A/N: I just want to clarify that this is an ALTERNATIVE ending. This is not the official ending to the story. This is shorter than most the other chapters but I hope you like it.

Chapter Forty (Part B) – Dream

Now I'm old and feeling grey.
I don't know what's left to say
About this life I'm willing to leave.
I've lived it full and I lived it well,
There's many tales I've lived to tell
I'm ready now.


Caroline sat up slowly, swinging her legs off the edge of the bed and slowly pushing her unbalanced frame up from the bed. She tried to move as quietly as she could, not wanting to wake her husband and son as she woke up for what was probably the fifth time that evening. She walked, or waddled rather, slowly out of the bedroom hoping the floorboards or the steps didn't squeak under her feet as she walked down to the kitchen. Cravings kept her up most nights, and if it wasn't the cravings, she was probably peeing. She felt like she did that thirty times every night and that was not an exaggeration.

Her hand ran over her growing bump as she stood in front of the fridge in search of whatever it was she was craving. Sometimes she forgot what she wanted by the time she got downstairs and settled for whatever looked good, but this time she had not. She pulled out a carton of milk before reaching into the cabinet for a box of cinnamon toast crunch, or Toasts a la cannelle crise, as it was called here in Paris. She poured out a bowl of cereal and added the milk. Then she reached for the nutella.

Stefan was always teasing her about it. He said she should have bought stock in it because between this pregnancy and her first, she had single handedly kept the company well into the black. Her body always seemed to want it, even when she wasn't pregnant. She uncapped it and drizzled it over her cereal, licking her lips in anticipation before pulling a spoon from the drawer.

"What is it this time?" She turned and saw Klaus standing in the kitchen doorway. His eyes hooded with exhaustion and his blond curls messy and matted with sleep as he walked towards her, the pair of sweat pants he wore to bed, hanging on his hips. Even half asleep he still managed to look incredibly sexy and Caroline was more than appreciative.

"Cereal and nutella," she said before dipping her spoon into it and taking a bite. Her hand still ran tentatively over her bump, trying to soothe her daughter.

"Did it wake you up?" he asked, choosing not to finish the sentence as he reached for his own spoon. It was rare her cravings looked appealing on any level to him, but it was late and he was up and hungry. He didn't understand how a craving for food could wake someone up, but Caroline and Rebekah had drilled it into his head how possible that was.

"No, she won't settle down. I've been up for a little while. I think she's doing cartwheels or somersaults in there. Practicing the can-can or something equally ridiculous. Either way, I was up and then I got hungry. I tried not to wake you, but I suppose it's hard not to feel a humpback whale getting out of bed."

He began to chuckle before realizing that was the absolute worst thing he could do and played it off as a cough. "You didn't wake me, love. Much like his younger sister, I fear Henrik is dreaming about a soccer match. Kicked me in the back then went back to sleep. I noticed you were not in bed and wanted to check on you," he said, taking her hands and easing her back into one of the chairs at the table before bringing her bowl over to her. "And you are not a whale, you are beautiful." He kissed her cheek before sitting down next to her and taking another bite of her concoction.

"We really should get him in his own bed one of these nights, or at least get him to stop sleeping between us. I miss your arms being around me when I wake up."

"The nightmares will pass eventually."

Fatherhood was still new to him. He didn't exactly have the best example of what a father should be, but just as Caroline had told him ten years ago, they would not repeat their father's mistakes. A thousand years had not prepared him for a pregnant wife. Luckily, Stefan and Rebekah had gotten pregnant before Caroline and he had gotten to watch the things Stefan did for his sister. Caroline had been a ball of emotions the first few months. It was something she had always wanted and never thought she would get. She read every book on the subject of pregnancy and insisted on calling the doctor any time she felt anything less than normal. These were typically a complete overreaction on her part, but she wasn't going to let anything ruin this.

After the months of over emotion came the worrying. Caroline would work herself into hysterics at three am panicking about how safe their child would be with all of Klaus's former enemies. Whether or not there would be any side effects to being the child of two former vampires. Whether or not their child would have a normal life with two uncles who never seemed to age. He would remind her that Kol and Elijah would not let anything happen to them or the children. He would talk her off ledge of concerns that she seemed to add to with each discussion.

By the time Caroline went into labor, he was so well-versed in calming panicking women down, the actual process went off without a hitch. Henrik Elijah Mikaelson came into the world screaming his head off, sporting his mother's eyes and his father's blond curls. They handed him to Klaus immediately and he stood in awe for a moment, wondering how something so pure and innocent had come from him when he thought all he could produce was evil. That was the moment, looking down at his newborn son, that he promised himself he would never act like his father. He would be whatever this boy and Caroline needed him to be because they both deserved it.

When Caroline told him they were having another baby, he had settled into his role as a father and a husband. It was a far cry from his days of murderous rampages and endless searches for hybrids, but it was exactly what he had always wanted but never knew how to get. A family he could call his own. People who loved him and while he always thought an army of hybrids would make him happy. He found that nothing made him happier than Caroline curling further into his chest while she slept and Henrik falling asleep on his lap.

"Where were you just now?" Caroline asked, looking up at him, easily telling that he was lost in thought.

"Just thinking about the way things were before all of this," he said, taking another bite.

"Do you ever regret it? Becoming human and being ordinary with me?" she questioned him, her eyes meeting his.