"Does that feel good, you slut? Does he make you feel like this? Does his cock make you feel this good?"

"No," I almost cried while he thrusts into me wildly, pushing my head against the wall every time.

"I didn't think so. You're such a whore, wanting my cock instead of his."

I have no words. There are no words. Just pleasure and good feelings.

Groans and moans fill the small office I got pulled into just minutes ago. And I love it. I love the feel of this body against mine, so different from what's waiting for me at home.

There's a hand in my neck, holding me in place while he's racing to his finish. When he bites my neck I come hard with a silent scream.

Yep, a new drabble. Pre-written completely, 35 total. Starts out a little rough (but fun), ends up fluffy and happy. It'll be a bit of a ride. I'll do my best to update once a day. Hope you all enjoy :)