A/N: Sorry guys, I warned as many people as possible that this story is coming down. I started it as a fanfiction, but I've stopped treating it as such for a long time and I'm working on it as an original story. I've reached as far as chapter six so far. For those of you who are still interested in the story, even though it won't be containing any Bleach characters, I've made a blog on tumblr and at some point I'll probably start posting bits and pieces of it there.

The link is in my profile page. Generally, just type down 'yourqueenbach' then dot, then tumblr, then dotcom. That's it.

Someone told me a couple of months back that I take writing fanfiction too seriously, and I think they were right. I do take writing very seriously - writing as it is, no matter if it's a fanfiction of not. I have the weakness most people who like to write suffer from, and it's a great vice - we all want to be heard so badly that we don't understand when we scream our throats raw and it looks like the room in front of us is just empty. I don't get people who stop reading good stories just because they're no longer as obsessed with the fandom as they used to be - another great vice for me there, though I've been more leisurely about it these days. I'm starting to move on from this site in baby steps. There are stories I want to complete as fanfics and I probably will, so this is NOT goodbye, but it would be good to start taking some of you readers who are willing to more real-world stories, with me, to this blog I don't even know how to handle just yet. :) Advice would be great, support - even more so.

Thank you.