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Just a little note on the side. Was anyone else really feeling the lack of Eddi's presence in last Tuesday's episode? (Hail Caesar). Sacha and Luc are great together, and I'd love them to have a bit of a bromance, but I just felt like Sacha and Luc's spat would have been exactly the sort of thing he and Eddi would have fallen out over, Eddi really knowing how to tell Luc how it is; except they would have had a proper make up session- possibly a make out session as well ;). Obviously, it would have to have been before the drugs, but nevertheless it felt like they could have been great together in that episode. Sorry for this rant, just really missing my favourite TV couple- maybe I'm suffering with withdrawal symptoms from them. *Sigh*

Chapter 7

Luc's pager bleeped, shattering the world the couple had been creating and forcing them back to reality. Luc swore under his breath. He was now naked to the waist, while the top of Eddi's scrubs had been removed.

"I'm sorry I have to go. Meet me outside my van after work?" Luc grumbled.

Eddi nodded, a smile playing on her lips. Luc put his shirt back on and left the room, but not without a cheeky kiss to Eddi. He paused for a second, wondering if he could get away with staying, but realised duty called and left the room.

Eddi watched the door close behind him, still smiling and feeling genuinely happy for the first time in months. However, her smile was soon replaced by a frown as she remembered the conversation they'd had shortly before. Luc wasn't really going to the army; not now surely. He'd have to get out of it, she wouldn't- couldn't- let him leave again. Eddi was still lost in her thoughts, when Chrissie walked in.

"Playing strip nurse now are we?" Chrissie smirked. Eddi suddenly remembered she hadn't replaced the top of her scrubs and felt her cheeks glow red.

"What? No! A patient was sick on me" Eddi scowled.


"Yup" Eddi replied, looking straight at Chrissie.

"It's just I noticed Mr Hemingway leave here not so long ago, rather hastily doing up a shirt button. Know anything about that?" Chrissie continued to pry. Eddi felt herself getting angry again, the nosy cow! She really couldn't stand Chrissie.

"The patient was sick on him too" Eddi replied, not skipping a beat. Chrissie sighed at not getting any more information from Eddi

"Whatever you say. I just came in here to let you know you're needed on the ward"

"Fine" Eddi murmured, still angry at Chrissie. She began to follow the older nurse back out onto the ward.

"Oh and Eddi…"

"What?" Eddi asked exasperated, ready to deny everything.

"Scrubs" she said simply with a smile before exiting the room. Eddi looked down, and realised she was still in just her bra from the waist upwards. She could have killed Chrissie. She threw on her scrubs and stormed onto the ward.

AAU was as hectic as ever. Eddi stood up straight, trying to forget the events of the last hour and go into work mode, however Luc kept playing on her mind. She couldn't wait till her shift ended so she could be with him.

Monitors started beeping loudly somewhere.

"Can I get some help over here?" Michael shouted. Eddi ran over where she was met by Luc. They smiled at each other before getting to work on resuscitating the man lying in front of them. Their efforts were successful and this, combined with Luc, was enough to reinstate Eddi's good mood.

Both Eddi and Luc worked well that afternoon- they worked together as a team for the first time since Luc had come back. However, to them at least, the afternoon still seemed to drag by. Luc was becoming increasingly frustrated with how often he found himself hopelessly starring at the clock, willing it to move faster. A woman had never had this kind of control over him before and he wasn't sure how to handle it. Meanwhile, Eddi had been restored to her former self. She was feisty, argumentative and took nonsense from no one. Sacha smiled to himself from the nurses' station as he watched her deal with one of the ward's more difficult patients, calmly and collectively. She was back.