Fairly Legal - Fast learner


Ben was mad at her, because she kept a secret. And Kate Reed never kept a secret.


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Rating T for language and romantic scenes, no smut.

Category Romance/Angst

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A/N: Today, it was announced on Facebook that Fairly Legal won't be continued. I'm bummed out at this news, as are many others expressing their displeasure on the site.

All we have is Fanfiction now to continue the story of our favorite pair!

I know there is another story I better finish (two, in fact), but this one didn't leave me alone, until I wrote it down. It flowed to the screen almost all by itself, and I hope you'll enjoy reading it. If so, please review. (And also, if not, so I can improve!)

Ben was most royally pissed. Not at the world at large, but at a certain someone with spectacular curves, the most sensual mouth he's ever seen, a crusaders heart, and going by the name of one Kate Reed.

He was mad at her, because she kept a secret. And Kate Reed never kept a secret. In fact, she was the most open person of his vast acquaintance, not able to keep something for herself even if life depended on it, and was apt to blurt out truths at random, however unwise or hurtful these truths turned out to be.

Ben had first-hand experience on Kate sometimes heedless openness. She had once yelled at him that she hadn't been to what was supposed their first dinner with him, because she'd slept with Justin instead. This revelation had felt like someone had slammed into his stomach, hard. But he had kept his cool, and gone on hatching his plan of winning her over.

Now, with Justin out of the picture, and Kate as his neighbor, he had expected things to turn to his favor. After the initial shock of finding him - of all people! - as her neighbor, Kate and him got along pretty well, at least in his opinion.

They had explored the neighborhood, had discovered the most charming farmer's market, which was taking place every other Saturday just a few minutes from their apartments, and which provided them with fresh and tasteful produce. They even had begun to cook together, instead of preparing their meals each for themselves. All was strictly platonic, yet he was very aware of the fact that if he acted too fast, too strong, she'd be scared and run off, leaving him going back to square one.

However, despite his carefully built plan, it proved to be very difficult for him to keep his hands off her. Her laughter, teasing voice, and sparkling eyes sometimes drove him crazy for not allowing himself to touch her, lest he scared her away.

Still, Ben had begun to enjoy their joint activities, firmly believing that they were some additional, albeit tiny, steps towards his ultimate goal: To win Kate to be his.

He didn't have any illusions anymore on what this woman meant to him. He had kissed her once, and that had been his downfall. This kiss at the elevator late one night had shown him the power the petite woman wielded over him, and since then, he was determined to walk to hell and back to win her over.

So far, his attempts to coax her into admitting her feelings for him (of whose he was utterly sure were as deep as his for her) hadn't been graced with much success. Their interlude at Lake Tahoe, in which she failed to accept his challenge to "dive in" with him, had him almost defeated.

But then, he had discovered the heart shaped stone on her desk, and he had then known with sudden clarity that Kate's feelings for him ran deep. So he resumed his fight for her, only a tad subtler than before. But much more ruthless than ever.

So far, he thought he had succeeded. Kate was more open to him, told him about her childhood, her marriage with Justin (and why she thought they failed), and other things which he absorbed like a sponge. There was no topic he found more interesting than the life of Kate Reed, and he thwarted every rival who seemed to pick up what a beautiful, adorable, and utterly sexy woman she was. He nipped every possible competition for Kate's favors in the bud, or so he had thought.

And then, Brandon McTiernan had come along.


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