Chapter 1: What a Sight to See

No one can deny that Killian Jones has seen a lot of strange, unexplainable things in his time. After all, he has a hook for a hand, and he lives and travels to different magical lands. He has seen magic at its best and its worst. He has seen worlds transform and lands die. However, this is the first time he has seen a woman fall out of the sky smack dab into the ocean. If she had better aim, she could have landed on his ship, although that might have been more painful. Then he would also have to have her killed for damaging his ship. Be that as it may, the strange woman appeared out of nowhere, and Killian Jones, or Hook as he more often goes by, can truthfully say that he has never seen that before.

"Captain…" Hook glances over to see one of his crew approaching him slowly. Upon noticing his glance, the same crew member (he really ought to learn names) motions towards the ripples in the water where the woman has just fallen and is beginning to sink.

"Are you expecting me to jump in and save her?" Hook raises his eyebrows, and at once five members of his crew jump overboard to fetch the woman. Surprisingly there are only a few curse words muttered in his general direction.

While the men rescue the woman, Hook takes a closer look at the sky. She seems to have come out of nowhere, but there is a hint of a dark cloud, but whatever dropped her here has closed or is closing fast. This mystery woman surely has quite a tale to tell, and maybe it will be beneficial to him to hear it.

"Jeez she's heavy."

"That's because she is soaking wet, you idiot!"

He looks down impatiently as the men struggle to bring aboard one meager woman. It shouldn't be this hard for a crew who work long hard hours manning the decks of a large ship to haul an unconscious body onto it.

"Gentlemen, it is one girl! Pick up the pace!" Hook crosses his arms as he waits for them to hoist her body aboard the ship with the help of a couple of men on deck, hoping they are actually skilled enough to transport her aboard without dropping her.

"Bring her here."

Hook kneels down to examine the woman. "Well boys, it could be worse. She could be hideous."

Laughter breaks out among the crew, but Hook is too busy with her to listen. He was right. She definitely is not hideous. Aside from her interesting choice in clothes, she's quite gorgeous. Blondes have never been his thing, well, it's not like he is picky when it comes to the color of a girl's hair. He typically judges women on other characteristics, and judging from the generous curves under her jacket, she's just his type.

Hook leans down a bit further, pressing his ear on her chest, listening for a heartbeat. At the sight, the crew goes quiet. "She's alive." Before looking back up at his crew, he takes a moment to glance down her top. He wouldn't be Captain Hook if he didn't.

"What should we do with her?" As soon after one of his crew says this, the others jump in with suggestions and valiant sacrifices to let her stay in one of their bunks.

"Get back to work." The crew stops talking to give their captain confused looks. "I said, get back to work before I decide that there are now too many people on board and start a line to walk the plank!"

Instantly the crew whips into gear, and Hook picks up the unconscious blonde, throwing her over his shoulder. He's got his own plans for her. As he carries her away, he looks back once more at the now clear sky. Something is happening here, something that involves the woman, and he intends to find out exactly what that something is. And if there is one thing Killian Jones is good at, it is getting what he wants.

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