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Chapter 1:

Movie Night Interrupted


"I can not believe you went under cover as a stripper!" Tony cried in between his hysterical laughs.

It was the Avengers movie night(orchestrated by none other than Pepper Potts), and they were sprawled out around the living room of the Avengers' Tower(previously Stark Tower) waiting for Steve and Thor to come back from the kitchen with the snacks and drinks. It had been a few months since the invasion, and the city was getting itself back on its feet. The Avengers all moved in with Tony and they were getting along... kinda.

"Friends! What make you laugh so?" Thor boomed as he came in from the kitchen holding a twelve back of soda and a big bowl of popcorn, Steve right behind him, carrying an equally large bowl of popcorn and a bag of assorted candies and chocolates.

"Yeah, we could hear Tony all the way from in the kitchen." Steve said as he handed the bowl to Bruce and held the bag in his lap as he sat down.

"Clint and Natasha were just telling us what they did before becoming Avengers." Tony laughed.

"Clint was in the circus, but after that he's always worked for SHIELD." Bruce commented, popping a piece of pop corn into his mouth.

"Then Natasha was telling was telling us about all the job she worked when she worked for Russia." Tony giggled immaturely. "She was saying she worked as a stripper."

Steve's face quickly became red and he looked away from Natasha, only causing Tony to laugh more.

"Yes, Tony, my past jobs are funny, but what was it that you used to do before you became an Avenger?" Natasha asked in a nonchalant tone as she grabbed a piece of popcorn out of the bowl in Bruce's lap.

Tony stopped laughing instantly, settling a half glare at Natasha before smiling an absolutely fake smile.

"You know what I used to do. The world knows I used to make weapons. It's no secret." Tony said easily, waving one hand as if it wasn't a big deal. "Or didn't you know? Were you to busy taking off all you clo-?"

A throw pillow hit Tony square in the face, halting anything further he was about to say.

"Well, are we going to listen to you two bicker about past jobs or are we going to watch this movie?" Clint huffed. "What movie is it anyway? You picked it out right Natasha?"

Natasha smiled wickedly as she nodded. The entire group gulped as she got up to grab the movie. They had learned quickly that Natasha had a preference for old, scary movies and after the last one, Steve had actually cried.

"I decided to take it easy on you guys." She held up the disk and several sighs of relief were heard.

"Psycho? I love that movie." Clint exclaimed. "It's awesome."

"All of Hitchcock's films are awesome." Tony commented. "He was a genius. Not as much as I am, but for his time he was a genius."

"For his time?" Steve asked, not knowing who Hitchcock was. "Who is he?"

"Yeah, I guess you wouldn't know since you were off fighting the good fight and all." Tony said more to himself. "He was a director and the pioneer of the scary movie industry. Most of his best work was in the early '60s with Psycho and The Birds. My personal favorite is Strangers on a Train."

"Oh." Steve replied, not knowing any of the titles.

"My favorite is The Mountain Eagle." Clint said. "We're definitely having a Hitchcock marathon next week."

"Of course yours would be the only one with a bird title." Tony said shaking his head, before he turned to Bruce. "What's your favorite Hitchcock film Brucie?"

"Please stop calling me that Tony." Bruce said, but flushed a but when he gave his answer. "My favorite is the The Pleasure Garden."

"Of course. Love and murder." Tony teased, poking the scientist in the ribs. "That's so you Brucie."

"Oh shut it." Bruce replied, throwing a piece of popcorn at the genius, only for him to catch it in his mouth and winking at him.

"Guys you ready or do I just have to start it without you?" Natasha asked impatiently.

Everyone shut up and took their seats. Bruce and Tony sat on a small, two seater sofa together,-Tony loathed calling it a love seat, but that's what it really was-sharing the bowl of popcorn Steve had given Bruce. Clint, Natasha, and Steve sat on a longer more spacious couch: Natasha on the left, near the two scientists, Clint in the middle, and Steve on the right, but where Thor sat. The Thunder God sat by himself in another two seater sofa, but with his size, it looked more like a throne chair, being only slightly too big for him, but he sat in it comfortably.

"I feel we are ready Friend Natasha." Thor said.

"JARVIS? Lights? And could you blackout the windows too? This movie is best viewed in the dark." Tony said ominously with a slightly evil cackle, causing Steve to gulp. Steve didn't like horror movies.

"Of course Sir." The smooth British accent replied as the lights turned off and the windows tinted until there was only light coming from the large flat screen TV.


"AHHHH!" Steve screamed and jumped when the killer pulled back on the curtain, bringing his knife down on the woman over and over, sending popcorn flying into the air.

"Oh my god!" Tony laughed. "JARVIS please tell me you got that on camera."

"Of course Sir." JARVIS replied with what could only be described as a humorous tone.

"Good, because I'm making Steve's scream my new ringtone."

"Shut up!" Steve yelled horrified.

"I do not understand." Thor said confused. "Did she not have the door locked? Even on Asgard we lock our doors before bathing."

"Thor it's a movie, it doesn't matter." Bruce tried to explain.

"And could she not hear the door open?" Thor continued, ignoring Bruce. "Or at least try to defend herself?"

"Clint you want to give it a shot?" Bruce asked, not wanting to try and explain it to the god alone.

So while Tony was mocking Steve, and Bruce and Clint were trying to explain 1960s horror movies to Thor, Natasha continued watching the movie, trying not to be distracted by the buffoons around her. Just when she was about to snap, JARVIS cut her off.

"Sir, we have a 'situation' downstairs." JARVIS said, his tone dripping with displeasure as he said the word 'situation.' "Alert R."

"WHAT?" Tony shot, wide-eyed, up out of his seat, almost knocking the popcorn out of Bruce's hands. The TV stopped and the lights instantly came back on. "Tell me what's going on. How many? What's they're weaponry look like? Where are they and how long will it be before they get here?"

"He's being accompanied by half a dozen men, all armed with AK47s and he, himself is armed with a shotgun. They are currently loading into all three of the elevators. Two in each of the sides and three in the middle." JARVIS rang out detailed answers. "They will reach this floor in precisely 43 seconds and counting."

"Shit!" Tony cursed. "Not enough time to escape, let alone hide him."

"40 seconds Sir."

During this whole interaction between Tony and JARVIS, the rest of the Avengers watched in a worried fascination, not understanding what 'Alert R' was, or who, besides Pepper, could illicit this type of reaction from Tony.

"Tony? What's going on?" Steve asked. "What's Alert R?"

Tony turned around and walked straight to Bruce. The worry in Tony's eyes, frankly, scared the hell out of Bruce.

"20 seconds Sir."

"Bruce, whatever happens, I'll handle it." Tony said, the other Avengers were starting to get scared now. "And whatever you do. Do Not Hulk Out. I've got this. Okay? No one is going to get hurt. Trust me."

"A-alright Tony. I trust you." Bruce said, unsure of what he was trusting Tony with, but the tone in his voice was soothing and caring and at that moment, Bruce trusted Tony with his life.

"10 seconds Sir."

"Do a 5 count JAR." Tony said, turing towards the elevator, the group automatically surrounding and protecting Bruce, Tony never worried, never, so if he was bracing Bruce and warning him, then something bad was about to happen. Something really, really bad.

"5." JARVIS stated the count down.

Tony took his place in front of the group.


Bruce's mind, along with everyone else's, was reeling as to who could be in the elevators.


Tony relaxed into a calm state. Going into this tense and on edge wouldn't be ideal. Though going into this at all, wouldn't be ideal.


Bruce held his breath as JARVIS reached the end of the count down.



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