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EDIT, 23.1.2013, 23:04 (European time (UTC+01:00) Belehrad, Bratislava, Budapešť, Ľubľana, Praha) Had to share with you guys, please pray 2 hours ago, in SVK there was a huge „car" vs train accident. Two of my friends are there, thankfully they are ok... The train driver passed away on accident place, he saved lives of many people... now our firefighters and rescue teams are helping people from train...

EDIT: 24.1.2013 photos from the scene: www . railpage modules / news/ article . php?storyid=2550

Firefighters were trying to save the train driver unfortunately he died. Passangers are ok. He is HERO, he died to save 2 hundred lives in that train...


January 2013


„So... you are moving to Jersey, really?" Severide asked as he took his beer. „Like back to the Jersey where some people hurt you already, really?" he asked. In his voice there was surprise, anger, shock. „You gotta be kidding me."

„And when you wanted to share the news about Spain or whatever country it is..." she mumbled.

„Excuse me? I thought you...knew?" She didn´t but he knew, he actually didn´t wanna share even he was leaving in few days.

„Do we really have to have this conversation? Because it is kinda awkward!" she took her drink. „Maybe it´s good for both of move..." she continued.

„You think?"

Hannah didn´t look at him: „Yeah, You are with... well you are in love and it will be better for me and Erica... Shit! Look we both know how it really is. I don´t know how you, but I really, really, really fell for you after all you have done for me, for us. I promised myself to not fall in love with... well with you, but I just... and You just... you love someone else and..."

„Are you drunk, or took something?"

„No, I am saying you that..."

Severide´s phone rang. „Yes?... Alright I´ll be there. Give me five." Lt. looked at his friend."Sorry, I´ll have to go. Renee needs me. I´ll call you, ok? Kiss Erica for me and... " he kissed her on forehead."I DO care for you and I am sorry...really sorry for myself...bye..." as he rushed he looked back"Do you need ride back home?"

She smiled. „Go, it´s ok..."

He left the bar, confused. He loved Renee, or was it lust as always? No, he fell for her. But still there was someone else. Were painkillers or himself the reason for his feelings?


few hours l8r


„Hey Shay!" Kelly greeted his friend as he opened the doors. She was standing near to the flat´s window, holding Erica in her arms, who was fighting with sleeping.

„Hi..." she smiled to him, but soon smile disappeared „You know if you and Hannah both move..."

„I´m stayin."


„I´m not going anywhere."

„You´ve had a fight with that...girl?"

„No, I just.. One Renee already broke my heart and this is where I belong. I´ll do everything I can to do to be back at work as soon as possible. I belong here with you and them. And how did you wanted to call Renee?"

Shay smiled.

„Is Hannah home?"

„No, she called, she went to Mills."

„Oh... We´ve, we´ve had some conversation."

„I know, I talked with Hannah. So do you like her too?"

„No, Shay, You know me. I´m an ass." He laughed and took Erica to his arms." She has a date with Mills, doesn´t she? They are a lot together..."

„Someone is jelous? You know... she will go to New Jersey even if you stay..."

„Uhm, maybe, maybe not...Leslie, we can´t let her go, she deserves to be happy and she won´t get it in NJ and she will not have such a good babysitter as I am, look, she loves sleeping in my arms."

„Tell me which girl doesn´t?" she grinned.

He pointed his finger to her. „You?"


„Yeah, that´s me, but hey, we can´t use those words near to this little angel."

„Sure you ok, Kelly?"

„Actually I am scared of this surgery." He sat on the couch „And I am worried about things after that surgery, but... I am a fighter, I´ll be back soon, right?"

„Yeah." Leslie smiled "You´ll be great! I am so proud of you."

The doors opened again."Hi there! Kelly you are home? What is going on?" Hannah asked as she shut the doors."In your arms again, Kelly, really?" she smiled.

„You know you love sleeping in my arms too."

Shay and Hannah laughed.

„Okj, I´ll go to put her on your bed, ok?" Kelly left both girls alone.

„What am I missing?"

„We will tell you. I think a lot people are gonna be surprised."

„I am not sure if I want to go to Jersey." She said quietly.

Shay laughed "What did Mils do?"

„What? Nothing...It´s just."

„I know your brother in law and his parents wants Erica nearby, but they should care when your sister was living with him. Erica will be loved more in here and I think you will be loved more with us as well... "

Hannah hugged her.

„What am I missing here?" Kelly asked from the doors. „I want hugs too."

„I´ll leave you two alone aaaaaand I´m going to cancel yours plane tickets, okj?" she smiled, hugged Hannah. „Or do you wanna go somewhere together?" then she hugged Kelly.

„No!" they both said.

„So... behave, kids. I´m gonna call Gabriela to share the news. Good nite, guys!"


„You first..." Kelly pointed his finger and sat next to her.

„I´m staying... It´s gonna be hell ride with that ass hole but..."

„I´ll help you with that. I´m gonna stay too."


„Well... I promised you a while ago. I´m here for you and Erica. Even if we play the couple."


„While I´ll be off dutty, I´ll take care of your niece, you may work... I can´t garantee for my bahavior, but You were right today. You fell in love with me and I guess I fell to, but you know me and I don´t want to hurt you, becuase you are one of those friends I really care for."

„You are not saying this becuase you want me to..."

„No I don´t wanna get to your pants. You and Leslie are my best friends and I will love you and care for you as long as I can..."

„Thank you."

„No, I thank you..." he kissed her on her cheek. „Goodnight!" he moved to his room but she stopped him: „Oh, about that sleeping in your arms..."

He laughed. „Come to me..."


„Ouch, that hurt, but tell me, have you ever sleep some days better than in my arms..."

„I slept close to you, cause I was sick..."

„Whatever you say darling. Are you gonna or not?"

„Good nite Lt. Severide."


Hannah was playing on the ground with her niece. There were books, toys. Erica was sitting, she tried to make some sounds of pets and Hannah could not stop laughing. She was so smart,adorable and everyone loved that little girl.

„You know, rumors says that people who were rescued somehow love the one who rescued them..." he whispered.

„Did I woke you up? Sorry Kelly..."

„No, I was awake. So back to the rumor I just discovered." He smiled and come closer.

„If I remember correctly you did NOT rescue me. You just wanted to get me the HELL out of there..."

„... no, I meant our candidate..."

„He didn´t rescue me, he just found me, then there was Gabby and Matt." She smiled „Am I supposed to be in love with them too?"

„Maybe..." he said playfully. „So I didn´t rescue you?"

„No, you..just... helped me."

Erica made some noise they could not recognised and both of them laughed. The little one clap her hands.

„And I help you, right?" she looked at him

„Don´t change the subject!"

„Morning!" Shay said sleepy. „Someone is wide awake. You guys good?"

„It´s fine, guess tomorrow won´t be that fine."

„It will..." Hannah smiled to him. "We´ll go with you."

„Kelly, Casey want you to go to the firehouse today with me."


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