The 17 year old Karin Kurosaki was getting ready to go to her senior prom. She was actually quiet excited to go. Over the years Karin had turned more girly, she didn't mind wearing make up or skirts as she now had more of a figure. She stilled played football, in fact she was the captain of her school team. They were now invincible thanks to her. They never lost a game before. She also was the captain of the kendo team but that was because she was also a shinigami. She know how to fight in combat. She loved living the double life. Acting like she was normal like the rest of her classmates and then make up an excuse just so she can go and fight hollows. When her friends asked her why she was always feeling ill she just said is was due to over exhausting. They never asked anymore questions because they believed her, being involved in so many sport activities must be tiring. No one knew that she was a shinigami except for her Dad, Kisuke and everyone who worked at his shop. Karin had many hollows trying to attack her so she and her dad decided for her to become a shinigami so she can defend herself. Her dad was on of her trainers, he taught her how to fight with a sword as well as Kisuke did.

Karin was wearing a light blue strapless dress. Right now she, was busy straighting her long black hair when she felt a strange spiritual pressure soon she heard a smash and her sister scream. She turned off the straightners and ran down the stairs to see why her sister screamed. When she got down the stairs she stopped abruptly, she saw a man with brown hair pushed back wearing a black shihakusho and a haori with a sword at her sisters neck. "Who are you!" she shouted. Karin slowly reached for her soul reaper pill and put it in her mouth, turning into her soul reaper form. She told her body to hide somewhere and when she could she and Yuzu had to go and hide somewhere and Karin would find them later after she had dealt with him "Now, I will ask you one more time. Who are you!" the man only smirked and gave a cocky reply

" I'm surprised you don't know who I am. I am Sosuke Aizen" when Karin heard the name Aizen her eyes widened almost they were about to fall out of their sockets. She pulled her sword out of its sheath from her back and stood in a defensive stance. Her zanpakuto was long and thin. It had a black blade, and a silver hilt. The strap which held her zanpakuto was orange a bit darker than her brothers hair "Let my sister go" she growled.

Aizen didn't budge. He only held onto Yuzu tighter. 'Where the heck is Dad, Ichigo or any other soul reaper.' Karin cried to herself. It wasn't as if she wasn't strong, she already achieved bankai in the year thanks to the help of her Dad and Yoruichi. It only took her two days. Karin had heard a lot about Aizen from her best friend, Toshiro Hitsugaya. She knew how evil and strong he was. Most of the captain and their lieutenants couldn't stop him. How was a 17 year old girl with only 2 years of experience stop him. Karin held onto her zanpakuto tighter to hide the fact that she was scared.

'Remember what Kisuke told you, my zanpakuto told you, fear dulls the blade. I can't be scared. I have to be strong. Every great power has weakness all I have to find his weakness. I can do that, that's why my football team, my kendo team has never lost a match. I can spot people weakness's but this is Aizen a man who has thought of a plan hundreds of years ago he probably doesn't have a weak spot. No. Everyone has one. I have to figure out what it is'

Aizen was not planning on letting her sister go. She had to figure a way to make him let go of Yuzu. If anything would happen to her she would blame herself. Without thinking things through, she flashed stepped behind him and slashed his back leaving a thin cut. This caused him to jump and cut Yuzu while doing so and her dropped her leaving her light yellow dress to get soaked in blood 'Crap' Karin thought.'He hurt her'.

When she was behind Aizen she saw a man with a ragged white haori lying on the ground, scarlet red blood pouring out of him. She knew the man, it was her dad.

" Dad!" She screamed. Karin and her father got really close. She now calls him dad instead of goat chin. She works quite close to him too. Observing him with his patients because she applied to a medical college and soon she will take over the family business. Yuzu applied to be a teacher because she loved kids. She always had that motherly feeling.

She didn't care that Aizen was trying to kill her, she had to stop her dad from bleeding to death. Karin was not like Ichigo she could use kido. Tessai had been teaching her since she was 15 years old. She found kido to be easy. She quickly grasped it. After a few minutes of applying kido on her dad he opened his eyes but he was still groggy. "Dad, you and Yuzu get out of here"

The soul inside her body was quite rebellious, she usually never followed any orders that Karin gave her. The soul had ran away leaving Yuzu behind, after Karin told her to take Yuzu with her.

"Honey. You. Are. Not. Strong. Enough. To. Fight. Aizen" Isshin murmured barley getting any words out.

"Dad, Right now, I am more stronger than you to fight Aizen. You are no shape to fight. Just take Yuzu and go to Urahara. Don't worry I can handle this. I am not weak. I can do this" Karin whispered " If you want I can probably hold him off until help comes, so just do what I say" Karin was not normally this bossy but when it came to the safety of her family, she took on the role of a captain. It came naturally to her. But her dad did not move, he didn't have any strength to. As she said that she went back to face Aizen.

