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okj..the storyline:



It was typical night shift, at least they thought so. Around 4 am the noise they all know alarmed them. There was a huge fire around Central Ave. Block of flats. Everybody follow theirs routine. After they were on the place theirs faces paled, eyes wide opened. They did theirs best, they hurried but there was nothing they could do, the building just collapsed. Chaos everywhere, some people were outside, screaming, crying. Chief looked at his men they still had job to do.


The firefighters were fighting with a fire for hours. Candidate Mills was trying to help the elder lady when he noticed a girl, sitting near still the burning place. He was wondering how noone notice her before. He shouted at Gabi, who also had a work to do, but the paramedic nodded so she left her co-worker with another injuried patient and moved to the girl. „Hey, you can´t stay in here!" The girl´s face was pale, blood almost everywhere, a lot injuries around her body.

She didn´t reply, she still sat on that place.

„Get her out of here now!" Kelly shouted at paramedic while he and his team-mates tried to extinguish the fire.

„Were you there for the whole time?" she sat next to her "We have to check the injuries, can you walk?"

Lt. Casey saw the situation too, he came closer „Problem?"

„Nothing I can´t handle..." Gabi answered „Come on, let´s get you out of here."

„I... I want to stay in here...My mom..."she answered slowly and quietly.

Gabriela looked around, she knew a lot people had died in that explosion but some of the people were already sent to hospital."I am sure she is ok, you know a lot of your neighbours were sent to hospital..."

„And you need a doctor too." Casey added

„No... she... was in the room and..."

Matt shook his head, he slowly came to her, put that girl on her feet, but she could not stand, the knees just didn´t listen her, so he simply took her to his arms. She didn´t react at it. He took her to the ambulance, sat her on the wheelchair. Gabi followed him to her co-worker, Leslie. „Take her too with him..." he pointed at another victim.

His friends nodded.


Matt rushed to the hospital he met Leslie. „How are the others?" she asked

„Good, everyone from division is ok, they are back. 20 people died. What about the victims?"

„Well the guy we took in here died while we came to hospital. The girl is alive. I´ve heard 2 others died as well. Such a tragedy."

„Yeah... Have you seen Hallie?"

„I think she talked with Gabi..."

„What? Really?" he laughed.

„No, think we would heard screaming then. Okj, we are going back. Find you love without me, ok? See ya." she smiled to him.


„Hey, Matt! You good? I´ve heard what happened!" Hallie, his girlfriend hugged him tightly.

„Well I guess you´ve had a lot work as well."

„Yeah as everyday."

„But tonight it was more..."

„...crazier..." she smiled and kissed him. „Can we go please home?"

„For sure. May I ask you how´s the girl Shay and Dawson brought is doing?"

„Oh...You mean Hannah?" she asked sadly

„She didn´t tell me her name. You know her?"

She nodded and sit to the chair. „I know a lot about her, mostly her family. Matt, her mom wasn´t bring to our hospital..."

„Girl said she was in the room..." Matt sat next to her. „Sorry."

„Her mother was our patient for years, it was really bad. At least I can say she finally found her peace even like that...It´s really long story. Guess she will need help."

„That´s why we all are here, right?" he put his arms around her „Have you talked to her?"

„No, she is sleeping. Ahm, are Leslie and Kelly still looking for a roomate?"



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