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Chapter 70

Two Years Later

After dating for about a year, Edward proposed for the second time. This time, I was doubly sure of our success, and I was positive that we could stay together. We knew now. We'd learned from our mistakes, and we weren't dumb enough to make them again.

He was the perfect husband. He called me at least once every day to check on me, and came home promptly when he said he would. He would give me gifts and shower me with all the love that I was meant to receive from him.

I didn't regret anything. Despite our bad history and rough start, I didn't regret that it had taken us nearly ten years to complete our relationship. Because of it, we had a happier marriage than an average couple, and we were actually able to appreciate it. We were thankful that we were able to finally be together. We'd been meant for each other from the start.

Our families had been thrilled at our reunion. Our parents had been gushing about how proud they were of us, and began chatting excitedly about strengthening their companies' bonds, thanks to a double union by Jasper and Alice's marriage, and Edward and I's renewed relationship.

Emmett, Rosalie, and Alice had been so excited and pleased. Alice had even thrown us a grand party, to celebrate the fact that Edward and I had been able to get past our bad history.

The only one that wasn't pleased was Jasper. Big surprise.

He wasn't angry with me, or disappointed by my decision. No, sulking was the right word. It seemed, he had accepted that I was going to forgive Edward, and he respected it. The only thing that still bothered him was that the same man who nearly took me away from my brother was trying to take me away again. He thought he was losing his 'baby sister' for good.

For the sake of Jasper and myself, I told everyone that I wasn't planning on marrying for a while. For one, Jasper would throw a huge fit and make a big deal out of it. And while I was glad Edward and I were together again, I still had doubts about us. What if we fell apart after a few months? I wanted to be certain that I wouldn't regret anything.

And I didn't. When Edward proposed in the most sweetest way, I accepted without hesitation. He had proposed with our old rings, but told me that he could get me something new, as the rings did represent our bad past.

I refused, knowing it was part of us. Without that ugly past, we wouldn't be here right now. He'd smiled and agreed, and I knew I was engaged to the most wonderful man in the universe.

Renee, Esme, and Alice had sobbed hysterically at the wedding, blubbering about how lucky our family was to have such strong-willed children in our family, strong enough to make huge decisions and get through difficult times. Rosalie had looked at them strangely and uncomfortably, and had been in charge of handing the women all the tissues they needed.

Charlie, Carlisle, and Emmett had been grinning the entire time. Emmett, Edward's best man, had even wrote a letter to us and read it out loud to the wedding guests. The women sobbed harder at that, and even I had to wipe away a few tears at the touching letter.

Jasper was different. He pouted throughout the whole wedding, though looking the most distinguished out of everyone. When the reception started in the gardens outside of the wedding hall, he stalked away, glowering at nothing and didn't come out of the bathroom for about an hour. Emmett finally had to drag him out so that I could give him a big hug and a kiss to thank him for understanding.

He mumbled something about me growing up too fast and then proceeded to give Edward a threatening brother-in-law pep talk, causing Emmett, Rosalie, and Alice to burst out laughing in amusement. But Edward was serious and vowed that if he ever did hurt me, he'll kill himself. Jasper seemed reassured at that.

All in all, I felt as though I hadn't gone through everything without a reason. I was happy that I'd gotten through all the difficulties of life early so that I was able to enjoy the rest of my life with Edward comfortably and easily.

I felt funny. Before I could identify and confirm all those common symptoms, I knew I was pregnant. I wasn't a gynecologist for nothing, and I'd felt this butterfly feeling in my stomach before about ten years ago.

I went through the usual process in my head, wondering about my last menstrual cycle, my eating and sleeping habits, mood swings, and throwing up. Definitely pregnant.

I finished my rounds and went to the staff lounge. Grace was sitting there, chatting animatedly on the phone.

"Oh, and don't you forget to pick up Yvette from preschool, do you hear?" she said. "The last time, she cried for an hour when I picked her up at seven-thirty instead of you."

Grace was married now too, with one kid. She'd gotten married to a pediatrician while Edward and I were dating. It was amusing how they were always bickering.

"Okay, bye." She paused. "That's a joke, right?" She laughed, and hung up.

"What's a joke?" I asked, sitting down across from her.

"He told me he loved me," Grace snorted. "Do you think I'll believe that?"

