David and Bryan were currently sitting in uncomfortable chairs, watching Shania and Wilber's pretend wedding. David felt like a large rock was sitting on his stomach. He hated that Bryan had overheard his conversation with Wilber, but he was just trying to calm the kid down. That wasn't how he felt about them.

David tried to pay more attention to the ridiculous ceremony, but all of his thoughts were on his wonderful boyfriend. Thinking back on it, David could see how that would sound to Bryan, but he really didn't mean it about them. Did he?

David sighed, looking over at Bryan to see if he was still into this wedding, and what he saw made him freeze. Bryan's eyes were filled with unshed tears. David looked into them deeper, and found a sense of longing in them. It was in that moment he realized just how much marriage meant to Bryan. David kissed Bryan on the cheek, hoping he wasn't still hurt by what he said before. Bryan sent him a small smile with a still slightly wounded expression.

I'm going to marry this man.

A/N - This is my first 'New Normal' story. Please tell me what you think.