here's my new story called Dear Nina. I dont own House Of Anubis

Dear Nina, November 2

I know if this was a normal letter I would say something that was crappy like 'how are you?' or 'how's things been?'. But it's not. I don't know how to go on with what happened. I eventually had to go to a therapist because I fell into a state of depression. Well, enough about me. How have you been in hopefully Heaven? You probably are watching me write this letter thinking 'Letters are so cliche'. But hopefully you're with your parents and gran. But I know I have kept this question inside my heart for a while, why did you commit suicide? Wow. That was stupid for me to write. I shouldn't have even wrote that. But seriously, why? Everyone loved you and still do love you. Amber literally almost died when she found out the news. She started hyperventilating and flipping out when Alfie told her. Eddie blames himself for what happened. He claims that he should have stopped you and protected you from killing yourself. Well, I'll write again tomorrow. Goodnight love.