A/N: This one was inspired by a story one of my friends told me. I could see Wally and Dick doing this to just about anyone. So I thought why not mess with my favorite archer, Harper. Oooo, I busted a rhyme, someone call the police! (crickets chirping) Well, I guess not then. Okay, whatever. (in a small voice) I thought I was funny.

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On with the story…

Never Again

"Roy, I'm hungry," the dark haired boy moaned from the passenger's seat of the red Chevy truck.

"And your point is?" The elder ginger replied from behind the steering wheel.

"Yeah, me too," the younger ginger piped up from the backseat.

"You're always hungry." Harper said nonchalantly with a wave of his right hand.

"I think I'm dying!" Wally moaned laying back on the seat with both hands clutching his stomach as if to prove his point. Dick just snickered eyes at his best friend/brother's antics.

"Wally, you're not dying, and if you are don't do it inside my truck I just cleaned it," responded Harper. He rubbed his hand affectionately across the freshly polished dashboard.

"That's not a very nice thing to say, Roy," mock scolded Dick from his seat.

"What do you want me to do about it?" Harper questioned the two boys that he had come to see as his younger brothers. The ebony and the younger ginger shared a look.

"McDonalds!" The two exclaimed simultaneously.

"Fine! But you're paying 'cause I don't have enough money, and I want a number ten with a Dr. Pepper," Harper sighed giving in. He then pulled into the nearest McDonalds drive-through.

"I want to order!" Dick yelled as he jumped over the console to the backseat. He pushed Wally out of the way and rolled down the truck's window. Roy drove up a little further so the thirteen year old could be heard properly.

"Welcome to McDonalds. How may I take your order?" Came the disembodied voice of a teenaged female.

"Well, you could take it in French," the young boy replied. The two gingers shot the boy questioning looks, witch he drugged off.

"Sir, I don't speak French," the employee replied a tad bit confused.

"Darn. Okay I'm ready to order, now. I'll have two number ones, three McDoubles, and two Hot 'n Spicy's." he ordered. Wally nodded in confirmation, that Dick had gotten his order right.

"And for the drinks?"

"Sprite. I'll also have a number ten, no onions…" he was cut off by the girl.

"Sir, you do know that the number ten is chicken nuggets?" she questioned. Wally and Roy stated to snicker at the employee's obvious confusion.

"Yes, I am well aware of that," Dick replied chalantly. "And to drink I'll have applesauce." The two elders had to cover their mouths to keep from bursting out into laughter.


"Never mind, I'll have a coke. Oh, I'll have another number ten no onions, but instead of applesauce I'll have a Dr. Pepper," the ebony stated as if there was nothing at all wrong with what he had just said. Wally just wiped away a few imaginary tears.

"And what kind of sauce would you like with that?"

"Soy," was his one word answer.


"Nah, I'll have barbeque and sweet and sour," he amended.

"Two number ones, three McDoubles, two Hot 'n Spicy's, two number tens, a Sprite, a Coke, and a Dr. Pepper. Will that complete your order?"

"One more, can I have one of you to go?" Dick purred. The other occupants of the red truck both stopped mid laugh and wore looks of shock.

"Excused me!" The female replied sounding appalled.

"Nothing, nothing. That completes my order," Dick replied trying to keep himself from laughing.

"Your total will be $22.37. Please drive up to the next window," the voice said sounding slightly irritated. Roy did as instructed and pulled up. After rolling up the window Dick pulled out two twenties and a ten, then trust the bills onto Roy's lap.

"Wally! Disappear!" he shouted. With that the two boy hid themselves from view. Crouching down and covering themselves with a blanket that was lying around, but still with a perfect view of the drive-through window. Thus leaving Roy to deal with the employee. Roy begrudgingly rolled down the window only to be met with the upper half of a cute blonde with sea green eyes. He handed the girl the bills with a small smile, witch she chose to ignore. Roy mentally cursed Dick, for ruining any chances he had with the cute blonde. The employee simply handed Roy the food, witch he immediately placed on the empty passenger's seat, with a slight look of disgust. He then quickly rolled up the window and drove away.

"Damn the both of you! The next time your hungry you two can both starve," this only caused the two teens to bust out into laughter. Wally reached over to the passenger's seat and pulled the bags of food to the backseat with him, and promptly began to stuff his face. Dick reached over to pull out his nuggets.

"Well, that's what you get for making me and Wally walk home from the movies, just so you could drive some random girl home," Dick stated while waving his nugget in the air with a smirk. Wally raised his half eaten burger in agreement.

"Never again!" Harper shouted.

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