Ch. 11: Striking a Deal

"So they are tiny bears? You mean like cubs? Why are there bears involved in a war that takes place in the stars?"

Emma sighs, reminding herself to limit the number of pop culture references when around Hook. He just wouldn't let this one go. They are currently walking high above the forest on some poorly built wooden bridge as the pixies lead them to the main hall or did they call it the gathering hall? A pestering pirate being behind her is not helping Emma's concentration. It's not that she is afraid of heights – it's that she is afraid of pixie workmanship. This bridge is swaying too much for her likings. "I'm going to need rum to continue this conversation. Look, once we get back to Storybrooke I will just show you Star Wars. It will make a lot more sense."

Without warning she feels the cool metal of his hook around her arm, and before she can process this, she is being is spun around and pulled backwards. She places her hands on his chest, steadying herself.

"Did you just ask me out on a date, Emma?" He asks, incredulous, and Emma can't help but shudder at the feeling of his breath on her skin.

No, she didn't…did she? Emma's eyes glance up to meet his, which are radiating something she hasn't seen in him yet – hope. "Just, you know, giving you extra motivation to get us back to Storybrooke. Plus, I can't continue this Star Wars discussion. Ewoks are just ewoks, okay?"

He's silent for a moment, and Emma finds herself trying to remember the last time he was quiet. Normally he has some innuendo to say, accompanied by a look that turns her legs to jello but not now. Right now he is simply looking at her, his eyes scanning hers for a sign or hint of something. Gently he presses his lips to hers, slowly kissing her. It doesn't take long for Emma to slide her hands up from his chest, wrapping her arms around his neck. This is a different kind of kiss for them. Usually their kisses are fueled by desire, threatening to burn them alive. Right now Hook is kissing her as if she is something to be savored, taking the time to taste every part of her, not rushing it.

All too soon, he pulls away. "It's a date."

Emma gives a nod, unsure of what to do in this moment. She settles for what's easy and familiar. "Try not to get too cocky, Hook, if that's even possible. Oh, and don't even think about looking at my ass." With that, she spins around, and starts walking. Their group has gotten a little ways ahead of them, and Emma picks up her pace slightly, not feeling comfortable walking too quickly.

"I make no promises, Swan." He chuckles. "If you don't want me looking, you should probably pick up the pace."

"Excuse me for being concerned about the craftsmanship of this bridge. I'd rather not fall to my death."

"You're not getting out of our date that easily, pet." She can hear the smirk from here. Next time she should really think before she speaks. He's never going to let this date thing go.

It takes them awhile, but they finally make it to the grand ballroom or whatever the pixies call it. Grand is definitely the word that comes to mind when Emma sees it. For something that's suspended on possibly the most poorly made bridges she has ever seen, the room is spacious. Currently there are chairs gathered around for a meeting, but Emma can also see there being room to hold functions like a dance. Do pixies have dances? They have to do something for entertainment. Nevertheless, Emma's glad to not only be off the wooden bridge of doom, but to also be around other people. To say that Hook has been annoying is an understatement. Between the asking for specifics about the date and how one actually watches Star Wars, he had fun gently nudging her back, making her topple forward slightly. He insists it was hilarious, but he didn't find it so funny when Emma insisted that she punch him in the jaw.

"I was starting to think you got lost." Mary Margaret says once Emma and Hook make their way into the room.

"It seems the princess isn't too fond of heights. I've seen drunks move at a faster pace." Hook replies cheekily. Emma replies with an eye roll and a slap to his arm, both of which make him grin even more.

"Not to interrupt this fascinating tale, but do you mind telling us why you are here?" Tink states, giving Hook a glare.

Judging by Hook and Tinkerbell's stare off, Emma decides it would be best if she does the talking. "We need your help." Tink raises an eyebrow, shifting her attention to Emma. Taking a deep breath, Emma sits down next to Mary Margaret, giving her a smile before returning her focus to Tink. "As I'm sure Mary – err Snow has told you about how we both ended up here. We have people waiting on us back home, and Killian has a plan on how to get us there. He said that you might be able to help."

At the mention of his name, Hook offers Emma a smile and sits down in the chair next to her, moving it a bit too close for Mary Margaret's comfort. "That I do."

Expectantly, all eyes shift towards him, and as a response, Hook leans back in his chair with a smile as if he has said all he needs to say.

"This is the part where you share." Mary Margaret states calmly, as if talking to one of the kids in her class.

"Oh right. We will be needing some of your pixie dust." Hook states nonchalantly as if asking for something as commonplace as dirt.