I chuckled, amused. "Well, you married Greg for a reason."

"Whatever. I only live for my beautiful Yvette."

"Can you do me a huge favor, Grace?" I asked.

"What?" She shifted a huge stack of files in front of her.

"Are you willing to give me a pregnancy test?"

Grace looked up immediately, her eyes shining brightly. "Oh, Bella! You're not-"

"I'm pretty sure I am," I said, smiling. "But I want to make sure. Are you willing?"

"Come on, you," Grace said, grabbing my arm and dragging me out of the room.

Ten minutes later, Grace was rubbing the cold gel on my stomach, concentrating carefully on the monitor. I studied the monitor too, hopeful.

"Stop," I breathed when I saw something.

Grace paused, then laughed out loud. "Congrats, Bella. You are...six weeks along."

I stared at the monitor in wonder. "Am I dreaming, Grace? Pinch me."

"Hell, no. You're a mother now. Why the hell would I do that?"

I pinched myself. "Ow!" It was real. I was becoming a real mother. Finally, after ten years of craving and glancing wistfully at babies and mothers who passed by and even associating with them, I was about to be presented with my very own.

Nine Months Later

I was carrying a glass vase across the living room when I felt a sharp pain in my lower abdomen. The vase slipped from my grasp and fell to the floor, breaking into a million pieces.

I stood there blankly, breathing hard as I tried to endure the pain.

"Bella!" Esme hurried in and placed a hand on my shoulder. "What's the matter, honey? What's wrong?"

I looked at her, then grimaced as another sharp pain coursed through me. "It's time, Esme."

Esme's eyes grew wide, and I could see her beginning to panic. "Nine-one-one! Carlisle!" she screamed, then seemed to remember that her husband was already at the hospital, working. "No. Alice! Emmett! Get down here now!"

"Alice and Emmett went out earlier, remember?" I asked, amused, despite my pain. "There's no one but us. Shh," I added when she began to hyperventilate. "Calm down, Esme. It'll be fine."

"I don't want anything to happen again," Esme gasped. "Not again!"

"And it won't," I reassured her. "Come on."

And it was I who drove us to the hospital while Esme sat in the passenger's seat, freaking out. And it was I who led her up to the gynecology and obstetrics division of Columbia Medical Center.

And it was when Carlisle came that I let go, beginning to scream.

Edward's Point of View

I skidded to a halt in the waiting room when I saw my entire family waiting. "Where's Bella?" I noticed that Carlisle and Jasper was missing.

Alice jumped to her feet and grabbed my arm. She looked wild and scared. "Oh, Edward! Why are you so late?"

"If you'd been here thirty minutes earlier, they would've let you inside with her," Emmett said grimly. "Bad timing, bro."

I cursed. I looked at Esme, who was crying hysterically. Renee should be the one crying for her daughter's safety, but instead, she was the one consoling her friend.

"What happened?" I asked.

Esme looked up, her eyes bloodshot and swollen. "She was helping me clean around the house, when I heard something breaking in the living room. She was staring blankly at the wall, with a glass vase shattered at her feet. She looked at me and said it was time."

"Oh, honey," Renee said soothingly. "That's right. You did the right thing. You brought her here, didn't you?"

"I did not," Esme wailed. "She was the one who had to comfort me. She was the one who drove us here. She was the calm one, and I was hysterical. I'm such a failure!" She began sobbing again.

Emmett and Rosalie looked like they were trying hard not to laugh. Alice merely sighed, sat back down, and rubbed her forehead. Charlie looked pale and worried.

"Where's Carlisle?" I asked. "Jasper?"

"Carlisle's in with Bella," Alice said, nodding at the door. "He's delivering his own grandchild."

"And Jasper is in surgery," Emmett added. "He couldn't get away. He'll be here as soon as he's finished."

Right on cue, Jasper came running into the room, with his lab coat flailing behind him. He looked just as wild as Alice looked. "Where's Bella? Bella?"

"Oh, Jazzy!" Alice burst out as she ran to hug him. "I'm so scared for her!"

Jasper looked pale. "Oh, my God. Is she not out yet? What's taking her so long? What if there's something wrong? What if-"

"Oh, calm down," Emmett said. "Carlisle told us it could take hours before the kid gets here. You're just being paranoid. Look at Edward here. He's the kid's father, and you're more worried than he is."

