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Lauren crossed off another day of her calendar. September 16th. Exactly two months since she'd reached LA and three months since... That day. The day she made the decision which rocks the balance of her life now, turning it into a rollercoaster. Slowly, Lauren wandered into the sitting room and plopped herself on the couch, rubbing her abdomen.

Lauren moaned. "Joey! I want my mint choc-chip ice cream!"

Joey groaned and walked into the room, two cups of tea in his hands and a piece of toast hanging out of his mouth.

"Wemdonhaani" Joey mumbled through the toast, causing a chunk to break off and fall into his tea. He cursed and gave Lauren her's and then threw his in the bin.

"We don't have any. You ate the last bit, last night."

"But Jooeey!" Lauren whined, sipping her tea. "I want ice cream."

"We'll buy some when we leave for the airport, Lo." Joey said, walking back into the kitchen and grabbing a granola bar from the cupboard.

"Fine." Lauren pouted before standing and walking into her room to get changed. Joey rolled his eyes and walked to his own room.

Once they landed in Chicago and got their cases, they headed to the exit and Lauren ran towards Julia when she came into view. Wrapping her arms around friend's neck in a tight embrace, Lauren was careful not to harm her stomach and buried her head into Julia's shoulder.

"I missed you, Juls. I was lost without my mama bear." Lauren beamed. Julia rubbed the petite girl's

Lauren pulled away and grabbed her case from Joey who had just joined them. The trio exited the airport and walked to Julia's car.

"How have you been feeling?"

"I've been okay. Not much sickness luckily but I've had a massive craving for mint choc-chip ice cream" Lauren chuckled, sitting in shotgun. Julia laughed.

"I have no idea what to say to Joe though. I have to tell him." Lauren whispered, looking down and resting a hand on her abdomen. Julia removed one hand from the steering wheel and rubbed Lauren's shoulder.

"You do, he deserves to know." Julia agreed. "He beats himself up everyday. The three of them are lost, Joe, Brian and Meredith, I don't know what to do anymore."

"You don't have to do anything. This isn't your problem, Juls." Joey said from his seat in the back of the car.

Lauren turned to her friend's. "He's right. This is between me, Joe, Brian and Meredith. All you two need to do is be here for us as support."

Joey nodded as they reached Julia and Lauren's apartment, parking the car before walking inside. Lauren and Joey placed their suitcases at the side of the room and then the trio sat on the couch.

"Home sweet home." Lauren grinned. Julia wrapped an arm around Lauren's shoulders.

"Welcome home, Lil' LoLo."

"I want to see Meredith."

Julia and Joey looked up from their spots on the couch and at Lauren who was curled up on the chair.

"Are you sure, Lo?" Joey asked. "Stress can cause, you know..." He nodded his head in the direction of Lauren's stomach.

"I know but I need to talk to her, to hear what she has to say about it. I'll be careful." Lauren assured, standing and tugging her jacket on. "Do you know where she's stopping?"

"At Denise's." Julia answered. "Jaime said, I haven't spoken to Mere since that day."

Lauren walked to the door. "I'll call you on my way back." With that, she stepped out into the chilly Chicago air.

Lauren knocked on the door of Denise's apartment to be greeted by a shocked Meredith.

"Lauren! Uhmm... Hi." Meredith stuttered.

"Can I come in?" Lauren asked and Meredith moved to the side to let Lauren in before shutting the door. Just then Denise walked in from the kitchen.

"Mere, do y- Lauren. How are you?"

"Okay. Am I alright to speak to Meredith alone?" Denise nodded and walked out of the room. Lauren and Meredith took seats at the opposite end of the couch.

"So, when did you get back?" Meredith asked, fiddling with her fingers and staring at her lap.

"Early afternoon. Me and Joey the first airplane back to Chicago this morning." Lauren answered and Meredith nodded. "I wanted to talk. About the thing with Joe."

"I am sorry, Lauren. I used to like Joe and we were hanging out the night before it happened and I fell asleep there. That morning we were talking and waiting for you to get there, then I guess I felt something again and I kissed him. I know, he was dating you and I was engaged to Brian, and it was stupid mistake." Meredith explained. "I lost 2 good friend's and the most amazing guy I could ever have."

Lauren placed a hand on Meredith's knee. "You know I have every reason to be mad at you, right?" Meredith nodded. "And I am slightly mad but I understand. At least you explained and understood you made a mistake and know why you did it. Joe can't even tell me that. I don't want to lose someone else so let's put this behind us?"

Meredith smiled and agreed. "I'd like that."

Lauren grinned and scooted closer to Meredith.

"Want to know something?" Lauren asked. Meredith nodded.

"I'm pregnant."