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12 Grinches Griping

"You've never had a Christmas tree," Tsubaki repeats slowly.

"I haven't. Why would you cut down a perfectly good tree and drag it in your house in the first place? And then put junk all over it! It's like... arbor cruelty, if you think about it. Plus it's a fire hazard."

Maka watches her neighbor sigh, locking her mailbox in the apartment lobby. "You're crazy."

"Christmas is crazy," Maka corrects. "It doesn't even make sense!" She thumbs through her junk mail, sorting bills from advertisements. "Everyone gets all homicidal about finding the right gifts for people they don't even like, and then they go to parties to get wasted off eggnog. Oh, and Jesus is in there, somewhere," she adds, with a sarcastic, casual wave of her hand.

Tsubaki Nakatsukasa snorts, shaking her head. "You're still coming to our Christmas party though, right?"

Maka tries her best to hide her grimace, but her friend catches it anyway, frowning. Through grit teeth she admits, "Tsubakiiii, you know I hate socializing."

"Oh come on, Maka! You know Christmas is really important to Black Star, and he wants everyone to be there, including 'Grinch Albarn'," she says, nudging Maka lightly with her hip.

She replies flatly, "Joy to the world." Maka sighs loudly, turning from Tsubaki to make her way up the stairs to her apartment. "I'll think about it." Suddenly, she stops, turning back with curiosity. "Why's Christmas such a big deal for him, anyhow?"

After a strange silence, a gleam enters Tsubaki's eyes. "I met him on Christmas. Do you remember?"

Maka scrunches her eyebrows. "I... I guess? I dunno, that was like five years ago, wasn't it? Hey, wasn't that the time your tree caught on fire?"

Tsubaki smiles. "Yeah... Hey, you don't work tomorrow, right?"

"...Who wants to know?"

"Stay home. I'm gonna have a tree delivered to you."

"WHAT. Did we not just discuss how your trees are fire hazards?!"

Marsh: I know it's a little early for Christmas fics, but it will be Christmas by the time this is finished, so please enjoy! Today's sections are pretty short, so I will be uploading three chapters total, today. Stick around!