"YOU MONKEYS DARE DEFY ME!?" Nirvana bellowed, opening her mouth. Crimson flames leapt forth filling the entire cavern. That should have dealt with them instantly, but the pink-furred hyperactive monkey jumped forward and cut the flame in two with his sword.


"The runes are the magic of dragons?" Wendy asked, her voice like a peeping chick before the terrible majesty of Nirvana.


"Simiwhat?" Gajeel asked, missing the irony of not knowing his own classification while the dragon did. It scowled in frustration. What was the point in passing words with insects? Even if she could not incinerate them, crushing them would be a trivial matter. But the blue-furred breeder was shining with white light that passed into the two males. Grandine's Breath? With their reinforced speed they moved faster than any human could keep up.

Any human.

Reptilian eyes narrowed as she kept pace with their movements, titanic claws lashing out at them. They ducked aside and she felt the barbarian's blade penetrate her scales. Metalicana's Talon? Damn them, but this magic was dangerous. Time to put these Neanderthals back in their place.

Levy wrote the word CUT and slashed her long skirt, grumbling about why women weren't allowed to wear britches. That would be far more convenient.

"You are going to die," Brain said emotionlessly.

"Maybe, but I think I've figured out the way to beat you," Levy said with a happy smile. "I suppose we'll see if the moniker 'Brain' actually fits you or not!"

"Just die! Dark Capriccio!" Jabbing his staff forward, a drilling beam of dark magic shot forth. Levy wrote the word MIRROR and intercepted the beam. She strained against the beam, and managed to reflect it, even as shards of glass shattered over her. It wasn't a clean deflection though and the beam went upwards, drilling through the rock ceiling.

"Is that all? One attack, which you countered and you're still all beaten up!" Levy was staggering slightly – what for him was a minor attack took a considerable effort for her to stop, even if poorly.

"Oh no, what is a poor tiny woman to do?" Levy gasped with awful acting skills.

"Like I said, and I'll say it again," Brain said mockingly, "DIE!"

Levy countered the next Dark Capriccio too and the third, though only barely. It was so much magical exertion that she could barely stand and she was bleeding from a dozen lacerations, but it wasn't enough. One more, please let that be enough.

"Hahaha! You pathetic weakling! I haven't even begun to show my power! Dark Capriccio!" Levy gritted her teeth as she cast MIRROR again. She had to hold on! Pieces of the mirror began to shatter and hurtle over her, but she held on. Perhaps she was weaker, but the fox was only running for its dinner. The rabbit was running for its life. She screamed with one last effort, collapsing to her knees as the beam reflected away into the ceiling.

Please, please be enough.

A moment passed filled with Brain's maniacal gloating, but then the rumbling began. At the last moment Brain realised Levy's true goal: the ceiling. Having been struck so many times it had lost all integrity and it collapsed downwards, crushing the Oricion Seis' leader like an insect.

Levy had no energy to enjoy her triumph though. She was exhausted to the point that she couldn't move and she throbbed with pain. Why did people enjoy fighting? It was such a horrible experience. She lay there for a while, until she eventually felt hands encompass her and lift her away. She could hear Lucy's voice calling in concern, but she was so tired, she just wanted to sleep.

Yes, sleep was good…


The barbarian needed to go first. That armour of his closed and sealed around him, forming an impenetrable skin of iron in the form of a daemon. Every swing of that accursed blade saw scales slice away and blood flow. Transforming the blade into a spear, he struck a deep wound into her flank. She roared in pain, but the man was stuck and her talon broke him free, sending him to lie still on the floor.

That reckless monkey was buzzing around her other side, scorching terrible injuries into her shoulder. But fire was life to a dragon; it didn't faze her in any great way. She lashed around with her tail and knocked him a side with a grizzly snapping sound.

The blue-furred breeder. She was trying to heal the barbarian. But with the monkey out of the way, she could breathe again. An inferno swelled in her throat and Nirvana breathed, encompassing the pair. But as the flames died, she could see that the iron man had shielded the girl. Still, they were both beaten up and the monkey was screaming at his broken leg. Those blasted weapons had dealt her more damage than she'd dared believe, but this was still child's play.

Gajeel staggered to his feet, refusing to admit defeat yet. He plucked Natsu's sword from where it had fallen.

"Oi, you two! If we're gonna beat this thing, we need to work together!" He shouted.

"We have been, Metalbrain!" Natsu hollered.

"No, I mean channel all of your magic into me! Wendy, give me all the power you got! Salamander, get this sword of yours working!"

He could practically hear Natsu explode with the insult of the moment, but Crimson Lotus began to glow with flame as Natsu's power flowed into it. He felt his body lighten and strengthen as Wendy's power flowed into him. He grinned, hoping that Natsu would forgive him for what he was about to do.

"I am Gajeel Redfox, master of metal! I reforge these blades with the power of all three runes!" He slammed the two swords together as Natsu let out a strangled squeak of protest. Too late, he had enough of his magic. With Wendy's magic augmenting his metal forging abilities, the two swords flowed together into an enormous golden broadsword tattooed with the trio of runes.