"Tell me what you are doing here and attacking my family" Aizen still didn't say anything but Karin knew, his eye told her that he was planning something and it was to do with her family but she wasn't going to let him get away with it.

She flashed stepped towards him again trying to slash him. She managed to slash him leaving yet another cut on his forearm but Aizen always had a counter attack he quickly paid her back with the same cut. Now the two of them were clashing swords together. It looked like Karin took more hits than he did. Her shihakusho was ripped and blood was seeping out. She looked like hell. Karin didn't care that she was on the defensive most of the time. She was still trying to figure his weakness. Their swords clashed again causing Karin to fall back on her and breaking the television. Bits of glass sticking into her flesh. Causing more pain. She quickly regained herself and swooped low knocking him of his feet, tipping over the couch. The feeling of fear was gone. She was to busy defending her family.

The once lovely living room and turned into a battle field. Blood and glass was scattered everywhere. Everything they owned was destroyed. The walls were scratched. The television was smashed. The couch was tipped over. The seats cushions were all around the room.

" Give up girl, there is no way you can beat me. Just face it. Your dad wasn't even a match for me and he was ex-shinigami" Karin only scoffed.

" I wouldn't talk if I were you. It looks to me that I have a lot more hits on you than my dad did."

Aizen was shocked, she was right. She had landed some hits on him and yet she hasn't even want her shikai form yet. Karin could stand her own against him. This surprised him. No one could stand their own against him. Yet again Aizen gave of his famous smirk and rushed back into Karin with his plan now in action. To kill her.

Karin was noticed the way he fought was different from before it was more precise, more fluent. She knew he was up to something. Karin's recent feeling of fear came back to her. This time she couldn't hide it. Her legs refused to move and her body was shaking 'Ichigo, Please come. Help me like you always do. You are always there when I need you. Please come I need you' She saw his blade coming towards. To finish her. She couldn't take it any more. There was no way she could defeat. Karin just stood their and closed her eyes so the impact wouldn't hurt as much. She heard felt something fly right passed her face but she disregarded it .Nothing came. There was no pain of a sword impaling her .

When she opened her eyes, her eyes her not fully adjusted. She saw a tall man in pure white stood at the front door holding a bow. When her eyes re-adjusted it was her brothers friend Uryū Ishida. " Are you alright?" he asked While her brother was in the soul society, Uryū and Karin got closer. They had a brother/sister relationship. When Karin was training, Uryū was usually was her sparring partner. He knew her strengths and weaknesses better than anyone because he spent the most time with her.

"Uryū what are you doing here" completely ignoring his question.

"I felt your spiritual pressure rise from the other side of town and I came as fast as I could. I'm surprised no-one else is here. " now facing Aizen

"What are you doing here Aizen" his voice sounding cold, that could freeze anyone.

" I see the game is over now since the Quincy is here, but I'll be back." with that he opened a garganta and left heading back to Hueco Mundo.

Karin took a big sigh, it was finally over, for now. She saw that Yuzu and her dad was still here and still badly injured. " Uryū help me carry Yuzu and my dad over to Urahara. I hate to admit to it but I have ran out of spiritual energy." he picked up her dad and headed over to Urahara's shop with Karin on his tail with Yuzu, blood still seeping out of Karin leaving a trail .

When they got to the shop, Urahara, Tessai, Yoruichi, Jinta and Ururu was surprised when they saw Isshin and Yuzu bleeding. Tessai didn't waste any time he told them to follow him and place them in a small room. He insisted that Karin should be healed too but she kindly declined as her family were in a worse state than her and she had one other thing to do. Tessai knew not to ask any more questions as he knew that Karin could get really scary if he bothered her again so he kindly shooed them out of the room. While he was busy.

When Karin and Uryū went back to the front they saw Urahara and Kisuke sitting down with 4 cups of tea in front of them. Karin sat down in pain but decide to hide it. She quickly drank the tea and asked " Hey Kisuke can you open the senkaimon for me. I need to pay someone a little visit" Kisuke automatically knew who she was going to see. It has not hard to guess.

"Okay Karin , I will open the senkaimon for you"

" Hey Karin, I'm coming with you. I need to know something and to make sure you don't injure yourself anymore than you are" Uryū said.

The way he spoke was not a request it more of a demand. He was coming with her and that was the end. He quickly drank the rest of his tea and stood up, the others copied him. They then headed for the door that lead them to the massive underground training room.

Once they got down there, Urahara wasted no time and open the senkaimon that lead to the soul society. Before Karin and Uryū headed off, Kisuke spoke up. "Karin, I'll send Yoruichi if there is any changes about your dad or sister." Karin only nodded

She turned around and stepped into the senkaimon with pain in her eyes.

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