Chapter 1

Eddi Mckee was in the middle of taking blood from a patient, distracted by her work, when a man strode confidently up to her. He was tall with soft brown hair, and was dressed in blue scrubs with a stethoscope around his neck .A smile sat comfortably on his face. The whole of AAU had come to a standstill to watch the encounter unfold. Eyes widened as he approached her. Eddi hadn't noticed the figure until he kissed her tentatively on the neck.

"Luc" she breathed, gazing upwards into his chocolate brown eyes.

Their lips joined forces through months' worth of withheld passion, as their tongues battled in desperation. This once private and solitude couple now displayed their love for the whole ward to see. With their lips still attached, Luc scooped Eddi into his arms in a cradle carry and began to walk towards AAU's exit. Both were smiling, ecstatic. All around AAU, people were in awe, mouths wide open in surprise. Even Chrissie looked a little taken aback. No one could be happier for the pair, despite any previous disputes that had occurred, mostly with Eddi it had to be said.

"Way to go Eddi, way to go!" Eddi heard Sacha's voice from somewhere behind her, but was too absorbed in Luc to pay proper attention.

Doctors, nurses and even patients began clapping as they watched the conjoined pair leave the ward. Just as they reached the double doors, Eddi removed Luc's stethoscope from around his neck and placed it, instead, around her own.

"Mckee!" an American voice shouted.

"Wh…what?" mumbled Eddi, immediately awakening from her daydream to find herself staring blankly at the computer screen in front of her. She looked up to see Michael above her.

"You're needed. Bed eight"

"Right. Of course." replied the nurse, snapped back to the day to day gloom of proper work. Locked away in the back of her mind, she could remember a time she actually looked forward to the hustle and bustle of AAU. This could, however, have been something to do with a certain doctor, who worked there too, although Eddi stubbornly refused to believe it.

She sighed as she began to walk over to the patient, knowing she had just been thinking about her two forbidden areas of interest. Firstly, her unconditional love for "An Officer and a Gentleman", a fact no one could ever know as she would be deemed soppy and romantic; two words that Eddi Mckee (at least told herself she) did not know the meaning of. But secondly, and more worryingly, she had been thinking about Luc. The man who had left her without so much as a simple text good-bye. Where was her pride? She knew she should be angry, but all she felt was emptiness. This man had reduced her to a sad, quiet girl stuck in the fantasy of her own mind and it was for this, above all else, that she hated him. His leaving had changed her. She didn't like remembering him, or so she tried to convince herself, and yet she frequently found her mind wandering to him, dreaming of him coming back for her and whisking her away. Sadly, reality seemed to have other plans.

"Well no more" she told herself. Mr Hemingway was going to be removed from her mind permanently, no matter how hard it was. He'd caused enough damage to her emotions- he had to go. Only mentally this time.

And with that, Eddi strode over to her patient, a smile fixed in position- the first smile, no matter how fake, that had been on her face since the day he left, all those months ago.