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Halt's eyes opened lazily. Early morning sunlight drifted in through the large windows in his royal room. Though he was a prince, the room was relatively bare except for the carpet on the floor and the canvas bed decorated with the pillows and blankets he lay in now. Shuddering, he drew the blanket up to cover his bare chest. The servants were supposed to keep the fire in the fireplace going, why was it so cold in here? Glancing towards the fireplace that was set in the wall facing him, Halt saw it was out. That was odd and he sat up, sending his head spinning. That was something else that seemed odd, he felt a bit nauseous but not sick. It was still early and the room was only dimly lit as he stretched his arms painfully. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, Halt froze. There was a figure beside him. Closer inspection revealed the person to be Fianna. Suddenly the events of the previous night hit him like a storm. From the ball, to the drinking and so on and so forth. He buried his head in his hands before climbing out of bed and tugging a shirt and pants on. His movements hurt and it only proved his theory of what happened. He knew it hadn't been a good idea to let Fianna convince him to drink.

Fianna stirred, woken by the sudden lack of his weight on the bed. Gathering the blanket around herself, she caught Halt's eye. They were troubled and a bit frantic, so were hers as the night's actions came to her as well. Before either of them could say anything, there was a pounding at the door to the room.

"Hurry up!" It was Ferris, Halt's brother. There was a tone of anticipation in his voice, as if he were nervous.

"Hold on," Halt called back. The pounding stopped.

"Father wishes to speak to you before we go fishing," Ferris answered and there was the sound of shuffling feet. It seemed Ferris was eager to get going.

"We'll talk about this later," Halt whispered before unlocking the door and slipping out of the room to meet his brother. He knew it was wrong, they needed to discuss this now, but he couldn't keep his father waiting else he wanted to be questioned as to why. And at the moment he himself wasn't clear on what was going on.

Little did he know that he wouldn't be able to talk it over later with Fianna. Or anybody else for that matter. For later he'd be on his way away from Dun Kilty and a murderous brother.

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