Know You Think I'm A Sexy Meerkat

This so isn't me, it's absolutely ridiculous, and I may deny my own actions at a later date, but I can't wait to see you tomorrow.

He rolled his eyes at the name that he'd meant to change earlier and pressed the edit contact button before he typed up his response.

To: Sexy Meerkat

You're right, it's pretty ridiculous, but I can't wait to see you either. :)

He started to set the phone down after he pressed send, but then thought better of it and went through his contacts, quickly finding the one he wanted and pressing call before he could freak out and stop himself.

The phone only rang twice before it was answered.

"Kurt? Oh my God, Kurt! I am so glad you called, I've missed you so much."

Kurt sighed, "Blaine, stop, please, we need to talk."

A/N 2: Yeah, so that happened, it pretty much lodged itself into my head immediately after I saw The Break Up and eventually stopped my hysterical sobbing, because yes, I ship Klaine and Kurtbastian. I couldn't help but think about how awesome it would be if Sebastian had actually been a senior last year and ended up in New York, and then ran into Kurt and blah blah blah. This is what came of it all. My regular days off are Wednesdays and Thursdays, so chapter 2 should be up by next Thursday at the latest, but hopefully before then, depends on how much I get to write before/after work.

Oh! The title is from the Blue October song of the same name because I listened to it while writing this and it just kind of fit for most of how I was starting to see Kurt and Sebastian in this story, but that could also be the sleep deprivation talking. You should still go listen to it, it's a good song.

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