Drake and Josh Halloween

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In script form. (Sorry but I like this better than regular writing)

Drake: It's Halloween Josh!

Josh: I know.

Drake: Well what are you going to do tonight.

Josh: Going with Mindy to a Party! A PARTY!

Drake: Well what ever party you and that creature are going to isn't going to be all that cool seeing as you guys are nerds, you are the top 2 in our graduating class.

Josh: and what's your point?

Drake: well any party you two are invited to must be boring.

Josh: Really because you are playing at that same party tonight.

Drake: Really two gigs in one night good, as long as it isn't at 7 because that is when my first one starts.

Josh: it is the same party you are going to, you give me headaches, HEADACHES!

Drake: Gez you don't need to be so mean.

A/N: Okay sorry it is so short it is an intro to the story