Part 1

Mac's Residence

November 2,

Mac sat there looking over case files, wishing that she could find the answer so she could at least try to get some sleep. No amount of reading, or coffee was helping her.

Half an hour later, there was a knock on the door, it was well after midnight, she thought to herself 'who could that be at this time'. She carefully stood up, her legs aching after being sat on them for too long. As she approached the door another knock came, then she turned the handle after checking to see who it was.

"Hey, are you alright? You look sad, and thats not my sailor." she questioned as she grabbed his arm and yanked him into her appartment.

"Harm, talk to me, im here for you. Please." she begged him to talk but tears just started to fall down his face.

Harm looked down towards Mac who stood there with a look on her face that let him know she cared. He raised his hands and pulled her towards him, embracing her as close to him as he could, where he cried until there where no tears left.

" Are you ready to talk, Harm? I will wait for you." she yanked him down to the sofa and held onto him.

" Franks in a coma" where the only words that left his mouth. Mac sat there in shock, when Harm looked at her he thought she was going to cry too.

"Hey don't worry about it, Harm, he is a fighter, he will wake up soon. Im sure of it." she waited to think about what to say next.

"How about me and you take a trip down to La'Jolla and visit him, that might encourage him to wake up if he hears where all there for him." Harm looked grateful for the suggestion, but he wasn't too sure that the Admiral would allow them both time off.

"Yeah, thats a nice thought, but what about Chegwidden. We aren't both going to be allowed time off." reassuringly she stroked his arm and stood up.

"Let me deal with him. Now, you go get a shower, i will get your seabag from your car. Your staying here tonight. I will phone Chegwidden when i get back and arrange transport. Everything will be fine." Mac cautiously bent down and kissed his forehead and ran to the door.

Harm stood up and walked towards the bathroom to shower, as he switched the shower off he heard Mac debating with Chegwidden on the phone, he laughed to himself at how persuasive she could be when she wanted to. As he dressed he heard Mac finish the conversation with 'yes i will keep you informed sir, and i will bring him back when he is ready, thank you sir, bye' He took that as a sign that it went well. He heard Mac move around her apartment, he knew she was heading for the laptop to arrange flights, so he contiuned to dress then walked into the open space towards the kitchen to make some tea.

"hey Mac, im making some tea, you want me to make you some?" he yelled from the kitchen.

"Hey i'll make it, your my guest" she replyed standing and walking towards him.

"Nahh, im making it to thank you for doing this with me, i am grateful. Thank you." he said, kissing her quickly and spinning her around to face the way she came from. She happily walked back to her laptop and finalised the booking and went to sit on the sofa to wait for Harm.

Harm retured and placed two hot cups of tea on the side and sat next to Mac, putting his arms around her and holding her close once more. Mac snuggled into him and listened to his beating heart, wishing that this would last forever.

An hour later, there tea was drank and they were still sat snuggled together. Mac stood and took Harms hand and dragged him towards the bedroom.

"Harm, we are both tired, and im not letting you slee here, common,bedtime." He gleefully followed willingly. They both got under the covers and Mac turned the lights out at her bedside, leaving them both in the dark. She turned over to face Harm, who took her into his arms and kissed her forehead.

"Goodnight ninja girl"

"Goodnight sailor"

they then fell asleep and didn't wake till the sun shone through the window.