I looked at him with wide, fearful eyes.

Emmett stared at me for a couple seconds before saying, "Never mind. He's more worried than you are."

"What if something goes wrong?" Esme gasped through her sobs. "What if...again..."

"Mother!" Alice scolded. "Don't jinx anything!"

"Oh, if there's no news soon, I'm going to go insane with worry!" Esme said.

Charlie swallowed hard and sat down shakily. "She'll...she'll be fine. She's strong. Bella will make it through."

For the next thirty minutes, silence fell in the waiting room. Jasper was pacing around the room nervously, while Alice and Renee sat on either side of Esme, comforting her. Esme had stopped crying, but she couldn't stop biting her lip. Emmett and Rosalie, the only sane ones at the moment, were trying to distract Charlie from his worrying and lead him through a normal conversation about the company.

And I was a wreck. I couldn't help but think about the tragedy many years ago, when Bella and I had lost our daughter. If anything happened again...

We all jumped when the door opened and Carlisle walked in, looking wane and tired, but pleased. We all rose to our feet slowly, expectantly.

"Carlisle," I said in a forced calm voice. "Is she...?"

Carlisle chuckled. "She's fine." He clapped a hand on my shoulder. "Congratulations, son. You are now the father of twins."

My eyes grew wide with shock. "Twins?"

"Twins?" everyone else echoed in surprise.

Carlisle nodded. "It surprised me too. Only one showed up on the monitor for some reason, but there were really two."

"Great!" Renee said, looking pleased. "Girls, I presume? That'll make Bella doubly happy! She wanted a daughter so bad!"

"No," Emmett said, looking disappointed. "I want little boys running around, playing football with Uncle Emmett!"

Carlisle laughed. "Even better. Fraternal twins."

Esme gasped ecstatically. "Boy and a girl! Oh, how wonderful!"

I couldn't move or think. Everything was a blur. Was I hearing right?

"The boy came out first," Carlisle was telling the excited family. "And then, we thought we were done, and we were about to wrap things up, when Bella started screaming again. I looked and saw another head coming out. And then, after about five minutes, the girl came out on its own."

"B-Bella," I stammered. "Is Bella okay?"

"She lost consciousness as soon as the girl came out, but she'll be fine. She's just exhausted." Carlisle grinned. "Just as well, giving birth to twins is no easy job."

"Can we even give birth to twins in our family?" Charlie wondered.

Carlisle nodded. "My great-grandfather had a twin brother."

Alice hugged me fiercely. "Congrats, bro. Love you."

Jasper was grinning widely. "I'm an uncle now!"

"Same here," Emmett said, satisfied at the fact that he'll be able to teach at least one of the twins how to play football.

Rosalie and Alice began chatting excitedly about a baby scrapbook. Esme was tearing up again in relief. This time, Renee began crying with her. Charlie and Carlisle shook hands, thanking one another for going through hard times.

And I... I sat down and stared at the wall blankly. Slowly, a smile lit up my face.

A wide, happy, proud smile.

Seventeen Years Later

Bella's Point of View

I watched from the window as Nathan's black Mercedes came into view. He parked neatly in the driveway and slid out. His tall, lanky figure was recognizable to me anywhere, very similar to his own father. He was already the tallest one in the family at seventeen, beating even his own father.

He looked annoyed as he leaped lightly onto the porch, running his hand through his messy, bronze hair he'd inherited from his father. His green eyes were ice cold as he thought about a bad memory. He was the exact replica of his father.

I smiled and returned to the kitchen to begin dinner. I was slicing carrots when I felt his long arms wrap around my waist. "I missed you."

I looked back at my son. "Are you sick?"

Nathan chuckled, then jumped lightly onto the counter and sat comfortably. "What's wrong with telling my mother that I missed her?"

"What happened, Nate?"

He smiled wryly. "You can always tell when there's something wrong."

"It's called a mother's instinct," I said, smiling. "Do you want to tell me about it, baby?"

He sighed and leaned back on his hand, looking up at the ceiling. "It's annoying."

"What is?"


I laughed, dumping the carrots into a pot and starting on the squash. "Girls are complicated," I agreed. "But boys are too, you know."

He laughed too, sounding sheepish. "I guess it does kind of depend on the perspective."

