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Harry Potter and the Heir of Slytherin – Sneak Preview!

Harry knew that it wouldn't be long before Draco and Mr. Malfoy arrived to take him away from the Dursleys. At the end of term, Harry and Draco had arranged for Harry to spend almost half the summer with the Malfoys. Harry had neglected to inform the Dursleys of these plans, trusting Mr. Malfoy to set things right upon his arrival. Better to ask forgiveness than permission, Harry thought. Mr. Malfoy was scheduled to pick up Harry three days after Harry's birthday.

That day was today.

Harry was shoving the last of his belongings into his trunk when he heard a muffled "pop" from the front of the house.

"Petunia! What did you break now?" roared Vernon Dursley.

Before Harry's Aunt Petunia could answer, there was a knock on the front door. Harry could hear his Uncle Vernon grumbling as he lumbered from the sitting room to the foyer.

"We don't want any of your vacuums," Vernon bellowed immediately after opening the door.

Harry strained to hear the reply. He could recognize Mr. Malfoy's voice, but the words were too soft to understand.

"Come for Harry? That boy is upstairs, and that's where he will stay."

Mr. Malfoy spoke again, this time with a slight edge in his voice.

"Oh, you're one of those rotters. He's never going back to that school again. You and your lot have been nothing but a nuisance, and England would be better off without you. Good day."

Harry heard a whip-like crack and a large thump. Harry could see it in his mind: his Uncle Vernon, who had been a boxer fifteen years and fifty pounds ago, punching out Mr. Malfoy and tossing his limp body onto the lawn. Suddenly, Harry's failure to inform the Dursleys of his plans seemed like a terrible idea.

Harry heard footsteps on the stairs. Two sets of footsteps—one heavy, one light. His Aunt and Uncle, coming to exact some horrible punishment. Harry backed away from the door.

There was a click as his door unlocked. Harry climbed onto his bed, pushing himself as far away from the door as possible.

The door swung open…