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Chapter 4

"You're pregnant." Mamoru stated what she had just told him. He sighed. Mamoru was trying to let it sink in. Usagi. Pregnant. "Oh God..." He whispered into his hands. This was another one of those times that he had wanted to cry in the past month.

"I'm sorry." Usagi was crying on her couch.

"Usagi, don't be sorry. It wasn't your fault." No matter how many times he said that to her, it never seemed to help. "It will be all right."

"How?!" Her head shot up when she shouted. "HOW is this EVER going to be all right?! When is it going to end?!" She clutched onto a cushion & sobbed bitterly into it.

"You've got lots of options..." Mamoru began, hardly believing that he was talking to HER about this.

"Like what? You want me to kill my baby?!" Actually saying the words 'my baby' was a bit of a shock to her, herself. "My baby?" She asked herself.


"MY baby. What am I supposed to do with a baby? I don't know how to take care of a baby. I hardly know how to take care of myself! I stay up all night eating ice cream & curry! I still play ARCADE games!" Panic was setting in again as Usagi began to realize the severity of her situation. "I just turned 16 last month."

Mamoru watched her as she curled up on her couch. She was still a kid herself. What did she ever do to deserve this? "Well, like I said; you have options. There's keeping it, adoption, or you could terminate the pregnancy..."

"I don't know what to do. I'm so lost." She said sadly. "What am I going to say to my parents? How can I tell them? How can I face them now... now that I've..."

"Usagi, they're your parents. They'll understand." Mamoru soothed.

"They can't understand. Nobody can understand what it was like. You can't try to tell me that you know what it's like."

"No. I guess not. But I AM here for you Usagi. If you need anything at all, I'll be there."

"Thank you." Usagi smiled. "I guess I have some thinking to do."

"Usagi, about that guy. You have to tell someone. You can't let him get away with what he did to you."

"No. Don't tell anyone, Mamoru-san!" Usagi begged. "I don't want anyone to know!"

"Don't be afraid. Do you want this to happen to other girls?"

"Of course not! But- can I just wait a little longer? Maybe? Just until I'm ready?"

"I guess so." He sighed. "You should call your parents, Usagi."

"I can't. There isn't a number I could reach them at. It's one of those remote, never-heard-of-before, retreats." Usagi said. "Would you like some tea?"

"Um... sure." Mamoru followed her to the kitchen so they could keep talking while she made tea. "You have a nice house. It's cleaner than I would've expected..."

"I clean when I feel anxious & restless." She explained.

"I see... Hey, so this is your brother, huh?" He looked at a picture on the fridge. "He looks like you."

"Does he really?" Usagi smiled a bit as she looked at the picture. "We've never really thought so..." She said. "I'm really such an idiot. I should've gone with them. I would have been having fun & laughing finding shells & pretty stones along the beach with Shingo. I would've been happy."

"You couldn't have known that this would happen."

"But it did all the same. What is he going to think of me now? What kind of example have I set for my little brother..?"

"Listen, maybe we can't understand what you're going through, but everyone will be able to understand your situation, it's true. Family will never turn their backs on you. He won't think any less of you."

They sat down & began to drink the tea. "So... it's your birthday soon, ne?" Usagi asked.

"Yeah. Four more days." He replied. It was July 31st & his birthday was August 3rd.

"What do you have planned?"

"Nothing much." He said.

"Really? I thought that you would have big plans for your 20th birthday."

"Nope." They were both feeling awkward in their normal conversation. It was nice to be talking about such a simple thing, & it wasn't nearly depressing, but this was the first time they had ever really sat down & talked. "How is high school?"

"Good, hard, but good. How's university?"

"Same as always. But it's still fun. The professors are really great & the other students are too."

"So I see..." There was more silence. "I have to admit something. I sort of knew that I was pregnant for the past week or so. I didn't know for sure or anything, & I was hoping that I was wrong, but I knew no matter how much I tried to deny it."

"I was going to ask you if you had suspected anything earlier. So you knew it wasn't the flu?"

"I hoped that it was. But the doctor confirmed that it wasn't."

"Did you at least tell the doctor what happened?"

"She was busy."

"You should talk to her again. She can run some more tests in case of STDs."

"What?" Usagi blinked & went a few shades paler. Mamoru knew he had to say it, but he inwardly cursed himself for adding another worry to her list. "I never thought about that."

"Are you going to be alright?" Mamoru asked. He had to go to the University so he was leaving.

"Yeah. I'll see you tomorrow." She replied.

