This is the plot of the new version of Alice:

Alice had known a normal life in Quebec filled with friends and her only relative, her mother. Her father had disappeared the minute after she was born. She had no trace of him, couldn't remember him at all. She had convinced herself that her father was dead and long gone. From that day on, she had ignored the possibilities of him ever finding her and continued to live a normal life.

Until a certain day came and her fate was quickly changed. Her mom had completely disappeared that day, the same day Alice had met and trained with Coach and was given a chance to find out where her mom had disappeared to.

Alice has different powers developing. She later learns that she is the most powerful enchanter in her world. And that she is a dangerous weapon. Everyone wants her. During the quest that she is given, she encounters many enemies and develops many allies. Including a green-eyed boy.

In the end, she finds out where her mom is kept, but there's a catch. Alec has to face his father. Everything won't turn out like what Alice imagined at all.

~First Chapter is coming tomorrow~