"So what's the problem?"

"They keep following me around," Nathan grumbled. "It's annoying."

I fought back another smile. I waited for him to continue.

He didn't. He kept everything vague, preferring to deal with his own problems alone. I was worried about that trait of his; what if he exploded one day? But if he was comfortable with it, I was fine. He was responsible and intelligent. He usually figured it out.

Nathan glanced back suddenly, and said, "Nessie's here."

I looked up to see Renesmee's red BMW pulling in next to her brother's Mercedes. She hopped out, her expression bright and comfortable.

If Nathan took after his father, Nessie was an exact replica of me. She had long brown hair with beautiful brown eyes. She wasn't as pale as I was in complexion, but her fair skin and beautiful features made her popular with the boys, just as Nathan was popular with the girls. All in all, the twins had grown up beautifully, and had exceeded my expectations easily.

Nathan perked up just as he always did when he saw his sister. He adored Nessie, probably even more than he loved his own parents. He was the perfect older brother, even if it was by five minutes. He was protective, strong, and reliable, and Nessie was perfectly happy to let him lead, always turning to him when she was in trouble. They reminded me of Jasper and myself.

The twins depended on each other. They told each other everything. They didn't keep secrets from each other. Even if they did fight, the argument didn't last longer than a day. They took care of each other. We couldn't have asked for better children than Nathan and Renesmee.

"Hi, Mom," Renesmee chirped as she walked into the room gracefully. Her bright, cheery attitude reminded me of her aunt Alice. My daughter was optimistic and always cheerful, a complete opposite of her brother, who had grown rather stoic and serious as he hit puberty. They were perfect for each other.

"Hi, baby," I said, smiling. "How was your day?"

"Awesome," Nessie said, grinning widely. "Best day ever."

"I'm glad somebody had a good day," I said, glancing pointedly at Nathan, who made a face.

Renesmee followed my gaze, then frowned. "What's got you all upset?" she asked, looking at her brother strangely.

"The usual," Nathan replied.

She snorted. "Whatever. I told you, just don't talk to them. Your fault, bro."

"Well, why are you so happy?" Nathan shot back.

She grinned widely, then hugged me from behind, startling me. "I love you so much, Mom."

"What's wrong with you?" I asked her.

She laughed. "I'm so glad I got the looks from you. I mean, sure, Dad's handsome and hot and all, but you're beautiful. Thank you so much for passing on your good genes to me."

"Well," I said. "I'm flattered. Thank you, Ness." I gave her a meaningful look. "Now, are you going to tell me why you're complimenting me all of a sudden?"

She beamed. "Ryan asked me out."

"WHAT?" Nathan hopped down from the counter and stared at his sister in complete shock. He looked furious.

Renesmee rolled her eyes. "You don't have to be so surprised, brother. You told me yourself that I'm beautiful."

"It's not that!" Nathan snapped. "How dare he ask you out? Ryan Simmons? That little..."

I couldn't help but laugh as Nessie and Nathan launched into one of their famous arguments: Relationships. They always got into fights when it came to one of them liking someone. The protectiveness they held for one another was pretty intense.

"I am not a little kid anymore, Edward Nathan Cullen, and you know it-"

"Well, you're not mature enough to handle a guy like Ryan, and he totally sleeps around-"

"I can take care of myself-"

"I don't want you within fifteen feet of him-"

"Hey, what's going on?" Edward had arrived home from work. He looked confused as he loosened his tie and draped it around Nathan's neck. "Why are you two fighting again?"

Nathan whipped the tie from his neck and tossed it on the counter. "Because, Ness is being an idiot again-"

"Nate's being a total A-hole-"

"She can't handle it, you need to tell her she's not allowed, Dad-"

"I'm not a little child anymore, I can totally handle it-"

"Wait, wait!" Edward said, holding up his hands. Silence fell. "Can we talk one at a time, please?"

"And can we please watch our language?" I added. "Nessie, speak like a lady."

"You go first," Edward said, nodding at our daughter.

"Ryan asked me out today, and I said yes."

"WHAT?" Edward's eyes were wide, and suddenly, he looked just as furious as Nathan looked.

"Exactly!" Nathan said.

Renesmee sighed and glanced at me. "Mother," she implored in a weary voice.

"That's absolutely ridiculous," Edward said sternly.

