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It had taken awhile but Lauren was finally all moved in and settled with Joe. In fact the apartment looked like she had been living there all along. Joe had woken up surprisingly early for him; Lauren was always usually the first up, but last night the triplets had kept her up with all the kicking, she had finally fallen asleep around 3am. Joe decided her was going to surprise her with breakfast in bed. They both had a busy day ahead of them; Lauren had an appointment at 12 to be cleared to fly as they were heading off to London tomorrow, and he was putting the finishing touches to the nursery. Everything was pretty much ready for the babies' arrival; it was just the changing table and wardrobe left to be finished. Joe stumbled into the kitchen still half asleep, getting the ingredients ready to make porridge with sprinkles; something Lauren had been craving a lot in the last few weeks.

Lauren awoke to the sunlight streaming through the window and a sharp kick to her stomach. Lauren smiled while rubbing her belly, she loved nothing more than feeling the babies kick, it was her way of reassuring herself they were still okay and there was nothing wrong. The smell of porridge had made its way into the bedroom causing her stomach to rumble, Lauren slowly rolled out of bed putting on her slippers and grabbing her dressing gown and made her way into the kitchen. Glancing at herself in the mirror on the way out, she could swear she got bigger every day and felt about the size of a house.

"Morning Joe" Lauren whispered while sneaking up behind Joe wrapping her arms around his waist as best as she could. Joe jumped slightly but when he saw it was just Lauren he pulled her into his side in a hug.

"Jesus Lo you scared me, I didn't think you were awake, I was going to surprise you with breakfast in bed"

"Aww that's so sweet" Lauren replied snuggling into him more, "I can always go back to bed if you want"

"Nah it's alright lo, go take a seat at the table, I'll bring it over, I made your favorite porridge with rainbow sprinkles"

Lauren pulled away from Joe, making her way over to the table taking a seat and picking up the book she had left there last night, Joe joined her around five minutes later bringing with him the porridge, and two decaf coffees.

"Are you sure you don't need me to come with you today?" Joe asked, this would be the first appointment he hadn't been to since he had found out about the pregnancy.

"I'm sure, it's only a check-up to get clearance for flying, and it would be more practical for you to stay here and get the nursery furniture finished, then you can help me with the packing for London"

"Alright as long as you're sure" Joe replied he still wasn't comfortable letting her go alone but Lauren was a stubborn as anything and wouldn't back down once she made her mind up. After this, Joe and Lauren finished there breakfasts and went off to go get ready for the day.

Lauren arrived at the hospital just in time for her apartment, it had taken her longer than she thought it would to get from Joe's to the hospital due to an accident that had caused a back log of traffic. Due to this Dr. Cooper called Lauren straight in.

"So Lauren how have you been feeling since your last appointment" Dr. Cooper asked while gesturing for Lauren to get up on the bed, Lauren knew the drill by now and automatically held her jumper up ready for the ultra sound.

"Amazing as you can do for carrying triplets, they are definitely a lot more active than they were last time I came in" Lauren replied flinching slightly when the gel was applied to her stomach.

"That's great, and the triplets being more active is just due to it getting a lot more cramped in your womb, it's not long to go now so there is less room for them to move freely"

Dr. Cooper moved the wand round her belly to get the best picture of the babies, after a few minutes of prodding and moving round she had found the best position to see the babies.

"Well Lauren the babies look perfect, they are in the right position for how far along you are, and there looks to be no other problems, so I can definitely clear you to fly."

Lauren squealed in excitement, she had been paranoid that she wouldn't be cleared to fly, and her and Joe would have to cancel the trip to London. "That's amazing news, thank you so much; I'll make another appointment on the way out for when I get back from London"

"Have a good trip Lauren and remember not too much excitement or stress as it can brings on early labor" Dr. Cooper answered back, she moved to open the door for Lauren so she could leave and for her to move onto the next patient.

Lauren walked back to her car, deciding to call Joe to let him know the good news, the phone rang through to answer phone. That's odd she thought he always answers his phone, I'll leave a message.

"Hey Joe, I'm all cleared to fly, I'm heading back home now, I expect the nursery to be finished as we need to start packing, do you want me to pick up anything for lunch on the way back" Just as she was about to pull out from the car park she received a text from Joe.

Hey, sorry I missed your call my phone was in the kitchen, that's great! :D Don't worry about picking up something for lunch. I have ordered pizza :) See you later xx

After a mad evening and day of packing for London it was finally time for them to leave for the airport. They had an overnight flight so they could sleep on the plane and not be so jet lagged when they arrived in London.

It was now 7.45pm, all their baggage had been checked in they were just waiting for their flight to be called. Their flight wasn't until 9pm, so while they waited they decided to take advantage of the executive lounge. It turned out the air hostess who checked them in was a massive StarKid fan and got them upgraded to business class. Time soon flew by and it was time to board the plane. By this point Lauren was feeling really sleepy, due to her excitement she hadn't go much sleep the night before, all she wanted to do right now was snuggle up next to Joe and sleep.

"I can't wait to get on this plane, I'm so tired" She sleepily stated to Joe, currently leaning against him as they walked down the gangway to the plane.

They reached the plane, and got settled in their seats the only major problem they had was the air hostess had trouble finding the extension seatbelt but it was soon found. Joe had to keep poking Lauren to keep her awake during the safety announcement however they were soon taking off, so he let her head fall onto his shoulder as she fell into a deep sleep. Around 20 minutes into the flight the seatbelt light turned off, Joe undid his seatbelt and moved so her could undo Laurens. Once both were undone he reclined his seat back so he was more comfy, pulling Lauren onto his lap so she could snuggle closer into him. It wasn't long before Joe was joining Lauren in a peaceful deep sleep.

"Could all passengers please return to their seats and fasten their seatbelts we will shortly be landing into London Heathrow Airport"

"Come on Lo it's time to wake up we will be landing soon" Joe had been up for the last hour having woken up by the air hostess offering him a drink.

"Mhmm... 5 more minutes" Lauren groaned while rubbing her eyes,

"Sorry honey but you have to wake up and put your seatbelt back on" Joe replied while slowly pushing Lauren off him and into her own seat and helping do her seatbelt back up. Shortly afterwards the plane landed and after making it through security and baggage claim without too much hassle they were off in a taxi cab to the hotel they were staying in.

Lauren's mouth fell open as they pulled up to the hotel. It was huge and expensive looking. "Joe, you didn't need to spend this much on a hotel, I would have been happy with a travel lodge"

"It's nothing Lo, I thought it would be nice to treat ourselves to one last luxury hotel before the babies arrive, as from then on it'll be family friendly hotels" Joe replied back while helping Lauren out of the taxi and collecting the suitcases to hand over to the valet. He handed the taxi driver the correct money and made his way back to Lauren taking her hand as they walked into the hotel lobby. The lobby looked like something from a Victorian period drama, with portraits and paintings placed around the room. However, the main feature of the lobby was most definitely the crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling in the center of the room.

"Good morning and welcome to the Royal Oak Hotel, my names Micha, how may I help you?" The brown haired receptionist at the desk asked Joe.

"Hi Micha, I have a room booked under the name Walker,"

"Ah yes, let's get you checked in" Micha tapped away at the keyboard finding the reservation and registering the key card for the room. "Right that's all done, your in room 508, here's the key your luggage will be up shortly, if you have any questions or queries at all just call down to reception and we will be happy to help."

Joe took the key, and thanked Micha turning back to find Lauren who had gone and found a chair to sit in. He found her sat on the couches near the elevators.

"So Lo, we're all checked in what do you want to do?"

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