Part 5

Harm and Mac's home

19th August (nine months after)

Mac was moving around soo much. No matter where she sat there was just no comfortable position. Even lying in bed was uncomfortale. She just wanted to get this baby out of her.

Harm was home an hour late, he walked into the house to find Mac pacing around looking tired.

"Mac. Are you alright? Have you had a nap, maybe you should have one before dinner is ready." Harm was worried.

"Harm its no use, i need this thing out of me. I cant get comfortable enough to sleep, never mind sit still for an hour. Can you make a hot curry please, see if that helps." she looked desperate, Harm knew it was due tomorrow so he didnt see the problem in making a hot curry.

"Your wish is my command." he smiled.

"Thanks, your the best" she pulled him down for a quick kiss.

"No need to thank me. Its what i signed up for when i married you. 'In sickness or in health' remember?" he smiled stroking her hair. Mac groaned.

"Oh yeahh. Im not exactly sure wich one of them this is though." she groaned again. Harm was about to talk when a sudden gush of water came.

"Harm, dont bother with that curry. Im gonna sleep perfect tonight, just get me to Bethesda."

They were soon at Bethesda. Harm had called Chegdwidden and Bud. Every one was on their way.

Mac was sat in a small room alone, she was getting distressed. She felt another contraction and decided that although it wasnt time she was going to push.

Harm heard the scream as Mac pushed. Worried he went to see what was happening.

"Mac, you didnt push did you?" she felt like she was being interrogated.

"Harm, im not that stupid. And although this is my first time, i have a feeling something is wrong, and if someone doesnt come in here soon to tell me what is going on. I will be pushing, whether its time or not." Harm decided that it was for the best to get someone to come see. He didnt want to loose his wife, and especially not his first child, one that he hadnt even met yet.

A nurse came in and declaired it time. Harm didnt know whether to be excited or scared. So he did what he thought would be right, he held his wifes had, and encouraged, comforted, and gave her hope.

Three hours later...

Harm stepped out of the room, to see all their friends standing there.

"Guys, i am very pleased to say that i have a little girl, we both decided to name her Ziva, after the NCIS agent. We know Ziva is mossard but she is a great insperation, and we hope our daughter will grow up to be just like her parents and most of all Ziva. Visiting will be allowed tomorrow, Mac is very tired and just wants to sleep, but who can blame her." After everyone had congratulated him, he returned to his wife and child.

"Harm, come sit with me, i need to tell you something." Harm obayed his wife.

"hey what is it? Are you feeling alright?" once again she felt like she was being interrogated.

"Im sorry." Harm was confused.

"What for sweetie?"

"I lied to you earlier. I did push. I just wanted to get he out of me, i was soo uncomfortable. I could have killed our own daughter, and you would have hated me, left me. I would have gone to a war zone and gotten myself killed if i ever lost you and Ziva." she was crying.

"hey, dont worry about it, its all done now. She is perfectly fine. And if you had of killed her, i wouldnt have left you, never. I wouldnt be able to live without you, you should know that. You need to rest, then tomorrow we can go home." he pulled her to his chest and they both fell asleep.

7am Bethesda.

20th August.

Both Harm and Mac awoke to a crying baby.

"Mac, i think she is hungry." Harm picked Ziva up and handed her to Mac. Being it the first time, Mac didnt expect Ziva to latch on straight away, but when she did Mac was amazed.

"Harm, im not sure i should be doing this without a nurse in here. But i dont want to ruin her engoyment. Come see her face." Harm walked closer to see Ziva with a big smile on her face while drinking her milk.

"She sure is enjoying that. I will go tell the nurse."

The nurse came to check everything was fine, then discharged both Mac and Ziva. When they got home all their friends were there, having a party to celebrate. After the party was over Harm, Mac and Ziva all went straight to sleep, and enjoyed the time to sleep in their own home as a family for the first night.

Not sure whether to continue, please let me know where you want to go with this. I will be greatful for any feedback, or requests on what to happen next.