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A/N: This is a series of random, (hopefully) crackish drabblish ficlets. I'm not adhering to any specific word count. If they're short enough and (hopefully) cracky enough, they'll be here. It's all for fun, and usually comes about because of conversations with my mother. Like this one. Totally blame my mother. Especially if you don't like it. ^.~


He didn't know what happened or why his hero was acting this way, but Jimmy Olsen, cub reporter, was certainly not going to let this opportunity pass him by! Clark was always telling him that he needs to be more aggressive in his quest for a story. Well, now he was definitely going to get the scoop! But first... and there. His flash went off. Five times. He had a front page picture for sure! Now to find out just what was going on.

"Golly! What are you doing, Superman?" he asked.

"Flashing!" was the reply. Jimmy goggled at that. Flashing? But of course Superman wouldn't flash anybody! And he had proof that the man he idolized wouldn't do such a nasty thing!

The next day, on the front page of the Daily Planet were two pictures of Superman. The first had him with his cape wrapped around him almost like a red cocoon. The second, his arms were thrust out to either side, cape gripped tightly in his hands as he struck a pose in all his red and blue glory. Clearly, Superman was finally off his rocker. Or trying out for a role in Mama Mia!