Seven years later.

I'm happier than I've ever been as I watch Edward play with our kids. My first kid with him was a boy, and then we got surprised with triplets less than eighteen months after the birth of my boy, identical girls. After that I had my tubes tied, but apparently Edward's swimmers are so strong that we end up with another boy. After that I make him get a vasectomy. I'm a stay at home mom, which is surprisingly perfect for me. And I finally have a bond with my kids. The best part is that my other two daughters that I had with Jake now also live with me, and love Edward like he's their own dad.

At ages eleven and ten, they're my helpers. They love helping me bake and cook and they don't mind doing the dishes either. But the best part of having them with me is they love me and enjoy spending time with me, something I never thought would ever happen.

They came to live with me about two years ago, when Leah finally had enough of Jake. Since she was the only one taking care of the kids while Jake hang out in bars and was always drunk, she decided to contact me. When I heard about what was going on I immediately stepped up. There was hardly any fight at all and I finally got to know my daughters. They got to hear the story of what really happened, and although they don't really understand yet I hope that one day they will. All I know is that they tell me they love me every day, and I always hug them tight and tell them I love them too, and always have.

About a year ago I found out Jake was found dead in an alley behind a bar. Apparently he was drunk and picked a fight with the wrong guy. I went to the funeral with my two daughters, who both said goodbye with only a couple of tears.

Ever since, it's only been laughter and happiness. I love my big family, and I finally have the life I always wanted. I still make mistakes as a parent. I'm human. Edward makes mistakes too sometimes. But that's part of life.

And what a wonderful life it is.

And that's it, folks.

I have a couple of outtakes in my mind, but they haven't been written yet. I don't know when they'll be written considering I'm working on two other drabbles and I'd like to see them posted first. I'll still mark this as complete, and surprise you out of the blue with an outtake :)

Some of you really didn't like Bella, especially not her decisions. I know I disagreed with some of them that she made. Cheating is always wrong in my opinion, and leaving your kids with some other chick... It goes against every instinct I have. But that was my challenge - write something completely different from myself and what I value in life.

Thanks for joining me on this journey, your support has been greatly appreciated! Hope to see you all again with my next drabble. If you're interested, put me on author alert.