Tink tilts her head as if looking to see if Hook is joking or not. After a minute, she laughs. "Anything else you need? Some gold or treasure?"

He grins. "You know better than to ask that of a pirate. We've got a weakness for those things. We love treasure almost as much as we love a pretty lass."

Emma elbows him in the gut, enjoying the noise of pain he makes. "What he means is, is there any way you can help us out?"

"You will need more to get back to your realm. Pixie dust is powerful but it can't do everything."

"It's a good thing I've got something else up my sleeve then, isn't it?" Hook says, not really giving away specific details of the plan.

Emma's eyes flicker between Hook and Tink. Much like she did at the bar, Emma's laying back to watch things unfold. It doesn't take a genius to see that Tink is digging for information, and that Hook is intent on keeping some things a secret. Honestly, if Tinkerberll wasn't raising multiple red flags on Emma's radar, she would be pressing Hook for information herself. Emma's been screwed over too many times to be okay with being in the dark about things. She likes knowing all the details. It's easier to construct an escape plan that way.

"Just name your price, Tink." Hook sighs, annoyed with how long the pixie is dragging out this conversation.

"To come along."

"Excuse me?" Emma doesn't even try to hide the shock in her voice.

"That's my price. Pixie dust for passage to your realm."

"Deal." Mary Margaret states using what Emma's believes is her authoritative 'I am the Queen of this realm' voice.

"Wait hold on a second, why would you want to come to Storybrooke? I mean last time I checked, there was a giant boundary around it. You can't even leave. There's no magic there, to my knowledge. What is your motive?" Emma's eyes begin scanning Tink, looking for any clues.

"I hardly see how it is any of your concern." Tinkerbell snaps.

"As the sheriff, it's nothing but my concern." Emma replies with good bit of edge in her voice.

"Emma, I owe Tink a lot. It's the least we can do."

Instead of answering, Emma's eyes glance over to gauge Hook's reaction.


There's something unnerving about how close Emma's gotten to Hook. Sure, she's only known that she is her mother for a short while now, but Mary Margaret's maternal instincts are in over drive right now. It's a combination of a lot of things that are bothering her. For one, Hook's flirting is obvious and bordering on obscene, and yet Emma doesn't mind it. A couple of times it looks like she is actually enjoying the attention. There isn't any charm in Hook's methods. Nothing comes across as sincere to Mary Margaret. All she picks up on is the fact that Hook wants Emma in one way only, and that's something Mary Margaret cannot have. Emma deserves more than a pirate who will leave her once he's grown tired.

When she mentioned her concerns to Emma, things did not go well. While Mary Margaret will be the first to agree that she and Charming did not have the most conventional relationship, theirs is nothing like whatever Hook and Emma have going on. Charming saved her life multiple times, and she did the same for him. They would do anything for one another. Hook's a pirate, which means that he is only in it for himself.

She sighs, watching the two of them from across the room. They're sitting so close together that Emma might as well jump in his lap.

"You're right to be concerned." Tinkerbell's voice jolts Mary Margaret out of her musings. She glances up to see her friend offer a warm smile before sitting next to her.

"It's not my place. As much as I would love to protect her, she's old enough to do it herself.

"You're her mother, Snow. It's your right to step in." Tink offers with a smile.

"I'm her mother that wasn't there for the first 28 years of her life. I tried to warn her, and it just ended up coming out all wrong. I need to try a different tactic."

"I may have something that could help."

Mary Margaret raises an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

As a response, Tink merely presents a small pouch.

"We couldn't!"


Emma quickly glances over her shoulder, ensuring that Tinkerbell is out of earshot. "Okay, spill."

Hook raises an eyebrow, confused. "Spill what?"

"What's the plan, and will Tink cause me or Storybrooke any trouble if we let her go back with us?" Emma whispers part of it, still not entirely certain that Tinkerbell can't hear them.

He begins running the tip of his hook lightly across Emma's thighs, enjoying watching her shudder. "You know, I don't think they are paying too much attention right now. We could do something else instead of worry about that blasted pixie."

Emma closes her eyes, allowing herself to enjoy the sensation for a couple seconds longer than she should, before she lightly pushes away his hook. "I'm serious, Killian."

"My plan is foolproof, don't you worry about that. As for Tink, she has never be fond of hurting people, at least not the pixie I knew. But, she never seemed like a warrior pixie either."

"I don't trust her." She states coldly.

"Love, you don't trust anyone." His smile is playful, but Emma knows he is being serious.

"I trust you." Emma glances up at meets Hook's eyes, offering a warm smile.

"Well then, you just leave the pixie problem to me."

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