"Okay, I'll see you then." He smiled but paused before he left. He held out his hand to her. "Promise me that you'll be safe. Don't hurt yourself."

Usagi looked down at his outstretched hand. "Okay." She hooked his pinkie- finger with hers & shook his hand.

He laughed at the fact that she was still like a little kid, but it hurt him deep down too. Once again, he waited outside her door until he heard it lock to leave.

Usagi double-checked the lock. "Good." It was locked. She went upstairs & poured herself a bath. She felt dirty, even though she had taken a bath the night before as usual & that morning. It seemed that no matter how hard she tried she could not get clean. She undressed & looked at her body in the mirror. It didn't look different to her... but she knew it was. She slipped into the warm water & stayed there for a while. She still had so many questions, questions that didn't have answers. "Mama, Papa..." She said softly. "... Look at your little girl now... I'm so sorry."

*~*~*~*3 Days Later*~*~*~*

Usagi walked into Crown and calmly sat down on a stool. She spoke to Motoki for a while, but she still felt so ashamed, she refused to look in his eyes. She blamed herself for blowing off his warning on that fateful day.

"Usagi-chan!" Minako & Makoto walked in & smiled, happy to see their friend that had been hiding for so long.

"Minako-chan, Mako-chan, hello." She smiled. "What are you doing here?"

"We came to play video games, of course!" Minako said cheerfully. "Ami-chan & Rei-chan are upstairs buying drinks."

"That's nice." Usagi smiled. She missed talking to her friends. She decided to push her current problems aside until Mamoru arrived; she had to talk to him about something.

"So, what have you been up to lately?" Makoto asked.

"Not much..." Usagi laughed nervously. She felt guilty about distancing herself from her friends. "I've been working a lot."

"Usagi-chan!" Ami & Rei walked in with two drinks each.

"I wish we had known you'd be here right now. I would have bought you a drink." Rei said.

"That's alright. Unazaki-chan brings some drinks down every once in a while. I'm not thirsty anyways." Usagi said.

"So, how have you been?" Rei asked her.

"She's been sick as a dog the past month." Motoki came up from behind them.

"What?" The girls all gasped.

"He's over exaggerating. I've been feeling much better lately. Today especially."

"Usagi-chan, are you sick?" Ami asked.

"You don't have a disease or anything do you?" Makoto asked.

"Maybe she's diabetic with all of those sweets that she eats." Rei said.

"No. No. It's not like that. I don't have any diseases." Usagi explained. She saw Mamoru walk through the door and she felt afraid & relieved at the same time. "Pardon me a moment." She excused herself & walked over to him.

"What's going on with them?" Minako asked.

"I don't really know. They've been pretty close this past month. They're always whispering things in the corner. Neither of them will tell me what's going on but they've both been acting strangely." Motoki replied.

"Why don't you go over there & ask them?" Rei suggested.

"I've tried that before. They always give some lame excuse."

Naru came inside the Arcade & waved to Usagi as she joined Motoki & the girls. "What's going on with them? I thought they hated each other."

"So did we." Makoto said.

"Mamoru-san. I have to talk to you." Usagi said as she approached him.

"What is it?"

"I've been thinking about it a lot the past few days & I've made my decision."

"Oh? What have you decided?" Mamoru asked. She was surprisingly calm at the moment. He assumed it had to do with her friends.

"I want to keep the baby, if my parents will let me. I don't want to kill it & I don't want to give it away. Even under the circumstances, I could never live with myself if I made any other choice."

"I'm proud of you, Usagi. But just know that with that decision comes a big responsibility. There aren't any days off, it's a full-time job."

"I know." Usagi said. "I understand."

"Even if the baby has his same green eyes..." Mamoru wanted to make sure she had thought this absolutely through.

"I've already thought about that. Even if it's a boy, even if it looks just like Katsuo, it will still be MY baby & I'll love it no matter what."

"Usagi, you surprise me."

"I do?"

"You're incredibly strong for someone your age who has to deal with what you've been through recently."

"You surprise me too."


"You have a lot of sense & you always seem to be able to help me out." Usagi said.

"Uh-oh. It seems your friends have convinced Motoki to come see what we're talking about." Mamoru looked up & saw him.

"That's it. I've GOT to find out what you 2 are always talking about over here!" Motoki said.

"It's nothing. We were just-" Mamoru began to make up an excuse.

"I'm pregnant." Usagi said. She figured that there was no avoiding it & that Motoki was going to find out soon enough. Both men's jaws dropped. Motoki couldn't believe what she had said & Mamoru couldn't believe she had told him. "Don't tell anyone yet. Nobody else knows."