"I present to you: Excalibur the second!"


It was true, to be honest. Gajeel could feel the blade trying to tear itself apart from the immense power within. He had to be quick. He surged forwards with a feral battlecry.

Maybe it was just the golden light of the sword reflecting off of his armour, but for a moment Nirvana saw a mighty warrior clad in golden plate, the splitting image of King Arthur, the man who had ended her kind. Then the sword was slashing down, unleashing a titanic quantity of dragon-slaying magic.

She growled, reaching forward with hungry fangs. How dare he think that this could end her? She was magnificent, resplendent, the mightiest race to ever exist! And she was falling, her head cut in two down the middle.

There was an immense impact as the dragon's corpse fell to the ground, and then deafening silence. Gajeel fell over as the sword exploded into a thousand pieces, unable to contain its might any longer.

"You did it!" Wendy cried happily as she tended to Natsu's broken leg.

"No…we…did…it, right…Salamander?" Gajeel panted with a crooked smile. He tried to steady his breathing.

"My sword," Natsu whined like a little child. "Destroyed…wielded by another man…I didn't even get to do the finishing blow…sob…"

"Quit your whining! I'll let you kill the next dragon!"

"Fine! But it has to be even bigger!"

"I don't understand you two at all," Wendy said quietly.

Gajeel supported Natsu as they hobbled out of the caves, darkened corridors giving way to the bright sky. A host of knights had assembled just outside. There was a hushed silence as they waited for some kind of sign. Gajeel punched his fist into the sky.

"The dragon is dead!" He roared, barely audible in the simultaneous outburst from the onlookers. It was a crushing victory for the history books, but Gajeel was worried. Where was his Shrimp?

"Gajeel!" He turned just in time as his tiny wife threw herself into his arms, wrapping her arms around his neck and burrowing her head into his mane. "You did it! I was so worried!"

"YOU were worried!?" Gajeel croaked. She was all bandaged up! "I was the one who was worried!"

"Really?" Levy replied shyly. "And just what were you worried about?"

Gajeel went bright red. "I was worried about…uh…um…nothing big. Just a small thing, really."

"Oh? Am I that small thing?" Levy giggled.

"Fine, I was worried about you! Happy now?" Gajeel growled.

"Yes, thank you very much!" Levy chirped.

"Everyone!" Erza bellowed, drawing attention to herself. "Today is a great day! Together, we became one and overcame a great evil! Three of our kin are the first dragon slayers in a century, but everyone fought well and bravely! I am proud of each and every one of you! To Fairy Tail! To Lamia Scale! To Blue Pegasus!"

"Well said, Lady Scarlett," Jura said through the cacophony of cheers, bowing low. "We have reaffirmed our bonds. When we return home, all shall speak of the grand alliance, and the strength that it can grant!"

Late at night, Levy snuggled against Gajeel's side as he drew the blanket over them. Both being walking wounded, they'd been allowed to sleep in the wagons. She was glad to be away from the wary concern of Jet, Droy and the Trimen. She refused to be treated as an invalid, but happily let Gajeel cradle her to him.

"I'm so happy to be going home," Levy said sleepily. "I don't like this fighting stuff."

"But you're so good at it!" Gajeel barked a happy laugh. "Who'd have thought that this little thing could beat a member of the Oricion Seis?"

"He was a hundred times stronger than me," Levy replied sadly, "I just paid more attention to the surroundings."

"Intelligence is a type of strength, I can see that now," Gajeel replied quietly, making Levy quite happy.

"But it seems like you're now a figure of Arthurian legend!" Levy exclaimed.

"And man, does that piss Salamander off! Gihihihihi!" Levy squealed as Gajeel grabbed her ass and drew her very close, crashing his lips down passionately on hers. She held the embrace for a minute before withdrawing.

"So, you need a new sword?" She asked sweetly. "Give me a long time. I'll take extra care with the runes, and make you something much better!"

"You'd do that for me?" Gajeel asked, a little mollified.

"Of course I would! I love you!"

"And I love you too, Shrimp. Now come here! The night's cold and I want a bit of warmth…if you know what I mean! Gihi!"

Thanks to those who have read so far. If I had to say, the story really ended after Laxus' defeat, but I was glad to get the dragon slaying stuff in here too. As people have said, I've covered the Phantom Lord, Harvest Festival and Oricion Seis arcs in this story.

I don't want to run this story into the ground, so I'm going to take a bit of a break to figure out how I want to incorporate the Tenroujima arc – I've got some plans, but it'll be quite different to the manga. I'll just be using it as a guideline. I did this arc a bit ad hoc and the shittiness shows.

However, I have not forgotten the Edolas arc! I will be doing this as a one-shot chapter, purely for comedy/the lulz. You think beating Brain was good? Just wait until you meet the wrath of Edolas Levy! But the point is, next chapter is stress free! No death, no turmoil.

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