This whole story takes place before the events of Neverland so the boys are still in London. However, it is not long before, maybe about a month. This will mainly be a flashback story although it will be the boys discussing each of the past events inbetween.

Hope you enjoy and I don't own Neverland or any of its characters, however the plot is mine.

Curly fiddled shakily with the pack of matches as he attempted to light one, only for the cold harsh wind to blow it out. The boy hated winter. Especially since the heating wasn't the best inside the room where he and his six friends; Peter, Nibs, Fox, Twins, Tootles and Slightly slept and hung out.

"Curly!" Nibs called as he shivered, wrapping the blanket tighter over his shoulders. "Just give up already. You are wasting matches." Knowing his friend was correct, he sighed in defeat before he stood up from the old wooden chair and sat on his bed. Yip, he really hated winter...

"This is boring," complained Twins. Laying his head against the wall, his grey hat pushed down over his eyes. The youngest of the group of misfits was always one to complain, but maybe that came from his life before Jimmy had saved him. What a foul memory that was.

Fox glanced up from a book that he clutched in his two hands. "What do you want us to do about it Twins? We're snowed in and unless you have a shovel on you we are going to have to wait until the snow melts to go outside. Until then, you are going to have to entertain yourself." Twins glared at the boy before shutting his eyes, hoping that sleep would end his boredom.

Peter grinned cockily as he watched his very bored friends. That is when an idea sprung into his mind. "I know something we could do Twins," He grinned. All eyes were suddenly on him.

"Like what?" Slightly asked, sounding very grumpy. Tootles who sat opposite him snickered at his friend's grumpy attitude.

Peter rubbed his hands together as he stood up from his creaky chair. "Well boys, looks like its time for our stories"

"What do you mean 'our stories'?" Curly replied, eyes furrowed. A few moments passed and suddenly his face became that of worry. "But Twins is only eleven!"

Twins glared at the blonde. "I am thirteen."

"Since when?"

"Since two months ago." Curly frowned.

Tootles bit his lip in worry and disagreement. "Do we have to tell? I mean... I know we agreed to tell each other how we ended up here when Twins turned thirteen but I still get nightmares about it." Peter fixed his friend a comforting look before patting him comfortingly on the shoulder.

"Tootles, don't worry. Maybe talking about it will help." Tootles didn't look convinced but nodded towards the brunette.

The seven boys arranged themselves into a circle on the wooden floor, blankets covering their bodies.

Peter glanced around at the group. "Okay, I think it makes sense for whoever was rescued first to start."

"Just because you arrived last," Slightly muttered though Peter didn't hear him.

"So... who got here first?"