"I agree," Nathan said wholeheartedly. "And she's way too young-"

"You're seventeen, Ness-"

"-and without consulting me! I thought we agreed to tell each other everything-"

"Hold it, hold it. BOYS!" I said loudly. They shut up.

Edward looked at me incredulously. "You're not going to say this is a good idea, are you?"

I shrugged. "Nessie is right about one thing: She's not a child anymore. I think seventeen is a good age to start dating, start exploring the world of men."

"Mother!" Nathan stressed. "You can't say that! You married at seventeen, and you divorced Dad before you turned eighteen- OW!" He glared at his father, who had nudged him hard.

Edward glared right back. Sometimes, I had three children instead of two.

I sighed as I laid down the kitchen knife. "Alright. So I was seventeen when I divorced your father. Okay, I acknowledge that. But that was marriage. We're talking about dating. I don't think Renesmee is intending on marrying anytime soon, are you, honey?"

"Of course not. That is ridiculous."

"I think it's perfectly fine for Nessie to start dating boys," I said. "She's quite mature for her age, and she knows when to draw the line. I assure you, what you two are worrying about worries me as well, but I'm sure Renesmee will not be so irresponsible that she will hand over her V-card to Ryan, or to any other boy for that matter. Correct?" I looked at Nessie.

Renesmee beamed. "Yes, Mother. Of course."

Edward's face had hardened at the mention of the V-card, but relaxed now at our daughter's answer. Nathan still looked angry.

"Now, I'm sure, with that promise hanging over your head, your father will be more than understanding about Ryan."

Renesmee looked at Edward hopefully. "Please, Dad? I promise I won't do anything reckless. He's such a nice guy, and I really like him. Please, Daddy?"

Edward made a face, but he couldn't say no when Nessie released her full force of Daddy's Little Girl pout on him. "Alright," he grumbled, sounding like Charlie when he agreed to something reluctantly. "You can date him."

"Dad!" Nathan said, shocked at his father's betrayal. "You're supposed to say no! Are you going to let Daddy's Little Girl become Daddy's Big Girl? Next thing you know, she'll be getting married!"

Edward grimaced. "Don't you think I know that?"

Nessie squealed and hugged Edward fiercely. "Thank you, Daddy! Thank you, Mommy!"

I smiled as I returned to slicing the vegetables. "Now, Nate, be a good sport. Your father said yes; what more do you want?"

Nathan was glowering at Edward and Renesmee hugging each other. "Tomorrow, Ryan Simmons will be regretting that he ever looked at my baby sister."

Renesmee shot him a look. "If you beat him up, I swear I'll never speak to you again." She flounced out of the kitchen.

Nathan's jaw dropped. "Did you see that?" He followed after his sister quickly, calling, "Renesmee Carlie Cullen, you listen to your older brother!"

"You're not my older brother!" Renesmee called back, already on the third floor by the sounds of it.

"Yes, I am!" Nathan's voice faded away slightly as he darted up the stairs. "I'm way older than you are!"

"By five minutes!" Nessie called back tauntingly.


I laughed, shaking my head. "Those two..."

Edward sighed and hugged me from behind, burying his face in my hair. "She's growing up too fast. They both are. Already seventeen..."

"Well, it's all your fault," I sniffed.

"My fault?" He sounded surprised.

"Yes," I snapped. "If you aren't so damn good-looking, Nathan wouldn't be coming home every day, grumbling about how annoying his fan club is, and Renesmee wouldn't have been asked out by some popular jock like Ryan Simmons. You don't think I'm worried? I'm plenty worried, worried about how popular the twins are for their own good."

Edward chuckled, kissing my throat softly. "Well, then. I think you're to blame for that as well. It's not exactly fair of me to take all the credit for the twins' good looks."

"The next thing we know, Renesmee will be coming home, complaining that Nathan's a Casanova," I grumbled. "And that'll be your fault as well!"

Edward laughed quietly. "I reared our son well, love. He won't be making my mistakes."

"He'd better not."

He turned my head with his hand gently, then kissed my lips chastely. "I love you, beautiful."

I smiled as I closed my eyes, drowning in the sea of happiness and love I was surrounded by. I had been meant for this life. I had been destined to end up with Edward and my two beautiful children forever. I didn't regret anything.

Not even our mistakes.

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