"WHAT?!" Motoki asked in disbelief. "You've GOT to be kidding?"

"That's what's been going on. She only found out a few days ago, though." Mamoru said.

"You?" Motoki's eyes narrowed & focused on Mamoru. Mamoru was his best friend, but Usagi was like a little sister. He drew back his hand & formed a fist, bringing forward & upwards, hitting Mamoru in the face. Usagi screamed & the 5 other girls ran over.

"Oniisan!" Usagi shouted. "No! It wasn't him!" She grabbed onto Motoki's arm. "Stop! Please!"

"What's going on?!" Naru asked as the 5 girls stood wide-eyed.

"What?" Motoki looked over at Usagi. "What did you say?"

"It's not his baby!" Usagi clasped her hands over her mouth as tears sprouted to her eyes. She was afraid of what her friends would think of her now. They must be so disgusted & ashamed.

"What?!" The girls gasped.

"Usagi-chan! You're pregnant?" Ami was sure she had heard her wrong.

"No way. It CAN'T be true. It's Usagi!" Rei said.

"She's smarter than that!" Minako agreed. Makoto nodded.

"We heard wrong... didn't we, Usagi-chan?" Naru asked her.

Motoki helped Mamoru up & the seconds felt like hours. "I'm sorry!" Usagi cried. She ran from the arcade in tears.

"Usagi!!!" Mamoru pushed past everyone else & chased after her.

"Usagi-chan!" The others called.

"How?" Motoki asked as he sat down heavily & rested his head in his hands. "How could I not have known that something was wrong when she called here?"

The girls were all upset & feeling awful about how they had just reacted. "If it wasn't Mamoru-san... then who was it?" Ami wondered.

"I don't know..." Rei sighed.

"I feel awful." Minako hid her face in her hands. "WHY did I have to say that?!"

Naru's head suddenly snapped up. "Maybe..."

"What is it?" everyone looked at her.

"Well, what happened to that guy she was going out with? Maybe it was Katsuo-san." Naru said.

"I haven't seen him around for like, a month or so. It couldn't have been him." Minako said.

"Wait a second..." Motoki realized. "What does he look like?"

"Green eyes, light blonde hair." Ami told him.

"Was that the guy that Usagi-chan was dating a month ago?!" Motoki gasped. He thought of Usagi's strange behaviour since that day.

"Yeah." Rei said.

"It was him. It's got to be him. Usagi-chan's been so angry & depressed since their date. I'm such an idiot for letting her go. And for not realizing that anything was wrong!"

"So you mean that... he..." Minako tried to say it but her voice broke as she felt tears trickle down her cheek.

"You think that Usagi-chan was raped?" Rei asked.

"It seems that way." Motoki felt sick.

"Katsuo..." Makoto said angrily. "I'm going to send that bastard to Hell where he belongs!" She began to leave but Rei grabbed her arm.

"Wait!" Rei said. "Not without me."

"Or us." The other girls said. "We'll make him sorry for what he did." Minako clenched her fist tightly with tears still in her eyes.

"First... we should find Usagi-chan, though." Naru said as she wiped her eyes.

"She's right. We've hurt Usagi-chan the most right now." Ami said as she stood up & dried her eyes as well.


Mamoru looked down the street in the direction that Usagi had ran but couldn't see her. He kept on going until he found her sitting around a corner, curled up into a ball as she sobbed into her knees. "Usagi. Thank God!"

"I'm awful. The girls were right. I was so stupid to have this happen." Usagi whimpered. "I trusted him."

"You're not stupid. They didn't mean what they said." Mamoru kneeled down in front of the broken girl.

"You always tell me that it's not my fault. It IS. Just let me finally say it. It WAS & IS my fault. I should have known better. Just like they said. Now I will just have to accept responsibility for my mistake."

"Usagi..." Mamoru stared at her, thinking all about how she seemed so fine only 10 minutes earlier.


They both looked up to see her friends. Usagi immediately looked away. She was ashamed of herself. "Usagi-chan, we're sorry. We didn't know."

"Do you hate me now?" Usagi whispered. They looked so upset with her.

"Of course not! Usagi-chan! Don't even think such a think! We could never hate you!"

"You'll get through this. We'll help you." Mamoru said.

"No matter how long it takes." Motoki said. "Okay?"

"Thank you." She was glad to have such supportive friends but she still hid her face. She felt as if it were all happening over again. 'This will never end...' She said to herself inside her mind.


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