Short scene that just came to me. I refuse to believe Perry would be wheeling around to go see Harry after a bullet went through him.

Harry wiped sweaty palms on his sweat pants. His hands trembled as he looked through the glass doors. To his right, in big bold letter, were the words "Intensive Care". Harmony's words echoed in his head.

"He's not doing too good." She said in a hushed voice as she sat at Harry's bedside, smoothing down his mussed hair. "The bullet hit the top of his lung, the doctor said. He just got out of surgery."

Bouncing on his heels for a moment, Harry steeled his nerves and, with a deep breath, went inside. He could not help but wince at the amount of machinery attached to the detective. The thief shuffled to his friend's side and pulled up a chair, careful of his own bullet wound. The sound of machines beeping unnerved him.

"Hey, Slick." Harry whispered, afraid to really wake him. "Hell of a shot, huh? You're gonna get better though, teach me more detective stuff. Maybe I can get a real job and stop stealing shit." He hesitantly put his hand on the detective's, brushing his thumb over the knuckles.

Perry's head lolled in Harry's direction, and his eyes fluttered open a crack. The left arm seemed paralyzed on the bed. He brought his right up weakly to move the oxygen mask.

"Hey, Chief." Perry croaked. He struggled to focus on the younger man. "Still alive?"
"Thanks to you." Harry grinned. "Well, and Johnny Gossamer."

"Shit fucking book." Perry took too deep a breath and gave a soft cry of pain. He put the mask back in place and tried to peer beneath the collar of his hospital gown. "How bad?"

"It's nothing." Harry lied easily with false cheer as he gently pushed the blonde's hand back down. "You'll be out before you can say fuck up."

"Fuck up." Perry mumbled weakly. His eyes drifted close, and Harry copied Harmony's action of smoothing down his sweat-dampened hair.

"Get some sleep. Maybe I'll bring you that whipped mocha frap shit you like."

"You're so gay." Perry breathed as Harry's thumb brushed the side of his face.

The thief couldn't help but give a small laugh. "Just for you, Slick. Love at first kiss."

"You…liked it." Perry leaned into the other's hand absentmindedly.

"It wasn't terrible." Harry replied in a hushed whisper as if sharing a secret.

"Great…we'll get fucking married." It came a strained laugh. Perry's brow furrowed in pain and beads of sweat began to break out on his forehead.

"That's the drugs talking." Harry rose to his feet. "I'll leave so you can get some sleep."

"Stay." Perry's eyes struggled to open. "Too fucking depressing here."

"Yeah, yeah sure." Harry replied as he quickly sat back down. He let out a puff of air as he rubbed the tops of his thighs, his foot bouncing. "So…I was thinking, maybe—"

"Harry?" Perry muttered as he let himself drift back into a drug induced sleep.

"What? Oh, yeah, yeah I'll, uh, just…sit. Here." The younger man pressed his lips in a thin line as he watched. After a moment, he took a breath and intertwined his fingers with Perry's. Perry gave a weak squeeze and a soft sigh.