I do not own Harvest Moon A New Beginning. The default name for the male Farmer is Henry. This is in Neil's Point Of View.

Take Better Care Of Yourself

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

The new farmer is named Henry. He has pale skin and wide naïve blue eyes. To be honest he looks too frail to be a farmer. He has straight short golden hair and wears work clothes. It is my day off and I decided to walk around his farm to see how everything is going.

Henry's cow looks happy, healthy, and it is good to see she is doing just fine. I was a bit worried for Henry is inexperienced at caring for animals. I stretched my arms and glanced at the fields. Looks like potatoes, turnips, and some kind of flowers. It appears he has been pretty busy.

Henry is filling up a watering can, he waters everything, and it is starting to get dark. It looks like Henry is struggling a little in putting his cow up, but he manages it and walks away. I better get back home soon and get something to eat, but then I heard a loud sound and I glanced back to see Henry on the ground.

"You shouldn't work too hard." I muttered while picking Henry up and started to walk towards his home. He planted too much. I opened the door, walked, and carefully placed Henry on the bed. I can hear his stomach growling. When was the last time he had something to eat?

After a couple of hours Henry woke up. He looks confused and I crossed my arms.

"When was the last time you had something to eat?" I asked him firmly.

"I always make sure my cow Lien has her feed every day." He replied to me. That's good to hear he is taking care of his cow, but I was asking about him.

"I was asking about you." I informed him.

"Well, Neil…I haven't had anything to eat for about twelve days." Henry said in a quiet voice and I stared at him.

"What the...Henry why haven't you had anything to eat?" I asked him.

"I sell everything I grow from my fields and I sell Lien's milk every day. I want to make sure there is plenty of feed for her along with cow treats." He told me and his stomach growls.

"Henry take better of yourself." I stated firmly. I always find time to have something to eat every day and everyone should take care of themselves along with taking good care of animals.

"I manage to water all of my fields and take care of Lien. Although in the end I end up fainting after putting her back into the barn." Henry muttered tiredly, his eyes look exhausted, his body swaying, and stomach once again growling in hunger. I took out some pudding.

"If you do not eat this pudding then I won't sell you anything from my store." I told him in a stern voice. Henry nodded his head slowly and he started to eat it. "Make sure to eat something each day. If something happens to you…I'm positive your cow would be heart-broken and she wouldn't be the same without you. So take care of yourself and her."

Henry nodded his head and I walked out of his house.

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