AN: Yes, I know – I should be writing more cuteness for The Baby Chronicles... But I'm suffering from minor writer's block. A picture of Scorpius sitting in a tree, swinging his legs – that's what came into my mind and made me start writing this. I hope you enjoy

Disclaimer: I own nothing recognisable – the picture isn't mine, either

Scorpius swung his legs as he looked over the fields at her house. He grinned to himself and whistled a Muggle tune that he heard her singing so many times as he waited for her, her brother and her cousins to emerge. He plucked a few leaves off the branch he was perched on and dropped them, watching them float lazily to the grass below before plucking a few more.

Shouts from over the fields made him look up to see a group of children run out of the house. Some were Scorpius' age, but most were younger than him – including little Molly Weasley (who had just turned eleven) and Lucy (who was turning nine in March). Some of them did a cartwheel or two as they ran. Scorpius grinned again. They were always so excited when they were finally allowed to go outside. He didn't know why the children had to stay indoors until at least nine o' clock, but he guessed that it had something to do with how loud they were and how much sleep their parents wanted.

One girl, with her long, red hair, caught his eye. He could always spot her in a crowd – even in a crowd of red-headed Weasleys.


A beautiful name for a beautiful girl.

Scorpius knew he could never talk to her – her family hated his father, and he understood why, even though his father had changed so much since his school years – but that didn't stop him admiring her from afar. She was beautiful, sure. But she was also funny and charming and incredibly intelligent. She and Scorpius were both in Ravenclaw, and they were constantly battling for the title of Top of the Class. Well, she was battling – he simply enjoyed the attention she gave him when he beat her in a test. It was usually a scowl and some remark about how she would beat him in the next one, but to have her eyes on him for those few seconds made his day brighter.

"Oi! Malfoy!" A strong voice shook Scorpius out of his daze. "What are you staring at?"

Scorpius squinted to see James Sirius, the eldest cousin (except for the two girls in France) glaring in his direction.

"I enjoy watching you all play," Scorpius hollered back.


"You heard!"

"Well, stop watching us! Freak!"

Scorpius sighed. Most of the students at Hogwarts knew his father, the Death Eater. But within a week of Scorpius being at Hogwarts, most of the students also knew that he was very different to how his father had been in school. Of course, his father was also very different, but none of them knew that.

But the Potters and Weasleys never seemed to grasp that concept. Scorpius knew they were all clever enough – indeed, they were all very clever – but their parents (especially Mr Potter and Mr Weasley) had probably told them all sorts of stories about his father.

"Shut up, James," an all-too-familiar voice suddenly snapped. Scorpius stared as she turned in his direction and shouted, "Scorpius! Would you like to join us?"

Scorpius almost fell out of the tree.